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TheRealQueendom – Feeding Jada’s Hunger

Picking up where “Sharing Her Sweat” left off, you find yourself shrunk and buried inside the sleep sack Jada had kept you in for so long as her smother slave. “I bet you didn’t believe me when I said I was going to shrink you did you?” Madam Jada asks after pulling your tiny body out of the sleep sack. Jada can tell that you’re scared, but she doesn’t care. “That’s too bad, because you can say goodbye to my ass and hello to my stomach!” Jada generously gives you another good look at her big, beautiful and you try to beg to be restored as her facesitting slave, but Jada isn’t listening. Instead she shows you her stomach, your soon-to-be home, before bringing you up to her mouth for a taste. The salty flavor of your sweat is delicious and Jada can’t wait much longer to devour you. She’s going to swallow you whole and alive so you can enjoy every part of being digested. Eventually what’s left of your body will make its down to her sexy booty, back where to where your slavery to her began! Soon Jada stuffs you inside her mouth, leaving you inside for a minute as she enjoys your flavors before finally gulping you down, never to be seen again! **This clip does not have a 3rd person scene after being swallowed** Madam Jada, Giantess, Eat, Eaten Alive, Mouth Close Up
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TheRealQueendom – A Closer Look

Evening at home with Mistress Kawaii, stretching out like a mountain range upon the bed spread. Mountainous to you, that is, as you slowly creep across the sheets toward her body. She’s busy checking her phone, so you take the opportunity to sneak up, carefully, cautiously. Suddenly she straightens her leg, and her calf nearly flattens you! Was that intentional? “Stupid phone,” she mutters, drawing her leg up once more, giving you the opportunity to stalk beneath her powerful thigh. It’s so dangerous to do this, with that immense leg arching over your frail, tiny body, but how can you resist? You creep right up between her thighs, giddy with your sneakiness, when suddenly she rolls to her side! Her thighs plow you away, and then her big, beautiful ass is lying right before you! Seizing the chance, you charge her ass and begin to crawl up her inner thigh to get in that sweet crack… “Whoa, what the hell?” Kawaii’s voice thunders above, stunning you, and you’re tossed about as her thighs pummel the bed around you. When the chaos settles, you’re staring straight up into her panties, stretched tight over her thick, swollen pussy, and way up in the distance, her face glares at you with displeasure! “What are you doing over here? I put you in the drawer! And now you’re sneaking under my ass?” Her thighs close around you, and then she nudges her pussy into you, shoving you around like a schoolyard bully. “You look excited,” she notes. “Is this really where you want to be?” She clutches you in one overwhelming fist and, grunting and sighing, rolls her massive bodyscape to lie on her front. Suddenly you’re perched upon her thighs, with her huge, glorious ass rising before you. “I’m just going to keep you there, that’s what you wanted to do.” You can barely see the back of her head, peeking over the huge hemispheres of her ass cheeks. “You know like how that looks?” She slaps her ass, making it shudder heavily around you. “You know what, I’m going to trap you in there.” She laughs, her buttocks grow and swell, and then there you are: lying next to her thong, resting just above her asshole! Is it everything you hoped it would be? Her hand releases her ass, her cheeks close upon you, and then you disappear deep inside her ass! “I don’t even feel you,” Kawaii thinks idly. “I hope you’re comfortable in there. It’s going to be so sweaty, because I really feel like dancing.” Is she serious? You can’t tell, your entire world is two enormous butt cheeks clenching you from all sides, her excited anus fluttering against your tiny legs. She laughs at you: “No, I don’t feel you. Maybe you just got sucked up into my ass and you’ll be in there forever!” Mistress Kawaii scoots her incredible ass over the bed, gets up, adjusts her skirt, and strides out of the apartment for a night on the town. “I hope you enjoy the rest of your night,” she comments mockingly. “I know I will.” Mistress Kawaii, Giantess, Ass Slave, POV
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TheRealQueendom – Edyn’s Secret Ass Slave

