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Clubstiletto – They’re Probably Meant for Paddling

Mistress Kandy and Miss Jasmine star in their recurring roles as aliens from an all-female planet in this sci-fi thriller. While they sit on their victim, they try to determine what kind of life form it is exactly, and what they might do with him. “How do you think we can control him?” asks one of the aliens. “I understand they need air,” the other says. The aliens take turns sitting on his face and one says, “Earthling like it,” and undoubtedly, he does! “What’s this thing between his legs?” one asks.

As they sit on him, they rub their faces together to demonstrate their sexual arousal. They discuss how they’re probably different than earth women, but they can see that he enjoys licking where they go to the toilet. They say that when they’re finished with him, they should bury him in their alien slime, and one of the aliens sits on his face during the entire conversation. They pull down his shorts to discover that the thing between his legs is stiff. So strange! They come across some paddles and surmise that these strange creatures like to be hit down there, so they paddle it. Now one alien has him stick his tongue up her pussy so she can release her slime while the other pulls on her tits as she’s being licked. They finally decide they should [email protected] him and then fuck each other!
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Clubstiletto – To Be This Close – Miss Jasmine

Mmmm, this scene opens as beautiful Miss Jasmine touches herself and remarks on how smooth she feels down there. The camera pulls back and we see her rub her pussy over her slave’s face and bald head. This starts out like a POV as Jasmine talks directly to you and uses the slave as nothing more than an object. “I like to sm0ther him in different ways,” she says, as she lowers her breasts over his head. She sits up and presses her pussy into his nose and uses it to stimulate her clit. She moves into a forward-facing position where she notices that her slave is erect.

It’s a hot day and Jasmine lifts her arms to smell her armpits and mentions that she has never worn underarm deodorant. Have a sniff! Meanwhile, the slave starts to kick below her but rather than let him breathe, she simply reaches out and rubs his cock. Jasmine’s ass looks so plump and delicious on the slave’s face, and you’ll wish it were you in that position, even with the lack of air to breathe. The slave is now rock hard so Jasmine strokes his pathetic cock to tease and deny him before she sits back up to get a nice, tight seal over his face. “Fight for it; I’m not getting up,” she says.
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Clubstiletto – I Take his breath Away – Raevyn Rose

This scene opens with Miss Raevyn sitting on her slaves chest on the bed. “I know so many slaves just want to admire my body” she says, adding “So I thought I’d kh1ll two birds with one stone by crushing this one under my ass while you get to watch.” She starts by bouncing on the slaves chest and then the camera swings around so she can torment you with her feet. She asks if you want to lick her soles, or suck her toes, or maybe stick your toes between each toe. She then directs you to her legs and then roles over on the slave to show you her amazing ass.

Next she turns on the slave so her feet on his face while holding his arms down and bouncing on him some more. “Some guys think I can only take their breath away by sitting on their face but it can be done like this too” she says as she bounces on his chest again. Raevyn now runs her hands over her breasts before pulling the bra down to reveal her perky tits and nipples. “Or maybe you are a pervert that likes armpits” she purrs, lifting her arm in the air. She wonders if you like her hair the most and runs her fingers through it next. Now that you have seen most of her she turns her attention back to her slave and does some standing butt drops on his chest before having him crawl from under her to kiss her gorgeous plump ass. “You’re an ass kisser too, aren’t you?” she says looking right at you.
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Clubstiletto – Smell It All – Miss Muscle

Miss Muscle has her slave bound on the discipline bench. She gets home from the gym and tells him that she is very sweaty and she is going to sit on his face so he can breath her in. As she blocks his air she flogs him a bit and then pulls down her shorts so her ass is on his face. She then removes her shorts and rubs them on his face before sitting back on him and ordering him to stick his tongue up her asshole. She pulls her panties to the side so he has easy access.

