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Goddess Brianna and Kendra James are shocked that your dick is soooo small. They are amused that you are bold enough to still want to jerk it in front of them. Brianna gets out a teaspoon. Kendra instructs you to take your dicklett in between your pinky fingers and stroke off into the teaspoon. Once you spill your droplet into the teaspoon you will be slurping up your shame.
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Clubdom – Swallow Her Cock – Goddess Brianna

Goddess Brianna is in a devilish mood. She decided to take the virgin ass of a new recruit. She begins by shoving her black cock down the slut’s throat. She laughs as he struggles to swallow it. Then she flips the bitch around and starts pumping him full of cock. She rides the slut as she smacks his ass, laughing as he is made to take every inch.
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GoddessFootDomination – Can He Take It? – Goddess Brianna

Goddess Brianna is seated before a kneeling slave. She instructs him to assume the default position. This isn’t his first time serving but he seems to have forgotten everything! The slave is told to assume the next position, bow, and makes several mistakes in posture.

Taking her crop in hand, Goddess Brianna seeks to correct her slave’s forgetfulness. The slave is made to count off ten strokes, thanking her with each lash. Still scatterbrained, the slave makes mistakes time and again. His bare ass is struck again and again as his behavior is corrected.

For the next phase of his punishment the slave is made to clean the heels of his Goddess. She’s walked all over in them, restrooms, parking lots, a dirty convention floor. He licks all of the filth off her shoes and recites aloud the positions he had forgotten. Goddess Brianna details how pathetic she finds her slave as he sucks on her heels.

A short while later, Goddess is relaxing with a glass of wine. Inspecting her heels, she finds a lone hair which the slave must clean off and consume as his snack. Goddess allows her slave to worship her bare feet next. She gives detailed instructions and presses down on his balls when his attempt is found wanting. As the slave has his tongue used as a foot wipe a knock comes at the door. The next slave has arrived and this disappointing one is summarily dismissed.
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GoddessFootDomination – Let’s Make A Deal – Goddess Brianna

Goddess Brianna is in a particularly generous mood today. Slave R has been invited into her prescence for the third time to serve her. She’s pleased with his servitude thus far and proposes a deal. If he can handle a footjob from her for a full five minutes without cumming, she’ll permit him to become a sex slave.

Slave R lays on his back before his Goddess as she unstraps her shoes, releasing her gorgeous bare feet. Goddess Brianna begins working his cock with her feet, rubbing it up and down. She humiliates the slave by working one foot back and forth from his cock to his mouth. The slave worships at her feet, licking her soles and sucking on her toes. Goddess Brianna reminds him what’s at stake, the opportunity of a lifetime to experience her heavenly pussy wrapped around his cock.

Feeling his climax coming, the slave feebly asks her to slow down. Goddess Brianna disregards this request and laughs as he spurts his load onto his stomach well short of the required five minutes. She smirks and rolls her eyes as Slave R claims he’ll do better next time.
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GoddessFootDomination – Footjob Tease and Denial – Goddess Brianna

Goddess Brianna has a potential sex slave on her hands. She’s decided to test his staying power by teasing him with her oiled feet. Brianna lets him know he’ll need to hold off and he struggles immediately as his cock is rubbed by the slick, sexy soles of his Goddess. She takes her time, alternating between squeezing him tightly between her toes and resting to taunt him with her sexy voice.

The slave is shaking under her expert manuevers, eager to prove he can pass her test. Goddess Brianna keeps up the pace until she is eventually satisfied the slave has proven himself. She now wants to see what kind of a load he can produce for her. The slave proves up to this challenge as well and sprays all over his Goddess’s beautiful feet. Pleased, she entices the slave that he may yet one day serve her sexually.
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GoddessFootDomination – Goddess Brianna – Vulnerable Foot Slave

Goddess Brianna has her latest foot slave in quite a predicament. He stands before her, hands bound and balls painfully stretched by a five pound weight. She first teases him with her feet adorned in strappy high heeled sandals. A commitment to suffer for his owner is secured and immediately acted upon. Goddess Brianna doles out a lesson in posture, form, pain and humility. The slave is made to swing the weight between his legs and has it dropped by his Goddess. She then begins to kick the weight, showing off her beautiful pedicured feet encased in the sandals. Several kicks are administered as Goddess Brianna continues to admonish the slave for posture and flinching. Soon a very heavy kick leaves the foot slave doubled over and made to kiss the very foot that brought him low.