** The audio is a little bubbly sounding due to unexpected background noises that needed to be removed** You signed up to be a shrunken video slave for The Queendom, not knowing how you would be used or even if you would survive. You were disappointed not to have ended up in one of the many Eat and butt Cru.sh videos that were filmed with Edyn Blair today, but luckily for you Miss Blair has special plans for you! While the producers weren’t paying attention she secretly snuck you into her purse and left you there while she finished working. Now that her shoot is over and the producers are working in another room she decides to take you out of her purse and put you somewhere a little more secure. Edyn pulls you out of her purse and places you on a small barstool, putting her big, sexy ass directly in front of you! This is where you are going to end up whether you like it or not. She pulls her tight jeans down and gently sits on you, testing you out to make sure you’ll survive being trapped between her luscious cheeks for the long drive home. “Don’t be so concerned,” she says before spreading her cheeks wide and sitting on top of you again. “Do you want to live in there? I bet you do!” So many shrunken slaves go through The Queendom she’s sure that no one will miss you. That means you’ll be all hers for the rest of your life!
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TheRealQueendom – RavenRae Will Eat You and Forget You VR 360

“So you want to know what it feels like to be digested huh?” There’s a hint of disdain in her voice and she laughs alittle as she talks to you, as though she doesn’t truly appreciate your sacrifice. “You know its funny, because once you do you’re just… done. There’s nothing left! I eat you, I swallow you, and say goodbye.” You had expected a little playful teasing, but ultimately a giantess should appreciate a slave who willingly offers to be her food right? “And then, I don’t think about you… ever again.” You on the other hand will be able to think about nothing else but RavenRae and the terrible things her body is doing to you without a single thought from her. In your head you had always imagined an intimate moment with your giantess before being lovingly swallowed whole, but as Raven takes a giant **** hit and blows it in your face it starts to become clear that she has a very low opinion of you. You realize its not you personally though, its just that you’re food now and RavenRae doesn’t actually give a fuck about you. At the moment you are an amusing piece of food, but it won’t be long before satisfying her hunger becomes more important that whatever enjoyment she’s getting from your eagerness to be eaten. “Its going to take days,” she warns, smiling as you contemplate what days inside her stomach will actually feel like. You don’t have to wait long to find out though, soon you find yourself stuffed inside Raven’s mouth. Her saliva soaks into your skin, covering your face and making it hard to breathe, but it doesn’t take long until you’re properly lubricated and ready to be swallowed! As you enter RavenRae’s stomach a 3rd person view appears and you’re able to watch as your Goddess briefly enjoys the feeling of you falling down her throat and your initial struggles in her tummy. Raven washes you down with some juice, Smokes some more, and quickly forgets all about you. Eventually your struggles get Raven’s attention making her laugh about how quickly forgot about you. You only keep her attention for a moment though, soon she turns on the PlayStation and settles in for a relaxing afternoon. Meanwhile you slowly get settled into your new home in her stomach and get used to the idea of being completely consumed by a women who barely even acknowledged that you ever existed in the first place… The 3rd person scene in this clip is longer than normal. Raven swallows you whole after 5 1/2 minutes, giving you the chance to see how she quickly gets on with her day while you stay trapped in her now full stomach!
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Astro Domina – CARNI-Eat SESSION

You walk into your session with Goddess Sydney and explain to her that you would like to do a Eat session. She informs you that she can actually shrink you. For real. You have no idea that she’s had plenty of clients already that were turned into a mini version of themselves and ended up in her belly. She makes you come closer and look at her mouth. Her lips, her tongue, her mouth are all mesmerizing to you. You can feel something peculiar happening. She is the succubus of man and threatens to make you real small. Before you know it, you’re only 3 inches tall and Sydney is threatening to put you in her belly.
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You’ve been stuck in that refrigerator for days, weeks, you don’t even know how long it’s been. Every time Sydney opens the fridge, your heart skips a beat. You hope it’s time for you to come out. But each time she ends up closing the door again. What a tease. Then finally one day, the day comes. Today is the day she takes you out of the fridge, out of the container. After you accidentally drop to the floor, she picks you up and doesn’t seem bothered by it. 5 second rule! She proceeds to taste and smell you until finally, you get devoured.
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The Queendom – Giantess Therapy

