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GODDESS RACHEL – Reachel’s Foot Slut

GODDESS RACHEL is looking super sexy dressed in latex and seamed stockings. Now it’s time for her foot slave to worship her feet the right way! Do you like her nylon feet in your mouth slave? Take a deep breath and watch as she tells her slave exactly how she likes it! The action is so hot you can taste it!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Aaliyah Hadid – Employee’s Final Warning

Goddess Aaliyah is trying to run her office smoothly and her lackluster employee is running late again.When he shows up two hours late with a watered-down, half-empty iced coffee–absolutely unfit for a Goddess like Aaliyah–she comes close to firing him. He grovels at her feet and pleads that he’ll do anything to keep his job. Goddess Aaliyah demands that he immediately, and carefully, remove her sexy, tan sandals and kneel before her desk. She degrades him by making him clean her filthy, sweaty feet with his mouth. Disgusted by the task, he almost declines, but ultimately is weak to her cruel foot domination. As he pathetically sucks on her beautiful, dirty feet, his degradation continues. Goddess Aaliyah tells him he’s been licking dried cum from her feminine soles, and in order to keep from being fired, he’ll need to keep worshipping her feet daily. Thi owned secretary will think twice before showing up late to HER office again!
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Mistress T – Foot Desire HJ

If you like feet, hand jobs & sensually Dominant women…get this damn vid. Obviously.
Bonus: Cum ON foot…which slave licks off.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Only For My Feet

Miss Jasmine is training her slave how to service feet properly. He is lead into the room on a leash. Jasmine looks stunning in her 6″ see through stiletto’s, and floral undergarments. She orders the slave to worship her freshly purple painted toenails and he eagerly licks at them until she moves to her her grey pleasure bench where she tells him to resume. She then turns her gaze to you and says she knows you too, like her slave, have had a foot fetish for a long time. “Probably even before you thought about having sex with a woman.”, she continues. While she talks to you she lifts her foot up so the heel of her foot goes into the slaves mouth. He sucks and licks on like a dog on a bone. She kicks off one of her stiletto’s and feeds the slave her long luscious toes, ordering him to use his hands to support her leg. She tells you that if you are going to be on your hands and knees in front of her you should really put some effort into it which means massaging her calves and soles while sucking her toes. She continues to talk to you and says if you are good she might even have a girlfriend over for you to service, as well. While doing so she moves her feet up and down the slaves tongue to get them properly cleaned. The slave stays in one spot with his tongue out and she takes turns rubbing one foot over his tongue, then the other. She then moves to her knees so the slave can lick the bottom of her feet some more. “You’ll be licking my soles all day… if you play your cards right.”, she tells him. She talks about having a slave like this at her entrance so anytime a girlfriend is stressed or have sore arches they know where to come for relief. Jasmine starts ramming toes into his mouth until his entire foot is in it. She laughs as she fucks his face and he gags. She turns and sits down again, lightly flogging the slave before using her feet to slap his face. He remains very focused though to keep his mouth on her feet. She punishes him a bit more with her feet before having him lay on the floor so she can sit up and rub her feet all over his face. Across his face, into his mouth, back over his face, hos tongue is likely getting worn out from all the licking. Through out this entire scene you get some great angles of Jasmine’s feet as this slave worships them for all he is worth.
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Mistress T – Humiliated By Mistress T and Miss Jasmine

This is a pretty fun & cruel vid. Yes, fun AND cruel. We’re horrible to the slave & we’re horrible to you the viewer but we have a great time, laughing our heads off. We encourage you to smack yourself in the balls for us, we make fun of you. If you like bratty, mean girls, humiliation, being insulted & feet, you might like this. I don’t really care:-)
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Kendra James – Nylon obsession

You love the look and feel of nylons, the way the material encases my perfect legs and tits and the sound it makes as I rub my high arched feet and long legs together. Stroke to your perfect obsession dressed in a nylon bodysuit and tan pantyhose.
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Mistress T – Foot Worship Sensuality

This is a sensually Dominant foot worship & hand job scene. Lots of sexy foot & leg views. Cum on feet & slave licks the cum clean.
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Ella Kross – Punishing My Slave with Foot Domination!

“Get down, slave!” I demand, and the naked loser wastes no time dropping to his hands and knees. Today I’m going to punish him with foot domination, and I better not hear any complaints from the disgusting loser. I have him lay on his back and shove my bare foot in his mouth, cramming my toes down his throat and making him suck them. I pause to kick him in the face, then drive my toes down his throat again until he gags. He can barely breathe with my foot stuffed in his mouth, but that’s not my concern! I trample him by walking all over his nude body before shoving my toes back down his throat. “Suck it, you fucking disgusting slave!” I yell with my foot crammed into his mouth. I used my cute feet to determine whether or not this slave gets any oxygen and love watching him suffer!
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Worn Ballet Flats

These leather flats have been my favorite shoes all year and they’ve really gotten well-worn. In fact, they seem to have absorbed the sweat and stink from my feet so perfectly that my feet left perfect prints in the sole. Does this make you excited, my little foot lover? I’ll bet it does. Don’t worry, I’m going to shove your face into that shoe and make you appreciate the hundreds of hours my feet have spent in them.
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Ella Kross – Dirt Cleaning Bitch

