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Clubstiletto – Leather Boot Licker – Lady Bellatrix

Kneeling before Lady Bellatrix who is decked out in leather, she tells you to get your tongue out and to start licking her leather boots. But not until you beg for it first. She enjoys teasing her slaves with her feminine wiles. Once she is satisfied that you really want to taste her boots, she has you start by licking the tip then tracing your tongue slowly all the way to the top. It makes you so submissive to do as you’re told while getting high on the scent of the leather. Taking the heel into your mouth as you close your eyes, Bellatrix wants you to continue on to the other boot and slowly lick all the way up as you gaze at Her fishnet clad legs. Please your Mistress in all the tasks she assigns you especially those that allow you to be so close to her.
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Clubstiletto – This Is So Much Fun – Raevyn Rose

Young and sexy Miss Raevyn is back and taking a try at trampling. The camera opens up on her amazing butt but we soon see her slave laying in the background. She runs across the room and takes a leap onto his body. The slave gasps as the air is forced from him and then again and again as she holds onto the fireplace and starts to leap. “He’s been waiting here all day” she says as she sticks her toes in his mouth and then runs her sole over his tongue. She jumps some more and never gets off his body. She steps on his groin, stomach, chest and head.

Raevyn then decides to take some more running leaps onto her slave and follows each leap with more jumping. “This is so much fun” she says. She jumps on his chest then squats down with her ass right in his face saying “This is what you want isn’t it?” She then does a few squats to torment him with her ass. Then more leaping, more jumping and then she squats down with her pussy right in his face and asks him if he can smell it. She asks if he wants a peak and then flashes her pussy to him. After some more walking and jumping she tells the slave to put his legs up so she can sit on him like a chaise lounge. She orders him to lick her toes while she touches herself.
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Clubstiletto – Forest Fuckery – Miss Jasmine

The scene opens with Miss Jasmine walking on a forest trail wondering out loud where she left the forest ranger that she has recently turned into her slave. “Uh, there you are” she says as she finally comes across him lying on the ground waiting for her to return. Jasmine is wearing knee high boots with a thin 6″ stiletto heel and as he is positioned right by a tree she just goes ahead and jumps onto him, holding the tree for support. The slave groans in agony which makes this lovely Fall day even better for Jasmine. She just loves hurting the ranger ever since he tried to have her removed from the private forest a few weeks earlier. Jasmine talks about what a great relationship they have while the slave tries not to scream down below her. She sits on him and as she removes her boots she tells him “If you can’t take the pain you know I can always send the videos we’ve made to your boss, your FB friends and your business networking sites.” Now down to her cute pink socks Jasmine hops back on him and this times does squats and compliments him on actually being useful for something.

The slave really struggles under the weight of Jasmine and she comments that she always finds ways to break men be it physically or emotionally. She basically in no time has them ruined, their only purpose in life to serve her. “They have no ego left when I’m done with them” she says. She tells the slave that next time she is going to bring a girlfriend over and they will both trample him at the same time. “I think that would be super, super, fun, or maybe I can ball bust him while Kandy tramples him and then we can take turns.” She asks the slave if he prefers to be trampled or ball busted and when he replies ball busted she says “Awesome, I’m going to do both then.” As she stands on him she kicks him several times in his junk which makes her laugh with glee. Jasmine bends over to pick up her phone and while standing on the slave reads messages and kicks him some more. Jasmine again puts on her boots and this time uses the slave as a chaise lounge. She looks at you now and asks if you would like to serve her, suffer for her, be her furniture or her boot licker. “What kind of service oriented sub are you?” she asks. Jasmine is pleased how still the slave is and how relaxing it is for her. She lays her head back and feels the warm sun. “I could have a nap here” she says. Mr forest ranger isn’t going anywhere soon, hopefully his boss doesn’t come looking for him.
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Mistress Irene has an amazing ass and there’s nothing she enjoys more than having a slave fight underneath it to breath. In this scene Irene rotates from sitting full weight, on his face, to watch the him squirm to punishing his face by bouncing up and down on it. While sitting she wiggles her ass to demonstrate how big and plump it really is. Irene moves from forward to backward positions in this clip and she comments how amusing it is seeing the slaves little dick wiggle in unison with her bouncing.

