Humiliatrix – On Your Knees So Sadistic Goddess Tessa Can Belittle You

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017
  "It's time for me to take you down a few pegs and remind you of your place in my life. You're going to look me in the eye as I belittle and emasulate you. Then you're going to kiss my toes and worship my heels in thanks as I make plans on the phone with your alpha male superior...." Includes a real-life humiliation assignment... Read More

Humiliatrix – Dominant Boss Tessa Turns You into Her Office Lipstick Slave

Friday, December 15th, 2017
  "I see what it does to you when you watch me gloss my lips. I'm going to use your weakness to turn the tables on you, and turn you into my office lipstick slave. Soon it will be you who is wearing the lipgloss -- and crawling on your knees, ready to service my alpha male clients, in any way Tessa tells you to..." Read More

Humiliatrix – Goddess Tessa Puppy-Trains You to Become Her Shopping Slave | Release Date: Aug 8, 2017

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017
  "I love how extra-obedient you are when I have you locked in chastity. Wouldn't it be fun to take me shopping for slinky dresses and super-high heels while your cage is locked nice and tight. Would puppy like that? Maybe I'll release you if you obey all my commands..." Download from Download… Read More

Humiliatrix – Goddess Tessa Takes Charge of Your Online Dating Profile | Release Date: Jul 18, 2017

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017
  "You really are ridiculous. I read your online dating profile and it made me laugh. You are nowhere near the man you portray yourself to be. So, I'm taking over your profile. I will describe you, post your pix and I will make your dates for you. FYI, you'll be dating dominant women and sadistic… Read More

Humiliatrix – Goddess Tessa Wants a Pedicure Sissy: Are You Worthy? | Release Date: Jul 1, 2017

Saturday, July 1st, 2017
  "I keep my feet exquisitely pedicured because I know how weak it makes you. You'd love to be Goddess Tessa's pedicure slave, wouldn't you? Before you start begging, you best get down on your knees, at my toe-level, just where I like you. Then you can repeat after me: 'Yes, Goddess Tessa...'" Read More

Humiliatrix – Goddess Tessa Returns to Deepen Your Obsession with Her | Release Date: Jun 17, 2017

Sunday, June 18th, 2017
  "Is your chastity cage locked in place nice and tight? Good. Then you have my permission to enter my bedroom. On your hands and knees, of course. Take your place at the foot of my bed and you may begin to declare your total submission to your Goddess Tessa..."… Read More

Humiliatrix – Devious Goddess Tessa Decides to Release You from Chastity

Friday, July 8th, 2016
  "You've been in chastity for me for nearly a year now. You've lavished me with presents, made me laugh at you, and humiliated yourself in front of me, with the hope that I'd take pity on you. Well, you are pitiful. But I am ready to release you from chastity. Right after you answer one little question for me..."   Goddess Tessa, chastity taunting, lingerie tease, key dangling, and...??? … Read More

Ella Kross – Torturing a Pathetic Police Officer with Tessa!

Thursday, November 26th, 2015
Ella Kross - Torturing a Pathetic Police Officer with Tessa! Ella Kross Goddess… <a href=Read More

Humiliatrix – Agony Arousal Test: Which Stockings Make You Weakest for Tessa?

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015
Humiliatrix - Agony Arousal Test: Which Stockings Make You Weakest for Tessa?   "Which of my stockings is most likely to break you down and make you beg to transfer all your assets to me, when I remove my stiletto and use my silk-shrouded toe to tickle the tip of your cock cage, as I am about to? Is it my black fishnets or my creamy white sheer stockings? Let's find out..." Goddess Tessa, chastity torment, leg worship, stocking fetish, toe teasing... Read More

Ella Kross – New Toilet Slavery Routine (instructions)

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015
Ella Kross - New Toilet Slavery Routine (instructions) Ella Kross   One thing young Tessa quickly learns while visiting me is that this mistress usually doesn't keep toilet paper in the bathroom. After shit***ting in my toilet, she finds herself stranded with nothing to wipe with and tracks me down… Read More

Ella Kross – Step Daughter Helps Me Fuck a Slave with a Strap-On!

Sunday, November 15th, 2015
Ella Kross   "Look at that asshole," I say as I bend a naked slave over my billiard table. The big strap-on cock I'm wearing proves that I'm one cruel mistress who means business, and I don't waste any time plunging it into this poor loser's tight… Read More

Humiliatrix – Tessa Drags You Further Down into Drooling Submission to Her

Sunday, October 11th, 2015
Humiliatrix - Tessa Drags You Further Down into Drooling Submission to Her   "The more I degrade you, the more you desire me. The more I taunt you with what you can never have, the more you will lay yourself down before me, knowing that a sniff of my sock or kiss of my toe is the best you can hope for. You desperation only makes me want to hurt you more. As I'm going to. Right now..." Princess Tessa, verbal emasculation, tease and denial, taunting... Read More