Your therapist sits across the room from you, shapely legs crossed, thighs wrapped in a tight black skirt. She invites you to sit down, rocking one spiked heel idly. “We’ve been talking for a few weeks now,” she says, “and you consistently stress and talk about this giantess Eat fetish that you have.” She sighs unhappily and regards you with disappointment. “I’ve given you all the tools I can think of to get over this addiction, and at every opportunity you’ve ignored those suggestions. Why do you think that is?” What can you say? The greatest thing in the world is to slip into a beautiful woman’s hot, wet, pink mouth and have her roll you around before… oh no, you got distracted! What’s your therapist saying? “If I can be blunt, I notice that you’ve also been showing quite a bit of transference. That’s when the client starts having feelings for the therapist.” Can she read your mind? She holds up a small black device. “So, I’m going to do something that no therapist should ever do: I’m going to enable you, right now, with this. I’m going to shrink you.” She smirks and studies your reaction. “Is that what you really want?” Is she kidding? This is a dream come true! “Before I do this,” she adds, “let me tell you: when you get shrunk, I’m going to eat you.” Before you can say a word, she points the device at you and activates it. Amazingly, the couch you’re resting on grows huge, everything in the room zooms farther away! But the sultry therapist only looms over you, laughing at your condition. “I suppose I should give you a view… before you never have one again.” She peels off her blouse and proffers her tits to you. “I could Cru.sh you here, if I wanted.” She unzips her skirt and bends over, her massive, round rear swaying just above you. “Or I could Cru.sh you here, if I wanted to.” But that’s not how this goes: she crouches down on the end of the couch and makes you walk over to her. You crawl up her pink, twitching tongue, and she rocks you back and forth between her teeth, drenching you in her saliva! Her glistening throat flexes inches away from your tiny body. Her breath and her laughter roar around you. Your therapist plays with you inside her mouth, until suddenly… down you go! “Just like a pill,” she laughs. She stretches out on the couch and writhes pleasantly, moaning and laughing to your struggles, until it’s time to get dressed for her next client. So much for you, little man, on to the next guy!
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Astro Domina – Shrunk by the Shrink

You’ve come to see your therapist Sydney for another session. She’s trying to talk you out of what you came here to do: to become a tiny person. Even though she tells you there is no turning back, you insists. With one magic move of her hands, you shrink down about a foot and a half. From a once tall man, you are now shorty size. And she doesn’t stop there. You get shrunk even more. And more. And more. Until finally you are a nothing but a tiny ant sized mini person. Not knowing what to do, you run slowly towards your therapist. This will NOT end well, you know that for sure.
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The Queendom – You’re the Munchie!

Rooms, walls, doors fly past you as you swing along in a huge hand wrapped all around your tiny body. When the scene finally settles down, you find yourself at the end of a massive mattress, along which reclines the magnificent body of Goddess Holly. She barely gives you a second look as she takes up a video game controller. “It’s already time for 4:20,” she coolly informs you. “I figured I would vape a little, play some video games, wait for the munchies to kick in.” She grins at you, reclining by her lovely bare feet. “That’s where you come in, yeah. You’re gonna be my munchie! It’s perfect: tinies are my favorite snack. How’s that sound?” Whatever you think of this arrangement doesn’t matter, because this is exactly how it’s going to go down. What can you do about it? When the giantess decides to peel off her socks, you think maybe you can make a break for it. Quicker than you can react, however, she simply turns one slender ankle and plants her bare sole upon your entire body! “That’ll hold you nice and still. You can’t go anywhere. Gotcha!” She grins at you, as you peek up at her between her toes! With that done, Holly can tend to the important stuff: she takes a couple long pulls off her vape and blows the clouds of vapor in your face, then sets up her game and starts playing. You are clearly the last thing on her mind, pinned down beneath her foot, as she vapes and gets lost in her game. It amuses her to take a long, deep breath, then puff the vapors all around you until you and her toes are lost in the fog. After a few rounds of this, Holly raises an eyebrow at you. “I’m feeling it. You’re feeling it, right?” she purrs, contemplating you. Read More »

Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – New Gift Vans

Goddess Brianna loves getting new shoes from her footslaves. You can almost smell the clean, new rubber sole and feel the soft, white laces. Just imagine how they’re going to smell after Goddess Brianna has worn them, without socks of course, and the scent of her sweat embeds forever within the fabric. Goddess Brianna is going to have so much fun teasing you with these brand new sneakers as she breaks them in. It looks like they have a touch of dust from the box… you need to clean the soles with your mouth. Stick out your tongue and show the Goddess the appreciation she deserves.
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Paraphilia51 – Stomping Out Crime

Not all giantess goddesses are evil. I for one am a perfect example of one who uses her power for good instead of just getting my jollies off by destroying boys. I am a adamant defender of my more vulnerable sisters who are preyed upon by sleazy creepy men. Unfortunately these darling lost girls aren’t imbued with the knowledge and ability to practice the dark art of growing 50 feet tall and stomping the absolutely shxt out of a dirtbag man. So I hunt these degenerate predators down for them. This loser thought he could come to my city and pimp out young desperate girls, making them do horribly sexually depraved things to survive. When I confronted him he even had the nerve to try and suggest hat he would make me peddle my ass for him. After he “tested me out” of course. Hearing this filthy pig say dirty things to me made me furious and it didn’t take long before I was growing and he was terrified. In the end it was me who had my way with him…and he ended up where he belonged, hosed off into the gutter with the used condoms and needles.
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Czech Soles – Giantess crushing puny cars

Czech Soles - Giantess crushing puny cars
Giantess Eve wants to crush something and have some fun with all those puny vehicles at down at her feet and high heeled sandals. She selects her victims and crushes them until they are totaly broken in peaces and flat under her shoes! Those tiny cars, truck, tractor and even an airplane are all in pieces on the ground and giantess goddess Eve crushed them all. She can crush anything she want and there is nothing that can stop her. We are all at her mercy!
Category: CAR CRUSH
Keywords: Eve, crush, crushing, car, truck, airplane, tractor, destroy, giantess, giant, sandals, high heels, giantess crush, break, power
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American Mean Girls – Princess Bella, Goddess Raven – Shrink The Inferior Humans

American Mean Girls - Princess Bella, Goddess Raven - Shrink The Inferior Humans
Princess Bella
Goddess Raven


Who would have thought that Wonder Woman would listen to reason, haha! At first she was telling me to be nice to mortals but after I explained to her that it is fun to step on lowly humans, she finally got it! We had a nice chat about how great my new evil shrink ray was and we talked about the various foot grinding techniques we could use when stepping on shrunken men! Especially those mortals that write us emails and ask to kiss Wonder Womans feet! She hates that and is only too happy to give those losers what they deserve. I show her the man that I shrunk and put him in my shoe. Then I walk on him! Oh, it turns out that tenderized shrunken men taste delicious too!

Princess Bella and Goddess Raven
Categories: Superheroine, Giantess, Foot Fetish, Female Domination, Crush, Super Villains, Femdom
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Mandy Flores – #213 Angry Giantess vs The Company

Mandy Flores - #213 Angry Giantess vs The Company
Mandy Flores


Ive always despised my boss at the company and his board members. All men and womanizers. There was a promotion position and I worked over time and busted my ass for the position and the office slut got it instead. Ive had enough and they are all going to pay! I have a secret and Im ready to use it to turn everyone involved into tiny helpless hostages until this angry giantess gets what she deserves. Im big enough to kill you and all your employees and no one will know what happened to you. Its simple, give me the secret code to your money and you wont see me again. No? How about if I crush your vice president with my boots…just make him a stain in the concrete, how much is his life worth to you? Wow, really? Ok then. How about your son..hmmm? Im sure his life is worth your money? NO? Wow, you really are a money hungry asshole. Him and this nobody will be put in between my toes and try to survive in my hot boot. Do you hear them plead their lives? How about the Mistress here? Funny how I deserved the position more but I wouldnt suck your filthy dick, she did. All she is good for is being a sex object apparently. Lick and suck my pussy bitch. God Im getting very turned on by this, better tell me the numbers or she might drown in my pussy… hurry up! Good boy, see that was easy. Too bad a few had to die before you came to your senses dick head. Say goodbye to your love… what, I didnt promise shit. I cant let you go, why so you can turn me in and I can spend your money after 40 years in Prison? I think not! You all are going to d.ie. And you will be crushed under your precious car!
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