Next she moves back onto the slaves chest and has him smell her pussy while she pulls back the top of her outfit to touch her divine breasts. She orders him to touch himself. Again she sits full weight on his face and wiggles her ass cheeks. When she gets up she orders him to sniff her ass and at this point the camera zooms in so your entire screen is just Irene’s ass. She finally tells the slave she is sitting on him and not getting up until he cums. The slave strokes madly, using only two fingers because he is so small. He’s out of air and starts to panic and then just in the nick of time he lets lose with a big load of jizz. Irene gets off of him and as she walks from the room she says “You’ll have to eat that and then get back to work.”
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Clubstiletto – Pony I’m Touching Myself – Mistress Kandy

Mistress Kandy continues her day in the forest with her pony. She comments how rugged the ground is with rocks, branches and thistles all over the forest floor and how glad she is she doesn’t have to walk on it with no regard to the slaves pony parts that are feeling it all. She directs him to a big log and tells him that will be his turning point. “This will make a real man, I mean horse of you” she tells him.

Eventually Kandy decides to test the pony out as a bench so she can enjoy the afternoon sun. She sticks her hand down her pants and panties and torments the slave by telling him what she is doing. “You’re a wild beast, you can’t have my pussy” she tells him but says she will let him lick her finger if he gives her a longer ride. Soon she is back on him and they continue down the trail. Kandy then turns so she is sitting backwards and makes him carry her some more. Now Kandy stands up and pulls her pants down and slides her panties to the side before sitting down again. She has the pony jiggle while she touches herself, it’s almost like having a vibrator. She suggests pissing all over the slave but really focuses now on getting herself off. “My pussy is so sweaty” she says. She then sticks her finger in the pony’s mouth before making him ride some more while she continues to touch herself. Kandy is so lost in her own pleasure she forgets about the pony until he collapses. No problem, she uses him now as a mattress touching herself more until she eventually reaches out with her fingers and gives them to you to lick. She can’t really reward her pony after all!
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Miss Xi is wearing beautiful ankle strap stilettos on her tiny size 4 feet and a sexy latex outfit. She has her slave on his knees kissing and licking both shoes. She then lets him kiss all the way up her leg until he gets to her butt cheek. She grinds her skirt into his face and says “Do you realize how lucky you are being able to kiss my ass?” She then has the slave sit on the floor with his head resting on the end board so she can slam her ass into his face as his head takes the full impact of the oak frame.

She then creates a tight seal with her skirt over his mouth and nose and laughs as he kicks. She waves her ass in front of his face and tells him to admire her ass through the see through fabric. So close but so far. She torments him about how her lover has just finished pleasuring her and then sits fill weight on his face before resuming the bouncing threatening him she might go get her lovers used condom and feed him the cum. then sit on his face some more.
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Clubstiletto – You’re Going To Eat My Man’s Ass – Raevyn Rose

Miss Raevyn has you so whipped you will do anything to please her. “You do a lot of disgusting stuff because I make you” she tells you adding “but today you have to do something really dirty, you have to eat my man’s ass.” She says that she finds the more degrading things are the more turned on you seem to be. Her Man is kneeling on the bed with his ass up and Raevyn runs her hands over it, even spreads his ass cheeks so you can see his asshole which you will be licking soon. She pulls back her shirt to reveal her pussy and as she touches herself she tells you about how hard he just fucked her. “It’s still tingling” she says. She tells you that he’s a real man and you’re not but you can close your eyes when licking his ass and pretends it’s her pussy.

She orders you to get your nose between his ass cheeks and while at it you can reach up and stroke his cock too. “Maybe he’ll get hard again and want to fuck me some more. He can never get enough of fucking me just like I can’t get enough of humiliating you.” Raevyn gets his ass cheeks spread and says she told him to keep it dirty for you. “I want my man’s ass on your breath” she tells you. She says your friends will probably smell it and say “Your breath smells like ass, man” and the joke is that it is actually man ass. Now Raevyn cups her lovers balls and makes you eat his ass. She wants you to show him how you will do anything she tells you to. “He already knows you suck his cum out of my pussy” she says, “and he thinks you’re disgusting.” Raevyn reminds you how low you are, how she can humiliate you, and while you are locked in chastity her man comes 2 or 3 times an hour. “Not only does he get to fuck me but he gets his ass eaten by you.” She tells you to tell her that you’re a man ass eater and that you love eating his ass, that you like it. “You can even oink like a p1g” she laughs. She decides she will have him face sit you until you are out and then he will get off your face and fuck her again. “Loser!”
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Clubstiletto – You’ll Be Licking Sweat all Weekend

