DirtyTransDolls – Pumped and milked rubber doll part 3

Desperation is building up for our rubber doll, she has been pumped, milked and teased for a very long time. Trained to control her orgasm whilst having her blowjob skills tested as well. Now there will finally be a release and it is going to be intense!
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Ball busting Intro

Mistress Ezada Sinn and I have this sissy slut all bound up with balls exposed. We’ve decided that his balls are utterly useless so we’re going to just cut them off. But before we geld the slave, we’re going to give him a moment to appreciate that his balls will soon be removed. After they’re gone, they’ll no longer be a source of pain, after all. Ezada and I are going to kick his balls so hard that they’re never going to work again. Removing them will be no issue as they’ll just be empty, broken, throbbing orbs of pain between his legs. He’ll try to double over in pain, but his restraints will prevent any cover from our assault. When his balls are gone, he’ll be so thankful.
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DirtyDommes – Scratching our little wimp

This is going to be a lot of fun! Our little slave is such a good victim for our nails, we have him firmly tied up before we plant our claws in his flesh and scratch him hard. Our nail marks show up nicely on this little wimp’s white flesh. He will be brutally and sadistically scratched for our amusement.
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HouseofSinn – We own your dick – Miss Tressa, Mistress Andromeda

Miss Tressa and Mistress Andromeda have one of Their slaves tightly bound to a bondage and decide to tease and taunt him for Their amusement and fun. One thing is for certain this will not be amusing or fun for the slave boy. They flaunt Their beautiful latex clad bodies before him causing some stiffness in his chaste little dick but he is told in no uncertain terms that he does not have Their permission to come. They own the cock and balls and only They will decide if this creature ever gets to cum again. As Miss Tressa teases him with Her shiny latex clad shapely ass his hopeless cock dances around desperately seeking the soft hand of one of his Mistresses but all he can do is fuck the fresh air. His excitement mounts further as he is allowed to sniff Their sweaty armpits and he keeps thrusting forward in the forlorn hope of finding some physical stimulation for his frustrated cock. He is smothered by Their armpits and his throbbing cock is now oozing copious amounts of pre cum as he groans in desperation. Surely they will let him empty his blue balls after all this teasing? Or will he be left dangling whilst they find great amusement in his discomfort?
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HouseofSinn – Fetish ballerina doll

Goddess Ezada brought a new slave in training to be a fetish doll and She presents him to Her friend Mistress Lilse von Hitte to get new ideas for his use at fetish events. Between two beautiful, sadistic Ladies he will soon be fitted with a corset and fetish ballerina boots in his journey of becoming the perfect fetish doll. There is not even one inch of skin visible as he is tormented in his gruesome training, unable to breathe, unable to walk properly and squeezed beyond his dreams in his new corset, he whimpers and struggles to please his Mistresses. But his training will be long and painful until he will be allowed to serve at events. Will he be able to endure?
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DirtyDommes – Dirty dripping ashtray slut

Nothing but a spit and ashes bucket! His body is worthless to us, he is reduced to being an object, an ashtray to be filled with our divine juices and the dirtiest of ashes. On the floor, so he can look up at us, Goddesses and be gratefull for every drop of spit that he gets. His lips and tongue blackened by our cigarette ashes, his face no longer a face but merely a hole to use whilst we enjoy our smoking. Yet he drips precum with excitement…because he knows his position in life: underneath and at service of his superiors.
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DirtyDommes – Brutal cock and nipple torture part 2

The brutal cock and ball torture continues with a spiked metal cockring and lots of whipping and slapping. The sadistic Dommes duo love to inflict pain on their male slave.
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DirtyDommes – Barefoot ballbusting part 2

This slave’s balls are getting destroyed by the hard impact of his Mistresses’ bare feet. They sadistically kick his crotch until he can barely stand up.
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DirtyDommes – Brutally fucked by hot naked Dommes part 2

Miss Tina and Coco brutally fuck their male slut with their huge strap-on dicks. The anal whore needs to be penetrated deep and hard whilst his cock is being locked in chastity. The pleasure is all for the Ladies!
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DirtyTransDolls – Pumped and milked rubber doll part 2

The doll’s cock has been pumped till maximum size and now it is time to milk this perverted creature! There is no escape and there will be lots of edging before the final release will be allowed.
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DirtyDommes – Double boot cleaning duties

Our old house servant is being called in for boot cleaning duties. He is very fragile but wants nothing more than to please his Mistresses and polish their exquisite leather boots with his tongue. He scrapes the dirt of ours soles with his tongue and it seems he is starting to enjoy his task as boot slave a little too much. So we laugh at his precum as he will never get the priviledge of a release on our sexy boots.
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Princess Beverly – The Good Bad And The Ugly

Together we are going to mind fuck and bully you to the brink of financial ruin. We are going to drive you insane and your are going to love every minute of it. Think of us as the good cop bad cop of your life, you do what Nina says or face the wrath of Beverly! You are totally out bitch now . And oh yeah if there is any question your the ugly LOL.
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DirtyDommes – Forced bi blowjob bitches part 2

Such good boys! They are being supervised and encouraged by their Mistresses as they engage in some dirty bi slut action. Let’s see which one can cum the fastest and the most after all that sucking and jerking?
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DirtyDommes – Human carpet for our nyloned feet part 1

It is nice to relax our nyloned legs and feet when we have a foot slave at our service…Massaging our toes and having his mouth gagged with our stockinged feet. We use his entire body for our pleasure. It is perfect for trampling and standing on or even jumping on him… He will be a good boy and endure it all for our fun. He wants to be the best carpet we have and we enjoy training him with a sadistic smile on our faces.
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Dirty Dommes – Hard pony training – Domina Liza

Domina Liza has brought her athletic human pony for some hard training, so this is going to be fun! We take turns riding the slave, sitting on his back and shoulders. He will be put through his paces and any bad behaviour or laziness gets punished! Let’s see how much this pony wants to please us and how hard we can push and ride him.
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