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Chateau-Cuir – Leather gloved domination part 1

Miss Shay Hendrix and Fetish Liza dominate their pathetic glove slave. Both Ladies love to tease him with their leather gloves. He must worship their boots, inhale Liza’s smoke and worship their ass, much to the amusement of the Dommes.
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Chateau-Cuir – Hot gloved riding beauties part 2

Very hot and sensual lesbian fun with Fetish Liza and Gina Gerson as both girls explore their love for leather and each other.
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Chateau-Cuir – Jerk-off instructions with Shay

Are you ready to follow the instructions of Shay? She loves to show you how to jerk off with leather gloves. See her gloved hands slide over that huge cock and imagine it is you. She talks to you directly and wants your cum on her gloves.
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GloveMansion – Hot gloved riding beauties part 1

My girlfriend Gina is unstoppable in this hot gloved clip! She loves to taste and feel my leather gloves so much! She is hungry for my tongue and strap-on cock and wants to please me so badly.
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Chateau-Cuir – Cum on My leather skirt part 2

So much leather! The bedroom is filled with the sweet smell of leather and sex. Now it is time to get your cock rock hard and finally drain those balls on to my shiny red leather mini skirt. Let’s do it.
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Chateau-Cuir – Leather fetish fun in the office

After working on so many sexy leather clips, we deserve a little treat at the office, don’t you agree? It is time to have some fun with this tight leather skirt and make it all messy and sticky.
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Chateau-Cuir – Hot blonde wanks in leather

Nikki loves summer because her tight leathers feel even tighter on her body then! And she gets a kick out of being naughty outdoors. So she enjoys being herself: the exhibitionist girlfriend, dressed in sexy white leather and getting her hairy pussy very wet…
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ChateauCuir – Smothered by leather Dommes part 2 | Release Date: Jul 30, 2017

Three leatherclad and dominant Ladies use him as their seat. His face flattened by their sexy leather butts. He is their object to use and the leather boot on his cock shows him who is in control. He is just a slave to their leathers.
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Ezada Sinn, Ava Black – Buried under Our asses

Mistress Ava Black has put Her slave at My disposal tonight; and it looks like his best use would be as a cushion. To test him, I sit with My voluptuous ass on his face, but, for some reason, he keeps moving too much. It’s not like I’m doing something unpleasant to him, I see his cock is getting harder and harder. Maybe it’s because he is smothered under My big PVC clad ass? Anyway, Mistress Ava Black will sit on his chest and this will solve the problem. The problem with the slave moving, not the slave’s breathing problem. That one will probably only get worse, since he’s now smothered not only by My round ass, with his head buried between My ass-cheeks, but also by Mistress Ava’s ass that is pressing on his chest and stomach, not letting him breath in. Well, what do We care? We’re having so much fun, enjoying him, but also each other!
Category: Face Sitting, Chest Sitting, Smother, Corset, Double Domination, Femdom
Featuring: Ezada Sinn, Ava Black
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Sado Ladies – Spoiled And Cruel

The old butler of the house is just cleaning one of the rooms as the spoiled daughter of the house owners enter the room in a very bad mood. “I told you to clean and polish my car!”, she hisses at the confused man.
It is Jenna, the spoiled daughter and young lady who is used to see the butler as her private slave. She was on her way to the stables because she is dressed in dominant riding style. The butler is a very reliable servant and he assures the angry lady that he has cleaned and polished the car 5 times. But, as always, it looks like the young and mean lady is not satisfied.
“Are you sure? I think I should polish your ass with my riding crop. Bend over!”, she says and points to leather couch. What can he do? He wants to keep his job, so he has to follow her order because she is the daughter of his employer and daddy’s darling. He drops off his trousers and the old man bends over the couch to receive a punishment from thr arrogant girl.
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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Thwap!

A slave should never be able to sit down comfortably… they should always be busy taking care of their Mistress’ needs. To keep this slave from getting lazy, I cane his ass, ensuring he won’t sit down for the next week. xoxo, Cybill Troy
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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Ass to Mouth Fuck Whore

Hooded and secured by a metal leash, Cybill’s slave has his ass fucked violently from behind then has the Mistress’ cock rammed down his throat. She fucks his face, spitting on him and using him as her ashtray. Then back to fucking his ass before forcing the cock down his throat again, gagging him as she fucks his throat deep.
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Infernal Restraints – May 12, 2016 Kali Kane

Slutty, little Kali gets off on her humiliation. While PD has her locked up to the wall by her mouth he really lets her have it. Hands behind her back, Kali takes the nose hooks and a tongue clamp, leaving a trail of drool all down her chest. He plays with her eyes, nose, tits and pussy, reminding her that she will do anything he commands. That includes jerking off his cock and stripping naked on the wall. She takes his cock first, then she takes his cane, across her tits, legs and pussy.
Hung upside down from the ceiling, Kali gets a working demonstration of how cruel whips can be. He takes her mouth with his cock, but when the slut no longer provides enough entertainment with her tongue, he whips her more. Encouraged now, she takes a face full of jizz.
A bitch has to eat and this one is no exception. PD pours her a bowl of kibble and makes her chew down every last bit. With an ass hook firmly in place, PD takes a vibrator to his little dog’s clit. She cums hard, face down in her bowl of dog food. Worn out, PD reminds her again, she still has a lot of food left to finish.
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Infernal Restraints – Feb 26, 2016: Lobster Girl | Abigail Dupree

Infernal Restraints,
Abigail Dupree came here to quench her thirst for intense BDSM. Jack Hammer came here to take a sexy, young woman, strip her down and put her to the ultimate test of her limits. She was expecting a lover who would dote on her and pay attention to her needs. What she got instead was a strong man, dispassionately going about breaking her body and her will.
He comes to her, splits her pantyhose with a knife, and begins fucking her with Mr. Pogo while she screams into her gag. She should count herself as lucky that he didn’t use the knife. All three of her holes are going to get a work out. The metal hook will take her ass, and the dildos and gags will teach her the two most important things she can do with her mouth, sucking cock and keeping quiet.
But she is lobster girl for a reason. Jack has a huge bath of water ready, and a blow torch making sure it’s nice and hot. Caged and drooling, Abigail is in a state of complete panic as he begins to lower her into the pot. Screaming and crying, Abigail’s worst fears are coming true. Maybe she should have been better at enticing Jack to keep her around.
Tags: Abandonment, Alt Model, Ass Hook, Belt Bondage, Black High Heels, Cage, Candle, Caning, Choke collar, Cloth Gag, Corset, Cut Clothing, Dildo, Face Bondage, Foot Torture, Harness Gag, Hitachi, Hot Wax On Feet, Knife Play, Labia Clamps, Metal Bondage, Metal Gag, Nipple Clamps, Nose Hook, Orgasm, Pantyhose, Peeing, Ring Gag, Eating, Heat Play, Predicament Bondage, Stocks, Tape Gag, Water
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