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Clubdom – Slapped by Miss Roper For Disobedience

Miss Roper has her slave cleaning the dungeon today. This slave is about to find out what happens when you don’t obey Miss Roper. She has told her slave several times to always have a hood on, in her presence. She doesn’t want to see his ugly face. When she walks in the dungeon to inspect his work, what does she see? Her slave’s uncovered ugly face! Miss Roper tells her disobedient pathetic bitch of a slave that since he wants his face exposed then she will have to use his face to teach him a lesson. Miss Roper slaps her slave in the face very hard several times to get her point across. She then spits on his face just to show him how worthless he is. Her slave made a big mistake and Miss Roper doesn’t like mistakes. She grabs her bitch by the throat and continues to slap his ugly face without mercy. After slapping her slave and spitting on him repeatedly for several minutes, Miss Roper commands her slave to crawl and find a hood. He only has ten seconds to put it on, so the bitch better hurry!
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Clubdom – Kitty and Valora Break Their Slave: Boot Worship

The new slave has had a very busy day being humiliated, teased and tormented by Goddess Valora and Mistress Kitty. However, the day is not over and this bitch’s torment is not finished yet. Since the slut has his own jizz all over his mouth, Goddess Valora is kind enough to wash it off. She spits all over the slave’s mouth and face while Kitty and her take turns slapping his pathetic face. Goddess Valora then informs her bitch that it’s boot worshipping time! Goddess Valora and Mistress Kitty are both wearing long, black, shiny thigh high boots. This slut better worship them really well! They attach a leash to their slave’s collar and force him to polish every inch of their boots with his tongue. They pull on his collar to make him suck every inch of their boots’ long heels. He is totally degraded by being made to lick the soles of their boots clean. Now their slave is completely broken. Just like Kitty and Valora like it!
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Clubdom – Goddess Valora Punishes Her Sissy slave

Goddess Valora is standing in the dungeon wearing a huge black strap on cock. She has her sissy slave on his knees waiting obediently in front of her. He is wearing slutty fishnet stockings and a lacy lingerie top. There is only one thing missing, red whore lipstick. Goddess Valora tells her slut to pout his, dick sucking, lips so she can make him look like a proper slut. Goddess Valora asks her whore if he is ready to suck her huge cock. The slut answers, “yes, Mistress Valora!” Wrong Answer! Goddess Valora slaps the shit out of her pathetic slut’s face repeatedly and spits on him. He will never make that mistake again. However, Goddess Valora insists on punishing her disrespectful sissy slave further. She orders the slut to get on the spanking bench and to present his ass. This is usually where the sissy would have his slutty ass fucked. Now it’s for punishment. Goddess uses a leather strap to thoroughly paddle his ass. When his ass is nice and warmed up, Goddess Valora switches to a larger wooden paddle. She has no mercy on bad sissy slaves! You can see the joy on Goddess Valora’s face as her slave cries out in pain. If he can take all of his punishment, Goddess Valora might let him suck her big black cock.
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Clubdom – Goddess Valora Fucks Her Sissy slave

“What’s my name?” asks Goddess Valora. After the punishment that this sissy slave just received, he will never forget it. The sissy says her name correctly and his reward is a hard slap in the face. Goddess Valora doesn’t like mistakes. Now she is pissed but she will still give her whore what he wants and needs. Her cock! Goddess Valora shoves her huge black cock down the slut’s throat. He spits and gags, to the delight of Valora. Goddess Valora doesn’t make sensual love to her sissies. She fucks their faces and asses violently with her strap on. Today is no different. Goddess Valora puts her slut back on the spanking bench and fucks the shit out of his little sluthole. When she is done the sissy is crying on the floor, sucking his thumb, in the fetal position at her feet. Goddess Valora can’t believe that she broke this sissy so easily. Next time she won’t go so easy.
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Clubdom – Goddess Valora Demands Obedience: Full Movie (All 3 Parts!)

Goddess Valora is in a particularly vicious mood today! Good thing she has a slave to be her play thing all day. She begins by giving a brutal caning to her bitch. After bruising and marking his ass and legs with cane stokes, she decides to fuck her pain slut. No, not that kind of fucking! She fucks his little pee-hole with sounds and forces him to erupt all over himself. Of course, she makes him eat his own filth. Last but not least Goddess Valora joyfully gives her slave the whipping of his lifetime. Her slave learns some lessons along the way. Like to always obey Valora!
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Clubdom – Goddess Valora Demands Obedience: Whipping

Goddess Valora has her play toy slave for the day. She has already caned and fucked his cock with urethral sounds. Now she has her bitch on his hands and knees at her feet. It’s time for this slut to get whipped. Goddess Valora forces him to stick his ass out like a dirty whore and beg to be whipped by her. She spits in his mouth and slaps his face before securing him on the whipping platform. There will be no way for this slave to escape Valora’s merciless beating. The Goddess gives the helpless slave a thorough thrashing with her single-tail whip. You can tell that she loves every moment of inflicting pain to her slave. She laughs and smiles with glee as her bitch cries out in agony. Goddess Valora loves it so much that she might never stop!
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Clubdom – Goddess Kendra Punishes the Bimbo

