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KinkyMistresses – India´s Bound Fetish Slave

India Amazones is playing with the hard cock of her bound Slave. She loves to wank his cock and she loves to sit on her Slave with her amazing brazilian ass
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PantyhoseTherapy – Full Facesmother

This is the most intimate I’ve ever been with a client. I spend hours using my legs, booty, cleavage and ALL THE PANTYHOSE to change him from a man into an object, begging for my body… my pantyhose… my magic.
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Clubstiletto – Always JUST a Slave – Goddess Samantha

Goddess Samantha never gives her slaves time off. Even when she is relaxing, they always have a job to perform. This one is serving as a chair, and Samantha also has him tend to her feet. Why did he not notice her chipped pedicure needed some attention? A good slave would have seen that immediately and offered to rectify it. Should she get a second slave to tend exclusively to her feet while the first slave serves only as a chair? Samantha muses aloud, teasing her slave with the possibility of having another man in the room who is better at catering to her needs. Meanwhile, the slave is put to work licking between her toes and having his face serve as a foot rest. Samantha is wondering whether you, the viewer, would fit the bill…..But understand that one does not attain the exalted position of foot bitch or seat cushion on Day 1. One must earn it. One must suffer….In fact, perhaps the only duty she will use you for is sniffing her armpits. You may not even get near her ass or feet for quite some time….. After all, you are just another slave!
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Deep Diving Cucky

Miss Jasmine relaxes in the tub while her cuck hubby gives her a back massage. “Hubby is my slave but I do enjoy these intimate moments” she remarks. She goes on to say that one minute she might cuddle him, while the next, she finds herself pouring salt on his wounds. No matter what, she keeps him on his feet and he’s always eager to do as he’s told. While he rubs her back, Jasmine explains that when she’s confused about the nature of their relationship, she just beats him hard; it’s pretty simple. She turns around and pulls his head into her breasts, but is clear to explain that he never gets to suck them; that pleasure is strictly reserved for her boyfriends. She moves behind hubby and tells him they’ll cuddle, but instead, she blocks his breathing with her hand; hubby can never risk getting too comfortable with a wife like Jasmine, lol.
As soon as he’s desperate to breathe again, she removes her hands from his nose and mouth, but makes things even more difficult by repositioning herself in order to sit on his face, completely submerging him in the process. He holds up quite well but eventually needs air. Jasmine permits him to surface briefly after hearing him desperately gasp for air, but she sits right back down on him. She says she knows he wants to rim her ass but he’s not permitted to do so, although she might let him do it when her date is over and it’s full of cum. “Don’t you want to lick cum from my ass after it’s been properly stretched and fucked by my lover?” she asks him, although he probably can’t understand a word she’s saying, because he’s still underwater! Nevertheless, Jasmine knows he likes whatever she likes. She tugs on his cock and finally gives him a breath before sitting on him again. She stands up and uses her foot to mash his head onto the bottom of the tub. He’s really struggling now, so she gets behind him and pulls him up between her legs for some more hand-over-mouth treatment. “Maybe I should just lock you up in chastity until your lung capacity gets better” she says, which cause hubby to groan. Jasmine slides gracefully back into the tub and under he goes again…
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Clubstiletto – Dirty Feet And Sweaty Pits For Horse Face

Russian Queen M has named her slave horse face after having him in a horse mask earlier in the day and deciding the name suited him, mask or not. She is hot and sweaty after a hard day of slave discipline and she tells horse face she wants him to crawl to her and lick all the sweat off of her. As he gets on the bed she grabs his face as if he’s a mutt and makes him show his tongue, she even uses the crop on his face. “Do you think that tongue is good enough to be used?” she asks and then tells him not to answer because his answer means nothing. She orders him to her toes and makes him beg to suck them. She reminds him she can find any guy to take his place and then says, “Say thank you, horse face.” After verbally demonstrating he is desperate for her toes she has him lick her toes, between her toes and all over her feet. Lots of verbal humiliation in this scene as Queen M clearly has disdain for this worthless but eager slut. In the end she allows him to cum and makes him eat his cum!
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Clubstiletto – Domina Ruby – Wake Up It’s Time To Put You To Sleep

