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FemaleWorship – Yes, Eat Me – Victoria Voxxx

Being worshiped by an adoring male is something Victoria Voxxx is quite used to. Lying back as they kiss and adore her body while she gazes down at them. But she will never say no to being eaten out if his mouth takes him there.
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FemaleWorship – You Brought Me A Muffin, You Deserve A Cookie

It’s always nice when a man demonstrates adoration of his owner by bringing her something he thinks she may need without being asked. So when he brings Lauren Phillips a cupcake, she rewards his thoughtfulness with her pleasure.
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Female Worship – Riley Reyes – Your Face Is My Toy

A male face is a favorite toy of Riley Reyes. Doesn’t matter which one so long as it’s cute and willing to lick for as long as she intends to ride it.
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Female Worship – Riley Reyes – Now Dive Back In

Ass worship is a favorite of Riley Reyes. To hear him lick between her cheeks, take a brief pause for air and then dive back in to serve and please always brings a smile to her face.
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Female Worship – Sophia Grace – You Know What Good Boys Get

Sophia Grace is enjoying some downtime while her man adores her from below. He’s been a good boy though so she will take off her shorts and reward him with her womanhood.
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Female Worship – Ella Nova – Little Nibbles On My Clit

Sometimes Ella Nova likes it rough, and other times she wants it more subdued. Like right now she wants little nibbles on her clit and her male is happy to oblige.
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Female Worship – Riley Reyes – Breathe In My Pussy

Breathe in deep and smell the fragrance of Riley Reyes. She always smells like pure bliss between her legs which is why any man lucky enough to have his mouth in the vicinity will also deeply inhale her female scent.
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Female Worship – Anastasia Rose – You Can’t Go To The Gym Hungry

With her man about to head to the gym, Anastasia Rose knows he can’t go there hungry. But rather than feed him protein she instead gives him something between her legs to snack on.
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Female Worship – Amber Ivy – Lick Until I’m Completely Satisfied

Gorgeous Amber Ivy certainly owns her share of men, but she has a particular fondness for this one. He’s polite, compliant, tends to her as needed and orally serves when her whims desire it. All the best qualities in a man.
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Female Worship – Riley Reyes – Sweaty Pussy

Riley Reyes may be petite, but she definitely packs a punch. Her training sessions do make her all tired and sweaty though, which is why sometimes she needs a break. Fortunately her male doubles as both sparring partner and oral pet, and right now it’s time for him to switch to oral mode.
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Female Worship – Workout Your Tongue Before You Workout Your Body

Working out your body is fine, but every male needs to spend as much time working out their tongue. Fortunately this is a task that Blake Morgan is always happy to help her man with at all times.
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Female Worship – Riley Reyes – Nice Steady Rhythm

The mood of Riley Reyes will vary from time to time. Sometimes she wants it fast and frenetic, other times she prefers a nice steady rhythm to her males oral ministrations. But any good male will pay attention to her body movements and supply the service she desires.
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Female Worship – Olive Glass – Dinner

Dinner can mean a night at an expensive restaurant eating the finest foods, or it can mean going down on the woman you adore. For Olive Glass tonight it is most definitely the latter.
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Female Worship – Paige Pierce – Do You Need A Break?

Paige Pierce loves to see her man working out to keep his body fit for her. Hence it’s understandable that she wants to reward him by giving him a short break from pumping iron so he can worship her ass.
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Female Worship – Riley Reyes – Open Wide

Riley Reyes knows that she can get men to do anything she wants. But sometimes she loves to have her males bound without any choice in the matter, having their face ready as a comfortable chair to ride to as much pleasure as her whims desire.
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