Humiliatrix – Your Boss Akira Uses Your Pantyhose Perversion to Control You

Thursday, November 17th, 2016
21256516_21253847_akiphs.gif   "I see where your eyes go when I'm bossing you around the office. Now that I know all about your leg fetish and pantyhose perversion I can use it to manipulate and control you and your little cock too. That's right. I am going to use that weakness of yours to seduce you, edge you and destroy you..."   Cougar Akira, sexy cougar, dominant boss, leg worship, pantyhose fetish... Read More

Humiliatrix – Your Cougar Girlfriend Akira becomes Your Keyholding Step-Dommy

Friday, August 19th, 2016
  "I should have known what they say about little boys and little toys. You sure don't measure up to the man of the house. So I decided to marry HIM and lock your little peanut into chastity. Instead of your cougar girlfriend I'm your keyholder step-dom. No more pussy! Does crybaby want to suck on mommy's num-nums?..."   Cougar Akira, girlfriend to step-dommy, chastity, titty teases, crybaby cucky... … Read More

Humiliatrix – Cougar Akira Cuckolds You in Sissy Humiliation Panties

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015
Humiliatrix - Cougar Akira Cuckolds You in Sissy Humiliation Panties   "When you can't do the job in the bedroom like a man, you get treated like what you are -- a pathetic, inadequate, panty-sniffing sissy. I've got a new boyfriend who's man enough to tear the lingerie off me and satisfy me. While he takes your place in my bedroom, you're going into panties. You can cream them while he..." Cougar Akira, cuckold emasculation, panty humiliation, fuck taunting... Read More