DOC Redux – Meeting the Creepy Man – Amanda Blow

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017
  The Legend about the Town Creep has spread rapidly... The onlookers and curiousity seekers have begun to come out in droves and Amanda is one of them... She has a dangerous, twisted curiousity that needs to be satisified and she'll do just about anything to make it so... She arrives and investigates hoping to stumble upon the truth. Disappointed she finds nothing and decides to take the matter into her own hands... Just when she thinks she's all alone, she discovers that she isn't after all... The recluse creep has a plan… Read More

DOC Redux – Otto’s New Sex Slave – Breanne Benson

Thursday, March 16th, 2017
  Breanne is the typical LA girl; blonde hair, tan body, and HOT! Otto put in a special request for this type of girl and we can't disappoint our clients so, we got her. We have her strung up on display for him to explore and have his way with. It takes a little time for her to warm up to Otto's level of intensity but, even if she doesn't, it's ok. He is here for one thing, and it doesn't matter to him if she likes it or not. Her role is to suffer and take cock, that's it. Let's see how she does Read More

DOC Redux – Bound and Fucked by Deen – McKenzee Miles

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016
  The sly, young James Deen is back for more bondage romping at the dungeon. He asks us to find him a cute little blonde and we recruit Mckenzee Miles to be his fuck-bitch for the day. James enters the steel dungeon and meets the Pope. Mckenzee is hanging in a hogtie, high in the rafters and the Pope lowers her down to a more appropriate hieght. James takes his time getting to know his slave as he tells her how it is and gropes her very fine, pink pussy. He uses the magic wand to make Mckenzee cum before putting his cock… Read More

DOC Redux – Sexual Surrender – Jennifer Dark

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016
  Jennifer Dark is a European knock out who is new to the bondage world. From what we gather, this is her first bondage shoot and she surely doesn't disappoint... Naked, gagged and tied to the bed Ms. Dark is greeted by James Deen in the Dungeon cell. Master Deen takes his flogger out and flails it across Jennifer's naked torso and ass. As he works his whip, Jennifer moans in anguished pleasure. After her ass turns… Read More