Men Are Slaves – Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice, Part 2

Sunday, November 13th, 2016
21235549_21231970_sugarspiceandeverythingnicepart2.gif   One thing we have definitely noticed is that when the girls are in a pack, their level of cruelty tends to skyrocket. Give them a camera and let them record, and the resulting suffering for this poor male is off the charts. This male is their complete property, and Daisy, Kate and Kassondra will make him suffer as much as their whims desire. Now with the whips… Read More

Subby Girls – Turning Into A Strawberry

Saturday, June 13th, 2015
Subby Girls - Turning Into A Strawberry Cute Miley is turning all red like a strawberry. Could it be because Daisy is tickling her without pity? Yeah that’s likely why. And oh my is the poor thing a ticklish one! But as much as she struggles there is no chance for her to get away. Miley Download: Download… Read More

Subby Girls – Riding The Curves Of Her Body

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015
Subby Girls - Riding The Curves Of Her Body Daisy loves Miley, and with Miley being such an adorable submissive means that sometimes Daisy can’t help but want to pleasure her. It will still be on Daisy’s terms though and hence Miley finds herself bound and blindfolded. But Miley will get to cum as Daisy teases and torments her with the vibrator and ultimately brings her sweet pet to a satisfying climax. Read More