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DominatrixAnnabelle – OTK Spanking!

There’s always a first time for everyone! Yes indeed, my dearest george the butler received his first ever spanking over my gorgeous blue denim jeans. After his arrival, he found himself almost at a loss for words, as once again the visual feast of my stunning outfit rendered him speechless. Naturally, it was only right to have him on all fours, bending the knee in readiness to worship my gorgeous leather stiletto boots with lace and buckle detail. Just watching him deep throat my heels was an absolute pleasure to see, and he did it with immense appreciation.

However, I couldn’t wait to have him over my figure hugging blue denim jeans for his first ever over the knee spanking. Oh my goodness, how delightful it was, as you will see. I won’t give too much away, but for those who love OTK Spanking, I’m sure you’ll receive as much satisfaction throughout this movie, as I did when administering his punishment.
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An evening of decadent foreplay. As I prepare my intimate dungeon for the arrival of george, I smile with delight relishing the thought of his mind being in complete turmoil. The moment the doorbell chimes, he’ll be full of anxiety and excitement, not knowing what he’ll endure once in my leather gloved grip.

Candles are the main feature in this episode, from dripping to whipping piping HOT wax from his molded penis. Just watch the flakes fly when my leather crop connects. Tormenting george with my exquisite leather, thrusting his face into my succulent breasts. Drip, drip, drip, there’s no spit to cool him down. With his swollen cum filled balls bound tight with rope, his nipples clamped for what seems like eternity. Oh my, dear georgie will remember every minute, every second he spends with me.

If georgie wishes to retain his position as my faithful butler, he must continue to earn the privilege. How I love pushing those decadent boundaries, especially with george!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Pumping and Revving!

My gentleman friend approaches the black wrought iron gates, knowing how excited, yet anxious he will be, before entering my grounds. It’s a long angonising approach before he steps out of his car and knocks on my door. As I swing open the door with such enthusiasm, he steps back with a WOW!

Adorned in my exquisite leathers, ready to take him down into my intimate dungeon for a pleasurable journey of decadent anal debauchery! Pumping his arse with my meaty strap-on, delving deep into his penis using my chrome sounds. Nipple torment, and sensually erotic tease while bound on my bench.

I love watching him enduring such tease and torment, knowing how painful his nipples will be long after he leaves my Manor. A gentleman’s rendezvous continued as we drove to a most idyllic pub set deep in the countryside. I will tease you with my leathers, while you listen to the hum drum of the engine as my leather boots pump and rev. What a way to finish the day! Thank you so much david for another most enjoyable day.
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Acutely, deeply Pleasurable!

How can such a large penis fit into something so small? Is it any wonder how painful it can be when I finally release him from his penis shackle! Yet the pain he receives is so utterly pleasurable! It makes no sense to my dear gentleman as he endures intense discomfort. As I release the lock, the moment it pops open, there’s a deep sigh of relief, relief that is short lived! Having eased out his throbbing and very erect penis while my slave remains bound in tight leather, I remind him of how effective my glossy crimson nails are, as I tease him continually up and down his hard shaft. Spitting on it, teasing his knob with my velvety silky lips. Smothering his face with my succulent full breasts, slapping and then clamping his penis with the ultimate device in Cock torment, using my infamous Kali’s Teeth.

It’s a continual tease and torment for my leather clad slave, while his legs, arms, hands and body are bound in leather. There really is no escape, not that he would want to. It’s a psychological battle between his brain that keeps telling him he is in severe pain, and his penis that keeps telling him quite the opposite, he’s having all the pleasure!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Cum-Hither! It’s your Desire!

A most compelling movie of visual and sensual eroticism. An exquisite concoction of leather stiletto boots, vintage spurs, and soft leather gloves. Sink into my world of decadent pleasures.

While the sight of my leather crop provides a wonderful disciplinary reminder, you long to be under my influence and control. It’s a life long journey, and with each visit, your desire to worship me, strengthens. Mmm . . . you are destined to serve me, as you know how I can make your swollen balls erupt like Mount Krakatoa! What you’ll never anticipate, is how intense I can make it for you.

Delving deep into your psyche, whilst pushing those delightful boundaries. From severe whip cracking interrogation to soft sensual eroticism, I’ll have your swollen cum filled balls in the grip of my leather gloved hand, and you are mine! Mmm . . . . . !
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DominatrixAnnabelle – The Banana Challenge!

