Sensual Pain – Jan 8, 2017 – Tandem slave Beating | Emma | Abigail Dupree | Master James

Saturday, January 28th, 2017
  Master James and slave abigail paid a visit to their friends over at Paintoy Studios and before you know it... One thing led to the other and this lovely moment was captured. Slave Emma from Paintoy is never short on ideas in the sick and cruel torture department but when her breast bondage implements didn't work on slave abigail, she found herself in a predicament of her own. Two slaves are whipped and caned. - Sensual Pain Studios - Extreme Productions LLC Download: Download… Read More

Infernal Restraints – Sep 18, 2015 Emmazing | Emma

Thursday, September 24th, 2015
Infernal Restraints - Sep 18, 2015 Emmazing | Emma   Here is what Emma has that no new girl on the block could possibly match: endurance. We can't call her indomitable because she readily submits, but she is unbreakable. Take a look at the bruises and you can tell that Emma takes a beating like no other woman can. When we lay the whip down on her we do it with enough force to split skin. Little pink trails turn into bright red welts in seconds as we paint her body with the marks. The sharpest stings even open her up a… Read More

TopGrl – Feb 23, 2015: Mrs. Wellington’s Big Day | Emma | Rain DeGrey

Saturday, March 7th, 2015
TopGrl - Feb 23, 2015: Mrs. Wellington's Big Day | Emma | Rain DeGrey Mrs. Wellington's husband is never home these days and she is very very bored. Her secret desires of pain and punishment and brutal fucking are not being met. What is a bored housewife to do? Call Rain DeGrey. Rain will come over and give lonely Mrs. Wellington exactly the sort of treatment her hungry cunt so deeply desires. Bound in her basement, Mrs. Wellington eagerly awaits her punishment. Her husband is out of town and it is time for her to have some… Read More