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Cum Countdown – Puppy Has A Front Tail

Lucky day for you little puppy as both Goddess Lyra and Goddess Anastasia will be playing with you. They attach their leash on you and let you adore their asses while they lead you around like a dog. And like a dog in heat they will let you stroke your horny front tail while they look down and laugh.
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Cum Countdown – Losers Don’t Cum

Orgasms are not for losers like you. Losers who get no attention from girls and hence have to pay them for it. Goddess Lyra has no use for you aside from your money, and once she has that she has little interest in letting you cum.
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Cum Countdown – Let’s Laugh At Him

You’re so pathetic, grovelling at the feet of Goddess Lyra with your cock in your hand. The sight is just so pathetic that she has to bring you over to Goddess Anastasia so that both girls can laugh at you.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Lyra – Close To The Edge Already?

Already have a raging hard on and close to the edge? Well that’s too bad isn’t it, because Goddess Lyra hasn’t granted you orgasm permission yet. Edge a little more for her amusement and maybe she will eventually grant you permission to cum, if she feels like it.
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Cum Countdown – Bring Me The Money

The money is all Goddess Lyra cares about. After all you should be slaving away for her and be grateful for it like a good paypig. The more you work, the more money you give her, the more chance you have of eventually being allowed to cum.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Lyra – Short Shorts

Cum Countdown - Goddess Lyra - Short Shorts
With her skin tight jean shorts, Goddess Lyra knows she doesn’t have to make any effort to take your money. She can simply lie there and use her phone while you pay and feverishly stroke your cock, waiting for her permission to cum.
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Cum Countdown – Gag On My Feet Loser Goddess Lyra

Cum Countdown - Gag On My Feet Loser Goddess Lyra


That’s right piglet, gag on Goddess Lyra’s feet. Suck on them, lick them clean as you stroke your cock and learn to associate the taste of her feet with your pleasure. Maybe she will let you cum if you work hard enough and amuse her with your gagging.
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Cum Countdown – What You Can’t Have Goddess Lyra

Cum Countdown - What You Can't Have Goddess Lyra


It’s typical for a man to want what he can’t have. Like gorgeous Lyra here, you know the only way you can briefly adore her is if you pay. That’s the only way she will ever permit you the privilege of stroking to the sight of her gorgeous body.
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Cum Countdown – You Brought Me A Tiny Penis Goddess Lyra

Cum Countdown - You Brought Me A Tiny Penis Goddess Lyra


What exactly do you expect Goddess Lyra to do with such a small penis, other than laugh at it? I mean really, what other purpose does it have other than for girls point at it and snicker? Mind you that’s what gets you off isn’t it, having pretty girls laugh at your lack of manhood? How pathetic.
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