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Clubstiletto – Rejecting his Family for Her Ass – Princess Mia

Witness this pitiful slave laying on the floor while Goddess Mia works out on the elliptical occasionally bending over to spit on him. You get the slaves view of her magnificent ass. She tells him that she is working up a sweat and says someone will have to lick it up. She asks her bitch how her ass looks from down there and as he babbles on how amazing it is she spits again and then tells him to lick it up from the floor. He eagerly licks up every drop.

When she is finished she pulls down her pants and sits on the couch her ass facing towards her slave who she tells to come over to lick her clean. The slave licks frantically enjoying every drop of sweat on her ass. She tells him her boyfriend is coming over to fuck her so she needs a complete tongue bath. “After he fucks me I’ll be sweaty again and you’ll have to lick me clean again” she says. As the slave licks she reminds him how she has forbidden him from seeing any family and friends from now on. “All you need is me” she tells him adding, “It’s a small price to pay isn’t it?” She tells him his family would probably be disgusted if they knew what had become of him, abandoning them for a life of serving her, being spit on, kicked in the balls, being her toilet, hiding in the closest and listening to her get fucked by her boyfriends, then licking his cum from her body after. She tells the slave to move back because she knows you also want to admire her ass and if her bitch doesn’t do his job he might be returned to his family and you’ll be brought in to take his place.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Whatever I Want

I just recently had a slave who booked an 8 hour session with me. He spent 8 hours in a dungeon with me doing whatever I wanted. Isn’t that grand? Don’t you fantasize about something like that? I bet you do. I bet you can imagine my heels as they walk past your cage. You can imagine the kind of toys and implements I would bring. Eight hours is a long time and I need to keep myself entertained. That’s what you would be. My entertainment. Doing everything exactly as I want it.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Draining Your Dignity

You’re here again, my pet. Which is good because I have something very important to tell you. I. Want. You. But I don’t just want your cock, I want every drop of your existence. I want you heart, I want your money, I want your very soul. I want every fiber of your being to have my name scrawled across it in perfect little letters. I want you to give me everything. I want you to spend, to cum, to tribute, to live for me.
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Clubstiletto – Tongue Punch My Ass – Mistress Kandy

Mistress Kandy is sitting on her throne and signals her slave to her feet. He crawls in and she tells him that she is rewarding him for his hard work. His reward is being allowed to rim her ass. This hungry slut loves eating Kandy’s ass for hours on end. “Start with my feet” she tells him, adding “You’re just like a Neanderthal on your knuckles.” The eager boy sniffs, kisses and licks her feet until she directs him up her legs and then up to her panties. She tells him to pull the fabric to the side and to get his tongue in her hole. “Look at my fat pussy lips” she tells him adding that he only gets her ass today. Look but don’t touch.

Kandy’s husband is out and when he is she loves to have this young eager stud slave over who is happy to do whatever she demands. “I’m going to have him licking all night” she says with a chuckle. Finally she decides it’s time to take the panties off all together. The slave removes them and Kandy now kneels on the chair so you get an amazing view of her juicy plump ass. She tells her slave to bury his face in her ass and to tongue punch her ass. She is not happy with the slaves effort and threatens to replace him with a young 19 year old slave if he doesn’t try harder. “He’s a bit old” she says “but he generally does a good job.” Finally she has the slave move back so you can see her big ass, wet butt hole and glistening pussy. “Think how many men would do anything to lick it” she tells her slave before ordering him back to kiss her ass cheeks and show his servitude to her.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Ruthless and Sinister

You think you want to know what it’s like to be my slave? You think you want to know what it’s like to be well and truly dominated by a woman like me? You have no idea what I’d do to you. You think it’s all spanking and ass worship. But that’s not it at all. I am ruthless at my core. I will string you up and bring you pain for every time you disobey me. I will train you, bend you, break you. I will make you grovel like a dog at my feet and I will reshape you. There’s nothing kind to find here. There is only exact and ruthless worship.
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Clubstiletto – Her devoted Sock worshipping Bitch – Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine returns home from the gym and heads upstairs, while you get some unbelievable views of her ass as she climbs them. She tells you she found your porn stash before she left, and now she knows why her dirty socks went missing. it would appear that someone has a sock fetish! She sits down and tells you to crawl over to sniff her socks. No need to be shy; the truth is out. She looks directly at you and says, “I haven’t washed these socks ever and I just worked out in them.” She informs you that you will now be required to worship her socks until they’re white again. that is, if you don’t want her to tell everyone what a pervert you are. She sits down again at the top of the stairs and waves her sock-clad feet right in your face.

