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Princess Beverly – The Good Bad And The Ugly

Together we are going to mind fuck and bully you to the brink of financial ruin. We are going to drive you insane and your are going to love every minute of it. Think of us as the good cop bad cop of your life, you do what Nina says or face the wrath of Beverly! You are totally out bitch now . And oh yeah if there is any question your the ugly LOL.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Singular Devotion

Your obsession with Femdom has gotten you into a lot of trouble over the years, hasn’t it? I’m sure you’ve been caught jerking off to humiliating videos before. You’ve spent so much of your money on clips and tributes to online Dommes. You’ll do whatever you need to in order to live out your submissive nature. You’ve probably even exhibited dangerous addictive behavior in pursuit of the high of serving. You’ve been a lost submissive drowning in a wave of online Domination. I can change that. There’s nothing wrong with being a submissive, but it’s clear you need a Domme that speaks with truth and experience. You need a woman who will direct you to actualize your full potential as a slave. Someone who turns you into a slave that takes care of himself, in order to take care of his Domme. You need someone who understands your submissive nature and nourishes it. You’ve wandered for so long- lost and destructive. That is, until you found me.
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GloveMansion – Black leather gloved masturbation

Nomi is relaxing in her leather outfit. Her sexy wrist length leather gloves are turning her on. They feel amazing on her skin and she cannot help herself but start playing with her wet pussy. A gloved orgasm is always the best.
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Towering Over You in Stilettos

The scene starts with you in bare feet or flats looking at the camera. The camera is the point of view of a 5’11 man. You say that he seems tall but you plan on seeing how tall. You then put on your big boots and then stand up in them. You are amazed to find that you tower over the 5’11 man and mock him for being so small. You continue to taunt him and then order him to bow down and kiss your feet- which he does. After a while you grow tired of him and tell him to get lost.”
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Wrapped and Subjected to My Ass

Agent 38051 is in so very much trouble. After being seduced by another Agent and being only allowed to breathe in her farts, he’s forgotten all of his training. He’s allowed himself to be wrapped and taken prisoner to this beautiful Agent. Through a mixture of gas and face sitting, she’s deprived his brain of enough oxygen that he’ll do whatever she pleases. She can even lock him in a scissor hold with her powerful thighs with almost no resistance. Unfortunately for Agent 38051, he’s lost all scope of the mission and where the chip is. After a final scissor hold, she may have to just dispose of him since he no longer has the information she requires. He’s no longer a spy or a man. She’s turned him into nothing more than a chair to be sat upon.
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GoddessFootDomination – All Holes Must Be Filled While in Chastity

Goddess Brianna and Ava Durga are teaming up on a sweet little sissy. They order the crossdressing slut to lick their toes and stroke their strap on cocks. These two dominant MILF’s are going to break their new toy in right by filling his every hole. The sissy remains on all fours and serves his masters in every way ordered until spilling his seed on the floor. The two dommes laugh at him and begin planning even more ways to use him for their enjoyment.
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Humiliatrix – You Belong in Voluntary Chastity for Unattainable Princess Ashleigh

“Since we both know you’ll never be worthy of a goddess like me, there’s only one thing for you to do: snap your useless little manhood into a chastity tube, lock it shut tight, and beg me to take the key. This is the only way that I will ever pay attention to rejects, virgins and wussies like you. Voluntary chastity for Ashleigh…”
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Humiliatrix – You Are Fucked: Princess Remi Knows Your Most Humiliating Secret

0You Are Fucked Princess Remi Knows Your Most Humiliating Secret_thumb
“I know a secret. Your secret. Your most shameful, embarrassing secret. So. We can do this one of two ways: You can admit the truth or pay the consequences. Either way, you’re fucked. In every sense of the word. What’s it gonna be? Hmm, bitch boy? How would you like to take your punishment…”
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GloveMansion – Latex gloved nurse masturbation