Follow my quintessential English voice, as I challenge you to cum when I command. There are only two things you need, one is a banana that’s not ripe, and the other is a bottle of Liquid Silk. Of course, you’re more than welcome to use a pair of exquisite leather gloves, and you’ll need to ensure you have no distractions whatsoever!

What me as I entice you, guide you, challenge you, and your penis as I work my magic on you. I look forward to hearing from you, letting me know how you get on!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Exquisite Leather Fetish!

Gorgeous sumptuous leather, for those who seriously love its signature creaking sound, the smell, and the way it molds to my body! I know what this means to you, and with this movie you will relish in the sounds I make with my leathers. My exquisite leathers will have your penis ache and throb intensely. I loved producing this movie because the sounds alone are incredibly stimulating. I can’t wait for you to sit down with me, while you’re dressed in your leathers. Enjoy and cherish being alone in my presence. It’s just you and I, and our gorgeous leathers!

I’m always adding to my leather collection, with that, I’ve just ordered a new leather outfit! For those who continue to following my erotic exploits, rest assured, there’ll be more leather and stiletto boot fetish movies produced for you to thoroughly enjoy. It’s what you truly desire!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Boardroom Torment!

A physical and psychological endurance test!

WOW this will test the strongest, toughest individual. Taking every imaginable ounce of energy and willpower the body and mind can endure before I finally permitted hobson to cum! Over 28 minutes of pure decadent erotica that will have you climbing the walls, as you watch dear hobson looking down at his caged penis in the hope it will be released. Playful, delectable, and pure torment to the nth degree! I must admit, after watching this movie back, even I found myself wanting to put him out of this never ending loop of pain and pleasure!

Oh dear goodness, what a challenge, what utter tease, edging in it’s purest form, and that’s exactly where I want to take you. On a journey with me, a journey of incredible indulgent, a most agonising teasing recreation. There are many ways to crack a nut, why take the direct route?! I’m all for taking my time!

Are you able to endure my challenge?
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Extraordinary excitement, sensually sadistic, physically pleasurable. My dear gentleman experienced the most intense few hours, from the moment of when he left his humble abode to entering my imposing black wrought iron gates, until the moment when I swung open my door!

Another journey into a world of decadent erotica, playing mind games, while teasing his little penis. There’s never a moment that’s left unfulfilled. My slave endures a myriad of deeply mind blowing sensations, while under my influence and control. One would say, he’s an open book, ready and willing to take whatever I decide to give. From leather worship, to breast worship. Having him bent over my whipping bench for a thoroughly pleasing face fucking. I know what you want, just as I know what my slave wants.
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Flogging, it’s all in the flick!

WOW! Sexy, Smiley, Sweet and Sadistic!

Figure hugging latex, crotch leather boots, gorgeous opera leather gloves, and the biggest smile one will see when you feast your eyes over this sensational movie! In my 50’th year, there is no sign of taking my foot of the accelerator, as I provide the most mind blowing and physically challenging session for my gentleman friend! Whilst you may feel he’s a little vocal for all the right reasons, he can certainly take quite a lot from my leather cat o’ nine tails!

Another sensationally sadistic movie with nipple torment, cock and ball torment, as seen above, tease, breast worship, and small penis humiliation! Is this what my slave enjoys?


This IS what he desires, he longs to be told how pathetic he is, and whilst he knows his penis is not particularly large, it can handle more than one would believe. Is he made of titanium? No, but he definitely has a very high pain threshold, and my adoring slave loves every minute of it. All he wants is for me to be very happy, well that works both ways!
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There is no mistaking the dulcet crude tones coming from the most perverted randy vicar! Yes indeed, you will find he has not lost his sweet verbal diarrhea as he bellows YOU BITCH! I laugh at the very thought, what a wonderful compliment, thank you, delighted I’m living up to my reputation. I would hate for you to be disappointed!!! Providing the most erotic kind of discipline is quite something to see, what a shame my dear vicar couldn’t. Wrapped in a leather body bag, with no chance of being able to fully appreciate the wonderful visuals you’ll get to see!

FemDomme and CBT at it’s very BEST! Adorned in figure hugging latex, I tease and torment you with my beautifully deep cleavage! Oh to be so utterly close to me, yet so far away! Teasing gently, with a wickedly devilish smile, as I continue to thwack his penis with the most attractive silver spiked ball, absolutely fantastic for ball and cock crushing! Do you know what’s so incredible about the randy vicar? Mmm with all is verbal ranting’s, full of aggression and hostility, he still comes back for more!!!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Teasing, Tickling and Titillations!

