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SubbyHubby – Dava and Brianna Bring Home Slaves Part 3: Chindo Slave

The guys are now on the floor on their knees with their hands behind their backs, like good slaves. They have a much better attitude now! The slaves are realizing that they won’t be going to “pound town” tonight, at least not the way they thought. The slaves have been so good that they are given the privilege of worshipping their Goddess’ pussies. Goddess Brianna’s slave is doing his job well but Dava’s pathetic bitch strikes out at the pussy. Since he sucks at eating pussy, Dava reaches over and grabs a dildo gag and shoves it in the bitch’s mouth. If he can’t please Dava with his mouth then he will do with a chindo. Goddess Dava will get off though! At least the slave knows how to fuck with a dildo gag. Both Goddesses scream in pleasure as their slaves please them. This night just keeps getting better!
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SubbyHubby – Dava and Brianna Bring Home Slaves Part 1

Dava and Brianna are relaxing at home when they notice the neighborhood pervert peeking through the window. This is not your average, run of the mill, creep either. This idiot is wearing a little pink crop top and is playing with his fully exposed little dick. The two ladies have seen this pathetic creep before, it’s their neighbor. They decide to put on a show for the loser, Dava lowers her dress revealing her huge tanned tits. Brianna begins to lick Dava’s perky nipples and then they sit on the couch to get more comfortable. This peeking tom pervert must think he’s hit the jackpot! Not so fast! They bust the creepy neighbor and bring him inside. Now it’s time for him to pay! The ladies position hum on the couch with his ass up in the air and drop down his ridiculous red leggings. They proceed to punish the perv by giving him a sound spanking. To prove how sorry, he is the women tell him to go to the store and bring back champagne and flowers. He better not be late!
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SubbyHubby – Dava and Brianna Bring Home Slaves Part 2: Foot Licking Slaves

The two dudes that Brianna and Dava met earlier have arrived at the house. They are so stoked that they are about to hook up with these smoking girls! They ask the ladies what all that stuff about being kinky was about? The guys tell them they are kinky and are down for whatever. They might end up regretting that statement later. Turns out the guys idea of kinky is taking them to “pound town”. Well, the girls’ idea is a little different! They put pink collars on their new slaves and ordered them to undress. These guys are going to have to worship their Goddess feet and they better do it well! The boys suck on their toes and lick their feet until Dava and Brianna are satisfied. The foot worshipping makes Dava so horny that she can’t help but to rub her wet pussy. Brianna and Dava end up on their hands and knees kissing each other while the slaves continue to suck their Goddess’ toes.
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Subby Hubby – Dava Foxx – Goddess Dava and Your Tongue

You Know what time it is, take Dava Foxx’s shoes off and put that tongue to work! Goddess Dava wants to be able to see her reflection when you’re done! While you’re busy licking between her toes, She will be deciding what to dress you in to watch her use her fucktoy later. Make sure to stretch that tongue out even more because she is going to give you both her feet to lick at the same time since you love to suck on her toes like a good little sissy slut! “Whats your name again?” Dava is Moaning while slamming her new subby’s chindo strapped face into her pussy. He had hesitated when she presented it to him, but she quickly let him know who is boss! Now here he is on his knees learning how to Please his Goddess. Grabbing handfuls of his hair and shoving his head in and out, She cums around the toy. Goddes Dava Foxx is loving savagely putting her subby in training to good use! Dava Foxx is Training her subby and She knows he is ready to explode. You want to spill your filth subby slut? Then put on this blindfold. She has her other cucky stroke his dicklet and lets her pathetic new subby slut think he is being stroked by her the whole time. When she is finally ready to take the degradation further she has him spill his disgusting goop all over her cucky. Only then does she reveal that he was forced into a bisexual milking and enjoyed every second of her cucky husband’s hands on his slutstick! Goddess Dava Foxx permits you to stroke your pathetic slut stick. Since it barely sticks out she doesn’t want it near her, but she’ll allow you to watch her touch her divine body. She loves watching you getting worked up while she teaches you how to touch your tiny pencil dicklet. It’s so amusing to her, you drooling all over the place while grabbing you filthy sissy clitty while She tells you what to do. Get ready to eat up your own filth when your Goddess counts you down!
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Subby Hubby – Dava Foxx – Stroke Like She Says