“Maybe I should take you to the gym so you can lick all the ladies asses” she suggests. “I bet the old widows would just love it, they probably haven’t had a tongue up there ass in forever” she adds. Muscle lifts her feet and arms in the air so the slave gets her full weight and when he starts to kick she gets up and flogs him some more as well as slaps his face. Next she removes her panties and stuffs them in his mouth before putting him a scissor lock and threatening to make him her full toilet. “Maybe I’ll bring my trainer over tomorrow and ride his big black clock while you are locked up here” she suggests. Finally she sits back on his face and pulls his nipples, laughing while he kicks for air.
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Clubstiletto – So Close But So Far Away – Miss Jasmine

Latex fans will love this scene! Not only is gorgeous Miss Jasmine all dressed in rubber but her slave is as well. “You want to be close to my crotch, sniff my pussy and ass?” she asks. “Well you’ll be close to it but what you’ll really be smelling is my latex,” she says, as she looks directly at you. So close but oh so far away… As Jasmine sits on her slave, the thin barrier of rubber prevents him from breathing, and she loves to test his limits. She’s also wearing pantyhose and mentions that she’s very sweaty as a result. She says that if the slave is lucky, she’ll wring them out on his face later so he can drink the sweat. Mmm, delicious.

After reverse sitting for a while, Jasmine faces forward and you get some great upward angles of her ass on the slave’s face. As she talks, the slave starts to twitch and thrash for air, but Jasmine is in no rush to get up, and when she does, it’s only for a second. The latex positively glistens and Jasmine rubs her hands over it so you can hear the sound the fabric makes. She switches positions to lie on top of the slave, this time on her stomach, and restricts his breathing yet again. Each time, she pushes the slave to the limit before she moves back into a reverse face sitting position. She decides to remove her boots and sit on his face, but this time, she simply lies back on him and has herself a nice nap. Goodnight!
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Clubstiletto – You shouldn’t be Breathing – Miss XI

The scene opens as sexy sadist Miss XI checks her phone while she sits on her lame, useless slave’s face. “What’s your problem? You’re so loud. You shouldn’t even be breathing!” XI says in disgust to the squirming bitch. She sips hot tea and wants to relax but the slave’s annoying thrashing about could result in a spill . all over him. Miss XI gets lost in her own thoughts before she finally decides she’s had enough of her frantic slave and she settles him down with a super hard scissor lock.

She attempts to get a response from the slave by questioning him, but he can’t hear her because his ears are blocked by her legs. So, she slaps him repeatedly in the face to add to the poor slave’s distress. She sits on his face again and he struggles even more than before. This time, he slides all the way down the bench, off the bench, and right onto the floor! XI doesn’t miss a beat – she just slides down and wraps her legs around his neck again. As the scene rolls over, we find XI back in her original position with the slave under her ass. This time, he seems a bit more ‘settled’ so XI decides it’s the perfect time to take some selfies.
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FemdomEmpire – HeadFuck Handjob – Victoria June

Mistress Victoria June is an extremely cruel tease who truly gets off on mind-fucking poor men as she edges their cocks. She will stop at nothing to make sure her boy-toys are begging to be allowed to cum by the time she is done with them. With her slave strapped down tightly, Mistress Victoria uses her big tits and big ass to drive his cock insane until she finally gives him permission to blow his hard-earned orgasm.
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Clubstiletto – Goddess Samantha – Bound Rebellious Asslicker

Goddess Samantha likes to have her slave bound and waiting to freshen her ass whenever she comes home from shopping. She likes to handcuff him to the bannister at the top of the staircase for easy access to his tongue and face. When she arrives, she makes her way up the stairs and it is a sight to behold. Her sexy curvy body and full breasts look amazing in her print dress. At the top of the stairs, she teases her slave and slips her leg over his arms so her ass is just inches from his face. She commands him to stick out his tongue and the action begins. Moving her body in the most sensuous fashion, she rubs her ass and ass crack up and down his tongue and face. She moans with delight and orders him to bury his face in her ass. This highly erotic scene goes on for awhile with Samantha giving direction and commands.

