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Fucking Dungeon – Bound for Examination – Audrey Hollander

It seems a concerned husband has sent his sexually deviant wife to the Dirty Doctor for curing. Dr Bauer has a proven track record of wiping the slate clean so to speak and Audrey is now in his hands. The Dr and his orderly perform the necessary examination and a diagnosis is reached. The Dirty Doctor comes to the conclusion that Ms. Hollander needs intense therapy and a spiritual cleansing, and that is exactly what she will receive. Audrey receives the utmost in care in the Dr.’s hands and responds well to the treatment as she discovers the true definition of ‘Bedside Manner’.
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Fucking Dungeon – Into The Lion’s Den – Audrey Lords

Audrey’s a bit nervous as she sits and speaks with Ogre. Her fantasy involves a couple guys and some consenstual rough sex and she’s not exactly sure quite what to expect…She’s played this fantasy over in her mind before, but now as she undresses, the butterflies are flapping around her belly at about 100 MPH…Ogre takes his time tying this customer and answering her questions as Audrey nervously giggles. His calming words of assurance turn to cold silence however as she is left tied and naked on the bed…The eager crowd that awaits her shall begin to take their turns at her vulnerable body…Audrey’s fantasy begins and we shall soon see how she reacts in this predicament.
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