Goddess Dava FoXX has you all locked up in chastity and knows you can’t feel a thing except the pinching of your poor little hard dick pressing against the plastic cock cage, as she rubs her wet pussy and plays with her tits she wants you to do your best to rub that tiny pathetic locked up dicklet until you spill your filth right through the cage, she knows how hot she is and that you almost make a squirt squirt just at the sight of her in her little sexy pink mini skirt, Now don’t forget to lick it all up cucky boy. Goddess Dava Foxx likes to play games with your head , She just loves that you will do anything she says, Today she teases you in her Bratty sexy school girl out fit and plays with her tis making sure to get that tiny dicklet of yours nice and hard, thats right loser all 2″ inches of it,But the only way she will let you touch your tiny little slut stick is if you dream of her fucking you up your ass with her 13″ inch purple dildo just imagine sucking on her perfect cock and fingering your own ass, thats right then she will bend your bitch ass over and fuck you with your own spit cucky. Goddess Dava Foxx likes to tease you and let you stroke away at that tiny pathetic cock,she is wearing sheer see through panties today and rubs her pussy over the top knowing it drives you wild as you take your thumb and index finger rubbing that little tint excuse for a dick she laughs as she counts you down from 5 letting you spill your filth, but also making you collect it in a jar so she can make you drink it. Get on your knees and open wide for Goddess Dava. Make sure you do everything she says like a good obedient little cock-whore. You know you want to take her cock in your mouth and man-pussy and just be completely owned and submissive to her. Watch as this Goddess controls your weak mind with her sexy body and instructions.
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Clubdom – Dava Foxx, Kylie Rogue – Russian Revenge – Mini Movie | Release Date: Aug 28, 2017

Dava is a sweet girl who met Cameron at a local night club. She thought he was really sweet and really liked him. He told her that she was different and that he had feelings for her. After a little bit of kissing one thing led to another. To Dava, the sex was not that great but she really likes this guy. He promises to call her the next day, however, after weeks he never returns her texts or phone calls. Cameron is a player and only out for hooks up and one night stands with no regard to any of the women’s emotions. Months go by and Dava’s Russian Aunt finds out what was done to her niece. She spots Cameron at a local hang out and uses her thick Russian accent and sexuality to lure Cameron for some fun. She is pulling Cameron into a barn in the middle of nowhere, blindfolded with his arms duck taped together. His clothes are all ripped and torn and throws him into the corner. “So you like one night stands? I hear you like to do your thinking with that thing between your legs. Using women then never call and then have any regard for their feelings. I am going to show you what this feels like.” Cameron is terrified asking “what are you going to do to me” Kylie grabs a drill and puts the bit right to his forehead and says “maybe we should just put a hole here to correct the problem. But that’s not the head that you’re doing the thinking with now is it?” The picks up an old rusty machete spreads his legs and swings the machete down within inches of his tiny little pathetic dicklet. He screams. Goddess Kylie calmly takes a drag of her cigarette. Slowly exhaling the smoke right in the bitches face. She then grabs him and tells him “I have something much better for you.” Leading him over to where her sister Dava is brandishing a 12 inch black strap on she informs him “you are going to participate in one of your favorite activities. Open that bitch slut mouth and suck her cock!” Dominating him completely and shoving his face down on the cock till he gags they make him beg for Dava to fuck his pathetic man-pussy. After making Cameron suck her huge black strap-on, she instructs the bitch to bend over. Goddess Kylie is going to show him what a real one-night stand is. She pounds his man pussy hard, making him tell her how much he loves getting fucked. “Please, please fuck my ass Goddess,” Cameron screams. Goddess Kylie fucks the bitch until she wears out his manhole. The bitch is taken out back and put on his knees between the ladies. He tells them how sorry he is for using Dava for a one night stand and that he has learned his lesson. Goddess Kylie grabs him by his chin and informs him he will consider the females feelings from now on, and that he will never use women as sexual toys again. Goddess Kylie instructs him that he will be respectful and treat them like queens. “I hope you have learned from this Cameron,” he replies yes and says how sorry he is. The ladies laugh. Goddess Kylie holds her machete and says, “Now get out of my barn bitch!!!” Cameron runs out of the barn screaming like the little sissy bitch he is .
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Clubdom – Alexis Fawx, Dava Foxx – Roadside Assistance | Release Date: Aug 24, 2017

