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HumiliationPOV – Chastity Footjob Tease

Miss Honey Barefeet

So you want me to stroke your cock with my feet? Well first put on this chastity device, lol. I’m going to fuck with you for my own amusement. I love to see you suffer. You’re gonna be begging me to let you take it off.

It’s your fucking dream to feel my feet on your cock. I don’t care that it’s locked in chastity and that you can barely feel my feet. You’re lucky that my feet are even this close to your cock. But I know you’re going to love this. You’re going to love feeling my toes running over your chastity cage even if you can’t feel it. You just love being so close to my gorgeous soles and my delicious toes. And I know you love it because even in your cage your cock is throbbing.

If you want me to have my feet all over your cock without the cage then you’re going to have to perform a few tasks for me. And I know you won’t say no, you love my perfect feet. So first I want you to lick your finger and rub it on the tip of your cock where the hole is in the chastity device. Then I want you to stick it in your ass lol. It’ll be so worth it once you feel my soft feet on your cock.

I can tell you’re enjoying this, your cock is still so hard in its cage. Look at yourself, you’re a pathetic moron, you’ll do anything for a foot job. But I’m not done fucking with you yet, foot slut. Now I want you to hump a pillow idiot. Hump it with your locked dick. LOL! You’re a pillow humping chastity foot loser. Now suck my toes while you hump that pillow, you fucking loser.

You’re just another stupid, horny fucktard for me. Now while you hump that pillow, I’m going to tease you a bit and show you how I’m going to give you a footjob. You’re going to have to watch my feet that you want so badly on your hard, throbbing, locked up cock. I know you can’t wait to feel my wrinkled soles on your cock. Keep humping, and you better not cum or you might not get that foot job. I still haven’t decided yet if I’m going to let you out. You were a fool to trust me.
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DirtyDommes – Cum eating foot loser

Princess Nikki enjoys wearing her soft black pantyhose and has called her house servant to come closer. He is such a horndog for her nyloned legs and feet! Miss Nikki shows her slave which spots he may worship but she also teases him with her sexy pussy and ass by sitting on his face. Of course this worthless piece of meat will only get to jerk off on to his Mistress’ feet because she loves to watch him eat cum in front of her. Licking that salty spunk off her pantyhose is the best orgasm he will ever get!
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GoddessFootDomination – Who’s In Control Now? – Sophia Leone

Sophia wants to go party with her friends but Uncle Jack has other ideas. He has his niece bent over his knee receiving a spanking. She’s not going anywhere dressed like that so long as he’s in control. Squirming free of her uncle’s clutches, Sophia is hit with an ultimatum. Leave the house like that and she can forget all about her Spring Break trip. Sophia relents to Uncle Jack’s threat and agrees to stay in for the evening. Іhortly following this exchange, Uncle Jack is reading at the table. A freshly docile Sophia even bring him a nice cold drink. Oddly enough, he passes out face down after only a few sips…

Uncle Jack awakes to find he’s bound and gagged with duct tape along with having his cock locked securely in a chastity cage! He feebly tries to negotiate out of the situation to no avail. In control now, Sophia forces her shoes down her pervert uncle’s throat. Over his protestations, Jack is forced to extend his tongue as a nice foot wipe to get Sophia’s shoes cleaned for her night out. Much later, Sophia returns to find her uncle sleeping in her bed. She wakes him and regales him with the tale of her evening out. Sophia decides she wants her uncle to clean her sweaty feet from a night of dancing. Jack has to lick all over her feet, sucking on the heel as well as her toes.

The chastity cage is unlocked and Sophia tells her pervert uncle to stroke himself as he worships her feet. She taunts him and takes incriminating photos with her phone. Uncle Jack has to agree to not only keep her behavior a secret, he also has to fully pay for her upcoming trip!

Jack brings himself to orgasm, coating his niece’s feet as she videos him for safekeeping. She makes her uncle clean his spill off her feet with his tongue as a final act of revenge.
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QueensofKink – Cock, Balls and Face Trampling

Down and under my bare FEET as he belongs. His head crushed underneath my FOOT SOLES, his COCK and BALLS stepped on, stomped, busted and tortured. I use him as just another step on my clear staircase. My FEET dominate his body and mind. He must suffer and present himself for torment.
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GoddessFootDomination – Goddess Brianna – Vulnerable Foot Slave

Goddess Brianna has her latest foot slave in quite a predicament. He stands before her, hands bound and balls painfully stretched by a five pound weight. She first teases him with her feet adorned in strappy high heeled sandals. A commitment to suffer for his owner is secured and immediately acted upon. Goddess Brianna doles out a lesson in posture, form, pain and humility. The slave is made to swing the weight between his legs and has it dropped by his Goddess. She then begins to kick the weight, showing off her beautiful pedicured feet encased in the sandals. Several kicks are administered as Goddess Brianna continues to admonish the slave for posture and flinching. Soon a very heavy kick leaves the foot slave doubled over and made to kiss the very foot that brought him low.

Next the slave stands before his seated Goddess in a chastity cage. She uses a vibrating wand on his cage that leaves him visibly trembling. Made to lie down, the slave is allowed a few opportunities to kiss her shoes between feeling the heels digging deeply into his tender flesh. Ultimately Goddess Brianna has her slave pledge continued suffering for the opportunity to one day worship her bare feet.
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GoddessFootDomination – The Christmas Story – Goddess Brianna

Goddess Brianna and her hubby are cuddled up relaxing on a cool winter morning. It’s almost Christmas and the holiday joy brings an air of happiness to the delightful couple. Brianna asks for a foot massage and it soon turns into a foot worship session because the man cannot resist her pretty feet. The husband delivers disappointing news that he must go do a little work, but promises to return to spend a quiet, romantic evening together.

