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Female Worship – Goddess Dahlia – Finish The Dishes, Eat The Miss’s | Release Date: Jun 30, 2017

Like a good male, Dahlia’s man tends to the kitchen making sure the dishes are all clean. That earns him a reward as she hops up on the counter and permits him to savor the taste of her femininity.
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Goddess Dahlia – Be Quick About It – Female Worship | Release Date: May 29, 2017

Dahlia is running late, but that doesn’t mean her man doesn’t have time to lick her pussy. He just has to be quick about it and give her that cunnilingus pick me up she needs before the big
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Female Worship – Goddess Dahlia – That’s A Good Way To Start The Day

Morning oral is something many modern women expect, and Dahlia is no exception. So her man gets to work orally pleasing her as she wakes up before he goes to make her morning coffee.
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Female Worship – Goddess Dahlia – I Love It When You Use Your Tongue

If a man expects to be kept by Dahlia, then he needs to have all the typical requirements of good looks, respect and obedience. But most importantly he needs to have a good tongue as she will make use of that part of him frequently.
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Female Worship – Goddess Dahlia – Take Off My Shorts

Dahlia loves to see her man working away, taking care of chores that she doesn’t want to do herself. She will reward him though, by allowing her hard working man to peel off her shorts and be rewarded with the prize he wants most.
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Female Worship – Goddess Dahlia – The Meaning Of Life

It turns out Conan was totally wrong when he was asked what is best in life. That’s because what’s best in life is basking in her sounds of pleasure while orally adoring your lady with your mouth. Dahlia feels this way and I’m certain her man does as well.
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Female Worship – Goddess Dahlia – Make Me Cum One More Time

Gorgeous Dahlia loves to lie back and have her man orally bring her to a climax whenever she feels the need. But while one orgasm is nice, a second one would be nicer so she keeps him working to a second satisfying climax.
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