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DominatrixAnnabelle – Teasing, Tickling and Titillations!

Oh my goodness, yes indeed, I tease, smile, and laugh, laughter is the main feature throughout this wonderful movie! If ever I say, I have fun, well, look no further than right here, as you’ll witness! In fact, Tit – illation is very apt, as I tease his nipples with my wet tongue and pearly white teeth! My dear mailman shackled from the suspension frame, arms and legs spread wide, swinging back and forth in a bid to avoid connection. Oh but, even as he leans back, I stretch and oooohhhh, my teeth lock into position and sink into his lusciously large nipples, hanging on, while my devilish eyes paint a thousand words, mainly anything relating to sadism and glee!!!

Every time I watch my smile, my wickedly teasing expressions, leaves no evidence of misrepresentation. One has the reflex to grimace, in anticipation of the outcome, knowing it’s going to be painful, all the while I laugh, smile, and torment. Playfully toying with my slave! If you love nipple torment, you’ll love this movie, although I have no doubt you’ll love it anyway!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Spanked, Fucked and Denied!

There’s no mistaking My Artistry, crafting two perfect hand prints on my slave’s peachy buttocks, in order to heat up his bottom on a bitterly cold winter’s day! That’s a sure way to generate some heat to keep the blood flowing around one’s body! WOW the acoustics in my candlelit lair enhance each intense thwack. What a sting to bear, while his mouth is kept quiet using a gag!

As you can see in this image above, the Burdock, is a very useful plant indeed! If the ‘burrs’ or seeds come in contact with clothing, or hair, they annoyingly tangle. Mmm the thought of taking my slave for a stroll around my grounds naked through wild burdock would make things very interesting! I have deliberately left them untouched in the Paddock, as I intend using them on one individual who will find them intensely irritating. Oh yes, the threat is, if you don’t shave and keep your balls smooth as silk, I will ensure these wonderful seeds come into contact with your genital hairs! I’m sure that will get his attention! So, yes there is a message in this movie for my dear slave, who I will not name . . . be warned. The ‘burrs’ are there waiting for your return!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Humiliated while Bound, Trampled, and Flogged.

My adoring humble slave ready to serve his Goddess, and my goodness, he most certainly knows how to worship my meaty strap-on, appreciating a decent size penis rather than being reminded of how pathetic his little cock is. It was a real pleasure sinking my heels into the shaft of his chipolata, while trapped inside my hand made cock trampling board. The more I stamped, crushed and trod on his shaft, the harder it became. Whipping his torso, pulling the nipple clamps – OUCH!

Having the old Victorian sash window open provide a gentle breeze during a very warm day. It wasn’t long before I slipped off my pencil skirt, revealing my sexy fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings, and ten strap suspender belt. Oh that’s much better, as I thrust my meaty cock deep into my slave’s mouth. Now take it, make sure you enjoy every inch sinking deep into your throat.

Fucking his mouth, and then comparing my length and girth to my slave’s petite penis. Oh dear, never mind, I have no use for it, so you may as well get used to it. The more I teased his penis, the harder he became. The more I told him he couldn’t perform to my high standards, the closer he came to spurting his hot cream, until finally, he couldn’t hold on any longer, what an explosion!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Marathon Cock Pumping Extraordinaire!

Protracted Bondage, Caged, Tormented, Teased and Encouraged!

Hours and hours of agonising cock pumping, from morning to midnight, it goes on and on and on, relentlessly, never ending, one after another! Well, at least that’s what I had hoped. However, my dear husband found the cock pump a little too overpowering, so much so, he continued to feel as though he was on the edge of a precipice, never able to quite reach an orgasm. I told him right at the beginning, he had a job to do, and even that was too much.

Rather than head off to the office, I wanted him in my dungeon producing milk for my slaves! Oh my goodness, the mere mention got his cock so erect, I struggled to remove his metal cage! WOW bulging was an understatement, as I finally prized it off. Having my husband strapped into my cast iron chair, arms bound in rope, legs strapped, body belted and strapped in, head hooded, and shackled to the chair! No room to wiggle free, and just as well, as the continued teasing and tormenting was just enormous, how he didn’t pass out was quite something. I would dearly love to show you the entire day, but given the amount of uploading I would have to do from my Manor would be impossible. What you will see, is the progression throughout the day into the night, until finally he explodes, and WOW oh WOW!!! Well, after having success, why stop there . . . . !
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Cling Filmed and Candle Waxed!

Oh my goodness, how I love playing with my submissive gentleman, not only can he take intense candle wax treatment on his small penis, but he can endure intense tease while bound in tight with a thick layer of cling film. There is no escape whatsoever, he is encased, all wrapped up!

