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SubbyHubby – Sully Savage Trains a Cuckie Part 2: Chastity

Mistress Sully Savage has moved on to stage 2 of her cuckhold training of her pathetic husband. Cross dressed, her bitch cuck is on his knees, while his beautiful Goddess wife applies his makeup. He begins whining, and Sully Savage puts an end to that by threatening him with divorce. Knowing that he is at her mercy, the cuck fully capitulates, and gives into her every desire. She verbally degrades and humiliates him, locks him in chastity, and makes him perform embarrassing dance moves. Of course, that is not enough. She teases his caged up cock, licks his chastity device, an further torments him mentally. Sully Savage has her cuck husband under her full control, and reminds him constantly of his new, pathetic position in their lives.
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CumEatingCuckolds – Destiny Lovee Takes Black Cock

Destiny gets aggressive with her sissy cuck. She forces him to help her tame Sean’s big black cock. All three are loving every minute.
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MistressT – Specific JOI For Addicted Cuck

Custom vid, no name mentioned. Multi-day detailed instructions for jerking off, orgasm control & cum eating for my dedicated cuckolds. Instructions for watching my vids & denying yourself an orgasm, instructions for saving & freezing loads of cum & consuming it the moment before ejaculation, holding it in your mouth…preparation for eating the cream pie, cleaning my pussy like a good & helpful cuckold…
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MistressT – Clean His Cum & Get Me Off

Custom vid, the name Dave used throughout. I’ve returned home after fucking another man. Before I shower I want you to get me off one more time. With your mouth. That means cleaning the cream pie as well. I sensually strip off while telling you about the amazing sex I had. I tease you & give you details. Then VIRTUAL SEX or POV style, you get to work on my well-fucked, cum-filled pussy. I tell you to stroke yourself while you’re pleasuring me but that you don’t get to cum until I do. Once I’ve had my orgasm I order you to stroke yourself off…such a good cuckold.
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SubbyHubby – Kendra James: Husband Trainer Part 5

Kendra James is at the final part of her transformation training…She decides that her and Bella Rose will wear strap ons and fuck the husband in the ass and the mouth. The husband is initially horrified, but it doesn’t take long before he accepts his new position with a smile on his face.
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FemdomEmpire – Cuckold Torment – Raven Bay

Mistress Raven torments her chastised cuckold, he is such an easy target. She cattle prods his balls and laughs as he yelps in pain. When Mistress gets annoyed with his screams she shoves a plastic bone into his mouth.. how fitting.
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Clubdom – Esmi’s Pets Full Movie

Esmi has her pet slaves serving her at home. The one with the larger cock, she decides will pleasure her. The sissy one will be the cuckold and his job is to assist her in getting the pleasure she deserves by getting her ass worshipped.
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FemdomEmpire – Cuckold’s Handjob – Chanel Preston

Chanel has been keeping you as her cuckolded boyfriend, she just has entered the room to find you naked and hard lying on the bed. You just listened to her get fucked by another man. She crawls onto the bed and tells you how good she was fucked and creampied. She inserts her fingers into her pussy and shows you the other mans cum. She begins to stroke your cock with it. It turns her on seeing how much power she has over you. She will give you a sympathy hand-job for being such a good cuckold.
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RubberEmpire – Rubber Slut must eat sperm – Lady Estelle

at the End of the Session i have a special Gift for my Rubber Slut. He must knee on all 4 in front of the mega Dong from my slave and i pump the hole Cum from the last 4 Weeks out of his dick. The Rubber Slut must swallow everything if he like it or not.
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SubbyHubby – Hadley Trains You Full Video

Watch Hadley Vascara tell her husband that from now on she is in charge around here and introduce him to a world of cuckolding in this entire movie of all 5 parts of “Hadley Trains You.” Get all parts for one low price!
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SubbyHubby – Reagan’s Cuck – Reagan Lush

Reagan Lush trains her submissive cuck to suck cock just like she wants him to do. He has to get to work on this cock for her, no matter how humiliated he feels doing it. It is about pleasing his Goddess and doing anything she says and wants. He takes that cock in his mouth like he has been doing this his whole life, while Reagan looks on with a grin. She instructs him on sucking like a good boy.
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SubbyHubby – Alissa Dominates The Family Part 4: Daddy is an Ass Licker

Alissa Avni is going to make her Step Father lick her asshole. He isn’t worthy of licking her beautiful pussy, he only gets her ass. And if he is going to do this, it is going to be on his knees where he belongs as the beta male that he is. Alissa has always gotten her way and this is no different. He licks and licks her ass and does as she says.
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SubbyHubby – Alissa Dominates The Family Part 3: Fucking StepDaddy

Alissa’s Stepfather has come home and found her and his son doing sexual acts. The father cannot deny that he is attracted to Alissa. Alissa is going to cuckold her stepbrother now while while she fucks his Father! Alissa has her stepfather fuck her with his huge cock and makes him cum all over while her stepbrother watches. She has her StepFather lick his cum off of her pussy.
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