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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Travel Slave

I bet you’ve been following me on social media. I’ve been having all of these wonderful adventures and I get messages every day that say “Oh Goddess, how I wish I could travel with you.” While my adventures may be luxurious and fun, if you were to travel with me I would require you to be my travel slave. You would do whatever, and whomever I say. I would require you to service every single one of my traveling companions in whatever way they wish. My guy friends would fuck your face. My female companions may just want to lay you outside and humiliate you while the whole camp watches. Who knows? Being given the opportunity to travel with me would be such a high honor for someone as low as you. For me this kind of trip would be fun. For you, it would be no pleasure cruise.
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Chateau-Cuir – Gloved Army Babe Part 1

Army babe Yoha is taking a break whilst wearing her leather boots, gloves and camouflage outfit. She loves this uniform, all that leather makes her so horny. She loves to tease you with her sexy leatherclad body, are you excited to see more?
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Princess Trina Tells Her Friend Sasha What a Total Loser You Are

“I told my girlfriend Sasha about this little-dick loser I know who has a weakness for mean girls. She laughed and didn’t believe me. So I’m inviting you to come over to kiss our toes before we go out to the clubs tonite. You know you want to, jerky-pants. Be warned: Sasha is meaner than I am. LOL @ U…”
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CumCountdown Today Will Be A Little Different

Strip, kneel and place yourself in front of me. Don’t even think about touching my cock, I control when you see it, I control when you touch it, I control if it remains locked up or is allowed to be free. It may be attached to your body, but it’s still my property. You haven’t been sending me enough tributes pig, so now your cock will sit there and throb without any relief.
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GloveMansion – Voyeur gets a horny handjob part 1

He is watching her…as she is enjoying her long leather gloves…but Gina has spotted him! To his own surprise his hot young stepdaughter invites him to come closer and starts playing with his cock!
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MeanBitches – Mercedes Carrera POV Slave Orders 5

You wanted to hire a personal trainer so you came to Mercedes’s Gym. She doesn’t like wimps. She makes you her BITCH… she makes you lick her sweaty asshole and kiss her sweaty feet!
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Humiliatrix – Amazon Goddess Vika Crushes Your Pathetic Little Package

“Let’s have a ‘cockfight,’ shall we? Let’s put your sputtering cock and balls up against my size 10 shoe — with its seven-inch stiletto heel. If you can still get a puny penis erection after what I’m going to do to you? After I smush your balls and stub your cock into the carpet like a smoldering cigarette? I’ll let you try to cum…”
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Lighter Than Smoke

Do you feel… heavy? You know, I can help you with that. All you have to do is go down for me. Go down for me, and it will begin to feel like floating. Breathing will feel like your being. You’re going to become weightless and transparent. Your life is going to fall away as you float away. I will make you vapor I can breathe in. You will become my breath. You will become part of me. How could you be heavy when you’re a part of me?
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Internet Girlfriend

With the magic of the internet, FemDoms online have created a culture and community of men who all share the same kinks. You watch all of us for each of your little perversions and you have 24 hour access to our faces. Whether it’s social media or our videos you can see us whenever you want on your screen. Unfortunately for you and the millions of other men that delve into FemDom, it created a sense of relationship. It created a sense of possession. But you don’t know me. You’ve probably never met me. Chances are I’ll never meet you either. Frankly, I don’t want to meet you. The more you stroke, the more you create this image of your fantasy dominant girlfriend. It’s kind of sad really. But this is the world you live in now. You’ll keep sending money to your online internet girlfriend. You’ll do whatever it takes to keep this relationship alive in your mind.
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Clubstiletto – Lady Katy’s Feet Treat

Lady Katy is relaxing on her discipline bench and calls you over to attend to her feet. As you move in close you can see that her feet are dirty and fabric, hair and other questionable things are clinging to her sweaty soles. She tells you that she doesn’t care what’s on her feet, she expects you to eat it all. “Lick all the way up and down, in between the toes” she tells you. She wants the toe jam gone and her feet generally spotless.
She curls her toes and then tells you to open your mouth so she can see all the junk in it, shocked how much there actually is. Next she spreads her toes and orders you to suck each one. “I can tell my feet are smelly even from over here” she says, telling you how she spent the day in the hot sun. Katy reminds you that as her 24/7 slave you should expect to always keep her feet clean and if you do a good job she might wash it all down with her p1ss. She puts her feet together and rubs them on your face enabling you to give them one final lick before locking you back in your cage.
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Humiliatrix – Bikini Goddess Ashleigh Gives You (Purple, Pink &) Blueballs

“Since I’ve got you tightly confined in your chastity cage, I thought I’d enjoy the pleasure of modeling my bikinis in front of you. In purple, pink and blue. Can you guess why I chose those colors? Think hard, dumb-dumb, while you’re getting down on your knees. See if you can contain your drooling and whimpering…”
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Picnic Pleasures in the Paddock!

The sweet fragrance of meadow flowers, among wild garlic stimulates the senses, while the mid morning warmth from the early summer sun generates an uplifting mood, putting a spring in my leather booted step! As I stroll through the long grass, my gentleman’s eyes gaze upon the leather tail trailing behind. Thoughts awash his mind of vivid pleasures, as he begins to imagine what I have in store for him. Knowing how I love to brandish my brown leather bullwhip in my leather gloved hand, he wouldn’t be too far wrong to think I may be flicking it’s tail, to listen to it’s signature crack as the leather connects.
I continue to walk along the track until venturing up to the black wrought iron gate. It’s time I had some fun! As I mount the bars, I lean over flicking my long brunette hair to one side. My breasts bulge, accentuating my deep cleavage! As my slave looks up, he sighs, the vision before him takes his breath away, gazing longingly in the hope he’ll be permitted to bury his face deep into my breasts. The wait feels an eternity, as I continue to tease and torment his throbbing erect penis! It’s so hard it hurts! Thwack from my leather crop, thwack, thwack, thwack!
Well, that hasn’t worked, the thwacking just makes him harder! Whilst he grits his teeth absorbing the sting from it’s tail, he continues to look up, and sighs, there’s no place like home!
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Premature Ejaculator’s Facial

It’s so sad how prevalent premature ejaculation has become in men these days. You boys all masturbate incessantly and condition yourselves to cum in 30 seconds or less. You know you’re never going to please a woman that way right? If your little pecker can’t last for more than a minute how do you expect to give anyone an orgasm other than yourself? So I’ve invented this little game to help all of your early ejaculators. You’re going to position yourself with your ass in the air and your cock dangling over your face. You’re going to stroke as I writhe and tease you. If you can keep control of yourself, I’ll let you get down and cum normally. If you can’t hold out, you’ll have to cum all over your face. If you can’t hold out, you’ll just have to play this video over and over again until your stamina is acceptable.
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Humiliatrix – Sadistic Becky Prepares You to Get Fucked Like a Sissy Bimbo

“I’m getting ready for a date. I’m not going out with you, wussy. But don’t cry. I made YOU a date too. With my friend Brad. I’m going to doll you up in something pink and feminine just like me. Panties. Lingerie. And then you’re going to practice taking a cock, until I’m satisfied that you can satisfy Brad and his 11-inch cock..”
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Humiliatrix – Tiffani Destroys You for Being a Humiliatrix-Addicted Jerk Off

“Oh my god. Are you on Humiliatrix.com AGAIN? Getting ready to jerk your pathetic little pecker? In your filthy, smelly pig pen? Eeew. You can jerk your disgusting little dick to THIS: Me, looking you straight in the eye, telling you exactly how disgusting you are. You can jerk out the pig snot to THAT…”
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