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Clubstiletto – Push It Out With Your Cum –  Miss Jasmine

As this scene opens, we see Miss Jasmine sitting on her slave’s stomach while his head lays beneath her toilet. She says that although his hard cock is near her pussy, she’s obviously not going to fuck him. “Well, this is sort of like fucking,” she says, as she spreads lube onto his cock and reveals a giant metal sounding device. She slips the tip inside him and begins to stroke his dick. His hungry cock soon eats the instrument up and it slides further into him.

“I haven’t let him cum in a while; I’ve kept him busy worshiping my feet, abusing his balls, trampling him, and pissing on him,” Jasmine says. The entire time she explains this, she strokes his cock and works the instrument in and out, literally fucking his cock. She says she has promised that he can cum for doing so well, but he can only do so while being sounded. Soon, the sound slides all the way in and Miss Jasmine strokes vigorously in order to get him off. The slave begins to moan with pleasure and soon the metal rod shoots from his cock along with a big juicy load of cum. “Next week I’ll fuck you with two sounds,” Jasmine says with a smile.
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Clubstiletto – Rachel’s Stool Bound Fart Sniffer – Mistress Irene

Mistress Rachel is sitting on a bar stool as this scene opens. Her slave awakes to see he is bound by cuffs to her stool. She tells him she is gassy and he will be kissing her ass and sniffing her farts. “I just love farting in guys faces” she says. She tells the slave that her sister Irene is crueler but she is more gassy. The slaves head looks so tiny next to her amazing bubble butt. She pushes his head between her cheeks and lets out a nasty liquidy fart. She comments how good it feels to let out gas and asks the slave if it smells nice. She releases his head and after being in her ass for sometime he has no choice but to breath it in deeply. She then orders him to kiss her ass cheeks while she generates another fart. “I feel another one coming, get your nose back in my crack” she says as another wet fart explodes in his face. She pulls his head in deep and makes him fight to breath.

As she pushes him away she lets another one go right on cue. The slave groans as the smell fills his nostrils. Again she pulls his nose into her crack and tells him that eventually she will have to do more than fart but she suspects he’s a sch1t eater anyway. You get some great angles her from above and below that really show off Rachel’s ass and you will be wishing it was you cuffed to that stool taking her farts to the face. Rachel tells the slave to imagine having his head between both her and Irene’s ass, what a thrill that would be. You then see the look on Rachel’s face that she is about to fart again. She pulls his head in and then out just as she farts. “Eat that fart” she tells him. After he munches for a bit she pushes him back for yet another blast to his sinuses. She waves her hand as the air is now starting to get a bit thick. “It’s fart heaven” she says. Rachel suggests that she could maybe fart on him and then once he is gassed nearly senseless, her sister could come and beat the [email protected] out of him. “He’s right where he belongs” Rachel says finally and then follows that up with yet another fart.
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FemmeFataleFilms – Smothered & Smoked – Miss Zoe

The slave is desperate to serve Miss Zoe, but knows that such an honor would not be granted lightly. She ponders the idea of accepting him into her slave stable whilst she relaxes with a cigarette. She flicks the ash onto his body and grinds it in beneath the soles of her tight leather knee boots. After using the heels to inflict a little suffering, she then decides to sit firmly on his face, whilst continuing to slap and torment him some more. The heels of her boots, once again used to dig into his frustrated cock and balls.
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KinkyMistresses – Kinky Nylon Face-Sitting With Bijoux Chocolate

Bijoux Chocolate, the sexy ebony Lady from Palma de Mallorca loves to put her amazing sexy ass on her fetish Slave. She enjoys to feel the face of that guy between her legs, the nose close to her pussy
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Clubstiletto – Faceful of Rubber – Miss XI

This scene opens with sexy Asian Princess Miss Xi dressed in latex and sitting on her slaves face. “It’s comfortable and so warming on a cold day” she says adding that she also likes testing a slaves lung capacity because she’s in no rush to move. After a minute of sitting the slave starts to kick for air so Xi gives him a quick breath but tells him she is disappointed with him. Then after almost another minute she lets him breath again before sitting quickly again.

She finally turns to sit sideways on his face. While still restricting his air he now deals with the discomfort of his own nose being crushed into his face. She eventually turns into a forward position and again settles on his face. She puts her feet on his chest and proceeds to do butt lifts on his face before extending her legs and bouncing on his face. Miss Xi spends the better part of this scene sitting on the slave face with only short breaths allowed. She ends with a count as to see how long he can go without breathing. When she finally lets him breath he is totally spent. “We’re just getting started really” she tells him.
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UnderMyPrincess – Minnie Manga slave correction first cam

Minnie Manga have a new slave, and she need to teach him proper behavior. She start by using him as a spittoon and slap him in the face. She kicks his useless balls, and use a wooden spoon to hit his dick if it gets erected. She ballbust him, and in the end let him smell her sweaty armpits.
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Clubstiletto – More Fun, Less Oxygen – Miss Jasmine

The divine Miss Jasmine is wearing only nylons and sitting on her slaves face. “I like taking face sitting to the extreme” Jasmine says, adding, “because when they suffer it really gets me off.” After sitting in a reverse position she turns around and extends her legs across the length of the slave. While sealing his nose and mouth she uses her feet to kick his balls.

