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Clubstiletto – My Feet, My Pits and My Spit, That’s All – Miss XI

This POV opens with miss Xi dangling her 7″ stiletto from her size 4 foot, right in front of your face. She tells you to get your nose in between the shoe and her heel for a smell. Her feet are stinky from being at the gym earlier and she didn’t shower just so she could spoil you with her smell. She holds a shoe on with two toes so you can lick between the other toes. Now both shoes are removed and you get a close up view of her sexy soles and toes.

She lays her feet on the ground and spits on them so you can lick up the spit while worshiping her feet. It rolls onto the ground and she tells you to lick that up to. Now you get a close view of her mouth as she generates another big gob of spit which also falls to her feet. “Lick them, doesn’t that taste good?” she asks you. She rolls on her side and says she knows you want to sniff her sweaty crotch too. Her sweet ass cheeks are so enticing but she denies you and brings her feet back into your face. She stands up now and brings her bubble butt up to your face and then removes her sweater and tells you to sniff her armpits. “Lick it all up” she orders you. First one pit and then the other. Her breasts are now right in your face. “Not for you” she says, “all you get are my feet, my spit and my pits.”
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IWantJasmine – Cum Licking Footbitch

My Feet enslave you don’t they? You would do anything just to serve my beautiful feet. Even Lick all this cum off my feet. So warm and sticky in between my toes, just a big mess for you to clean up. Thats all you are good for, my dirty little cum eating foot bitch. Thats right, My Dirty… Little….. foot bitch. Im going to Transform you into a cum loving foot slave. You don’t have a choice anymore, don’t try and fight it because in the end I always get my way. So get on the floor, kiss my cummy toes and lick this mess up.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Leather Clad Worship

I swear, every submissive boy is a slut for leather. If I just put on a leather corset or a wetlook bodysuit, all of you little sluts just cream in your pants. The sweet smell of leather intoxicates you. You imagine the feel of my buttery soft gloves against your hard cock. This particular outfit is very traditional in my line of work. One look at me and you can imagine all of the terrible things I’m going to do to you in this outfit. You can imagine worshipping my leather. I bet if you close your eyes right now you can smell the scent of my sweat mixed with the scent of this leather. You’re hard just thinking about it, aren’t you? Of course you are. This look is iconic and inspires all of your devious fantasies.
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Annnnnd go! Start stroking. fast. faster… go , go , go stroke.. Look at me and go. That’s it. Dry. there’s no time. you gotta stroke fast and cum fast. just explode already. go, go go! Were goin’ for multiple orgasm here. Look at me and stroke, stroke, stroke. Now rip your hand away. ruin it.
Now you got some tiny cum drips all over yourself for lube. don’t stop stroking. Nothings changed. I’m still super hot and I’m still draining your balls. now stroke, stroke, stroke.
This only ends with drained balls and permanent chastity!
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You wake up and everything feels hazy. You’re in pain in weird places and you don’t recognize the room you’re in. A few seconds of adjustment and you realize you’re in a hospital. A beautiful woman is sitting across from you speaking low and soft, trying not to frighten you. It seems you were in an accident two years ago and have been in and out of a coma ever since. Nobody knows who you are. You don’t know who you are. So your doctors have brought in an expert on hypn0sis in order to free your memories. She talks sweetly to you and gently lowers your walls and you drift into trance. As she’s speaking though, you notice her voice shifts. Suddenly she’s not speaking of regaining your memories. She wants you to forget them. She wants you to forget all of your life before the coma in order to embrace a new life of servitude. You will serve her. She will be your Goddess. When you wake again, there will be nothing left of your life before her.
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CumCountdown – Are You Watching Me? – Goddess Nikki

Don’t think I didn’t see you last night, sitting at the dinner table with your wife but spending most of your time staring at me. I can’t blame you considering how good this dress looks on me, and now here you are standing in front of me. Looks like you will make another fine addition to my stable of male slaves who just can’t get me out of their heads.
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GoddessFootDomination – Christmas Gift for You

Your mistress, master and ultimate everything Goddess Brianna has paused to pay you a little attention. This is the greatest gift possible for an obedient foot slave. She presses her bare soles against the bars of your cage and allows you to taste her incredible feet. She even dips her toes through so you can feel them briefly in your undeserving mouth. Brianna instructs you to shake your ass for her so she can watch your tiny balls move like jingle bells. You’re being a good boy to serve the goddess’s foot cleaning needs. Goddess Brianna even offers a few kind words for the holiday season, but you are not getting out of the cage.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Watch and Obey: Financial Enslavement

This is the second video in my wildly popular new “Watch and Obey” series. With old school subliminal message style hypn0sis I’m going to mold your mind whether you want it or not. The extensive editing and detail in this series are best experienced with the lights off and headphones on.