Ruby enters the room after a wonderful night’s slumber to find her slave still asleep on the discipline bench where he spends his nights. She removes the towel from his face and as the camera pans over, you see he’s secured to the bench, wearing a leather hood. It’s brutal for sleeping but over time he has learned to catch small naps throughout the night. Ruby tells him he’s been getting way too much air and that she’s there to change this. Her gorgeous plump ass forms a perfect seal and she loves to center on his face while she watches him kick. She sits down and asks if he’s ready for the crush. Soon you hear a muffled scream from the slave so Ruby gives him a quick breath, but gets back down again before he can fully inhale. “A little of this and then he will be ready to prepare my breakfast” she says.
Ruby settles right in and stretches the slave to the limit, totally ignoring his screaming and thrashing. You can see that the slave is rock hard in his chastity device. Ruby says it’s time for less oxygen and makes each sit longer than the one before. She mocks him by saying that all the sitting has probably damaged his brain and she’s not even sure what he understands anymore. She turns around to face his feet and begins to slap his cage and balls while completely cutting off his ability to breathe. Ruby looks amazing as she settles in for good this time. The slave kicks a bit in the beginning before he starts to thrash and soon he becomes completely frantic. Ruby eventually gives him a chance to catch his breath fully before saying “It’s time for round two.”
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Chateau-Cuir – Smothered under Tina’s leather leggings

What a dream! To be controlled by the gorgeous Miss Tina, to lick and worship her sexy leatherclad ass and to be smothered underneath her pussy and butt!
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Synfulx Pleasure – Breaking in the Newbie- Smother Edition

Mistress Synful has a new smother slave and she’s excited to tease and taunt him as he is helplessly bound. He has no idea of her sadistic nature and love for smothering helpless victims with her ass. She toys with him at the beginning, watching him as he lusts for her ass to Cru.sh his face. Once she has had her fill teasing, she bounces on his face while laughing at his torment the entire time. Gotta break them in somehow!
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Foxyfootdom – INGRID – Blondes Rule – EXTREME Facesitting Show

Bratty Lady Ingrid has an amazing body and a supersexy ass! She is a really crazy girl, full of energy and hyperactive and of course, very sadistic! She wears a very tight and short dress and she makes a facesitting show on her slave’s face, smothering him hard and full weight, rubbing her ass on his face and kicking him when he is moving or moaning! Ingrid really loves the facesitting and really doesn’t care for her slave that suffers under her!
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Lady Vampira – Heaven and Hell 2/2

Imprisoned defenseless in the straitjacket and tied up by the legs, I sat down on my face. When you’re at Facesitting, you’re so close to me, yet you’re infinitely far from me to serve as a lick slave. My divine ass in latex determines when you are allowed to breathe and when I cover you with the very special foot fetish mask, you will finally be stunned by the foot scent! My beautiful feet on your face. My toes on your nose. And then again the horny sight of my pussy through the transparent latex! [Dominatrix Lady Vampira – SM Studio Femdom Empire] / Wehrlos in der Zwangsjacke gefangen und an den Beinen nach oben gefesselt setzte ich mich auf den Gesicht. Beim Facesitting bist du mir so nah, und bist dennoch unendlich weit davon entfernt, mir als Lecksklave dienen zu dürfen. Mein göttlicher Arsch in Latex bestimmt darüber, wann du atmen darfst und als ich dir die ganz besondere Fussfetisch Maske überziehe, wirst du endgültig vom Fussduft betäubt! Meine herrlichen Füße auf deinem Gesicht. Meine Zehen auf deiner Nase. Und dann wieder der geile Anblick meiner Muschi durchs transparente Latex!
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Facesitting Bitches – 7 girl Cru.sh! Facesitting & trampling

