Clubstiletto – Every Day Every Night Armpit Bitch

Friday, December 2nd, 2016
  Mistress Kandy and Amazon Goddess Airen have sent their slave to the shower as he was stinking to high heaven after being brutally trampled. As they await his return they realize they have worked up quite a sweat themselves. A quick sniff of each others pits reveals that they are pretty rank. This lucky slave is not finished yet, as he returns, on all fours of course, they call him over and tell them they want every drop licked up. Armpit sweat leaves a unique taste on the… Read More

Clubstiletto – Goddess Airen – Socks, Feet and Pits

Sunday, August 28th, 2016
  Goddess Airen is all sweaty from a vigorous trampling session, and now her floor mat must perform clean up duties. First, he is made to lick her pits clean, from top to bottom, each pit thoroughly scoured with his tongue. Airen inspects each pit, reminding her slave what a lucky bitch he is, to get this close to her! Next, he is ordered to remove her sneakers and Airen clamps his mouth with her sweaty, rank sock. She has worn these socks all week, eschewing the laundry, and her slave struggles with the overpowering… Read More

Clubstiletto – Goddess Airen, Mistress Kandy – Flip Flop Ordeal

Friday, August 26th, 2016
  Goddess Airen has locked her slave in a bondage box, from which he cannot escape or free himself. His body is exposed to whatever torment she devises, and she chooses to abuse him with her flip flops. She invites her friend Mistress Kandy over, and while Kandy clamps the slave's mouth with either her flip flop or her bare foot, Airen stomps the hell out of his chest and stomach. She also applies heavy pressure to his balls. There is also hard slapping of the flip flop on his chest, leaving red indents. Then, more stomping.… Read More

Clubstiletto – Into Our Asses, Into Our Pussies

Sunday, August 21st, 2016
  Mistresses Airen and Kandy have their slaves positioned on the couch, ready to be used as human furniture. They plunk their asses down of the bitches' faces and get ready to tease and torment. The idea being, the bitches must tap when they find they are on the verge of suffh0cating. However, these slaves are so lackluster, their tapping is rather noncommittal. The dominas have no choice but to ignore the so-called taps for mercy. They crank the bitches' nipples to wake them up, and indeed their tap-outs… Read More

Clubstiletto – Rewarded for Foot Worship

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016
  This slave has been a good boy and Goddess Airen decides to reward him with his favorite activity: Foot worship. And if he does a good job sucking her toes, he will get to jerk off. The sucker hasn't cum in month, and Airen notices he's more eager than usual; more desperate to service her feet. Her friend Mistress Kandy joins her and together, they whip the slave into a sexual frenzy. Airen has her feet in his mouth while Kandy digs her foot into his balls, occasionally sticking her dirty foot in his mouth… Read More

Clubstiletto – Airen’s Exercise Mat

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016
  Airen likes to work out hard and always does a warm up before hitting the gym. Here, she uses her trusty exercise mat to get her heart rate going. She wears her dirty hiking sneakers and jumps onto the slave's stomach from a box several feet away. She repeats this move several times, stomping and marching on his mid-section in between jumps. He asks to kiss her foot, but she refuses. She's not here to indulge this selfish loser, she's here to warm up! The slave/exercise mat keeps lifting his head when she lands… Read More

Clubstiletto – Flip Flop Stomp and Trample

Sunday, July 31st, 2016
  Mistresses Kandy and Airen are comfortable in their flip flops and have locked their slave into a trample box. His arms are isolated to the side, so this habitually "grabby" slave cannot use his hands to defend himself from trampling feet. First, the prisoner is made to lick the bottoms of the ladies' footwear, then Kandy steps up on his midriff and marches in place. To stifle his moans and groans, Airen clamps her foot on his mouth. The ladies take turns switching positions, and eventually both are trampling… Read More

Clubstiletto – Goddess Airen – You’re So Weak

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016
  At over 6 feet tall in bare feet, Goddess Airen is bigger and stronger than a large number of men. Take this bitch for instance; she can bully him all she wants because they both know she's got the size advantage. Airen orders him to the floor, to kiss her feet, orders him back up only to slap him around, puts him in a tight headlock.....and generally has her way with him. He's lucky she doesn't actually beat him senseless. Why waste the energy on such a small loser? Airen would like to relax her tall frame on a comfortable… Read More

Clubstiletto – Goddess Airen, Mistress Kandy – Double Smother Competition

Thursday, May 5th, 2016
  Mistresses Kandy and Airen sit on the bed, asses firmly planted on their slave's face. The ladies are critiquing and assessing their respective seat cushion's performance, and notice that Kandy's seems to be tapping more than Airen's. And when he isn' tapping, he's trying to sneak breaths by turning his… Read More

Clubstiletto – Goddess Airen, Miss Jasmine – Way Too Much Fun

Friday, February 26th, 2016
Clubstiletto - Goddess Airen, Miss Jasmine - Way Too Much Fun   Slaves have way too much fun. Mistress Kandy is squeezing and kneading this guy's hard cock and balls with her feet, when Goddess Airen arrives wearing a sharp pair of stiletto boots. Kandy immediately suggests they "shrink his dink". Airen promptly steps onto the slave's stomach, digging her heels in deep, while Kandy starts to make his dick hurt with her foot action, pinching rather than just squeezing. The slave of course, is not immune to this,… Read More

Clubstiletto – Just Wait Till You Can’t Breathe Goddess Airen

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015
Clubstiletto - Just Wait Till You Can't Breathe Goddess Airen   Amazon Goddess Airen knows how to have fun with small, skinny men! She uses them as a seat cushion, reveling in the fact that they will truly suffer under her weight. And while she's at it, she has a blast using their face as a trampoline for her big luscious butt! Mistress: Goddess Airen Read More

Clubstiletto – Quit Complaining Goddess Airen

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015
Clubstiletto - Quit Complaining Goddess Airen   Goddess Airen shows no mercy towards whiners, and she aptly demonstrates that with this carpet. She steps on him full weight in her leather boots as he writhes under her 6 foot frame. Next, she removes her boots and has the slave worship her sweaty feet. He seems to be enjoying it so much; she hops back onto his stomach and proceeds to jump and march on it barefoot! When she tires of this, she places her boots over the carpet's mouth and leaves him to sniff her shoes.… Read More

Clubstiletto – Fetch and Carry Till You Drop Goddess Airen, Mistress Kandy

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015
Clubstiletto - Fetch and Carry Till You Drop Goddess Airen, Mistress Kandy   Mistress Kandy always takes advantage of a beautiful fall day for a relaxing shoulder ride in the country side. Relaxing for her; that is! Soon she has her steed fetching sticks like a dawg, while she rides him on all fours. She dismounts to get her boots mucky in a stream and then orders the ponyboy to lick them clean. And that's not all! Her 6 foot tall friend Goddess Airen wants to join in, so they command the tired pony… Read More