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SubbyHubby- Kiki’s Condom Surprise (POV) – Kiki Klout

You always wanted to swing with your wife. You have been trying to talk Kiki into it forever. In your head your were going to be able to bang all the chicks! Well your fantasy has come true. The only thing is that Kiki went “swinging” without you. Last night when you thought Kiki was out with friends, she was really getting banged by a huge cock! You will find out all about it when you stop by to say hello to Kiki in her office. She also has a surprise for you! She saved her lover’s cum in the condom they used. The condom is almost completely full! Since you are so pitiful, you would never be able to produce such a load. Watch as Kiki rubs the condom all over her pussy. Watch as Kiki empties the condom into her mouth. Open your mouth and drink her spit and his cum! You deserve this humiliation. You better get used to it!
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GoddessFootjobs – Purring Kitty – Kitty Carrera

Kitty Carrera is a pet locked in her cage. Her owner greets her and quickly gains her attention via control of a toy inside her pussy with his smartphone. She braces her feet up against the cage as the vibrations rock her tender box.

Her owner releases her from the cage and she presents her feet for his inspection. Kitty requests and is granted permission to play with herself. Ready for a footjob, Kitty’s owner tells her to lube her feet up with her tongue. Kitty then makes sure he’s nice and hard by giving him a nice sloppy blowjob.

Standing at full attention now, Kitty’s owner sighs in pleasure as she rubs her slick feet all over his cock. She strokes him up and down between her soles and he turns up the intensity once again with his sex toy app. Kitty keeps up a relentless pace stroking the shaft with her feet. Moving onto all fours, she continues the footjob from behind as the tip of the toy peeks out from her panties.

Ready for the finale, the owner summons Kitty to resume blowing him. She sucks and strokes his cock until he spurts waves of cum all over her hands. Kitty takes a taste and is told to return to her cage. Satisfied with his pet, he allows her to rub herself to a squealing orgasm as a reward.
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SubbyHubby – Kiki’s Ass Cleaner (POV)

You have been learning a lot of new things about your wife, Kiki, lately. Last night you learned that your pathetic cock doesn’t please her. You also learned that since you don’t deserve her pussy anymore, you also don’t deserve to sleep in her bad anymore. This morning you wake up in your cage looking at your beautiful wife. She looks amazing, especially since she slept so well without you taking up so much room! Now you are finding out that Kiki likes to have things stuffed in her butthole. She was fucked last night by a real man! Her ass is still filled with his hot sticky cum. If you want to please your wife then you better start licking her asshole and eating every drop of the man cream covering her ass and filling her asshole. You promised Kiki that you would do ANYTHING to please her when you got married. That means that you will sleep in a cage and and clean her ass with your tongue. From now on and until death does you part. Or until Kiki gets tired of you!
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Mistress Ginary puts her slave to work licking and cleaning her boots while she talks on the phone with her girlfriend, laughing at all of the pain and humiliation she has inflicted upon him. Just thinking about it gets her horny, so she masturbates herself while her slave continues with his boot cleaning duties. Ginary is feeling generous so she allows him a little pleasure as well by fucking her boots. At her command he cums all over her boot, then is ordered to lick up his mess.
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SubbyHubby – Clean Kiki’s Pussy (POV) – Kiki Klout

Last night was so embarrassing for you! You have the hottest chick ever, Kiki Klout, in your bed, naked, horny as can be, and down to fuck. But because you’re a pathetic excuse for a man, you couldn’t perform. So pitiful! The good news is that your worst night ever was Kiki’s best night ever! Kiki has a surprise for you. Come and get close to Kiki, get on your knees as Kiki lifts up her dress showing you her perfect round ass. As she turns around revealing her naked pussy that you couldn’t please, you notice something. Her pussy is covered in cum! Kiki lies down on the couch, spreading her legs as she plays with her pussy. She is so getting so hot telling you how this is the juice from the two white guys and one black guy that she banged last night! Don’t just stand there, you pathetic, impotent idiot. Get down and start cleaning out that pussy with your tongue! Eat that pussy good. Since your cock is so worthless, this is the way that you will please your Goddess Kiki from now on. You are Kiki’s pussy and ass cum cleaner!
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GoddessFootDomination – Who’s In Control Now? – Sophia Leone