Before he departs the house, Brianna catches him wrapping a gift of sexy lingerie that he admits is for another woman. As he departs for the office he promises to discuss everything later. Goddess Brianna is not the type of woman to sit around and wait to see what the guy does. She takes the initiative to ensure control over her man. First she locks him in chastity and cuts him off in the bedroom. Then she evicts him from the marital bed to sleep in a dog cage. On Christmas morning she removes the chastity device to allow him to masturbate while worshiping her sexy feet. Goddess Brianna is not a woman to trifle with and hubby is learning this the hard way.
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GoddessFootDomination – Ruined Orgasm – Kitty Carrera

Goddess Kitty Carrera is enjoying her superiority over a submissive boot slut. She has a bound slave splayed out on his back, worshiping her thigh high leather boots. His head is locked in a facesitting box to exhibit his inferiority. Kitty sits atop the opening so her sweet ass is right in his face. She delivers the heel of her boots for him to suck like a tiny cock. The slave politely begs to worship Kitty’s incredible feet. When she finally relents to his requests, he is served through the opening in his deprivation chamber. Though he begs for release, the pain inflicted prevents him from achieving an erection and producing a load for his mistress. Goddess Kitty Carrera delivers a few severe stomps to his flaccid cock and withered balls in an attempt to elicit a reaction.
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GoddessFootDomination – Nikki Blake – You’re Tied Up for Me

I have you tied up and there is nothing you can do about it. I’m just going to put my sexy feet in your face to tease you. It makes me so wet to see you struggle. You’ll never be able to touch me, but watch how I squeeze my huge tits and rub my moist pussy right in front of you. You have the wonderful sight of my sexy body, you may even get a whiff of my bare feet or the scent of my dripping meat pocket, but what you cannot enjoy is the touch. You want it so bad. Your erection doesn’t lie! I’m going to untie your hands so you can play with yourself. Follow my instructions and we just might climax together. You can’t touch me, but you are allowed to cum on my pretty feet. Give it to me big boy! I want all your hot juice.
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High Heel Sadistic Trampling Part 2

Persephone makes her slave deep throat her heels and then she jumps all over his chest with her heels on. She viciously stomps on his stomach with her heel leaving heel marks all over his stomach. The slave cries out in pain as Persephone just cruelly laughs at his suffering. She stands on his head with both heels. Sadistic trampling at it’s best displayed in this clip.
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You’ve decided to take the big step of seeking professional help for your erectile dysfunction. Sex Therapist Morgana is confident that she can fix your problem. You need something to spur excitement to trigger the response you desire. Sorceress Morgana hypnotizes you and calls your attention to her fantastic feet. She talks you through the process, describing your reaction. Your eyes focus on her feet as she slowly removes her heels. The combination of the perfect visual and the soothing oral instructions causes a stir in your groin. This is the kind of progress you wanted so you eagerly follow her directions to touch your growing cock while sniffing and kissing her feet. She’s training you to have a climactic response to amazing feet and toes. She wakes you at the moment you cum all over her feet. It appears she’s fixed the problem, but now Sorceress Morgana is in complete control of your orgasms.
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MenAreSlaves – Clean My Boots Piggy – Goddess Cadence

Cadence feels like relaxing for a bit, which usually means work for her slave. His hands are bound but that is of no concern of hers, she still wants him to fetch her drink and then lick her boots clean while she lies back and observes with a smile.
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MenAreSlaves – Practicing Her Left Hand

Jessica loves to make any excuse to humiliate her slave, in this case it’s because she wants to exercise her left hand. So she bitch slaps this slave, spits on his face and ridicules him while she and her girlfriend Karmen watch and laugh at his tiny cock.
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GoddessFootDomination – Kiss My Feet and Go to Work

I come home from a long day at work and find my husband lying in front of the television. The house is a mess and he’s lounging around in the same clothes for three days. I kick of my shoes and he has the nerve to complain about my foot odor. I’m going to take control and put this slug in his fucking place! First of all, I’m not going to support a man who doesn’t even try to work. He’s getting a job right away. To make sure he stays focused, I’m locking his cock in chastity. I can’t believe this lazy bum complains about me helping him! I’ve got to show him who’s really in charge by making him kiss and lick my dirty feet. He’s going to get his ass in gear or I’m going to kick the dirt bag out!
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Goddess Brianna is in a mood today. Pathetic pussy boys have pissed me off. So many guys grovel for the chance to serve me, but then get afraid, tap out or don’t even show up. How can any guy expect to be worthy of a goddess like me when you don’t even have the balls to kneel before me? You are undeniably attracted to me, but you cannot muster the manhood necessary to serve me. You are a slimy, slug of a man. If I were to give you one more chance, I wouldn’t allow you to do anything more than lick my boots clean. But that’s not humiliating enough for a maggot like you. I’m going to watch you squeeze and slap your own pitiful balls. You better not tickle and caress them: I want to see you treat those worthless nuts the way I would. You must feel the pain of your failures and display your penance in my presence if you ever expect to advance to the point of serving a true queen like Goddess Brianna.
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Hey, bet you’re wondering why one of your students is setting at you deck in your office well it because I’m in charge now. I’m in charge of your life I have enough dirt on you to ruin your job here at the university, your marriage, your reputation in this small collage town, I can destroy you. I know you have a thing for me and your sexual advances have all been documented very clearly. So pay close attention to what I’m going to tell you it may save your pathetic life.
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