Special is any day that Lady Bellatrix and Miss Jasmine get together. The scene opens with them on the bed sharing some nasty fart stories. “I’ve just had some really good Caribbean food” Jasmine says as the camera swings to her gorgeous ass and she spreads her butt cheeks implying a fart could happen at any time. Now they notice you and start by commenting on how small your cock is. Jasmine tells you to stick your nose between her ass crack by her sweaty thong but then Bellatrix realizes she has to fart so she gets on her knees and blows one right in your face. You get a great view of her sexy garment as well that barely covers her pussy while leaving her ass crack fully exposed. Now both Ladies are on all fours waving their fine asses in your face. Bellatrix rolls on her side and spreads her cheeks wide talking about what a hot summer it has been and how she is just sweating all the time.

Bellatrix asks Jasmine if she can still smell her fart and she can, waving her hand to clear the air. Now Jasmine has her armpits up and orders they be licked. Speaking of sweat, their feet are hot and damp in their boots, so they take them off so you can lick their feet as well. The Ladies really move around in this scene, exposing their asses, their armpits and feet and keeping you busy licking everywhere. Jasmine mentions how so many of her slaves love her scent so it motivates her not to shower. What a thrill for a slave being in this position and being allowed to lick them all over, that taste could be on your breath all day. In their discussion they talk about pedicures and other treatments on their feet including having the dry skin scrapped off. “We’ll feed that to this loser too” Jasmine says. “We’ll make him eat all the shavings of our corns” Bellatrix suggests. They decide they will fill a few plastic bags at their next pedicure with the skin, toe nail clippings, and anything else that comes from their body. Jasmine then proceeds to tell a rather interesting story about what she feeds her slaves. Wow! Then they remember you are in the room and they wiggle their toes in your face. “We really do spoil this guy don’t we” Bellatrix says!
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Clubstiletto – Fart Sniffer You’re Going To Be My Full Toilet

Gorgeous, young Miss Raevyn is happy to see you. “I’m so happy you’re here because I’m so gassy today,” she says to you. She spreads her ass cheeks wide to reveal her tender sweet anus and orders you to bring your nose in close to sniff it. She tells you to lick her hole as it will loosen her up and help her fart. She wants the smell on your face “so your friends and family can smell it.” She says that by the time she’s done with you, everyone will be calling you fart face and that you’ll be so honored to serve her this way, you’ll tell everyone you know.

She rolls onto her stomach and the overhead camera pans from her toes to her head, giving you a view of her amazing bubble butt along the way. She tells you that you’ll do a good job or be replaced. The camera hovers over her ass because you’ll want the extra time to rub yourself as you imagine having your nose in that crack. She directs you to down to her feet to kiss and smell them, but not for long, because now she needs to fart. Her anus expands as several farts are released, one after the other. “Soon this won’t be enough,” she tells you, and your need to become her full toilet will only grow. “Deep down you know you’re really a toilet” she says to you. Raevyn kneels on the bed and blows one last fart in your face to end this scene. If you time your orgasm with her fart, your devotion to her will grow and you’ll spend more and more time longing to actually be her fart sniffer and toilet.
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Clubstiletto – Lick While I Pleasure Myself – Mistress April

Mistress April is a demanding BBW Mistress who uses you for her own pleasure and gratification. “I’m horny and don’t have a man here so I need you to worship my boots while I play with myself,” she tells you, implying that you’re not only a poor excuse for a man, but no man at all. “If you do a good job I might have you remove my boots and worship my feet and toes, and while doing so, you can look up and see me pleasuring myself.” The boots are see-through with open toes, and she tells you exactly where and how to lick. She pulls out her little pocket vibrator and uses it to play with herself. “Someday, if you prove to be a good slave, I might let you lick my pussy,” she says to you. “But now, you’re nothing more than a boot licker.” She instructs you to remove her boots and to lick the soles of her feet. From your vantage point, you get a great view of her pussy, but you must stay focused on your purpose.