Goddess Alexis Fawx and Dava Foxx use the old broken down car trick to catch a fuck boy, They pull off to the side of the road and flag down some dude in a truck, He thinks he is God’s gift to woman as he takes his shirt off and takes a look at their car, He tells them he can give them a ride and that their motor is shot, Goddess Dava pricks him with her love needle and he faints; the ladies then drag him and throw him in the back of his truck and take him back to ClubDom. He is restrained in a fiddle holding his neck and hands, They then produce a syringe with a blue fluid and inject his balls as he screams, then tell him if he cums twice within the hour a chemical reaction will take place turning his balls into little shriveled up raisins, rendering them useless. Then the sexy Dommes start to tease him, playing with each other’s full breasts and kissing, knowing he is getting hard, Then they proceed to milk the filth right from his slut sacks feeding him every last drop, Alexis states well there is the first load lol. Now that Goddesses Dava Foxx and Goddess Alexis Fawx have injected their bitch boy and drained his filthy slut sacks of one orgasm, they tease him and kiss each other rubbing each other’s pussies and letting him lick it off their fingers. They inform the slut that he has exactly 5 minutes to make both of them cum, And he better fuck them as if his balls depended on it, because they do… After he has sex with both Goddesses he can no longer hold in his own orgasm and explodes all over Goddess Dava’s boots, causing the chemical reaction to begin. The ladies make him slurp up every last drop, laughing at his anguish over his lost balls and telling him that his new name is slave cum face!
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Subby Hubby – Dava Foxx – Released by Her Hot Feet | Release Date: Aug 20, 2017

Mistress Dava Foxx dangles her slave’s chastity key in front of him as he worships her feet in an attempt to earn release from his chastity. Of course, the slave keeps screwing up, causing Dava to laugh that he must enjoy being locked up. For fun, Dava orders her slave to call her Master as she belittles him. Dava orders him to hurry up and get her feet clean, as she has a hot date soon. Real men get to date Goddesses like Dava while beta men serve as foot cleaners. Dava FoXX uses her sexy feet to pull the filth right out of your slutty balls, She teases you first then watches you submit completely to her and blow your load the she feeds you every last drop. Dava Foxx has her submissive man-bitch in chastity and it has been 6 months since he last came. She teases his frustrated locked cock with her sexy, tan, pedicured feet. He might think he finally has earned the right to have his cock inside her, after all, he has been working so hard doing her chores and running her errands and being her humiliated servant at every turn….but he only gets feet. She plays with her sexy pussy and shows off her long legs and body that he will never ever have. Only her feet, stroking and pumping away at his frustrated cock. He would have came right away, but all of those months in chastity really have him subconsciously afraid to. However this is changing as it seems she might, even though it’s with her feet, let him cum finally. He wonders if he will ever be allowed to be inside of her. Finally he comes and she makes him lick his filth off of her feet.
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Clubdom – Double Anal Stretch At ClubDom | Release Date: Jul 3, 2017

Two bitches sit in their cage awaiting a proper ass fucking its a 2-way anal stretch at ClubDom. Goddess Kylie Rogue and Mistress Dava Foxx pull these slutty ass slaves out and have them lube up their huge black cocks and then bend them over the fuck horse and proceed to fuck their little assholes long and hard filling them up with Hard Dom cock making them beg for every inch and getting off on the power they hold over all men.
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Dava Foxx, Kylie Rogue – Breaking Cane 700 Strokes – Clubdom | Release Date: Jun 6, 2017

Goddess Kylie Rogue and Mistress Dava drag the strait jacket slave bitch into the Dungeon. They decide it’s time to cane this slave’s ass hard until it looks like raw hamburger meat. Goddess Kylie breaks her cane on his ass and tells the bitch he’s getting 700 strokes and after that she will shove the broken cane up his slutty asshole. The ladies are ruthless and sadistic showing him no mercy. They take turns brutally caning his ass as he screams out begging for mercy. Mistress Dava informs him that there is never any mercy at ClubDom and continues to cane him unmercifully.After they have finished caning him Goddess Kylie shoves the broken cane right up his ass.
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Clubdom – Dava Foxx, Kylie Rogue – Denied Loser

Bratty Doms Kylie Rogue and Dava Foxx notice that Eugene was jerking off his pathetic dick in the garage, so they decide to sneak up on him. As Mistress Kylie and Dava are standing behind him they decide to have a little fun with this nerdy loser. They force him in the cage and with this loser locked up, Mistress Kylie and Dava decide to tease him and make him smell their tight pink pussies and beautiful asses. Then they bring this poor pathetic loser Eugene into their dungeon to use him for their own pleasure, Helpless to the girls sexy little outfits and hot bodies Eudene agrees to do anything the ladies want. They strap him up with a dildo gag and instruct him to fuck their young wet pussies. Eugene pumps as hard and fast as he can and Dava cums then it’s right into Goddess Kylie she Fucks his face hard until she reaches orgasm.
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Subby Hubby – Dava’s Cuckold Sissy Slut