Just imagine the pressure of being crushed by seven women at the same time! That’s exactly what happened to Paul at our office Christmas party last week, and we made sure we filmed the experience to share it with you! Nikki is joined by Chloe, Sophia, Cate, Fetish Nikki, Araneae and Cindy and they all stack themselves up on each other’s laps to compress Paul’s small frame beneath them. We reckon that he is under almost half a ton when all seven ladies are on him! Even when he wants a breather, the ladies give him a nice hard fullweight trampling to make sure he remains squashed at all times!
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Sydney has a session with her human furniture sub. He’s wrapped in plastic in laying down in the only position he’s good for. Face up, and ready to receive mass doses of ass, served up by Sydney herself. While she’s reading her magazine, Sydney assumes all sorts of positions on the loser’s face, each one offering him more weight and less oxygen. His only option is to take her full weight on his face. With no possible way to move any other parts of his body due to the plastic wrapping, his only hope is the occasional break to catch his breath.
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Facesitting Bitches – Facesat by Mistress T and Lady Nina Birch FB1130

Everybody needs good neighbours! Unfortunately, Mistress T’s neighbour Danny leaves a lot to be desired – he’s been caught stealing her panties off the washing line… His wife Nina joins Mistress T to dish out an apt punishment – he is going to be made to sniff both of their panties until he can take no more! Mistress T has even more humiliation in store for Danny as she removes her panties and facesits him with her nude pussy and ass, whilst his wife assists with the smothering and laughs at his predicament! Mistress T and Lady Nina make the best double team ever – Danny is subjected to world-class smothering and verbal from these two Femdom Queens!
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Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – I Left It Nice And Dirty For You

“It’s that special time of day where my slave has to show his devotion by licking my ass” Skylar says. As the camera pulls back you can see that she is actually already sitting on her slaves face. She stands up and the slave gasps for air. Now you get some nice upward angles of Skylar’s ass as she tells her slave she has left it nice and dirty for him. He sounds genuinely honored. As she squats down the slaves tongue comes out to make love to her anus. She tells the slave to use his hands to hold her up and explains that multi-tasking is an important slave requirement. The slaves tongue is very active as he enjoys the feel and taste of his Goddess. Look at how his tongue goes to work. She asks him if he likes it and then says it’s why she hasn’t let him eat for the last few days, she wants him really hungry for what is about to come.
Now Skylar gets up and kneels on the couch and tells the slave to spread her cheeks and lick. “I haven’t wiped in two days” she tells him. She views the slaves task as a pre-wash before her shower and before her boyfriend comes over. Skylar talks about how her boyfriend loves fucking her up the ass and says that maybe she will let her slave clean up the mess next time he does. Anything from the Goddesses ass is a treat after all. The slave licks diligently and Skylar reminds him that he is extra lucky because he is so close to her pussy. So close but so far! Skylar tells the slave she is turned on knowing she has a slave to eat her dirty ass while waiting for a real man to come please her sexually. She pulls his head deep between her cracks making it hard for him to get any air. Now she has the slave lay down again so she can ass-smother him to sleep. The slave kicks but Skylar is lost in thoughts of her boyfriend and how he will be fucking her soon.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – How Do My Sweaty Ass, Feet, and Armpits Smell

This scene opens with sadistic Miss Xi about to sit on her slaves face. As she does she asks him how her ass smells? Clearly the slave is in heaven and responds accordingly. Surely he would love to be in that position for the rest of the day but this is not about him, this is about what Miss Xi wants and this is only a little torment before the main course. She tells him she just came from the gym so the smell should be heavenly. She asks if he likes her sweat and he says he really does. She brings her armpit into his face and gives him a real taste of her sweat before moving back onto his face to sniff her sweaty crotch.
She then does an actual armpit-smother and then decides to give him a smell of everything including her feet which she know lays on his face. After a time she jumps back up and sits on his face. He mumbles under her ass when she asks if he likes it and threatens to sit there until she understands him or he goes out. Then some more armpit and in the process you get an amazing view of Xi’s soles and ass. Whoa, HOT. Now she makes her bitch lick her armpits. She suggests she might give him her panties and again ass-smothers him to get a good taste. Then she moves again and gives him the other armpit. You can tell Xi is high on endorphins as she is really active in this scene, bouncing from the bed to the slaves face, making sure he gets all her body sweat in the process. Now she does the splits on the slaves face and makes him tell her how disgusting he is. Of course it is all muffled from a tight seal and eventually he kicks frantically to breath. “I’m just staying here.” She says with a sadistic laugh.
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