April sticks her foot into your mouth then tells you to move to her other foot. “Maybe I’ll let you lick my vibrator when I’m finished,” she says. As you lick, she continues to rub the vibrator over her pussy while she tells you about her man and how hung he is compared to you. She says she keeps you in chastity because you’re so small, and that your cock serves no purpose for anyone, so why shouldn’t it be locked away? She starts to moan as she brings herself closer to orgasm. Her eyes are closed as she takes in all that pleasure while she thinks about her stud. You’re nothing but an instrument of her pleasure, and you’re even lower than her vibrator, which is what gives her the most enjoyment. “Your mouth is all I need, sucking my toes, licking my feet, and sticking your tongue up my ass; that’s all you’re good for.” April tells you to bring your face to within six inches of her pussy, so you can watch as she pleasures herself. She rubs the toy over her clit, moans, then screams out, while the waves of pleasure flow throughout her body. She hands you the vibrator, tells you to stick it in your mouth, and to crawl back to your cage. She’s finished with you.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Irene – It’s Quite Satisfying

Mistress Irene is doing some work in the kitchen. She has a big turkey on the kitchen island in the form of a human slave. While you typically don’t tenderize turkey in this case it is applicable. She starts with a fiber glass crop and the poor slave is soon whining and wailing but as he is totally bound he isn’t going anywhere. Now Irene switches to a metal equestrian crop and she strokes a lot harder but the slave finds this more bearable although the sound might give you the impression it is a lot worse than the first instrument. She flogs the slaves butt and legs as he lies on the cold counter.

Harder and harder she strikes and then it’s time for a leather crop. She goes hard and you can hear the rushing air as she brings it down on him again and again until he starts to cry and whimper for mercy. The slaves ass is starting to look pretty battered and bruised, gorgeous tram lines, but Irene isn’t done yet. Finally she switches to a British rattan cane and the punishment continues. What a sweet sound it makes and the slaves squealing only makes Irene laugh with delight. Irene’s big breasts fall out of her top as you see her bra and beautiful breast cleavage. Now the slave is legitimately crying but Irene knows if you spare the rod you spoil the slave and she just can’t have that. At the end the camera scans the slaves legs and ass so you can see what he has been subjected to and you can decide if you’re ‘man’ enough to see Irene for a session yourself.
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Clubstiletto – Manicure Pedicure Payback – Lady Bellatrix

Lady Bellatrix reclines on the bed, having just had her nails done. She calls her dumb slave over whose credit card she used to pay for them to appreciate how lovely they look. He disgusts her but this is payback for making him pay for the work. She has him start by removing each shoe in order to inhale the odor inside. She tells him to crawl closer and the idiot lays his hands on her feet without approval. She scolds him and tells him only to bring his nose close. He may have paid for the work but he is still a slave and will be treated cruelly as that is how Bellatrix treats beta males. She makes him beg for her feet, tells him how to do it, and warns that he’ll be dismissed if he gets it wrong. He takes her foot into his mouth and massages it with his hands. “I must get you into long term chastity,” Bellatrix tells him, adding, “And by that, I mean the rest of your life.” She says her challenge will be to find a cage small enough for him, and the camera pans in to show his little micro-dick, which has a shoe lace wrapped around it.

Bellatrix decides to take off her nylons, and while the slave has to bow his head so as not to see her ass, you’re lucky enough to get a glance. She waves her feet tantalizingly in front of you and the slave before she orders him to attend to them again. The slave stares at her beautiful feet and she permits him to sniff them while he massages each one. “Stick the big toe in your mouth and suck it,” Bellatrix instructs him, telling him to be careful not to nick the polish. The slave is allowed to suck each toe and Bellatrix leans back on the bed to afford him access to the soles. She raises her arms, looks directly at you, and says, “I bet you’d like to lick my armpits, too, wouldn’t you?” While the slave has been diligent in his efforts, Bellatrix calls him a dirty fucker and face fucks him with her foot.
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Clubstiletto – Big Booty Beatdown – Mistress Irene

This scene opens as Mistress Irene as relaxes side-saddle on her slave’s face. Irene has a world class booty and the slave is just swallowed by it. She orders him to keep his head straight, so he gets the full impact of her ass when she bounces on him. As she settles in, the slave soon begins to kick for air, so she slides down onto his chest. She moves back up to his face but enjoys bouncing on him so much that she decides to switch back and forth between his chest and his face.

