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DominatrixAnnabelle – Woodland Bondage!

As the menacing skies continue to shower our countryside, I’ve decided to stick with plan A! Everything is prepared for my gentleman friend to indulge in some heavy leather bondage! My goodness, for those who seriously loves the sound of leather, you’re going to love this movie, as right the way through you’ll hear the signature creaking sound of leather, it’s incredible, and I love it. My slave is bound in a leather straight jacket, shackled to my electric hoist, and as I place him in position, I’m ready to fuck his arse with my pink dildo!

While he hangs in this position, I have to be careful, as his little cock is ready to explode! Oh yes, while his cock may be small, he has the biggest balls, and he can spurt hard! I do provide him with a little break, and retrieve my leather flogger!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Pumped and Spanked!

Atmospheric, foreboding, shocking and fulfilling!

These words pretty much sum up this movie. There’s nothing quite like having the dynamics of myself and the mailman having so much fun in my dungeon. There are literally many highlights, starting with the glow from his bottom from two hands, yes they’re mine, albeit, my right hand on both cheeks! In this movie, you will actually see my hand thwacking his right cheek first, shortly followed by the left cheek. There is no editing, enhancing or altering of this clip. What you see, IS exactly what you get! Another demonstration of how I love to capture real life experiences on film. Gosh, you could mistake his buttocks for a sign pointing ‘this way’!

All my sessions are based on having fun. Creating an atmospheric room, with flames flickering, eerie yet cathartic notes provide a gentle background, while the sound of my stilettos are a tonic to ones ears. The smell, look and sound of my exquisite leather, my deep cleavage, and my big devilish smile gives an edge for this wonderful dungeon play! A concoction of hand spanking, heavy leather bondage shackled to my two metre diameter wheel, while wrapped in a leather straight jacket. Shocking electrics for extra stimulation, followed by a powerful boost from my Venus 2000 cock pump sending my slave into orbit! This IS what you may experience if you wish to session with me!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Leather, Whips and Stilettos!

Oh how you long to hear my hypnotic voice, smooth as honey, soft as velvet, loveable and encouraging, enticing you like a moth to a burning flame! Mmm . . your eyes survey, feasting over my gorgeous leather boots, fitting snug to my toned legs. I know how much you feel so at home with me. Craving for my attention, adoring my sexy body, my heavenly cleavage, as you nestle your face into my breasts. There’s really no place like home when you’re here with me! Don’t be shy, come a little closer, it’s ok, I won’t use my whip on you, not yet. It’s only for naughty boys. Now, you’re not going to be naughty with me, are you! It’s rhetorical, not a question. Oh dear, I know you’ll need to look up those big ungainly words in the dictionary!

Now while you’re kneeling beside me, you may worship my leather boots, and if you do it well, I will permit you to take your muscle into your greasy little paw, and you may wank for me. Oh dear, careful now, STOP, I’m not permitting you to spill just yet. It’s just as well I have a spare boot lace to wrap tight around your swollen balls. There, that’s better. It will at least help to prevent you from tipping over. If it happens too quickly, I won’t be best pleased, it will mean I’ll have to use my whip on your peachy buttocks! That’s of course after you’ve bent over my leather clad knees for a thoroughly good hard spanking! Boys will be boys!!!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Bound, Suspended, and Whipped!

As the rays from the early summer sun penetrates the leafy canopies, my slave hangs from a high branch! WOW indeed, as I take position with my lunge whip, standing in readiness to flick and crack the long whip. As the tail connects, you’ll see his muscle move from side to side!
This movie demonstrates another wonderful session of experimentation with my new leather cage, raised up high! I don’t have the luxury of an electric hoist, I’m just using my own strength to pull his weight, tie him in and leave him dangling! Not always conducive when wearing my crotch leather stiletto boots, but I must say, it was a lot of fun! Added to that, I tease him with my chrome sounds and anal vibrator! It’s a real concoction of pain and pleasure all wrapped up together! It was a glorious day, and I’m looking forward to enjoying many more sessions outside!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Picnic Pleasures in the Paddock!

