Humiliatrix – Your Sexy Step-Domme Kendra Teases, Shames and Denies You

Thursday, January 4th, 2018
  "Don't try to hide that silly little bump in your pajama bottoms. I know the truth. You have a secret shameful crush on your beautiful step-dommy. How ridiculous you are, little man. You know you'll never make it into the big bed with me. But you can still dream -- as you rub your sad little nub in frustration for me..." Read More

Humiliatrix – Princess Missy Lets You Worship Her Amazing Latex-Clad Ass

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016
21254408_21253918_misbws.gif   "What's better for keeping you submissive and weak than a leash and tight collar around your dick and balls? My perfect ass in tight latex. I can feel you falling to your knees already, loser. Want to grind your nose into my cheeks? Want to be Missy's disposable ass wipe? Start begging and drooling..."   Princess Missy, butt tease, ass worship, taunting, denial... Read More

Infernal Restraints – May 13, 2016: Denial | Dresden

Saturday, May 14th, 2016
  There is no release coming for platinum blonde babe Dresden. She has a day ahead of her that is nothing but torment, and most girls get paid off in exquisite orgasms throughout the experience, but Dresden is not so lucky. It isn't anything she did, or anything about her. She is sexy as hell. She has a fit body with tight curves that beg to be handled by a strong man. She has a tight, wet pussy that begs to be fucked. But most of the begging today is going to come from her mouth, as she breathlessly asks O.T. for permission… Read More

Humiliatrix – Tiffani and Becky Torment Your Caged Cock with Tits, Tongue & Toes

Saturday, April 30th, 2016
  "Once you're locked into chastity, we know that all you think about is cumming. How would you like to cum for us? We're not gonna let you, of course, but we want you to die a thousand deaths inside your penis prison while we lick, flick and stick your caged cock where ever we want, as we laugh at your frustration..."   Princess Tiffani, Princess Becky, cockteasing, male chastity, BJ taunts, denial... … Read More

Humiliatrix – Goddess Selena Taunts and Teases You as She Prepares for a Date

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016
Humiliatrix - Goddess Selena Taunts and Teases You as She Prepares for a Date   "Look at you. Drooling with your dick poking up in your pants as I get ready for a date. You make me laugh. Staring at my big tits, your dick throbbing as I bend over to gloss my lips. That desperation boner of yours is a pitiful sight. Because you're not getting anything tonight. It's ALL for him, none for you..." Goddess Selena, cuckolding, ignoring you, make-up fetish, outfit testing, denial... Read More

Humiliatrix – Topless Tiffani Edges Her Sissy Bath Slave in the Chastity Cage

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015
Humiliatrix - Topless Tiffani Edges Her Sissy Bath Slave in the Chastity Cage   "Would you like to be my bath slave? Give me bubble baths, towel me dry, paint my toes and brush my hair, to prepare me for my dates? You would? Wonderful. Then, before I get naked, let's get your throbbing little nubbie locked tight into this pink chastity cage. Then you can start serving your Goddess..." Princess Tiffani, goddess worship, sissy servitude, chastity, denial, edging... Read More

Tease And Thank you – What’s a Punishment?

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015
Tease And Thank you - What's a Punishment? Awkward bondage, cock tease, self-spanking, humiliation, spandex fetish, pouty "bad-girl" talk, butt tease, stroking, denial, mean girl, will I ever learn? Tease And Thank you Download: Download file - 91.7 MB Read More