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SubbyHubby – Kiki Trains the Bitch Part 5: Chindo Pleasure

Goddess Kiki is relaxing outside on the patio. She has her bitch cleaning the pool. She has made him change from the tight hot pink dress and collar into a tight aqua dress and collar. After a little while laying on the lounge chair, Goddess Kiki gets horny. She calls her sissy pool boy over and takes out a surprise for him. She has a dildo gag that she will force her slave to please her with. Goddess Kiki spreads her legs and has her bitch use his head to fuck her pussy. He must work hard to fuck his Goddess! Kiki then turns over so she can ride the cock attached to the bitch’s face. While the chindo is going in and out of Kiki’s wet pussy his nose is pushing into her asshole. Of course, the sissy is still locked up and his cock is still throbbing inside his cage. Pleasing Goddess Kiki is the sissy’s new life!
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Clubstiletto – I’ll Make An Honest Cuckold Of You Yet – Goddess Jewels Divine

Goddess Jewels has her cuckold secured to the ceiling by his wrists. She starts flogging his ass, making him thank her as she gets more and more intense. She asks him who owns him and he replies “You do, Goddess.” She swaps out the flogger for her crop and starts to really inflict pain on his ass. Soon his ass is filled with tram lines and worse. She has him count each strike but in the pain he loses count so she starts over.

Once she has him nicely tenderized she releases him and says it’s time for him to be crushed under her ass. She has him sit on the floor and place his head on the couch. This is a painful way to be face sat as the neck gets crushed into the edge of the couch. She sits full weight with little concern for him, she’s comfortable and that’s all that matters. Her gorgeous massive ass buries his head and she loves making him kick. She says how she is happy that he takes everything she gives and she just might marry him. “I’ll never fuck you of course but I’d love to make an honest cuckold of you” she says. Now she switches to bouncing on his head before kneeling on the couch and ordering the slave to remove her panties and lick her ass. He spreads her ass cheeks and dives in with his tongue.
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CumCountdown – Ready To Be My Footstool? – Goddess Nikki

Footstools don’t talk. They don’t think, they don’t fidget, they sit there under my feet and support them as needed. Stay there and stare at the bottom of my soles, enjoy every moment of it slave because it’s the only attention you will get from me today.
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FemaleWorship – Do You Need To Be Serviced? – Lauren Phillips

The first thing Lauren Phillips thinks of after a nap is to be orally serviced. A quick nudge to her sleeping male and that thought quickly becomes a reality.
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Clubstiletto – Welcome To the Panic Room – Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine’s freshly beaten slave lies on the discipline bench while she sits on his face. She looks divine in her bra, panties, stockings and corset, along with her leather knee-high boots. She does the splits right on the slave’s face and her pussy is literally wrapped around his nose. She lets a surprisingly long amount of time go by before she allows him to breathe and then senses that he’s starting to panic. “I like it when slaves panic,” Jasmine says.

She faces forward and makes him struggle for air again. Pleased with his efforts, Jasmine says she might just keep this one. She reaches out to touch his growing cock but spends most of the time just sitting on him, full weight. Finally, she moves back to a reverse sitting position and grinds her pussy onto his nose. Secured by his ankles and wrists, the slave can only kick so much, but at the end there’s no doubt that this has turned into his panic room!
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Madame Adore, Tigerr Benson – The Adoration of Tigerr

Rubber goddess Madame Adore has the most beautiful fetish fuck toy Tigerr Benson in her grasp. Tigerr yields under her brutal commanding words and madames adoration knows no bounds as she torments, fucks and explores every inch her new slave sluts body inside and out and ends off making Tigerr drink her own fluids as she smiles proudly.
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Clubstiletto – Chained Ass Lickers – Mistress T, Mistress Veronica

This is a clip from the vaults that was originally presented in 2 parts and in wmv format. Enjoy it now in full screen MP4 format in the highest definition possible. Imagine being one of the lucky slaves who is chained to the stools and forced to clean the asses of the beautiful Mistress T and sexy Mistress Veronica. The Ladies enjoy sipping wine and conversing about everything from world affairs to the absolutely essential role of male slaves as ass licking sluts for all Women’s asses. The camera goes in for some extremely steamy closeup action of the slaves’ tongues probing the assholes of the two sexy Ladies. Of course they love to part their ass cheeks so the tongue can get right in there and there’s nothing better than reaching behind and grabbing their heads for a nice push into their asses. Who cares if they can’t breathe. Licking ass is what they were born to do.

