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FetishLiza – Punished by My pointy pumps

Whatever happened to the office slave that did not meet my quote? He got punished! My So Kate heels are perfect for inflicting pain with their super thin stiletto heels. He will feel the full weight of his failure on his body. Stepping on his face, marking and scratching his skin with my shoes and trampling his entire body. He will step up his game after this heel torture incentive.
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FetishLiza – Goddess foot and shoe worship

What a gorgeous afternoon…lounging in my garden with one of my loyal slaves nearby. I am wearing my sexy lady peep high heels and I find it so erotic when they get worshipped gently. My slave gets summoned to put his lips and tongue on my luxurious footwear…he slowly starts to kiss them…lick them… Then I order him to do the same with my perfect bare feet. His mouth will give me pleasure as I sip from my drink and relax.
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FetishLiza – Ignored Shoe Slave

I am getting ready to go out, but which shoes to pick? Mmm I am sure my sexy SO Kate heels will be great! As I am putting my shoes on, I keep talking to my lady friend and completely ignore my slave. He is there to simply be the tongue that polishes my footwear. No need to talk to him, I have far more important things to do! I do love to crush his cock and balls underneath my heels as I humiliate him whilst talking on the phone. My friends know I keep him in the house purely for shoe shining services. And this worm knows it too!
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FetishLiza – Sticky precum handjob

Do you like my beautiful hands and nails on your throbbing cock? The way I stroke you till near climax? Let’s get all your juices flowing and make this a very sticky and messy handjob, shall we?
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Fetish Liza – Messy treat for My luxury shoe slave

Such a good shoe bitch. He has pleased me by buying lots of luxury heels and I love using them to weaken his mind even more. My bare feet wrapped in these leather shoes, the stiletto heel, the look and touch brings him easily to his knees. He must worship my so kate heels, like the slut that he is…using his tongue carefully and by not dripping precum on the floor so much! What a horny little shoe slave, ha ha. Playing with his cock with my heels will only make him more obedient as he knows he is just a maggot underneath my red soles! I rub his dick under my shoes, harder, faster until I give him a surprise! He may cum on my heels but he must lick off his own spunk.
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Fetish Liza – Ruined orgasm for My boot slave

My boot slave is so easy to tease and manipulate. Look at him drooling all over my beautiful leather boots and in his mind he is probably already thinking about fucking them, making himself cum on them. So I play along and instruct him to lick and worship my boots…but I get more mean when I hold his hard cock on top of my leather boots. He must control his urges and let me use my gloved hands to give him a much needed release, he is looking quite desperate… Once his orgasm starts, I stop jerking him off and simply let the spunk fly in the air, cutting off his pleasure and increasing mine. I love a sadistically ruined orgasm.
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FetishLiza – Crushed and denied under My heels

Simply look at my high heels, the long stiletto heel, the red sole. These shoes are HOT and dangerous! A shoe slave’s duty is to keep them clean and shiny, with his tongue! Once I see a hard cock, I have the natural urge to crush it underneath my heels. I love rubbing a slave’s erection with my leather soles, making it throb and ooze precum. Teasing with high heels comes naturally and I love to get my heel sluts very desperate…but no reward today, no CUM, it is the slave’s hard task to control his orgasm and simply follow my orders.
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Fetish Liza – My shoe and foot slut

Ready for the party, I just need my shoe slave to wipe off the last dirt stains of my high heels with his tongue. Very gently of course as these are luxury shoes! Once I am satisfied with his shining services, I stick my bare feet in his face. My divine toes and soles need worship and a tongue massage as well. As I rest myself in my chair, I gag his mouth with my foot and watch him crawl around my beautiful feet like the shoe and foot slut that he is.
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Fetish Liza – Ruined rubber slave orgasm

The build-up and tease is so intense! My rubber slave has a huge hard-on, I can feel it as I rub my latexclad ass on to it. He is so desperate to cum, to release himself but he must wait! Touching his dick with my long nails and continiously stroking his rubberized body is bringing him to the edge…and then I stop and repeat it all again. Until he finally orgasm and I let his cock and cum just fly in to the air…ruining his orgasm, which is so much fun!
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Fetish Liza – Submit to My shiny latex

You are my latex slave, you feel the need to submit whenever I call you. You kneel before me and await my instructions. Like a good boy, your worship my shiny rubber dress. You feel closer to me with every breath of latex, with every lick on my curves…
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Fetish Liza – Cum on My extreme boots part 1

Wow! Look at the heels on these boots! Now they are extreme, with over 8 inches or 20cm of metal stilettod they are made to be worshipped. My slave gets the honour of testing this new pair of boots but first he must suffer underneath my soles and sharp heels.
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Fetish Liza – Suffer under My leather boots

When I say suffer, the slave says “yes Mistress”. And I love using my subs as a scratching pole for my heels. My human carpet knows the beauty and pain that these divine leather boots can and will cause. His body is my piece of meat that I can trample, crush, kick and torture just the way I enjoy it the most. The marks, the moaning and the pleading is real. I am a sadist at heart.
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Fetish Liza – Casadei Blade heel worship

They are called “Blade” for a reason…these metal stiletto heels are sharp! Sharp but so very sexy and you, my slave, get the honour of taking a first look at these beauties. Now get your tongue ready to worship your Mistress’ shoes and follow my instructions
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Fetish Liza – Dirty outdoor ashtray slave | Release Date: Aug 7, 2017

Totally useless he is not…he can serve Me as My ashtray slave. I point out how lucky he is, receiving my black cigarette ashes and intoxicating smoke in his face. He is nothing more than a garbage container for my smoking habit. I love how much he hates it!
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