Teasing his leather hooded face with my succulent breasts, and teasing him with my hypnotic scent. A prolonged period of decadent bondage inside my candlelit dungeon deep in the country.
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Hypnosis! I have you under my Spell!

Stunning combination of sensual stimulation, taking hobson deep into a state of hypnosis, while he remains bound in my cast iron chair. A breath-taking intense eroticism, heightening all the senses, as I caress his face with my velvety lips, stroking his caged cock with my leather gloved hands, teasing and tormenting until he’s ready to burst from his metal cage! WOW!

I can feel his body tremble, as I continue whispering into his ear, lacing his throbbing penis with liquid silk, massaging it in with my leather gloved fingers. I slip my skirt off, and continue to tease his penis, sitting on him, oh my gorgeous fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings, lacy lingerie, corseted waist. As I continue to tease, leaning into his face, feeling his lips stroking my neck, sweet kisses, heavy breathing, panting, moaning. It’s almost too much to bear . . . . . !
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Cumming Home for Christmas!

Stunning satin corset, silky fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings, heavenly suspenders to tease my husband’s erect penis. A wonderful concoction of tease and torment, until finally I permit him to cum, and cum he does! WOW oh WOW, just wait and see when I insist you open wide!

It’s such a thrill to know you’re sitting there waiting for my instruction, as I encourage you to suck his penis, taking it deep throat. I know how much you want to please me, it’s your desire.
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Wheel of Fortune!

From breath-taking signature sounds of creaking leather, to the pleasurable moans echoing from within the dungeon walls. It’s just you, and I, and my husband, as I instruct you to open up wide, while I thrust that wonderful caged cock right into your mouth! Oh yes, I want you to feel the bulges from his cage, listen to him straining, as you lick the end of his knob, tasting his pre-cum, as it oozes out, causing a long spindly silk strand to dangle. Keep licking, sucking, tasting, devouring, while listening to my quintessential English voice encouraging you all the way. It’s utter tease and torment for the both of you, and I’m loving every moment of it. Putting you both through agonising prolonged pleasurable pain!

It’s painful while I tease you endlessly, building you both up for that almighty orgasm. I then tell you to stop wanking, while I slip on my meaty strap-on. This is where you will be told to thrust your cock into my husband’s mouth. Watch it glide in and out, sliding effortlessly. As I watch the shaft sinking deep, I hear you moaning, I can feel the intensity. My husband is bound tight to the wheel, lying horizontally for easy access, and my goodness, what a position for him to be in! It’s the wheel of fortune and I’m taking you both on a whirlwind ride, until finally I’m ready for you to take his thick HOT cream!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Upside Down with the Mailman!

I’m often seen smiling in my movies, is it any wonder why, when I have the most fun, energetic, enthusiastic man up for anything, or should I say upside down for anything! As you’ve seen I’ve enhanced my suspension activities with the use of my electric hoist, and on this occasion having my man hanging upside down was most enjoyable! I can’t express enough just how good it is to have so much fun with a gentleman who is up for almost anything!!!

I must say, the photo of him hanging in this position portrays his body as pretty muscular! Clamping his nipples, arms strapped behind his back, hooded and plugged, with all his senses heightened, made the prolonging torment of being denied even more intense.

WOW oh WOW, what a day of pleasurable enjoyment.
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DominatrixAnnabelle – The Rapscallions Par Excellence!

With Halloween fast approaching, there’s nothing quite like watching a most atmospheric movie, combined with the most erotic stimulation! My rapscallions are seen fighting it out between them, in a bid to find out who is Mistress’s favourite and most trustworthy subservient! Of course, as usual nothing ever goes to plan when the two of them come together! Always goading each other, getting themselves into trouble! During the start of this movie, you’ll see hobson polishing my leather boots before I send him outside to finish raking up the fallen leaves from the drive.

My dear george is hiding in the bushes, ready to sling shot woodland debris at hobson. However, they both end up in an argument, and race it out between them. As seen in this wonderful movie, they both take a tumble, knocking themselves out! Fast forward to a moonlit sky, the dulcet barks of a fox, merging into a candlelit dungeon. Both boys are strapped, bound and hooded.

Pretty soon you hear their voices awaken, with the stark realisation they’re both in trouble!
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WOW watch as george receives his just deserts, a good pounding with my strap-on, followed by mouth fucking, and intense edging, before I finally permit dear george to let it all go, and boy does he let it fly! Right into your mouth! Mmm and you’re loving it so much! I love building the tension between you and I, and of course my slave, in this case, it’s dear george. I cannot express enough just how much he thoroughly enjoys being depraved, something you’ll see a lot of. Yes he’s getting more and more debauched every time I see him. Pretty soon, he’ll be begging for a thoroughly good old fashion spit roasting.

