GoddessJasmineMendez – Double Dom FaceSitting CBT!

Men are so fucking Pathetic , you have no use in a woman’s world. That tiny little dick just can’t get the job done that’s the reason you can’t enjoy life because you know just how disappointing that dick is. so no cumming or enjoying our big beautiful ass on your face Losers like you are not allow to cum let alone breath the same fucking air with breath . We can’t have you enjoying things like this , Only real men with Big Dicks get that privilege Oooh you can’t breathe with my Ass on your face Lol my Ass is eating up your whole face isn’t it C’mon bitch take it like the man you say you are hahahaha This is Domination to a new level bitch you can’t breath or get hard because we own your Dick . Look are these balls getting so purple awwww bet they hurt so much Lol , Yes I bet it does bitch Slowly we are Breaking you & teaching you how worthless you really are!!!

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SyrenProductions – Harshly Whipped By Blonde Fur Goddess

It’s such a beautiful cool day outside, that I decide to take my slave outside for a good whipping. I am certainly cozy in my full length fur coat, too bad my slave is only allowed to wear a cod piece. I don’t feel like giving him much of a warmup, so I lay in with hard strikes right from the beginning. I strut around on the balcony whipping the hell out of my slave. After a while I become hot from whipping and so I take off the fur coat revealing my sexy short skirt and blouse as I continue the thrashing.
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Ive just been at the gym for the last 2 whole hours my trainer really wanted to go hard and well since you wanted a sweaty body to worship it was perfect. I love getting paid to keep my body sexy! If you may close attention to my shirt you can see the under tit sweat stains and booty too. Slave said he wanted to have a sweat worship session but you know me I like it my way so well i tied him up and convinced him it would be mild and easy going, NOT. I quickly climb onto him, smother and suffocate the slave with my buns. Not sure how the slave survived my Ass practically ate his face the whole time. You can he how he’s really struggling for air, I make him smell my sweaty Ass, Feet and even armpits, deep deep deep down inside I know he loves it lol This is a real session, NOT ALL SESSIONS ARE RECORDED FOR HD CLICK Ass Eating his Face in RT Session!
Category: jasmine Mendez, face sitting, extreme domination, big butts, ass smelling, pussy slapping, suffocation, desperation, rope bondage, bratty princess, scissorhold, ass smothering, smother, sweaty ass, sweat fetish
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This is the full version of the popular series of clips done by Mistress Diana Knight. That’s 24 min of hardcore real sadistic femdom action for the reduced price of $12.99 (regular price $24.99). Mistress Diana Knight found her slave’s secret journal where he describes the secret desires of his heart. This slave has been thinking, dreaming, and writing about the day he could put his face in the crotch of his Mistress, yes, he actually said that! He thought it would be so wonderful to be so close to the intimate parts of the women he so loves and adores most in the world. Well, this might be too good to pass up, Mistress Diana Knight always the one to play ironic games of “be carful for what you wish for” with her unwitting slave is going to give him his wish. She cleverly gets him to think he will finally get his moment of ultimate pleasure, but as so often in this way of life dreams turn into nightmares. Mistress Knight starts her face sitting by completely cutting off the oxygen supply to her short sighted, simple slave by bearing down the full weight of her body right on his idiotic face. She suffocates him with her crotch then with her breasts, and finally with a leather glove till he is on the brink of passing out. She then sets him free to take another desperate gasp of air before going under again and again. Has her slave fixed his self-indulgent perverted attitude? For his sake I hope so, he may not survive the next time. Mistress Knight Features: Breast smothering, Ass Smothering, Ballbusting, Ball Punching, domination, femdom
Categories: Female Domination, Extreme Domination, Face Sitting, Corporal Punishment, Ballbusting, Glove Fetish, Diana Knight, Mistress
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