Next the slave stands before his seated Goddess in a chastity cage. She uses a vibrating wand on his cage that leaves him visibly trembling. Made to lie down, the slave is allowed a few opportunities to kiss her shoes between feeling the heels digging deeply into his tender flesh. Ultimately Goddess Brianna has her slave pledge continued suffering for the opportunity to one day worship her bare feet.
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GoddessFootDomination – Mommies Help at Christmas Break – Goddess Brianna

Goddess Brianna is happy to have her stepson home for the holidays. She can tell something is bothering him so she asks what is wrong. The young man admits that he hasn’t had sex in months and he’s uncomfortably walking around with a near permanent boner. He asks his stepmom to let him touch her feet like he used to do when he was younger. Goddess Brianna sits atop the counter and kicks off her shoes. She directs the youth to lick and kiss her feet while jerking his cock. She can see how excited he is and knows he won’t last long in his condition. She wiggles her toes and scrunches her soles to entice him further until he finally pops a huge load for the incomparable feet of Goddess Brianna.
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GoddessFootDomination – The Christmas Story – Goddess Brianna

Goddess Brianna and her hubby are cuddled up relaxing on a cool winter morning. It’s almost Christmas and the holiday joy brings an air of happiness to the delightful couple. Brianna asks for a foot massage and it soon turns into a foot worship session because the man cannot resist her pretty feet. The husband delivers disappointing news that he must go do a little work, but promises to return to spend a quiet, romantic evening together.

Before he departs the house, Brianna catches him wrapping a gift of sexy lingerie that he admits is for another woman. As he departs for the office he promises to discuss everything later. Goddess Brianna is not the type of woman to sit around and wait to see what the guy does. She takes the initiative to ensure control over her man. First she locks him in chastity and cuts him off in the bedroom. Then she evicts him from the marital bed to sleep in a dog cage. On Christmas morning she removes the chastity device to allow him to masturbate while worshiping her sexy feet. Goddess Brianna is not a woman to trifle with and hubby is learning this the hard way.
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GoddessFootDomination – Christmas Gift for You

Your mistress, master and ultimate everything Goddess Brianna has paused to pay you a little attention. This is the greatest gift possible for an obedient foot slave. She presses her bare soles against the bars of your cage and allows you to taste her incredible feet. She even dips her toes through so you can feel them briefly in your undeserving mouth. Brianna instructs you to shake your ass for her so she can watch your tiny balls move like jingle bells. You’re being a good boy to serve the goddess’s foot cleaning needs. Goddess Brianna even offers a few kind words for the holiday season, but you are not getting out of the cage.
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Dava and Brianna are home alone waiting for a couple of guys they met at the club to show up. As they are talking they notice the neighborhood pervert watching them. They decide to put on a show for him. Brianna licks Dava’s plump breasts and then Dava sits down on the couch and plays with her pussy. After teasing the pathetic pervert, they drag him in the house and give the creep the spanking that he deserves! After punishing the pervert, they order him to get them some champagne and flowers from the store. Just after the pervert leaves the two guys from the club show up. They think they got lucky but the ladies have something different in store for them! They put pink collars on the guys and turn them into slaves. They force them to worship their feet and pussies. One of the slaves has a big hard cock and the other is tiny and impotent. Obviously, one is the bull and the other is the cuckold. Brianna and Dava force the cuckold to beg the bull to fuck the ladies. The cuck is forced to watch his buddy pound Brianna and Dava in multiple positions. The humiliation continues as Brianna spits the bull’s cum into the pathetic cuck’s mouth. Finally, the pervert comes back late, without the flowers and wine instead of the champagne. Goddess Brianna decides that both the pervert and the cuckold are going to get fucked. Only the slaves are the ones that are getting pounded and the Goddesses are going to do the pounding with their strap ons.
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SubbyHubby – Dava and Brianna Bring Home Slaves Part 5: Strap On Slaves

Brianna and Dava have their cuckold slave kneeling on the floor. They are standing next to him both wearing strap on cocks. I guess cuckold slave is going to get to go to pound town after all! Out of nowhere the pathetic neighborhood pervert shows up. He kneels before the Goddesses holding a bottle of wine that he obviously has been drinking himself. The ladies told this loser to bring them champagne and flowers hours ago. Not only is the creep late but he didn’t bring flowers and brought wine instead of champagne. Now they are going to make this pervert their bitch just like the cuckold slave. Brianna orders the pervert to suck her cock. The cuckold is already gagging on Dava’s big strap on. After getting their cocks nice and wet with their spit the slaves are put on the couch. They are on their hands and knees facing each other as Brianna and Dava pound their asses. The ladies laugh as both of the bitches scream and cry from the big cocks stretching their asses. The cuckold is useless so he is dismissed. The cuckold is warned to be good or they will bring him in the dungeon next time!
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SubbyHubby – Dava and Brianna Bring Home Slaves Part 4: Cuckold Slave

Goddess Brianna is holding her slave by the collar with one hand and stroking his big hard cock with the other. Goddess Dava isn’t so lucky, her slave not only has a tiny cock but he can’t even get hard. What a loser! He can’t please a woman with his mouth or his dick. Since he is so pathetic, they tell him that he is their new cuckold slave. He won’t be using that little cock anymore. But he does get to watch his buddy take Dava and Brianna to “pound town”. The bull slave gets to fuck Brianna while Dava plays with her pussy. The cuckold slave is inches away from Dava’s pussy but he isn’t allowed to touch. He has to watch his buddy fuck Brianna. Next Goddess Dava rides the bull’s cock while the cuckold is forced to worship Goddess Brianna’s feet. Finally, Goddess Brianna licks the bulls cum off Dava’s tits and spits it in the cuckold’s mouth. Everyone is having a fun party. Except the loser cuckold. He doesn’t deserve fun.
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