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FemdomEmpire – German Cock Tease – Anny Aurora

German Mistress Annie is bratty socialite who brings an unsuspecting man back to her home and tricks him into thinking he will be having sex. Instead, she ties him down, locks his cock into chastity and turns him into a helpless play-toy to tease and torment for her own selfish entertainment.
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Submissive cuck in a chastity belt lets his beautiful young mistress ride on his back. Like he has a choice! The military onesie-wearing goddess in fishnets then makes him worship her sexy boots before inflicting real damage on his useless ball. The ending sees her enjoying some facesitting while twisting the slave’s nips, hoping to rip them off.
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Clubstiletto – Furniture And Foot Licker – Raevyn Rose

After trampling her slave Miss Raevyn decides to reward him by letting him be her couch while licking her sweaty socks at the same time. “You don’t care what I stepped in, you’re just happy to have them on your face” she tells him and his enthusiasm tells us he’s not complaining. She makes him lay his tongue flat so she can run the fabric across it, from heel to toe. Once he has got them wet from his saliva she has him remove them.

“When we are done here these socks will be stuffed in your mouth and kept in there overnight with duct tape.” Once the socks are off she continues to rub her feet over his tongue, this time he gets the thrill of her actual flesh. Nice close upward angles of Raevyns perfect feet as she rubs them over her slaves tongue and mouth. She orders him to stick his tongue between every toe. “You’re lucky, I can smell my feet from here” she says adding “You will have that taste in your mouth all-night.” Finally after some more licking she takes the dirty stocks and stuffs them in his mouth. “Crawl to the kitchen and bring me the duct tape” she demands.
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FemdomEmpire – Breath My Ass – Ivy Lebelle

Mistress Ivy Lebelle smothers her helpless slaves face with her big bubble butt taking his breath away! She gets off on making him suffocate under her ass and pussy while grinding away to orgasm.
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The everyday working life of an executive secretary. In this movie she trains her slave to be a living face-seat at work. Janine knows that it`s gonna be a long working day and that the slave will suffer a lot, preventively she ties him up, so that he is completely unable to move. The evil secretary explains him that he will be now her living seat for the rest of the day and that she doesn`t want hear anything. “You are just a seat, nothing else !”

Full weight she drops her ass on his face and starts working. After a while he fights for air and her full weight crushes his face. He suffers terrible under her ass. But she absolut doesn`t care about his suffering. She phones, works on the computer and ignores the suffering face-seat under her ass. His moaning gets louder and louder. The evil secretary gets mad and order him to shut up. Merciless she presses more weight on his face, to his moaning.

A cruel working day under the ass of a sexy and evil secretary !
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FemdomEmpire – Brat Bitch Smother – Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde may be a young Mistress but she is an extremely cruel tease who loves to make her slave suffer under who delicious ass. Jane is quite the sexual freak who will do anything to make her slave crave to be deep inside her sweet holes. Her slave thought his cock would be sexually used by his Mistress due to it’s larger size but that means nothing to a cruel Mistress like Jane. He may have a big dick but that only means it’s more fun for her to keep it locked up tight and caged behind steel bars. Jane smothers his face with her young pussy while teasing the fuck out of his caged cock and slapping his poor balls just for fun.
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FemdomEmpire – Lick Me GIMP – Britney Light

Princess Britney has no use for a gimp’s small cock but their mouth can certainly be put to very good use. Her gimp’s cock remains locked in chastity while she orders him to stick out his tongue and do the only thing he is good at. Licking his Princess’s perfect ass and pussy to orgasm! Only Princesses get to cum in the household of Britney Light.
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Victoria is a HOT Stripper with a bombshell body and she ALWAYS gets what she wants. She manipulates, teases, and seduces Jimmy until he is a weak puppet, at her mercy. She turns him into her slave.. he is going to spend the rest of his life as her servant. He will work hard to please her!
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – My Ass is Your Reward

After taking some serious ball punishment, my slave looks a little breathless. But he’s not nearly breathless enough I think. I decide I’m going to do some facesitting before moving onto his other slave tasks. His face makes such a good seat as I settle my ass down on it. I can hear his murmurs as he tries to breath through the crack of my ass, to not avail. This is wildly entertaining to me as he squirms and wiggles, trying to stay focused. The alluring scents of my ass and pussy are too much for him. Even as he’s gasping for air, his cock is rock hard and waiting for more. But he’ll have to wait until I’ve had my fun before I so much as look at his cock again.
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Clubstiletto – That’s Where You Belong – Raevyn Rose

Miss Raevyn is admiring herself in the mirror and tells her slave to look at her ass and to admire it. What a perfect bubble butt, amazing. She torments the slave talking about her ass and how she knows how he likes to stick his nose in her crack and kiss and worship every inch of it. She calls the swine over and tells him to start by worshiping her feet. The eager slut scampers over trying not to stare at her butt as he knows he is not worthy to be in the same house as her let along that close. He kisses her feet and starts rubbing them as he has been trained.