Goddess Dava Foxx has a new sissy slut who serves her. Today, slut boy Toby is cleaning the bedroom while cross-dressing and wearing high heel shoes. Goddess Dava comes in and sees he has forgotten one thing. She applies bright pink lipstick to his mouth and then instructs him to get down on his knees and worship her perfectly manicured feet. He licks and sucks on Goddess’s toes. Goddess Dava gets rough with him by shoving her foot in his mouth and sitting on him making sure he does his job properly. She tells him that this is the start of his new life in servitude. After Goddess Dava Foxx’s sissy slut Toby finishes worshiping his Goddess’s feet he has a chindo strapped to his face and he better get to work fucking her to orgasm. Toby freeze’s still, intimidated by such a dominating Goddess. Goddess Dava Foxx grabs his head and starts to grind on the chindo yelling fuck me harder bitch boy. He tries his best to please his Goddess, but fails like the miseralbe sissy slut he is.
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Subby Hubby – The Adventures of Hand Job Boy & The Jerk Off

Goddess Dava Foxx and Mistress Molly catch their handymen talking instead of doing the work they were hired to do. Worker Alex was commenting how hot the girls were in their blue jeans and tight little pink tops and about how you just got to grab them and give it to them, that’s what women want. As the ladies over hear this they walk into the garage smacking both boys in the face and put them down on their knees. Explaining to them that this is where men belong. The cocky one, Alex, starts to protest as Mistress Molly grabs some hot pink duct tape and the ladies begin taping the boy’s hands together and tape over both of their disrespectful mouths. Then they stripped the boys and say “let’s see what you’re working with.” Both boys are aroused now and the ladies giggle telling them to jerk each other off. “That’s right if you want to get in our pants jerk his dick!” The boys feeling helpless start to stroke each other’s cocks. Cameron squirts a hot, thick, gooey load in about 30 seconds all over the garage floor. The ladies laughing tell them their new nicknames are hand job boy and the jerk off . Grabbing the boys by the ears they pull them up and bring them into the house to continue to have more fun with these pathetic bitches. Submissive and on their knees they instruct the boys that they wanted to fuck but first need to lube up the ladies strap ons. “That’s right put your slutty little mouth around my cock.” The girls forcefully grab their heads and start shoving cock in their mouths commenting that the boys seem eager like maybe they’ve even done this before. “Swallow every inch bitch, lick the shaft and suck on the balls!” Goddess Dava starts making “jerk off” deep throat her pink 10″ cock, gagging and slobbering all over the place. “No worries, your mouths are going to get a rest because next we’re going to fuck your man pussies.” They flip the pathetic sissy sluts into every position they can possibly think of. Goddess Dava laughs as “Jerk Off’s” toes are curling from her sexy ass fucking. Mistress Molly remarks “that’s right you just have to grab these bitches and give it to them.Then Goddess Dava and Mistress Molly explain to their bitch boys that now they’re going to start where they belong at the bottom of their feet. Worshiping every inch of the beautiful goddess feet, licking and sucking in between every single toe. “We own your pathetic loser, pink-collar wearing asses. Sissy sluts is what you’ll be from now on.”
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Subby Hubby – Dava’s Cuck Husband: Their Fluffer

Dava is having intense sex with her big-cocked stud as her cuckold husband watches. Her cuckold husband is ordered to lick her ass, lick her breasts and help her cum. She also wants him to be a full-fledged fluffer and suck the cock of her stud and lick HIS ass and balls to make sure he cums an extra big load for his wife and pleases her. He has no choice but to do as she says and lick any place she tells him to no matter how humiliating it is. He knows his place is to be her cuckold slave husband and her needs are more important than his. He does as he is told. Just when he thought it was all over, she makes him clean up all of the stud’s cum off of her beautiful pussy.
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Subby Hubby – Dava Foxx: Pool Boy Gets Fucked

The pool boy has a crush on Dava. He is trying to use an accent and a wig to look like a sexy rocker. Unfortunately she knows he’s a fake and decides to take advantage of him. She uses her sexy body and power to get inside his head and reduces him to an obedient submissive. Before he even realizes what he agreed to, he is naked and on his knees sucking her strapon cock. Dava punishes him by applying lipstick and making him look like a reindeer. She names him Rudolf and decides she needs to give herself a nice ride of Rudolf…except she is the one doing the fucking.
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