Sophia wants to go party with her friends but Uncle Jack has other ideas. He has his niece bent over his knee receiving a spanking. She’s not going anywhere dressed like that so long as he’s in control. Squirming free of her uncle’s clutches, Sophia is hit with an ultimatum. Leave the house like that and she can forget all about her Spring Break trip. Sophia relents to Uncle Jack’s threat and agrees to stay in for the evening. Іhortly following this exchange, Uncle Jack is reading at the table. A freshly docile Sophia even bring him a nice cold drink. Oddly enough, he passes out face down after only a few sips…

Uncle Jack awakes to find he’s bound and gagged with duct tape along with having his cock locked securely in a chastity cage! He feebly tries to negotiate out of the situation to no avail. In control now, Sophia forces her shoes down her pervert uncle’s throat. Over his protestations, Jack is forced to extend his tongue as a nice foot wipe to get Sophia’s shoes cleaned for her night out. Much later, Sophia returns to find her uncle sleeping in her bed. She wakes him and regales him with the tale of her evening out. Sophia decides she wants her uncle to clean her sweaty feet from a night of dancing. Jack has to lick all over her feet, sucking on the heel as well as her toes.

The chastity cage is unlocked and Sophia tells her pervert uncle to stroke himself as he worships her feet. She taunts him and takes incriminating photos with her phone. Uncle Jack has to agree to not only keep her behavior a secret, he also has to fully pay for her upcoming trip!

Jack brings himself to orgasm, coating his niece’s feet as she videos him for safekeeping. She makes her uncle clean his spill off her feet with his tongue as a final act of revenge.
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SubbyHubby – Becoming Joslyn’s Bitch (Full Movie)

Joslyn’s husband is a complete douchebag. He has been taking her for granted for years. Tonight he forgot that it was date night. That was the last straw for Joslyn! If things don’t change right now then the marriage is over. Her husband agrees to do anything to keep their marriage. Little does he know that Joslyn already has plans. She forces her husband to be her slave and do anything that she wants. Tonight he will have to worship her feet and eat his cum off her feet. Watch her please herself and lick her cum off her Hitachi. Watch his wife suck her lover’s BBC in front of him. Beg his boss to fuck his wife with his big black cock. He is utterly humiliated by having to lick the BBC’s cum out of his wife’s pussy. Finally he is fucked by his wife in his virgin ass with a strap on. He used to be an asshole but now he is just a bitch!
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Clubdom – Mistress Crystal Milks the New slave

Now that Mistress Crystal’s new bitch has pleased her, she has her slave laying on top of the cage. She asks the slave if he wants to be a part of her stable. He says yes, but it is not that easy. Being in Mistress Crystal’s stable is a high honor. Reserved for only the most qualified slaves. She tells her bitch that he will have to earn it. Mistress Crystal teases her slave by spitting in his mouth, slapping him playfully with her riding crop and then letting him suck her tit. After several minutes of teasing, the slave’s cock is hard as a rock. Mistress Crystal makes her slave beg for her to release his cock from his latex pants. She unzips his pants and begins stroking his hard cock and his full balls. Mistress Crystal edges her slut by slapping, stroking and spitting on his cock. Finally, the slave begs his Mistress for permission to cum. He shoots his load as Mistress Crystal continues to jerk his cock. He erupts with cum all over his latex and Mistress Crystal’s hand. The Russian Goddess tells her slut to taste his cum as she smears his cum over his face and makes him lick her cum covered fingers. Mistress Crystal is pleased with her bitch so far, but she needs to find out if he can take her punishment.
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SubbyHubby – Sully Savage Trains a Cuck Part 5: Bi- Blowjob