The slave starts to get erect so Jasmine uses her feet to stroke his dick. She lays back so she is leaning against the chaise but continues to cover the slaves face completely with her ass. Now she leans forward and pulls on his cock while slapping his balls. She gives him short breaths from time to time but pushes his limits time after time. “You’re going to get a rash on your face from my nylons” she tells the slave, then pulls out her phone to take some selfies forgetting that he is even there at all.
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Clubstiletto – Even When I’m Jumping On Your Junk – Miss XI

Miss Xi has just acquired a new human rug for the fireplace and for her and her friends to abuse as well. of course. First she has to see if he is up to the job. She doesn’t want the embarrassment of a substandard possession after all. She walks on his chest and stomach and then does some squats to warm him up. She is light so just stepping on him does not satisfy her sadistic needs. She moves down onto his legs and starts jumping on them which really gets the slave grunting and groaning. “I don’t like that, rugs don’t make noise” she tells him, adding “If you don’t pass my test it’s off to the curb for you.” She moves back to his chest and lays a foot on his face for him to kiss. As he kisses it she uses it to slap his face.

She then starts jumping up and down on his chest and as she lands every time air is forced out of his mouth no matter how hard he tries to be silent. Xi now moves down his body and starts jumping on his junk and then back to his stomach and chest. She tells him he sounds like a pig as she jumps on him and that she doesn’t want a pig she wants a rug. The future is not looking good for this slave so Xi kneels on his chest and torments him with her ass. “Loud rugs don’t get my ass” she tells him. She shifts back a beet so her feet are now laying over his mouth. She orders him to kiss them while she fondles her ass and then starts to slap his balls. Xi gets up and again jumps on him, calling him a pig and then jumps back to the ground so she can kick him repeatedly in the balls. She tells him to oink like a pig. Xi decides he is not up to her standards and says she is giving him to Miss Jasmine so she can fuck him up the ass with her strapon and treat him like the slave he truly is. She leans over and spits in his face, repeatedly. Xi still needs to find a carpet for her party!
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Clubstiletto – The Winner Gets My Ass 2 – Miss Muscle

Sadistic Miss Muscle has two slaves on the floor below her and is about to use them both for her amusement. She steps onto the first and he grunts as she is a solid girl weighing over 150 pounds. She works her way up from his groin to his chest where she squats down to look him in the eye. She tells him he may get her ass on his face if he pleases her but the other slave is feet away, secured in the trample floor, and might get the honor instead. She steps on his throat and threatens to crush it. She then steps over to the trample floor and brings her ass down on slave 2’s face. She asks the first slave if he is jealous and he is as he hears number 2 kissing her ass cheeks.

She gets up and walks back over #1 and he is surely hoping he will now feel her thick ass on his head but instead she jumps back up onto his chest. “You two are competing for this ass” she tells him. She starts to jump on his chest and then rubs the sole of her foot over his mouth. She does some more squats on him and then again steps on his neck. Next she starts to do some high leaping on his chest making him really groan in pain. The other slave eagerly waits to see what’s next for him. She face fucks 1 with her foot and then tells him she has decided the other slave gets her ass today. The trampled slave has done all the suffering and now #2 gets the reward. Miss Muscle knows a strategy like this will keep the slaves competitive, after all no Mistress wants slaves that are buddies. They should be closer to mortal enemies, competing for whatever bone she might toss their way. She sits down on the trample floor, her ass over the slaves mouth and orders him to eat her ass. “Make him jealous” she says, looking over at her other possession.

Here’s the original Winner Gets My Ass, because I know you are curious.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – My Ass is Your Reward

After taking some serious ball punishment, my slave looks a little breathless. But he’s not nearly breathless enough I think. I decide I’m going to do some facesitting before moving onto his other slave tasks. His face makes such a good seat as I settle my ass down on it. I can hear his murmurs as he tries to breath through the crack of my ass, to not avail. This is wildly entertaining to me as he squirms and wiggles, trying to stay focused. The alluring scents of my ass and pussy are too much for him. Even as he’s gasping for air, his cock is rock hard and waiting for more. But he’ll have to wait until I’ve had my fun before I so much as look at his cock again.
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Clubstiletto – The Last Thing You See – Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine looks divine in her bra, stockings and corset ensemble, not to mention her amazing stilettos. She lifts herself up onto her slaves face and says that she is actually impressed with this one as he has done well taking beatings, trampling, and struggling for air under her ass. “His reward is more time under my ass” she says, and she settles in with her full weight on his face. She starts grinding his face into the mattress only occasionally shifting enough that he can catch a quick breath of air. What a thrill to be under her fleshy ass even though the struggle is real. It’s evident the slave loves it as he is rock hard. She runs her fingernails over his cock and then starts to stroke it.

