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Domme Kyaa - A Bitch for My Thigh High Boots
It’s so easy to put you on your knees, to make you grovel and beg like a pathetic bitch. All I need are these black leather thigh high boots. One look at them and you become putty in my pretty hands. Drool over this pair of brand new thigh high leather boots, soft black leather with stiletto heels and a platform. When I stand in them I tower over you. When I stretch my legs out for a close up you will want to suck on the heels and lick the soles! So you see, you’re a bitch for my thigh high boots. Accept your fate as my boot licking bitch, slave boy. (960×540 standard definition WMV, with crisp, clear stereo audio.) Contains: boot fetish, boot domination, boots, thigh high boots, leather boots, high heels, leather, female domination, femdom, humiliation, cock tease, femdom POV, legs, tight pants, ass, sadistic women, powerful women, Goddess worship, Domme Kyaa, Goddess Kyaa, Kyaa Go to my website every day, boot bitch: Click Here
Keywords: Domme Kyaa, Goddess Kyaa, boots, latex, domination, Goddess Worship, femdom, POV, ass, legs
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