Mistress Sully Savage has thoroughly enjoyed the new arrangement, transforming her husband into her cuckold bitch slave. The cuck thought things could not get worse, and he learns rather quickly that he was wrong. She has her cuck on his knees, and forces him to kiss her bull’s cock. Of course, just a kiss won’t cut it and soon enough the cuck has the bull’s entire cock in his pathetic mouth. Showing some reluctance, Sully Savage knows exactly how to motivate her cuck.Just the mention of divorce and her cuck husband eagerly sucks on the cock. Choking and gagging, the cuck does not relent, he continues to suck cock to please his Queen. Dying to please his Queen, the cuck finished the job correctly, and the alpha male, the bull, shoots his load all over the cuck’s face. Dinner is served.
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Bunny has Lance convinced that the torment is over and he’s about to get a blowjob. She’s on her knees in front of him with his raging hard cock just an inch from her pretty smile. She grabs his balls and squeezes, looking up at him with her big innocent eyes.

She kicks him really hard in the balls a few times, then sits on his face and squeezes and slaps his nuts. She stokes his hard cock just a little to fuck with his head. She stands him back up to kick him hard and drop him again.
Finally she stands him up and says he can cum. He pleads with her not to hurt his balls anymore. She strokes his cock until he explodes cum all over her pantyhose covered thigh. She puts him on his knees and makes him lick up all of his cum.

She knees him hard as fuck right in his empty balls, then says “Your’e welcome.”
She kicks his balls one last time while he’s on the ground and leaves him to go find another victim.
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SweetFemdom – Pegging Olympic Training with Akira Shell

Akira Shell has convinced her boyfriend, Lance Hart that Strap-on Fucking is an Olympic event, and she wants to make the team. She wakes him up wearing her spandex USA Olympic leotard, shiny tights, sneakers and a big strap-on.

Lance isn’t in the mood to get fucked in the ass again, but she convinces him by teasing his cock until he’s horny, then she fucks his ass hard and deep until she cums from the friction against her clit. This is her favorite way to cum, and she loves that she’s found a way to get her boyfriend to be her little ass slut.

After she cums, she jerks him off and he cums all over her spandex USA leotard.
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GoddessFootDomination – Phone Sex With Slave at Her Pantyhose Covered Feet

Fulfill your hottest voyeuristic fantasy by watching the beautiful Sophia Leone engage in phone sex while having an obedient slave worship her pantyhose covered feet. The foot slave lavishes her high heeled shoes and feet with kisses while she totally ignores him. Sophia is engrossed in the telephone conversation and getting really hot from the teasing. She rubs her bare breasts and fingers her sweet pussy. The slave removes her shoes and savors the flavor of her feet in stockings. As Sophia Leone brings herself to orgasm she instructs the slave to jerk off on her perfect pantyhose covered feet. When he spills his load she serves it to him as a snack served straight off her stocking clad feet and toes.
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Clubdom – Milked for Punishment

Goddess Kiki has her slave standing on the punishment platform in the dungeon with his hands bound above his head. This pathetic slave has a hard cock without Kiki’s permission! Now Goddess Kiki has to drain his pathetic cock. Kiki grabs her slut by the throat with one hand while she milks his cock with her other hand. She uses her latex gloved hand to stroke his rock hard member. After forcing her slave to erupt, Goddess Kiki humiliates him further by making him eat his own filth. Goddess Kiki leaves her bitch bound in the dungeon. Maybe she will leave him there all night? Next time maybe he will thinks twice about getting hard without permission!
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SubbyHubby – Sully Savage Trains a Cuckie Part 4: Her Better Lover

Mistress Sully Savage decides that it is time to bring home a real cock, from a real man. Sully Savage verbally shreds her cuck husband, as he kneels before her, watching in horror as she kisses her bull. Sully Savage, hungry for the cock, throws her bull on the couch and rides him as her cuck husband has an upfront view of his wife getting fucked by her bull. Her cuck watches, so close that Sully Savage’s ass smacks her cuck in the face. Sully Savage loves her new arrangement and it shows. She verbally humiliates her cuck husband, and makes sure her bull fucks her hard, in multiple positions. Forced to endure the worst humiliation, the cuck husband slurps all of the cum.
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