All of a sudden, her slave behaves erratically and starts blowing air farts into her ass. He becomes very difficult to manage and completely rebels. All we can surmise is that the many hours of bondage and ass licking has finally made him crazy. Maybe Goddess Samantha should have given him a few more orgasms per year. Goddess Samantha is furious at her slave’s behavior and she slaps his face hard. She hates unruly slaves. Once she has him back under her control, she mounts his face and continues getting her ass licked for a very long time.
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GoddessFootDomination – Broken And Reformed – Goddess Chloe

Goddess Chloe is waiting in the dungeon for new latest client. She has been hired by the wife of a rather rude man to whip him into shape. He enters and immediately begins a big showing of bravado, infuriating her. Goddess tells him to disrobe and after a few more sexist comments he acquiesces. The man kneels at Goddess Chloe’s feet as she lets him know of the predicament he’s in. His wife has hired a divorce lawyer and Goddess represents his last chance to save his marriage. Pondering his options, the husband relents and offers his submission to her instructions. The husband is soon licking Goddess’s boots, cleaning all the grime from the floor. Chloe makes him admit to being just a bitch as his tongue polishes the smooth PVC. She dangles her heels in and out of his mouth and berates him further. Next, she sits her ass directly on his face as she enjoys a cigarette. He is made to recite more humiliating lines as Goddess Chloe smothers him with her supple ass. The husband breathes in her scent as she grinds her ass harder into his face. Satisfied she’s made her point, she stands and retrieves a chastity device. Goddess Chloe locks his cock up and tells him he’ll be taking over his wife’s chores. He’s sent away and told he can return in one week for a progress report and possible release.
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Clubstiletto – Let’s Get on with your Suffering – Miss Judy

Miss Judy is from Hungary and uses her native tongue during a few spots in this clip. Regardless of what language she speaks, she’s clearly very dominant and stern. A muscle-builder, she likes to make her slaves suffer even more than she does during her workouts in the gym, where she builds her amazing, tight, muscular body. She finishes using the slave as a lounge chair, and after she checks her phone messages, she tells him it’s time to get on with his suffering. She jumps up onto his stomach and pierces him with her sharp stiletto heels.

She flexes her arms to demonstrate the power she holds over her slave, and the camera gives you a great view of her rock-hard ass. She steps all over the slave and leaves some deep red dents in his skin. Her painted toenails are just inches from the slave’s mouth. He reaches for them but instead of her toes, he feels the weight of one shoe as she steps on his mouth, and then the other, as it presses into his chest. The slave slips into subspace and asks if he can feel her full weight with just one heel. Miss Judy is more than happy to oblige! She stands on one foot for quite some time before she brings both feet down and shifts all her weight onto the heels, which bury themselves in his flesh. She does it all over again, but this time with just one shoe, which really causes the slave to moan in agony and ecstasy. “Good boy. Let’s see what kind of marks we left,” Miss Judy says, as she steps onto the floor and makes him kiss her feet. The camera pans across the slave’s body to show you all the damage. “Who do you serve?” she asks. As he kisses her feet passionately, the slave replies, “You, Mistress.” Pain. the best way to a slave’s heart.
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SEXYSQUEEZEGIRLS – Spandex Headscissor Ko`s