She only lets him up to remove her boots so she can sit more comfortably on his face. “Back on the couch!” she demands, and this time, she hikes up her dress to fully expose her divine ass before she sits on him again, this time, in reverse position. In no time, we hear the slave’s muffled scream for air, coming from beneath Irene’s ass. She doesn’t care though, because she likes to see him thrash and kick; everything moves except his head. She finally lets him breathe, but only for a second, before she’s back down on him again. She tells him to kiss her ass, and to encourage him, she bounces up and down on his face. She moves into a forward sitting position and does it all over again before she leans forward and jiggles her ass right in his face. Those cheeks are powerful, and they can do serious damage to a slave’s face! She finally settles onto his face with no intention of getting up and mentions how good his nose feels up her ass. When the slave starts to kick again, Irene laughs out loud with excitement.
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Clubstiletto – Toilet Training For Big Brother – Raevyn Rose

As Miss Raevyn sits on the toilet, she tells you that her brother is on the floor in order to hear her, to smell her, and to condition himself to becoming her full toilet. “I know he loves the smell,” she says with a giggle. As she relieves herself, Raevyn waves her hand between her legs and towards her brother’s face, so that the smell wafts over to him. While she uses his body as a footrest, the camera moves in and you see Raevyn’s amazing pussy as well as her cute little landing strip. As she starts to pee, she tells her brother that this could all be going into his mouth tomorrow if he proves to be a good slave. She stays on the toilet until she’s sure she’s finished, and while she waits, she decides to stick her toes in his mouth.

“I have so many people writing me about being my toilet. Maybe I should have you dig in the toilet once I’m done, to retrieve the logs so I can sell them,” she says to him. “They have to be worth $100 each,” she adds, and then questions why she should allow her brother to get his for free. Hmmm! Raevyn tells her brother that it’s time for him to lick her ass clean. She gets up and sits her dirty ass down, right on his face. She calls him vile names and tells him that he’ll always do as she demands, or their parents will see him eating her waste. “Maybe Mom will want to make you her toilet, too,” she suggests. She makes him stroke his cock to show her how much he loves her candy and tells him to think about Mom’s candy, too. She sits full-weight on his face and restricts his air while she continues to say vile things to him. “Eat it all up,” she tells him. “Oh, here comes another one!” she says, and then just as he’s about to cum, she tells him to stop. “You’re never coming again,” she says to him. She gets up, spreads her ass cheeks wide, and asks if it’s clean. “Yes, yes, Miss Raevyn, it is,” he says, fumbling for words and feeling overwhelmed by her power and beauty.
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Clubstiletto – After Sex Trample – Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine comes down the stairs looking sexy and radiant. “Oh that was hot, I can never get enough sex” she says, her beautiful melon shape breasts falling out of her dress. As she reaches the bottom of the steps her slave comes into camera view, naked, cold, and laying on the floor, ready to be subjected to her cruel whims. “I can also not get enough of hurting men” she says. She jumps up on her slave and starts to walk all over his body including stomping his cock. Jasmine starts talking about her evening ahead, which will include dancing and she starts to dance on her bitch who is doing his best not to make much noise from the pain her weight is inflicting on him.

She rubs a foot over his face and then sort of forgets about him as she starts to share some stories with you of recent travel, sexual encounters, and so on. She steps over her slaves face and tells him to admire her freshly fucked pussy. You can admire it too. Great upward angles will make you feel you are the slave on the floor. Now she moves about his body even more and giggles at the pain she is causing him. This slave actually prefers getting kicked repeatedly in the nuts over being trampled if you have ever wondered how the pain of a woman on you might feel compared to other forms of punishment. “I like to fuck and hurt men, my life is pretty simple” Jasmine explains. To insure the slave has pleasant memories of the encounter Jasmine makes sure to give him some good hard kicks to his groin as well.
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