Oh my goodness, yes indeed, I tease, smile, and laugh, laughter is the main feature throughout this wonderful movie! If ever I say, I have fun, well, look no further than right here, as you’ll witness! In fact, Tit – illation is very apt, as I tease his nipples with my wet tongue and pearly white teeth! My dear mailman shackled from the suspension frame, arms and legs spread wide, swinging back and forth in a bid to avoid connection. Oh but, even as he leans back, I stretch and oooohhhh, my teeth lock into position and sink into his lusciously large nipples, hanging on, while my devilish eyes paint a thousand words, mainly anything relating to sadism and glee!!!

Every time I watch my smile, my wickedly teasing expressions, leaves no evidence of misrepresentation. One has the reflex to grimace, in anticipation of the outcome, knowing it’s going to be painful, all the while I laugh, smile, and torment. Playfully toying with my slave! If you love nipple torment, you’ll love this movie, although I have no doubt you’ll love it anyway!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Spanked, Fucked and Denied!

There’s no mistaking My Artistry, crafting two perfect hand prints on my slave’s peachy buttocks, in order to heat up his bottom on a bitterly cold winter’s day! That’s a sure way to generate some heat to keep the blood flowing around one’s body! WOW the acoustics in my candlelit lair enhance each intense thwack. What a sting to bear, while his mouth is kept quiet using a gag!

As you can see in this image above, the Burdock, is a very useful plant indeed! If the ‘burrs’ or seeds come in contact with clothing, or hair, they annoyingly tangle. Mmm the thought of taking my slave for a stroll around my grounds naked through wild burdock would make things very interesting! I have deliberately left them untouched in the Paddock, as I intend using them on one individual who will find them intensely irritating. Oh yes, the threat is, if you don’t shave and keep your balls smooth as silk, I will ensure these wonderful seeds come into contact with your genital hairs! I’m sure that will get his attention! So, yes there is a message in this movie for my dear slave, who I will not name . . . be warned. The ‘burrs’ are there waiting for your return!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Humiliated while Bound, Trampled, and Flogged.

My adoring humble slave ready to serve his Goddess, and my goodness, he most certainly knows how to worship my meaty strap-on, appreciating a decent size penis rather than being reminded of how pathetic his little cock is. It was a real pleasure sinking my heels into the shaft of his chipolata, while trapped inside my hand made cock trampling board. The more I stamped, crushed and trod on his shaft, the harder it became. Whipping his torso, pulling the nipple clamps – OUCH!

Having the old Victorian sash window open provide a gentle breeze during a very warm day. It wasn’t long before I slipped off my pencil skirt, revealing my sexy fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings, and ten strap suspender belt. Oh that’s much better, as I thrust my meaty cock deep into my slave’s mouth. Now take it, make sure you enjoy every inch sinking deep into your throat.

Fucking his mouth, and then comparing my length and girth to my slave’s petite penis. Oh dear, never mind, I have no use for it, so you may as well get used to it. The more I teased his penis, the harder he became. The more I told him he couldn’t perform to my high standards, the closer he came to spurting his hot cream, until finally, he couldn’t hold on any longer, what an explosion!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Marathon Cock Pumping Extraordinaire!

Protracted Bondage, Caged, Tormented, Teased and Encouraged!

Hours and hours of agonising cock pumping, from morning to midnight, it goes on and on and on, relentlessly, never ending, one after another! Well, at least that’s what I had hoped. However, my dear husband found the cock pump a little too overpowering, so much so, he continued to feel as though he was on the edge of a precipice, never able to quite reach an orgasm. I told him right at the beginning, he had a job to do, and even that was too much.

Rather than head off to the office, I wanted him in my dungeon producing milk for my slaves! Oh my goodness, the mere mention got his cock so erect, I struggled to remove his metal cage! WOW bulging was an understatement, as I finally prized it off. Having my husband strapped into my cast iron chair, arms bound in rope, legs strapped, body belted and strapped in, head hooded, and shackled to the chair! No room to wiggle free, and just as well, as the continued teasing and tormenting was just enormous, how he didn’t pass out was quite something. I would dearly love to show you the entire day, but given the amount of uploading I would have to do from my Manor would be impossible. What you will see, is the progression throughout the day into the night, until finally he explodes, and WOW oh WOW!!! Well, after having success, why stop there . . . . !
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