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CumCountdown – I’ve Been Walking Without Socks On

ivebeenwalkingwithoutsockson1ivebeenwalkingwithoutsockson3Cum Countdown – I’ve Been Walking Without Socks On
The only thing my foot bitches love more than my feet is my smelly feet. Well my pets, I just did a nice long walk without any socks on and boy do my feet stink. Wanna stroke and worship them?
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CumCountdown – Another Day Of The Week, Another Little Foot Bitch

You foot bitches sure seem to be in endless supply. Unlimited virgin males that beg and pay just for the honor of smelling my stinky socks, how pathetic. I don’t care so long as you pay, after all my feet are worth your paycheck.
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CumCountdown – Findom Week – Wednesday

Welcome to worthless Wednesday my pet, where not only do you pay to be humiliated but you also love it. That’s why I raised the price yet again piggy, to make sure it financially hurts you when you pay to be verbally debased.
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CumCountdown – You Love Mean Bratty Girls

Regular girls just don’t do it for you do they? You need girls that are bratty, controlling, mean. Even back in high school the girls that would call you a loser, deep down you loved it. Because that’s what you need loser and I’m going to make sure to continue that tradition. I’ll humiliate you, break you and financially own you. And you will love every minute of it.
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CumCountdown – I Wore My Cute Little Jeans Today – Goddess Nikki

I know you worship my ass little piglet, which is why I know my tight jeans will drive you nuts. The way they wrap around my ass like a second skin, that always gets my ass slaves stroking their cocks in a frenzy. Which also makes it easier for me to take your money piggy.
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CumCountdown – Still Thinking About It – Goddess Nikki

I think I’ll start this morning by wallet raping my paypigs. I’ll show you my perfect ass while I play on my phone. Meanwhile you may pay, stroke and edge piglet but as for your orgasm, I’m still thinking about it.
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CumCountdown – Don’t You Wish You Were Him? – Goddess Nikki

This clip is from our former Beg To Cum website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! Even though it’s torment to be teased and denied, Kat Dior knows that many men would still love to take his place and be her slave. Because to slaves, pleasing her is more important than their own orgasm, so this slave will suffer being edged and denied just to bring a smile to her face.
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CumCountdown – I Don’t Wanna Count Sheep – Goddess Nikki

When I go to bed I don’t want to count sheep, I want to count all the dollars that I’ve extracted from my slaves today. To think about all the money that’s been transferred from you to me, knowing that you worked hard all day only to hand it over like a good paypig. That’s what lets me have a good sleep.
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CumCountdown – Jerk Off To My Nylons – Goddess Nikki

Do you like my nylons? How sheer they are and how they wrap around me like a second skin? They are so beautiful that you can’t help but stroke at the mere sight of them. Poor piggy, always a slave your your cock. But that’s ok because it’s yet another way for me to take your money with ease.
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CumCountdown – Goddess Nikki – Always At Foot Level

You eat at my feet, you forship at my feet, you stroke your cock at my feet, basically you just grovel around on the floor like a loser anytime you are in my presence. I’ll tolerate your worship from below for now, but doesn’t mean you will get to cum.
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CumCountdown – No Matter How Much I Raise Prices – Goddess Nikki

Loyal paypigs are always my favorite, because no matter how much I raise my prices you always still pay. You love to hand your money over to me don’t you piggy? To slave away at work all day knowing that all that money you are earning will be handed over to me. It makes you hard even thinking about that doesn’t it?
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Cum Countdown – Today Is The Day

This is the day my piglets, the day I further take over this website because as of today all future clips will only be of me. To celebrate I intend to put all my male pets to work, first with my webslave who used to own this website but now exists to serve and profit me. I’m putting him to work this month by making him post updates five days a week. It will be lots of video work for him, but while he slaves away I will relax and profit. Likewise with all my piglets, you will start paying more for clips and I expect you to buy all my clips this month. Work, save, purchase, that will be your mantra this month my paypigs. Now get to it.
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Cum Countdown – Fancy Seeing You Here

Andre loves to torment begging slaves with her body, especially her ass. She knows that you will stroke and stroke so long as her ass in is view, but like a good pet you won’t cum until she permits it. In the meantime smell her ass and stroke.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Nikki – Good Morning

It’s typical that you wake up hard and immediately grovel to Goddess Nikki for permission to cum. That’s why she knows you will always be enslaved to her, because you are infatuated with paying her to cum.
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Cum Countdown – Princess Leya – Scrubbing Bubbles

Male orgasms are earned, typically through payment and slave labor. That’s why you often find yourself performing menial tasks for Princess Leya like cleaning her tub, in hopes that she will grant you permission to cum.
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