Walking barefoot through my back yard, I lead my slave by a leash and he crawls behind me on all fours like a dog. I pause to make him lick my dirty feet clean, and he thanks me for allowing him to do so. My strong, toned legs look amazing in my skimpy pink shorts as I take a seat and continue having him mouth my bare feet clean. “Maybe I’ll let you cum today with my beautiful, dirty feet,” I tell him as he licks and sucks them while I watch and supervise the job. I rub my heels all over his face, showing off my pedicured toes before cramming them down his throat. “Try harder, slave!” I reprimand when I feel he’s not putting forth a good enough effort. I grab the back of his head and drive his mouth into my feet, feeling his tongue licking them frantically. Such a good slave!
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Ella Kross – Rewarding My Slave with a Hot Footjob!

Because my slave did a good job cleaning my dirty feet with his mouth earlier, I’ve decided to reward him in a way he’s sure to enjoy. “Are you ready?” I ask as he lays naked beneath me in my back yard. “Are you happy to see me and my feet once again?” I begin by having him lick them once more, shoving my toes in his mouth and watching as he eagerly sucks them. I stand on his chest and trample him before taking a seat by his side to finally give him his reward. I rub my beautiful bare feet all over his cock, running my cute, pedicured toes up and down his shaft while he moans in pleasure. My feet drive him crazy, and his balls are aching to cum as I use them to massage his dick. I spread my legs and have him fuck one foot while licking the other until he shoots his load all over my toes!
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American Mean Girls – Trampled Til Broken

Sometimes My slaves need to be absolutely BROKEN to remind them of their place in My QUEENDOM. And one of the best ways to do that is to TRAMPLE them underneath your feet- while wearing stiletto heels, of course.
I have My beautiful guards bring the subject out and place it into a bowing position for Me- so I can simply walk up its body in My stilettos and take My seat upon my throne. This one has forgotten its EXTREMELY low place in life and it is about to be taught a lesson…the hard way.
The slave is eventually placed into position on the floor so I can use it as a Royal trample mat for My feet. But of course I let My guards get into it and has some fun trampling its flesh as well! In fact, eventually We all stand on it to remind it of his place- beneath ALL women!!
The slave actually DID “break” during filming of this and you can hear it beg for Us to “stop, please!” toward the end of the video! LOL!!!
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Clubstiletto – Your Sister Your Princess

The camera opens on Princess Jemma and she is talking about how crazy it has been since her step-m0m Kandy came into the picture. Kandy has turned her dad into a total slave and Jemma’s ex-boyfriend into her own fart face and then today to add to the craziness she finds her own brother, billy, is also a pervert as she catches him in the hamper sniffing her dirty panties. Jemma has now turned him into her slave and as the camera scans back you can see she has her flip flops on his face. “You will do everything I say, you will do my laundry, anything I want or I’ll show video from my spycam to all your friends.”, she tells him. She makes him call her Princesses and says he will be servicing her feet today but in the future she will be using him as a toilet slave and any way she likes. First billy has to lick the soles of the flip flops and they are clearly filthy. The first sandal is removed and Billy shows real enthusiasm worshiping her foot, sucking each toe, licking the sole. “Good boy.”, she tells him, continuing, “From now on you will have no more girlfriends, the only woman you will be thinking about is Me.” Billy is ordered to remove the other flip flop and soon that foot is in his mouth. He uses his hand and mouth and clearly is happy to be his sisters slave. “After my boyfriend fucks me, from now on I will probably have you give me a foot massage.”, she says, continuing, “But you will rarely be allowed to see my pussy, although maybe sometimes I’ll let the cum pour out into your mouth.” She again makes sure he understands that she has videos and he must do anything she says, no matter what. To amuse herself she then sticks her big toes in his mouth and asks him questions which he has to answer while his mouth is spread wide and he sounds like a total fool while replying. She slaps his face a bit with her feet before sticking the toes back into his mouth. While he eagerly sucks, she tells him she plans to walk in the yard where m0m has fertilized the lawn and the family pet runs around and Billy replies, “Anything for you, Princess.” She rubs both feet across his face and gets them polished nicely then there is a knock on the door and the next door neighbor Bella walks in. “Is that your fucking, brother?”, she asks. “Yes.”, she giggles!
Mistress: Princess Jemma
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Sasha is a very flexible girl!

This girl is really awesome – she is so unbelievable flexible! Sasha sits at her couch which is covered with a red blanket. She walked the whole day and her feet are very exhausted now, so she wants to make herself a little bit more comfortable! She starts to take off her shoes and few moments later her knee-high socks too. With her hands she strokes her feet and slowly starts to relax. Then she decides that she want to taste her toes – and stretches her feet til she can lick her big toe with her tongue! Realizing that you are watching her, she suddenly starts to also stretch them towards you! Don’t you want to help her feeling more comfortable again and massage and kiss her feet…?
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