The sweet fragrance of meadow flowers, among wild garlic stimulates the senses, while the mid morning warmth from the early summer sun generates an uplifting mood, putting a spring in my leather booted step! As I stroll through the long grass, my gentleman’s eyes gaze upon the leather tail trailing behind. Thoughts awash his mind of vivid pleasures, as he begins to imagine what I have in store for him. Knowing how I love to brandish my brown leather bullwhip in my leather gloved hand, he wouldn’t be too far wrong to think I may be flicking it’s tail, to listen to it’s signature crack as the leather connects.
I continue to walk along the track until venturing up to the black wrought iron gate. It’s time I had some fun! As I mount the bars, I lean over flicking my long brunette hair to one side. My breasts bulge, accentuating my deep cleavage! As my slave looks up, he sighs, the vision before him takes his breath away, gazing longingly in the hope he’ll be permitted to bury his face deep into my breasts. The wait feels an eternity, as I continue to tease and torment his throbbing erect penis! It’s so hard it hurts! Thwack from my leather crop, thwack, thwack, thwack!
Well, that hasn’t worked, the thwacking just makes him harder! Whilst he grits his teeth absorbing the sting from it’s tail, he continues to look up, and sighs, there’s no place like home!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – My husband in Chastity!

The stunning visual delights of exquisite leather, listening to it’s signature creak as I slip my gorgeous Opera leather gloves on. Mmm . . listening to my husband worship my leather boots, while I continue having a rather explicit conversation with my best friend Joanna! Oh she loves talking dirty, and sharing each other’s secrets often leads us to devouring each other’s pussies! Is it any wonder how agonising it was for dear hobson!
As I continued my intimate telephone conversation with my best friend Joanna, hobson remained kneeling on the floor cleaning my boots with his tongue, while his throbbing cock endured intense torment locked in chastity! I kept Joanna listening on the phone, while I whipped his caged cock, in order to keep it in check! Until finally I decided to release him from his cage! Every so often I would remind Joanna how big my husband’s cock is, and how much she would enjoy devouring it, especially his HOT cream.
All this talk made it increasingly difficult for hobson to bear, until the very end, when I gave him permission to spurt his cream down Joanna’s throat. WOW indeed! I’m looking forward to Joanna showing her husband this movie, as I have a feeling he won’t last, one thought of his wife taking my husband’s cock in her mouth, and he’ll shoot his cum so hard it will hurt! Even better if I had him in the room tied up!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Bound, Flogged & Fucked!

Hush my dear, kneel quietly, and wait for my visitor to arrive. Flickering flames, the crack of my whip, spitting, slapping, and that’s just the beginning!
My leather gloved fingers sink deep into his mouth, my glossy latex shines, the sound of my stiletto heel boots penetrate, and my deep cleavage provide a visual feast for my submissive’s eyes. My long brunette hair tied in a high ponytail, my commanding voice encouraging, yet sensual, enticing my slave to endure each and every stroke of my leather whip! My slave’s heavy breathing resonates, while his muscle stays firm! As he stands against my 2 meter diameter wheel, bound in leather shackles, his torso, hips, and legs remain exposed, all he can do is focus on my piercing eyes, homing in on my target! With each stroke bears a heavy delivery, THWACK, as the leather tails leave their signature marks across his not so toned stomach! Ahhh, as he closes his eyes and watches the stars, I smile, admiring my artistic stripes!
As he steps down from the wheel, his head returns for a few moments, while I position him on the bench. Lay back my slave, and think of England, as I wear my strapon with pride! There’s not much to do, other than open wide, there’s a good boy! I’ll sink my big penis into your mouth, careful it doesn’t reach your backside!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Hooked, Bound & Orgasmed!

This is another example of just how much fun I have with my gentleman friends! While placing my dear mailman over the whipping bench, in his usual inimitable way, his hands wondered too far, and whollop! My hand print is all too clear to see, that was my reaction, and the laughter that came from my thwack was evident, as you will witness! Another WOW, and you’ll see just how clear my print is, when you watch this fun loving movie! The hand print above has not been altered, or enhanced, it’s exactly that! Just one smack of my hand, and my goodness, he felt it! FemDomme BDSM and Fetish IS all about two people engaging in fun and often experimentation! Despite always having a plan and being fully prepared, there are times when I will suddenly change things, and it comes so very naturally.
My main aim is for the both of us to always have as much fun and excitement as we can, and that’s the way I love to engage in real life sessions. My movies mirror my enthusiasm,
encouragement, and excitement during each and every session, whether in role play, or just sharing each others interests, while I find ways of delving deep into ones pysche, in order to push those delightful boundaries!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Haunting Hypnosis – Part 2

As I guide my gentleman further and deeper into hypnosis, he’s throbbing muscle becomes almost too much to bear. My seductive English voice carries his body and muscle into a world of decadent and erotic foreplay. My leather gloved hand, my spit, my voice, my sumptuous lingerie with gorgeous black ten strap suspender belt, and my deep cleavage provides the most stimulating and heightened sensations. Combine all of these feelings while bound inside my atmospheric candlelit dungeon, and it’s an experience he’ll remember for a very long time!
Before you watch the movie, I will take you through an audio hypnosis, in order for you to be fully prepared for part 2 of this movie. I will give you instructions of how to set yourself in the right mood, preparing your surroundings, as well as finding the most comfortable position. All of these things together will provide you with the most fulfilling experience.
I will help you to enhance all of your senses, as I want you to have the most fulfilling orgasm barring seeing me in person!!! Naturally, if this movie is exactly what you’re looking for, and you wish to experience it with me. All you need to do is write to me, and I will provide you with further details of how you may book the session with me.
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Sensually Hypnotic Erotica!