Goddess Kendra is in the dungeon wearing her big black strap on cock. Her bimbo slave enters the room wearing a blonde wig and slutty fishnet stockings, black tiny mini skirt and a fishnet top. Goddess Kendra is upset by the rudeness of this slave. He is walking on his feet and looking her in the eye without permission. She orders the bitch to get on his knees beneath her where he belongs. The bimbo slave thinks that he is really sexy with pink lipstick on his lips. Goddess Kendra is appalled by the sloppiness of the lipstick. This bimbo slut wants and needs cock. But Kendra tells the slut that cock is a reward for him. Because of his behavior he doesn’t deserve cock. Not yet at least! Bad sissies need to be punished. Goddess Kendra slaps the slut across the face telling him that she wants a hot blond bimbo not a sloppy whore. Goddess Kendra makes the whore get on the spanking bench with his slutty ass sticking out in position for his paddling. Goddess Kendra gives this slut what he deserves, a hard paddling. Kendra is very stern and ignores her sissy slave’s tears and screams. This is what it takes to train a proper bimbo.
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Clubdom – Goddess Kendra Pegs the Bimbo

Goddess Kendra is still punishing her bimbo with her paddle. Kendra asks the slut if he thinks he deserves her cock yet. The slut cries and begs yes. Goddess Kendra is unsure but tells the bitch that we will see if he deserves it! Kendra walks around to face her slut holding on to her huge black strap on cock. The slut is still positioned on the bench. Goddess Kendra makes her bitch beg to worship her cock. She tells the slut slave to stick out his tongue and lick the head of her dick. After Goddess Kendra is satisfied with his worship of her cock head, she shoves her big cock into the slut’s mouth. Once the slut has made Kendra’s cock wet enough, she gets behind her slave and sticks her hard cock in his slutty ass. The bitch moans with a mix of pleasure and pain as Kendra rhythmically thrusts her hips with her strap on sliding deeper into the whore. When Goddess Kendra is finished fucking the bitch, he is left lying on the dungeon floor completely used and abused. Goddess Kendra steps on his head with her shiny black boots and reminds him to always be properly behaved in her presence.
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KinkyandCruel – Stroke Your Dick and Lick MY Ass

Goddess Roxi delivers a very hot ass worship point-of-view clip as you stroke your dick. She also has two of her own slaves kneeling before her stroking their dicks although her attention if focused on you the viewer. She wants you hot and bothered. She wants you cumming at the mere thought of licking her beautiful Black ass. Then as a treat she squirts her breast milk at you and also at her slave’s faces as they try to catch every drop with their mouth. Check it out!
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Clubdom – Stella Liberty Slaps Her Bitch

Stella Liberty and her two potential slaves have moved outdoors, to the beautiful indoor pool. While toiling away for their Mistress, Stella decides that it is now time to test the sissy slave. Dragging him to the dungeon, her quest to test his worthiness begins with a simple question…What can you do for me as my slave? Of course, Stella is not satisfied with his textbook answer and explains that she is longer for something much different. Stella, knowing this sissy slave would crumble under her harsh treatment slowly toys with her prey, using him as a spittoon and slapping his face. She literally takes her gloves off, and works this sissy over.
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MistressKasia – A Gassy Night In

Mistress Kasia’s slave has settled in for a night in and she knows how to make it a good time, at least for herself. She repeatedly smothers him, slaps his dick, and farts on his face to teach him a lesson about whose desires need to be fulfilled.
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American Mean Girls – Efficient Uses of Slaves

Princess Carmela and Princess Bella decide it’s time for a smoke break. The Mean Girls have most of their outdoor furniture put away for the season, so they have no table or ashtrays available outside. But with slaves around, that’s not a problem. Princess Bella and Princess Carmela make their slaves kneel before them so they can use them as their human ashtrays.
The slaves are commanded to open their mouths and both Princesses ash directly onto their slave’s tongues as they make fun of them and belittle them for being such losers that they are literally used as other peoples’ ashtrays! Princess Bella slaps her slave in the face repeatedly- just because she can. Princess Carmela flicks her ashes right onto the top of her old slave’s head- right onto his bald spot and thenspits directly into his mouth.
The Princesses stub their lit cigarettes out directly on their slaves tongue and then toss the whole butt into their mouths like its nothing. Princess Bella screams at her slave to “Swallow it Bitch!” She then instructs the slave to chew it all up and open his mouth so she can see that it’s all gone. Princess Carmela and Princess Bella laugh about how this can’t be healthy for the slaves but they really don’t care. A slave’s life (and health) mean nothing to them. Slaves are inferior creatures, and as such they deserve to be driven into an early grave by superior, beautiful young princesses like them! Even if it is just for their entertainment!
This clip accurately demonstrates exactly how we Mean Girls view slaves. We see them as nothing but losers (basically subhuman “things”) that can be used for anything we want- and that they should be grateful to serve any purpose for a superior hot young girl!
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Synfulx Pleasure – Remember what you are, worm!

Sometimes slaves need a firm reminder of their inferiority. And that’s just what Mistress Synful gives to hers, along with her spit. Verbally humiliating her slave and degrading every inch of him while she spits in his face, she sits gracefully poised upon her throne while looking down upon him. She reinforces her cruel words with hard slaps to the face, repeatedly for her viewing pleasure. All he is, is a worm. And he will never forget it.
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