I’m very pleased with your progress. Watching my hypn0sis videos over and over again has trained your mind in a way that makes you permanently susceptible to my commands. This is good. Today I’ve prepared a new set of programming for you. There are some troublesome habits I’ve noticed from you. You cling to all of your hard earned money like it defines you. You need to realize that your money does not define you, your servitude does. This burden of financial responsibility is one of the things I want to remove from your life, and reprogram from your mind. How do you expect to be a good slave if you do not contribute your financial worth? You dedicate everything else. You dedicate your orgasms, your cum, your mind, your soul. Why is your wallet any different? I know you feel you are attached to this notion of excessive monetary worth, but today I’m going to eradicate that thought pattern. Every cent of the funds you do not need to live should be tribute to your Goddess. I know this will be a difficult transition for you. This society has made you cling to your financial worth. But how else do you expect to serve your Goddess?
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Clubdom – Crawl to the Cock (POV) – Jean Bardot, Lydia Supremacy

Jean Bardot and Lydia Supremacy have caught you! They see you looking. Looking at their perfect bodies covered in shiny latex. Looking at their big cocks. Crawl over for a closer look slut! Watch them as they stroke their cocks and teach you how to stroke your cock. You better learn quick because when they count down to zero, you better shoot a big load!
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JerkToMyFeet – Secret Santa – Sofie Reyez

It’s that time of year and sexy Sofie Reyez is about to draw a name from the hat to see who she’ll give a Secret Santa gift. What do you know; it’s you! This won’t require a trip to the mall because Sofie already knows what you most want. She raises her feet, wiggles her toes and invites you over. She offers them to you for foot worship. She loves the way it feels when you have her toes in your mouth. Lick’em, suck’em an enjoy them as much as you wish. Sofie spots your boner and tells you to pull it out and jerk off while worshiping her bare feet. It doesn’t take you long because this is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. With perfect feet on a pretty girl like Sofie Reyez you’re going to make it a white Christmas for sure.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – My Ruthless Gloves

Another custom clip! You executrix sluts and glove whores will love this one.

I’m a world class hit woman visiting a potential client. It’s clear though, that my client isn’t serious about hiring me. I can see his eyes wandering down my leather skirt, to my breasts and all the way down my leather gloved hands. It’s clear this meeting won’t be fruitful financially, so I decide to have a little fun so it won’t be a total waste of time. I describe in detail how I like to subdue my targets. Scissor holds and head squeezing being two of my favorite methods. I can see the bulge in his pants growing with every word. I decide to take off my jacket and take down my hair before unbuttoning a few of my buttons. I’m going to tease this little time-waster and let him jerk off. Why? Because when he’s done, he’ll be too exhausted to defend himself. Then he’ll know the true and life ending power of my leather gloved hands.
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Miss Honey Barefeet

I want to tell you something that’s going to make you so horny. I’m going to tell you about the first time I tasted cum. I know you’re already excited. You want to know all of the dirty details.

The first time I there was a lot of cum and it tasted amazing. It was salty and sticky but it was so fucking good that I wanted more. I wanted a lot of cum in my mouth. Girls get really wet when they’re sucking cock. What I’m trying to say is I fucking love it. And I want to share it with you. Do you think you could share the taste of cum with me? Your cum.
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MeanBitches – Alura Jenson POV Slave Orders 3

You just accepted a new job as Alura Jenson’s personal assistant, but you didn’t realize she was going to treat you like dirt. She belittles and degrades you , and laughs as you obey her commands. She knows you need this job, so you will do as she tells you, WON’T YOU BITCH? HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP,…
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