I love how I can push his boundaries, both physically and mentally, it’s a sensational movie, powerful and intense. It’ll have you sitting at the edge of your seat, just begging for more. I know you, and I know you’re right at home with me, under my full control, just like dear george! There’s nothing quite like serving his Mistress, his Goddess, day and night!
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Hypnotically Cruel. Erotically Enticing. Atmospheric and Alluring. My dear infamous butler returns for another breath-taking session of decant debauchery. After being away from me for what seems like an eternity, his heart was almost at breaking point. Working away has one major disadvantage, and that’s the very large hole that’s left in george’s aching heart. Missing me terribly was just too much to bear!

Come home george, it’s time you return where you belong, under my leather booted soles! My dearest george shares the same passion as me, LEATHER. We have an unbelievable desire for leather outfits and leather boots, and here you will see george at his best. As he approaches my black wrought iron gates, you can almost feel the tension, his anxiety, and his excitement. It never ceases to amaze him how he always has this intense heart pounding adrenalin rush before presenting himself at my door!

It’s so intense, he’s almost ready to pass out as I swing open the door to greet him. I take him down to my candlelit dungeon, and as we embrace, he takes in a deep breath. My scent from my neck, and décolletage is so powerful, his cock stands to attention with such force it’s almost verging on being painful!

I can’t wait for you to indulge in this movie, there is so much more to come!
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WOW over 17 minutes of pure leather erotica!

This particular movie has been filmed for a number of my members who are absolute die hard leather fetish lovers. I receive an incredible amount of requests for movies, and I do try and work their thoughts and desires into my real life sessions. It’s not always possible to create everyone’s tastes, some are rather unique, more so than others. It’s just a matter of what works best with my gentleman friends. Leather is a popular Fetish, and one I love too!

What makes this movie a little different, is because one gentleman, who resides in Australia wanted to see me reading The Financial Times! Well that’s easy, as I often have the pink paper with my morning cup of tea, before I crack on with my day! My goodness, I really am thrilled with the way I’ve edited the movie. Seriously, you MUST plug in your ears, as the leather’s signature creaking sound is exquisite! It’s a real mind and muscle fuck!

I’m really looking forward to your thoughts, I know you’ll love it as much as I’ve enjoyed filming it. I can’t tell you just how much enjoyment I had, it’s sensational.
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Atmospheric, foreboding, erotic and stimulating. A mouth watering concoction of experiencing the wonderful sounds of my genuine leather, while I sink my meaty muscle into my gentleman’s mouth! Oh my goodness, how he loves to take it deep throat! Placing him over the whipping bench, spreading his legs, and thrusting my strap-on deep inside his very wet mouth. The knob hits the back of his throat, causing him to reflex and splutter. Mmm . . always wanting more, what a greedy slut. Is it any wonder how his penis doesn’t shoot it’s load! The reason he loves my meaty cock so much, is because it does put his to shame! The comparison is quite obvious, and while I could judge, I just tell him to focus on my decent size, something that will make him feel as though he really has a mouth full!

My gentleman is in need of discipline, and I do love the sound of my leather whip, slicing the air while giving him a thoroughly hard flogging to his peachy buttocks. My slave is so perverted he dreams of sucking cock all the time, and his fantasy is to be thoroughly spit-roasted. Well, I’m sure you can imagine how depraved that is, and how he really is in need of receiving his punishment. However, I will always praise and reward for his atonement. What a surprise he received as I nestled my buttocks up to his face, for his tongue to worship! The smell of my gorgeous leather, it’s creaking sound, and the way it hugs my sexy figure!
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As my dearest gentleman arrives at my Manor, his heart pounds heavy in anticipation of what’s to come! A long journey, followed by a most erotic, and sensationally wicked session of tease and torment to his nipples, while bound, strapped and suspended from my tree!

It’s nipple extraordinaire for one reason, I desire to tease his nipples so it lasts right into the afternoon, while we’re tucking into a lavish meal at a plush restaurant. Every time he brushes against his shirt, he’ll feel the those wonderful tingling and painful sensations, bringing back his session to the forefront of his mind! Watching him wince while I devour another mouthful of exquisite cuisine, I smile with a real glint in my eye! Mmm . . . What a delicious reminder!

From exquisite nipple torment, to bondage, anal play and spitting. My dearest gentleman endures a long session of pure eroticism. Oh yes indeed he must hold on, until I permit him to cum for me. And, my goodness, does he gush, when he can no longer hold on! It’s a battle of wills, while I continue to tease, stop, tease, stop, and tease some more! There’s nothing quite like holding on to the bitter end!
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