Sensually mind blowing erotic foreplay, while my slave is bound to my 2 meter diameter wheel. A most intense ride teasing his cock, keeping him continually on the edge.
Submerging my slave’s mind into a semi conscious decadent world of erotic stimulation. My quintessential English voice seduces all his senses, his body begins to float, while his balls swell, and his muscle throbs forcefully. Hypnosis is a powerful therapy for creative mind play, it’s incredible, and I love being able to submerge my slave into a world of erotic debauchery. Never under estimate the power of the mind!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Brown Dirty Boots!

Follow my leather booted footsteps around my stunning snow covered grounds, while you’re naked on your hands and knees! My dirty leather boots, are made for walking through my woods, paddock and gardens, and then all over you! Lick the soles clean, eat the snow, while you smell the leather. It’s your early morning physical workout before you return to serve Me.
This is how you begin your morning, filling your lungs with fresh country air, while you stretch your limbs, getting the blood flowing around your body. I do love taking you for a brisk walk, and if you’re a very good boy, I may just permit you off your leash, so you can roll through the dirt, leaves and finish with a wash in the snow! Once we’re finished, I’ll hose you down outside!
Of course, you will have to impress me with a few sit ups, press ups, and a 3 minute plank. With every press up, you may kiss my leather booted toes, hold for three seconds, and back up. I will expect you do repeat this sequence, ten times. Take a 30 second break and repeat!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – A Beast from the East!

Only three days remain of February, as we embrace the bitter signature notes of winter, compliments from a Siberian blast, followed by a Southerly dump set to reach us by the end of this week! I can’t say I’m thrilled, especially as I’ve been looking forward to Spring! However, I’m always up for spontaneity, and as it happens my dear willy is here with me today, ready to fetch my leather boots and leather coat. Taking a stroll around my grounds! WOW, the cold winds are harsh, so the stroll needed to be brief, just enough to ensure willy’s cock and balls received a dose of frost bite!
If you think I’m having fun, you’re absolutely right, and you will see me smiling like a Cheshire cat in this movie. Naturally, I did ensure I was nice and warm, wearing my hat, scarf and leather gloves! Dear willy had a lot of cleaning up to do when he came inside, especially my leather boots!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Haunting Hypnosis!

Flames flicker, drapes stir, with a gentle breeze filtering through the old Victorian sash windows. A clap of thunder reverberates, a humid night begging for a hint of fresh air. Yet not a whisper or stroke to cool one’s glistening body, dispersing those sweat beads tingling between one’s thighs. A Manor with character, age and charm. Creaking oak floors, thick carpets, polished wood. High ceilings with grand fixtures and fittings, impressive fire places, and . . . . . my hidden private room set below, with scarlet ribbon brick walls, candelabras, and subdued lighting.
A most atmospheric ambiance for my gentleman to immerse his body and soul into the delights of my eroticism. Capitivating all his senses, while taking him on a decadent journey of intense sensual, stimulation. My quintessential English voice, provides a most haunting hypnosis!
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Exquisite Leather and Fur!

Gorgeous leather boots, exquisite leather gloves, and stunning leather attire! Naturally during those cold and frosty mornings, nestling inside a warm fur coat will always keep me toasted. Yet for me, it really doesn’t matter what season we’re in, I love wearing leather and fur even in the middle of summer, with just a skimpy lacy lingerie set beneath! I love leather, the way it creaks, the way it molds to my body, it feels so sexy, and it looks so good. As for my gorgeous leather boots, well, they are simply divine, with the lace up detail.
Once I began my journey as a Dominatrix, Lady of the Manor, I wanted to build up a truly exquisite leather collection, that included my leather gloves and stiletto boots. It’s taken me over 15 years, and WOW I certainly do have quite a wardrobe! Many were gifts, and I can honestly say, I still wear them all. To continue to fit into my old leathers is a real bonus, although it’s not from lack of keeping fit, as I do that regularly! My incentive is you, as I know how much you appreciate my wardrobe, as well as being your Goddess, Mistress, Auntie, Equestrian Lady, Disciplinarian.
Long may you continue to enjoy!
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