She tells him that while he does her feet you are going to kiss her ass. The camera scans up to give you a close up of her amazing mounds of ass flesh, it’s your lucky day. “Every slave should experience this she says” explaining how even 15 seconds of kissing her ass will create a lifetime of memories. She then calls her other slave up as she has a surprise for him and as his nose comes inches from her ass she blows out a huge fart. She can’t help but laugh at the fact that what would be a violation to most is something that the slave accepts with great happiness and arousal. “I know you love that smell” she says to him. She now tells him to lay on the bed as she is going to sit on his face. Some cool angles give you a double take of her ass in the mirror. She sits in both the forward and reverse positions and for long enough to make the slave kick to breath. She tells him she is going to give him one more breath and not get up again. She settles in and laughs while he screams below her ass to no avail.
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Clubstiletto – Big Ass Small Dick Face Sit Punishment – Lady Lennox

Lady Lennox is sitting on her throne looking all regal and enjoying a glass of wine while her small dicked slave is on the discipline bench with his balls and cocks in a crusher. Sadly and pathetically he is so small that he can’t actually wear it properly so it’s not much more than a decoration. Sad! “I am so disappointed with that ball crusher” she says, adding that it isn’t doing anything and he actually looks like he’s enjoying it. How pathetic is that! The nice thing is that it gives her a great opportunity to go on about how inadequate his cock is. She decides to punish him with her ass. She starts by sitting in reverse position and her ass does look amazing as it comes down on his face.

His little head is really getting crushed under her ass and soon he starts to thrash around for air. When she gets up she asks him if he has anything to say and the moron instead of thanking her says “It hurts.” At that moment the ball crusher falls off the slaves little package and Lennox is even more disgusted. “I may as well have that little thing of your loped off she says. She again gets comfortable on his face and the little bitch is kicking again in no time. Lady Lennon is disgusted by him and would probably toss him out the door of not for the fact he’s her cuck husband. She looks at you and asks if you want to take the slaves place. “I want to crush your balls and sit on your face, but I’m stuck with this bitch” she says. Now she moves into reverse position and the back view of her big ass on his bald little head is amazing. From this position she has a direct view of his micro-cock and she can’t help but berate him some more. “It’s time to put him down like a dawg” she says.
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FemmeFataleFilms – Face Sitting – Lazy Scumbag

The slave had one simple job whilst being left alone in the dungeon, yet when Mistress R’eal returned to inspect his work, all she could see was dirt. He had little in the way of an excuse, in fact he was pretty much mute before his Mistress. Nothing was lost then, when she smothered his face firmly with her beautiful breasts and her perfect posterior!
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Lesley Fox – Karate Master Lesley Punishes Her Bold Student FM

I am also sending you the short story and the 3 most important things. I am sending you also 4 pictures on the bottom to show what is important for me

1. Can you please wear a judo jacket (only jacket no pants) and brown pantyhose like last time (same like on the pictures)
2. only high kicks to the face, scissors, acrobatic leg splits and footsmother
3. someone behind the camera (in some clips of you there is a camera which does not move. i don’t like when the camera stands still)

You are a karate master in your gym waiting for your student. He is delayed and you take a sleep on the couch. You wake up and see your student looking at your legs and feet. So you decide to teach him a lesson. You pull him next to you on the couch and scissor him long and hard. Than you push him on the floor on his knees and footsmother him while you still sit on the couch

Than you start to make high kicks to his face and press his face with your feet against the wall (like on picture)
Can you please make this time a bit less kicking and more scissor and footsmother and acrobatic leg split like on picture
After 20 minutes he gives up and begs you to stop. But you just began. Now you take of the judo jacket and under the jacket you wear a bikini like on the picture (can be any color of bikini)
The last 20 minutes will be only scissor, footsmother and leg split like on the picture. But can you also make the leg split this time over his body and neck

He is tapping out the whole time and beg you to stop, but you only laugh at him and continue to scissor and footsmother him. When doing scissors and footsmother can you please make it when you are on the floor like on this pictures. I like it much more than when you are standing. Can you please make this time more of these leg split positions. Over his body, his neck and his face
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Raevyn’s Sensual Facesitting

Featuring the alluring Raevyn Rose! My sweet little sub Raevyn is so pretty and delicate in her white lingerie. As you all know, there’s no sight I love more than looking down and seeing a pretty girl win between my legs. So, I decide it’s due time for a little sensual facesitting and pussy worship. As I crawl over her and situate myself above her face, her warm breath mingles with the scent of my pussy. She kisses and buries her face there. She is properly reverent to the divine pussy on top of her. I make sure to give her ample time to be covered by my ass. As her hands grip my asscheeks, I can feel her kisses all along the skin there. There’s something so sensual and relaxing about pure worship from a little angel like Raevyn.
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Mistress Irene has an amazing ass and there’s nothing she enjoys more than having a slave fight underneath it to breath. In this scene Irene rotates from sitting full weight, on his face, to watch the him squirm to punishing his face by bouncing up and down on it. While sitting she wiggles her ass to demonstrate how big and plump it really is. Irene moves from forward to backward positions in this clip and she comments how amusing it is seeing the slaves little dick wiggle in unison with her bouncing.

Next she moves back onto the slaves chest and has him smell her pussy while she pulls back the top of her outfit to touch her divine breasts. She orders him to touch himself. Again she sits full weight on his face and wiggles her ass cheeks. When she gets up she orders him to sniff her ass and at this point the camera zooms in so your entire screen is just Irene’s ass. She finally tells the slave she is sitting on him and not getting up until he cums. The slave strokes madly, using only two fingers because he is so small. He’s out of air and starts to panic and then just in the nick of time he lets lose with a big load of jizz. Irene gets off of him and as she walks from the room she says “You’ll have to eat that and then get back to work.”
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