As his arousal grows she sits back down and crushes his face again with her full weight. “I own him and control everything about him, and could end it right here if I decide not to get up” she explains. She says it would be a perfect way for any slave to go but she is just getting started with this one. She shifts into a reverse position giving him a chance for a deep breath of air. “Don’t you wish that was you?” she asks you. Great upward and overhead views give you a great view of the action and Jasmine’s stunning figure. Now she extends her legs in front of her and leans back while really burying his face in her ass. She then moves back to a forward position and again starts to rub his cock. She orders him to touch himself. While he does he grinds her ass into his face so he can stick his tongue up her hole. The slave has a big cock and is really hard. She contemplates if she should let him cum and the slave has to start to adjust his stroking to insure he doesn’t explode. “Squeeze it all out” she finally tells him, knowing he is now desperate to breath. He lets go with a massive cum shot and she shifts up so he can gasp his sounds of pleasure. Work hard for your Mistress and she just may let you cum!
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Clubstiletto – Forest Fuckery – Miss Jasmine

The scene opens with Miss Jasmine walking on a forest trail wondering out loud where she left the forest ranger that she has recently turned into her slave. “Uh, there you are” she says as she finally comes across him lying on the ground waiting for her to return. Jasmine is wearing knee high boots with a thin 6″ stiletto heel and as he is positioned right by a tree she just goes ahead and jumps onto him, holding the tree for support. The slave groans in agony which makes this lovely Fall day even better for Jasmine. She just loves hurting the ranger ever since he tried to have her removed from the private forest a few weeks earlier. Jasmine talks about what a great relationship they have while the slave tries not to scream down below her. She sits on him and as she removes her boots she tells him “If you can’t take the pain you know I can always send the videos we’ve made to your boss, your FB friends and your business networking sites.” Now down to her cute pink socks Jasmine hops back on him and this times does squats and compliments him on actually being useful for something.

The slave really struggles under the weight of Jasmine and she comments that she always finds ways to break men be it physically or emotionally. She basically in no time has them ruined, their only purpose in life to serve her. “They have no ego left when I’m done with them” she says. She tells the slave that next time she is going to bring a girlfriend over and they will both trample him at the same time. “I think that would be super, super, fun, or maybe I can ball bust him while Kandy tramples him and then we can take turns.” She asks the slave if he prefers to be trampled or ball busted and when he replies ball busted she says “Awesome, I’m going to do both then.” As she stands on him she kicks him several times in his junk which makes her laugh with glee. Jasmine bends over to pick up her phone and while standing on the slave reads messages and kicks him some more. Jasmine again puts on her boots and this time uses the slave as a chaise lounge. She looks at you now and asks if you would like to serve her, suffer for her, be her furniture or her boot licker. “What kind of service oriented sub are you?” she asks. Jasmine is pleased how still the slave is and how relaxing it is for her. She lays her head back and feels the warm sun. “I could have a nap here” she says. Mr forest ranger isn’t going anywhere soon, hopefully his boss doesn’t come looking for him.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Little Sister Trap Part 1 – Leave Her

Your relationship with your little sister has always been. unique. You know she’s caught you stealing her panties as a teen. She’s “accidentally” walked in on your jerking off probably a dozen times. But that was when you both were horny teenagers. You’re in college now. You’ve got a steady girlfriend. Things are totally different! Well, not according to your little sister. See she hasn’t taken too kindly to the fact that you’ve been ignoring her ever since you got home from school. And she hates your steady girlfriend. So, your little sister is going to show you all of things you’ve been missing. While you were off getting a higher learning, your little sister has been learning some tricks of her own. and today is show-and-tell.
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Clubstiletto – Private Property, Private Parts

Miss Jasmine is confronted by a forest ranger as she walks through the forest. “This is private property and you have to leave” he tells her. She loos at him and replies “Oh really?” the scene rolls over and the ranger is now standing with his legs spread and Jasmine is kicking him in the balls. She kicks him several times and as he stumbles she reaches up and pushes him to the ground with her foot. She grabs a branch and strikes his ball before sitting on his face, undoing his belt and pulling out his cock. She makes him get up and again starts kicking him in the cock and balls. She also uses her hands to swat his cock repeatedly along with some kneeing and a lot more kicking.

Now he is ordered to kneel on all fours and she kicks him from behind until a real hard blow drops him flat to the ground. She orders him up and kicks some more and then takes the branch to his now fully exposed ass. Next she makes him kneel upright and she pulls his shirt over his face before booting him again and again. Jasmine goes in the bush and finds a stinging nettle leaf which she runs over his cock. “Which is worse, this leaf or. my high tops?” she asks as she jumps up and boots him again. As he falls on his stomach she sits on his back and tells him she will expect him back in the same place the next time she is in the forest. “Yes Mistress” he replies.
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