The slaves are completely dehumanized and referred to simply as “ass licker 1” and “ass licker 2.” Mistress T gets very turned on by all the attention to Her asshole and Her pussy juice starts to run onto the seat of the stool. Mistress Veronica notices this and uses Her finger to scoop up some pussy juice and feed it to Her ass licker. A tasty treat for him. Then Mistress T decides to be generous and wet the tongue of Her ass licker by pouring some wine down Her ass crack. The ass licker is so grateful to have a bit of moisture on his exhausted, worn out tongue. Mistress Veronica gets a kick out of this display and decides to follow suit. She pours some wine down Her ass crack for Her thirsty ass licker. The Ladies laugh at how pathetic their stool bound ass lickers are. They exist purely for pleasuring the Mistresses. To prove it, Mistress T rises up a bit on Her stool and orders the slave to go under Her ass and lick Her pussy. Incredible upward point-of-view camera angles make this scene extremely HOT!
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BegToCum – Miss Morgan Calls The Shots

Will this male that Miss Morgan has brought home get to cum today? Ultimately it’s not his decision because she runs the show. Hence she will decide if, when and how he will cum. Although in this case it is very likely that she will just edge, torment and deny him in the end.
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Clubstiletto – Anything Sweaty – Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine looks smoking hot and is ready to head out to party with her girlfriends. She hasn’t put on her shoes, however, and because her slave is lying at the base of the stairs, she makes use of him by ordering that he pamper her feet before her upcoming night of dancing. She explains in explicit detail how he is to massage, using firm pressure while kissing and sucking as well. At the same time, she shares some of her foot worship experiences. Her feet will be very sore and dirty when she gets home. Naturally, the devoted slave will be right there, waiting like a doormat to kiss and lick them all better.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Dark Little Secret

I know you. I see you there. You have a secret. A delicious little secret. You buy all of these clips of mine. I inspire and control all of your deepest fantasies. You send me tributes, emails and gifts all under secret names and email addresses. You have this secret relationship with me that permeates your entire life and yet, you choose to keep it a secret. You keep this sexual and emotional tryst away from your wife, your girlfriend, your family. You know they would never understand the kind of relationship you have with me. They won’t understand your worship. They won’t understand your need. You know it’s just a matter of time until they figure it out. Your obsession with me grows and grows daily. But until that reality sets in, this is your fantasy. In your mind I’m your dark little secret.
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HumilationPOV – Addiction Relapse Mindfuck, Quitting Your Addiction

You are a jerking addict, aren’t you? You can’t stop. Whenever you have free time you run to your computer and jerk your cock to clips like this. You have a real problem, a real addiction. And you know that this clip might be a bit more dangerous and in a fucked up way you’re drawn to clips like this. You just love addiction encouragement, knowing that there is no escape for you.
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MistressT – Black Lover On Holiday

While you’re at home & I’m on vacation in a tropical paradise, I’ve taken a black lover. There’s no secrets between us, hunny, so I’ve made this vid telling you about my adventures. This black stud has been fucking me so much the last couple of days my pussy needed a break, so I decided to just use my hand while making this vid telling you all about it…

(Loving cuckold relationship, very light on humiliation or jealousy. More conservative hot wife just starting to be a little slutty. This is her first black lover & she likes it, lots of descriptions of the interracial sex. Some cum eating instruction during cum shot, telling hubby to imagine he’s eating the cream pie.)
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CumCountdown – Ready To Worship My Feet? – Goddess Nikki

Foot bitches rejoice, because I will grace you with the presence of my feet. Go ahead slave kneel, and get your face close up to my toes. Look at them, smell them, worship them. Admire my pretty toes which are the same color as my soul, black haha. Now clean those dirty feet of mine like the good little foot bitch you are.
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Clubstiletto – Every Time there will be a Load for you, Hubby

This is a dirty FemDom scene that sub cuckolds will LOVE. You are Kandy’s husband and she calls you into the room and you can see a giant load of cum running out of her pussy. “Did you hear my boyfriend fucking me?” she asks you. She rubs some of the cum into her hand and then brings it up to your mouth to lick from her fingers. “I know you love black men’s cum that’s why I chose him” she tells you. The camera pulls back and you see she is holding a mouth dildo which she tells you to put on to use on her because even though she is freshly fucked this guy made her so horny that she just needs more. As you get close she blasts an amazing fart right into your face.
She loves subjecting you the nastiest things and knows you will do and accept whatever she gives you. She tells you that her boyfriend obviously fucked more than her pussy and laughs out loud. As you stick the dildo in your mouth she reminds you that you will never fuck her pussy and this is as good as it gets for you. As the dildo glides in and out she comments that while the dildo is smaller than her boyfriend it’s much larger than yours. Kandy’s pussy glistens from the dildo and her boyfriends cum that she is using for lube. She tells you that every time she gets fucked there will always be a load because she only fucks raw. “My new boyfriend said he is okay with you fluffing him” she tells you, then pulls the dildo from her pussy and sticks it into your mouth to lick up. She then sends you back to watch while she fucks herself with the dildo. What an amazing hot visual, seeing your wife pleasure herself with her mans cum and then having an intense orgasm while you are denied any sexual release. She pulls it out and tells you to have a suck and then to get out of her sight.
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CumCountdown – Smelly Shoes And Socks – Goddess Nikki

Which do you love better slave, my smelly shoes or my smelly socks? You can’t decide can you because you are addicted to my foot stink no matter where it is. Well I’ll be nice today and let you smell both. Who knows, I may even let you cum.
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