Aubrey is quite the little firecracker, one who loves making chadam suffer every second she can. Her scissors are extreme, her thighs of steel wrap constantly around his neck draining him of energy. She literally just toys with him as each scissor she applied, Chadam could not escape from. She traps his head over and over between her rock hard thighs, slowly squeezing the life out of him. Aubrey also uses a reverse figure four headscissor that she combined with smothering, burying chadams face deep in her ass. She belittles, humiliates and totally dominated him the entire match. Aubrey clamps on the pressure over and over, watching chadam’s face turn different shades of red, and laughing. Her straight leg scissors are lethal, and the proof is in chadam face as Aubrey squeezes. His eyes showed fear, and panic as his vision becomes blurred from the pressure alone. The pressure was so much he actually goes out multiple times throughout the clip. Aubrey uses some knotted figure fours combined with triangle chokes, and those were extremely tightly applied. Aubrey has no remorse when he goes out, slaps his face waiting for him to come to again. She loves to tease him, as she squeezes all of his manhood from him. Aubrey is a fierce and fit competitor who is in it to win it, no matter what the stakes are.
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There is a lightning storm. Two shining stars fallen down on Earth and make the crater in the hearts of all men. Bea and Sonny, dressed in white outfit and tan pantyhose, shine today for you. Prepare for the new apocalypse.
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Clubstiletto – Of Course You’re Not – Princess Mia

Goddess Mia has an amazing ass so imagine the thrill and fear of the slave locked in the prison floor when she walks in wearing thigh high boots and standing over top of him where he gets the best view in the house. “Are you ready for more?” she asks him. “Yes Goddess” he replies. Today she plans to trample him and bust his balls and if he pleases her she will sit on his face and make him fight for air under her amazing ass. She starts by having him lick the soles of her boots, telling him she purposely got them dirty for him. She then steps on his chest pressing the sharp heel into his flesh. Next she bends over on the box so her full delicious ass is right over his face. She teases him with it and makes him beg her to sit on his face. She asks him if he is worthy and he replies “Probably not, Goddess.” “Of course you’re not” she responds. She hovers over him for sometime and the camera angles give you the slaves perspective. Now she sits on him full weight and laughs knowing he can’t breath.

She teases him by saying she can’t understand what he is saying and while it’s evident he is screaming for air she plays coy. “I think he is telling me he’s ok” she says. The slave really starts to kick and she asks him why he is kicking. When she finally gets up he gasps with a roar. She looks at you and asks if you’d like to take the place of her slave. Of course you would. Next she tells the slave to stroke his cock and says if he comes she will stop kicking him in the nuts which she is doing repeatedly. Poor bitch. Now she removes her boots and gets back on the floor where she stuffs her foot into his mouth and then makes him lick her soles. “Do you like those sweaty feet?” she asks him. His reply is mumbled as her foot is stuffed down his throat. She then bends over and drops a big ball of spit down his throat and then it’s time for some barefoot ballbusting. She gets very aggressive kicking him and then bends down to slap and punch them too. The whole time she has the slave stroking his cock. She finally sits back on his face and tells him she is not getting up until he comes. She reaches to slap his balls some more to insure it isn’t to easy for him. The slave explodes and his cum flies everywhere. She rubs the cum over her foot and makes him lick it off. A big happy smile for Mia as this scene comes to a close.
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TheEnglishMansion – Wives Take Charge Pt1 – Eve Harper, Mistress T

Eve shows her friend the secret of her happy marriage, it is female led relationship, she wants to share the experiences she has had and the lessons learned, encouraging her to try it with her own husband. Eve’s husband is embarrassed and humiliated, as his private FLR is exposed, showing off the chastity device he is constantly locked away in and the way his bad behaviour is dealt with a hard spanking! Her friend watches in disbelief and amazement at what goes on behind the suburban curtain and joins in the berating of the subby hubby, educating herself in this new wave of thinking.
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Lady Bellatrix – Caged Teased Denial

The chastity slave finds himself in a sticky situation as Lady Bellatrix lets him know that she is in a typically horny mood. What good is a caged cock though when she is hot and ready to go. Bellatrix teases the slave with thoughts of her pulsating pussy, rubbing it over his cage, stroking his balls, only to pull out a giant wand to pleasure herself with. Bellatrix has an earth crashing orgasm sitting on the slaves face while he frustratingly remains locked away, his orgasm not scheduled for at least another month.
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