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SensualPain – May 12, 2019: Acquired Redhead: DS Mind Managing | Abigail Dupree

This new redheaded female slave, recently acquired a few days ago from the reliable slave trading post here on the Portland Oregon south shoring docks, is in dire need of training.

Master James reflects after securing her in the tall standing cage after her morning cleaning task; She has only been here at the training yard for just a couple of days. She is still weak and frail from the long trip on the slow boat from the northern regions of Norway, One of my favorite types of fresh meat. She is pail and frail with no manners suitable for a Masters needs, but she is getting better. He is till confident that she will trim up nicely after a few weeks working and eating proper under His skilled heavy hand.

Training can thus be described as a deliberate process of transformation that not only permanently establishes a D ⁄ S constellation in psychodynamic processes, but can and should also permanently change perspectives, the reality of life and, last but not least, the personality of all persons involved.

In order to understand the functioning of each exercise, therefore, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between the routines (rules, dressage , training, etc.) as the activating instruments of a training and the subordinate levels of psychological convergence on which they operate. Every action, Every reaction is to be judged and weighted from this point of view. Sexual aspects are also to be judged from this point of view, and by no means of greater importance than any other element of training.

If training is understood in this sense, ie as an instrumental-operant mind-managing and carried out with the necessary discipline , even against oneself, the training will lead to the desired results.

In this second documentation of this new slave, the training consists of studying her temperament while being incarcerated in a standing cage, confined for a couple of hours as Master James attends to other projects, A slave will learn to wait till it is needed by those of superiority. Master returns to bring her to the main dungeon with a little groping to see how well she is responding. She is man handled by her vertical bar restraint to be restrained on the hitching post for the daily flogging. This helps her to get to out of the frail state. There was a small amount of verbal discipline and face slapping, a test to see how well she can escape here restraints and the reciting the slaves creed for the in-service type slave. Master James finds her progress to be better and will continue the training of strict enforcement, as you will see with clarity.
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Veronica Skye is ready to train Amber Rain on how to sit on her slaves face. Veronica loves face sitting and is happy to help Amber learn how to do it. She sits on her slaves face in all her favorite positions and lets Amber know that slave is ok when he goes out at the end! Follow Us twitter! @AlexanderAceXXX Email us for special requests or custom videos
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My name is Robby Echo and I’m president of the Science Club at school. I’ve worked out some pretty amazing things in the basement of my High School with my best friend, Jeffrey, but things went South with him. Jeffrey thinks that I want to use our inventions for “unethical purposes,” man.. he is such a punk ass bitch. You should have seen his face when I gave him a piece of my mind. I was bummed to lose my best friend, but life goes on, I’ll just have to find a test subject on my own.
My mom wasn’t herself when I got home from school that night. Pussy Jeffrey ratted on me to his mother and my mind filled worry. Just how much did Jeffrey tell? Do they know that we’ve practically perfected a spray that will freeze a woman’s muscles? Do they know that I have a system that will alter a woman’s mind to different wavelengths/behavior channels? Mom was pissed and I didn’t have much time to think about how I would react. I sprayed her with my “freeze spray” right in the eyes and mouth. It worked! Well, sort of..
Mom’s muscles were frozen but she could move her eyes, she could crank her head approximately 30 degrees. I took the chip and turned on the vibrate function. Mom couldn’t swallow it, as I intended, with her muscles frozen, but I could get her pussy wet enough for it to glide through her pink inner-labias.
Mom sat up with a robotic movement, her chocolate brown eyes had turned red, then white, and looked at me unfeelingly, eager for instruction. I touched my sweet mother’s lips, “can you feel that?” She replied with a robotic sound, “yes, master.” My sweet mother’s voice was robotic and monotone, but she could feel pleasure? I tested out different channels. I wanted my mother to give me an epic blow job, a blow job that no human woman could perform. She has turned into my sex doll.
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