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DominatrixAnLi – Bound, Burned, & Battered HD

My slave has his hands tied behind his back and his genitalia exposed for My entertainment. With his cock and balls locked up in chastity, he knows exactly who he belongs to and of course I’ll take My liberties in remind him who’s the boss. I strike up a cigarette and get started, leaving burns all over his balls while smacking, grabbing, and twisting them to make sure he is in constant agony. My twisting is so vigorous that one of his testicles pops out of the chastity device, so I take the moment to free him…temporarily. All that really means is that his cock and balls are more susceptible to My tortures. Noticing his disgusting ball hairs, I set them on fire with My lighter under his saggy balls, slapping and punching him in the groin for being disheveled and slovenly in My presence.

Never yours, An Li
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Humiliatrix - Cuckold Princess Sari Emasculates You with a Humiliating Foot Job


“Your rival won the award. So he gets to have me. You get the consolation prize. To kiss the toes I had pedicured today. To beg me not to fuck him. To stare up my skirt at the pussy that no longer belongs to you. Maybe I’ll take pity on you and give you a foot job. Not a sensual foot job, a humiliating foot job, like this…”

Princess Sari, cuckold humiliation, foot worship, crotch abuse, cum in pants…
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