The scene rolls over and we find Jasmine on the bed with your erect cock directly in front of her, at her feet. She’s going to give you a foot job, or should we say, a sock job! She brushes your cock with her sexy foot and asks why you haven’t told her what a perv you are. She wraps both feet around your cock and rhythmically moves them up and down before she pauses to dig her heels into your balls. She kicks your cock before she glides her sock-clad feet up and down your shaft again. She talks about all the walking she’s done during her recent travels and how those socks are still in her hamper, just waiting for you. She won’t do laundry anymore because you will now clean them with your mouth. No traditional sex for you either; just sock-sex from here on in. This is actually a custom clip for someone named Mark, who she mentions once during the clip, so if your name is Mark you will especially enjoy this one; if not, just consider yourself an easy ‘mark’ for Jasmine’s persuasive nature. She continues to stroke your cock up and down, but not before she makes you sniff her socks some more. She even removes them so you can sniff the inside of each one before she puts them back on. She strokes and strokes you with her socks until you can’t hold off any longer; it’s time to shoot a big, nasty load.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – House Slave Vacancy

I’ve come to the conclusion that the day to day upkeep of my home and office should no longer be my problem. Why should I be doing all of the cleaning and organizing when there is a line of willing slave boys to pick up the slack? So I’ve come to you all with a proposal. I have rules and expectations required of a house slave and I will go down the list in this clip. Do you think you can handle such an intimate job like this with discretion and obedience? Are you sure? Keep watching.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – 20 Minutes of Frustration

Well, if it isn’t my lovely little beta male. Did you know there’s a special theme to this month? No? Well the theme just so happens to be “No Orgasms for Little Beta Wimps”. Which sounds like great fun for me. Maybe not so much for you. But I’m going ot be nice and give you an opportunity to jerk that little dicklet of yours for a whole 20 minutes before you put on that cock cage for the month. Maybe I’m feeling generous and will allow you to cum at the end of 20 minutes. Maybe, you’ll just get 20 minutes of jerking and no satisfaction.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – ED Cock Workout – Step 2

There’s been some time now for you to start and maintain your cock workouts. Now it’s time for a little check-up. We’re going to have you pick up the pace in both speed and intensity. All the while you’re going to be holding your orgasm as long as you possibly can. You need to teach your cock *not* to cum. It already knows how to cum. Your excessive unchecked masturbation habits have seen to that. So we’re going to retrain your cock to wait. It’s time for lesson number two.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – A Pretty Slave’s Task

Featuring @RaevynxRose! My cute little slave has been so patient lately. Tied up in rope, she’s been waiting all day for attention from her Goddess. With that in mind, I’ve decided to let her out and walk her through her paces in cock sucking. First I’m going to get her nice and warmed up with the Hitachi. Being in the closet all day can really stiffen a girl up. Then she’ll show me her skills by sucking my strap-on like the little slut she is. If she can perform well, she may deserve a reward of her very own.
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Clubstiletto – A Big Nasty Load in My Ass – Mistress Kandy

Kinky Mistress Kandy lies on the bed while a big load of cum leaks from her ass. “My bitch was locked in the closet while my lover came over and fucked me up the ass,” she says to you, “And now it’s time for him to come out and clean me up.” As she calls to the bitch, the camera swings around to her ass. She spreads her cheeks to reveal all the cum. She orders the slave onto the bed and tells him to sniff the cum so he will know what a stud smells like.

Kandy gets rather nasty as she talks to her slave, who is not only a cuck but a toilet, too. She tells him she wants him to reach in with his tongue and scoop out a big load of cum. He gets a huge load, so she makes him hold it in his mouth for a while before she orders him to eat it. She says she wants her ass nice and clean so it’s time for him to suck all the cum out and lick her until she’s clean. “I have a lot of boyfriends, so he eats a lot of cum,” Kandy explains. The slave buries his face deep in her ass until Kandy tells him to spread her cheeks wide so he can lick cum from every crack and crevice. She tells the slave to get on his back so she can sit on his face to make sure all the cum in her ass drips out. “My boyfriend and I will have such a good laugh when I tell him I made you eat his cum out of my asshole,” she tells the humiliated cuck. You get some great angles of Kandy’s ass and her sweet puckered anus in this scene. Kandy is now ready to lock her cuck away again until her boyfriend returns. She knows the slave will be anxiously waiting to suck it from her once again.
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