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Humiliatrix – From Male Dom to Sissy: 50 Shades of Pink with Goddess Selena

“So, you think you can dominate Goddess Selena? You want to give Selena the ’50 Shades’ treatment? Okay, stud muffin. Go for it. But be warned. Only one of us is going to rule this relationship. And I intend on turning your closet-sissy, coward, bitch boy, wimp ass 50 Shades — of Pink…”
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Humiliatrix – Keyholder Selena Abuses Your Cock After Three Weeks in Chastity

“After I’ve had you locked in chastity for three weeks, you’d do ANYTHING to pop a boner for Selena. Well I’m going to free you from your penis prison today. But do you know what I’m going to do to you THEN, once I unlock that cockcage? You’re about to find out, aren’t you, jerky boy. Present your cock and balls to me. NOW.…”
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Humiliatrix – Your Sexy Boss Selena Lets You Worship Her Divine Legs

“Your little cock is stiff for me from the moment you get to work until the moment I send you home. I bet you fantasize about your gorgeous, sexy boss all day long. Can you imagine me letting you actually worship me? Get down on your knees and maybe your wimpy wussy daydreams will come true…”
Goddess Selena, sexy boss, office tease, leg worship…
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Humiliatrix – Selena Emasculates Your Manhood As She Prepares for a Date

“Poor loser. While I’m making myself super hot for another guy all you get to do is stand in the corner of my powder room, twiddling your little dick, trying to sneak a lookie up my skirt. Pathetic? That would be a compliment for you. Just wait until I look you in the eye and put you firmly in your place…”
Goddess Selena, getting ready, cuckolding, makeup fetish, emasculation…
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Humiliatrix – Dr Selena Diagnoses Your Pathetic Little Pecker Problem

“Unzip your pants and present your little member to Dr Selena. I’ve diagnosed your penis problem. The reason you’re feeble and flaccid with women isn’t physiological, you little fibber. It’s because you’re a SISSY. Let’s see what happens to that pathetic pecker when I put you into panties and send you to your knees…”
Goddess Selena, clinical humiliation, impotent sissy, panties, sissy sucking…
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Humiliatrix – Selena Needs You to Help Her Seduce Her Sexy New Stud

“There’s a hot young stud I have my eye on and you’re going to help me seduce him. I want to see what my new dress and juicy lipgloss do to your little pecker before I make my play for his big delicious cock. So, come on, wussy. Get on your knees for goddess and unzip…”
Goddess Selena, pathetic cuckold, cockteasing, outfit testing, lip fetish…
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Humiliatrix – Beg to Worship Goddess Selena in her Sexy Lingerie

“Get down on your hands and knees, with your drool face and your dribbling cock and you demonstrate to me who owns you. Put your lips around my spike heel and show me how bad you want to be my little bitch. Kiss my ass like the unworthy slave you are. Beg to pump your worthless little pecker for me…”
Goddess Selena, dominant mistress, tease and denial, ass kissing, humbled slave…
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Humiliatrix – Furious Selena Fucks Your Ass and Cucks You on Your Honeymoon

“You have ONE chance to satisfy me on our wedding night. Your dick better be hard as a rock. Because, if you can’t wear the man pants? I’m warning you. I will throw YOU down on the bed to sissy-fuck your ass and the invite your best man into our wedding bed to give me the good hard fucking I deserve…”
Goddess Selena, honeymoon humiliation, inadequacy, ass fucking, cuckolding…
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Humiliatrix – Goddess Selena Entrances You Deep into Submission to Her

“I want to enslave you to every unattainable curve of my body. I want you entranced by my beauty until you are nothing but a puddle of drool at my feet, ready to do anything I command, no matter how humiliating. All you have to do is watch. And in a few minutes you will be Selena’s submissive puppet on my gold string…”
Goddess Selena, submissive entrancing dance, wicked tease and denial…
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Humiliatrix – Virgin Loser Boy Jerk-Off Instructional with Goddess Selena

“I am the Queen of the Cum Countdown. I invented the jerk-off instructional with my own signature sadistic twists. I have a special place in my heart for pathetic mama’s boy jerkoffs and desperate virgin jerkoffs like you. I am going to mindfuck you and make you rub your little cock raw before I command you to cum for me.”
Goddess Selena, sadistic JOI, humiliation commands, cum countdown…
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Humiliatrix – Goddess Selena Puppy-Trains Your Sputtering Pecker to Obey

“If you think you’re gonna piddle my panties with your wussy cream when I’m out cuckolding you, you are wrong. I obviously need to puppy train that pecker of yours to obey me. Get on your knees so I we can begin your obedience training lesson. I’ve got a few basic commands I need you to learn: heel, beg and CUM…”
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Humiliatrix – Your Boss Selena Commands You to Lick up Your Worship Puddle

“I see you drooling over my smooth legs, my polished toes, my juicy cleavage, my curvy ass. You want to rub your crotch and pump your little pecker to me? You can do it HERE, in my office, right in front of me. As I belittle your little dick and command your cum strokes. And when I make you cum? You’re gonna lick it up…”
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Humiliatrix – Selena Grinds on Your Cucky Cage Before Fucking Her Man

Humiliatrix - Selena Grinds on Your Cucky Cage Before Fucking Her Man
“My new boyfriend is going to give me a good hard fucking tonight, just the way I like it. And what are you going to do, cucky? First you’re going to fluff my pussy for him as I grind my pantyhose ass all over your face and caged cock. Then? You get to cry the cucky precum tears while he takes my pussy and fucks me….”
Goddess Selena, male chastity, ass worship, pussy fluffer, tease and denial…
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Humiliatrix – Agony Arousal: Cocktease Trance Dance with Goddess Selena

Humiliatrix - Agony Arousal: Cocktease Trance Dance with Goddess Selena
“I lied to you. I told you I was gonna let you fuck your fist and cum for me. Instead? I counted you down from 10 to 1 and then locked your throbbing dick into a chastity cage. Now it’s time to really make you suffer. I’m going to tease that caged cock with my tits, ass, legs and feet until I own you: dick, balls, body and soul…”
Goddess Selena, chastity punishment, sensually sadistic tease and denial…
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Humiliatrix – Boot Worship is Goddess Selena’s Gateway Drug to Cock Sucking

Humiliatrix - Boot Worship is Goddess Selena's Gateway Drug to Cock Sucking
“You might think you’re just a straight guy who enjoys a little kinky boot worship. But once I have you sucking my heels and licking the filthy soles of my dominatrix boots? It won’t be long before it’s my big black dildo sliding down your throat. Before I blackmail my boot sissy into sucking a big fat dick for me for real…”
Goddess Selena, dominatrix, boot worship, cock sucking, sissy blackmail…
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