Nurse Tina Kay is not shy at all, she adores her latex uniform and her tight gloves so much, she happily shows you how she gets herself off once the patients are out of the clinic. This is one horny rubberclad nurse!
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Goddess Jewels Will Train You To Be Her 24/7 – Lick All The Sweat From My Body

You have been making progress under the guidance of beautiful BBW Goddess Jewels. Today she has another task for you that you can expect to do on a regular basis, lick all the sweat from her body. “I just got off the elliptical” she tells you, “and I need my entire body licked clean before my boyfriend comes over.” Jewels directs you across her body starting with her feet which she will ram in your mouth before making you lick the soles and suck each toe. Next she has you move up her legs, first one and then the other, but only to the knees. Then from there you will lick up her thighs, so close to the pussy but that’s not for you, maybe in time but you have to prove yourself first.

Now she rolls over to expose her big fat ass. She spreads her cheeks and tells you to lick up and down the crack including her hole and then her entire ass. Up her back you go, where there is a lot of sweat. “Don’t miss a spot” she warns you. “Everything but the pussy.” Should you ever get the uncontrollable urge and lick her there she will lay you on your back and sit on your face with no mercy. Now her neck, then her hair, even that is damp and sticky. Next behind her ear, then she rolls on her back so you can lick her breasts, especially under them where the sweat accumulates. Finally it’s her sweaty armpits, one then the other. You’ve licked her almost everywhere, now it’s time for you to be locked away while she has her man over. “At least you’ll have my taste in your mouth, you lucky boi” she tells you as you crawl back to your cage in her closet.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Ultimate Cocksucker Training Marathon

This is the most intense cocksucker training video I’ve ever released. A FULL HOUR of pure gay mindfuck. You would not believe how many emails a day I get from boys who want to suck cock for me. But there seems to be some so called “straight” boys that are struggling with the concept. A good slave knows that his perceived sexuality means literally nothing to me. What matters to me is what I want. I want you boys to be sucking cock for me. I don’t care what your hang ups or aversions are. You’re going to get your lips around a dick for your Goddess. I know it’s sometimes a difficult jump to make, even for those of you who crave my approval in this matter. That’s why I made this master compilation of all of my tantalizing coerced bi clips. My beautiful body combined with images of fat cocks will trick your brain into finally making that step for me. You’re going to sit through an entire hour of this brainwashing until all you want is another man’s cock in your mouth and his hot sticky load down your throat. I don’t care how straight you think you are. After this clip, you’ll be salivating at the mere mention of cock.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Just A Touch

You boys all obsess over getting your dick in a pussy. You think you need some warm, moist sheath to make you cum when really all you need is just a touch. A single stroke of a finger expertly applied can make you spurt all over yourself. It’s all a matter of the right movement and pressure. Of course, getting you all worked up with the sight of my beautiful body helps you along. You all think you need to jerk into a hand or toy to get you off. You seriously underestimate the most singular touch. Follow along with me and I’ll show you.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – No Touch Orgasm While I Stroke

I know you dream of me touching your cock. Every time you masturbate to one of my videos you imagine your hand is mine. You imagine that my hand is gently (or not so gently) squeezing and gripping your head and shaft. I want you to imagine my hands like you always have, except today you won’t have the aid of your hand to help you. I want you to watch me stroke my cock and imagine it as your own without stroking at all yourself. The power of the mind is an amazing thing. You can imagine without any touch at all, my delicate fingers tracing your every swollen inch. I want you to get lost in this feeling. I’m going to make you cum with no hands at all, just by watching me.
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Humiliatrix – Goddess Vika Compares Your Puny Little Penis to a Big Thick Cock

“Let’s compare your little penis to the kind of cocks that excite me. Look at this big thick cock. Then let’s look at yours. Show me. Let’s see how you fit into an XL-sized condom. Can you fill it for me? Or do you belong in one of these: a pink, sissy-sized condom?…”
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