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Ella Kross – Rewarding My Slave with a Hot Footjob!

Because my slave did a good job cleaning my dirty feet with his mouth earlier, I’ve decided to reward him in a way he’s sure to enjoy. “Are you ready?” I ask as he lays naked beneath me in my back yard. “Are you happy to see me and my feet once again?” I begin by having him lick them once more, shoving my toes in his mouth and watching as he eagerly sucks them. I stand on his chest and trample him before taking a seat by his side to finally give him his reward. I rub my beautiful bare feet all over his cock, running my cute, pedicured toes up and down his shaft while he moans in pleasure. My feet drive him crazy, and his balls are aching to cum as I use them to massage his dick. I spread my legs and have him fuck one foot while licking the other until he shoots his load all over my toes!
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Ella Kross – Worship My Feet as You Jerk-Off!

Sitting outside, I show off my gorgeous feet and allow you to jerk-off to their perfection. I know you love my black high heels, but right now you’d rather see my cute bare feet. I take the heels off and wiggle my cute toes in your face as you watch and stroke your hard cock. I make you follow me back inside the house and continue to show you my bare feet as you jerk your dick. Worship them by smelling and then licking them, rubbing your tongue over every inch as you touch yourself. Such each adorable toe one by one, and after I countdown from five I want you to cover my feet with your cum!
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