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Miss Jasmine has her slave bound to her discipline chair. She has already flogged his cock as you can see in ‘Bound And Cock Flogged’ but now it’s time to inflict more punishment. She has a solid steal humbler and is going to crush his balls with it. As she starts to tighten it around his balls he moans and thrashes about. “Isn’t this fun” Jasmine says. She looks at you and asks if you wish it was you and then gives you some suggestions for self t0rture so you can imagine you are there with her. As the slave moans and groans, Jasmine pushes up with her backside against his body to titillate the poor creature so he gets harder and suffers even more.
Now that his cock is rock hard Jasmine pulls out a large sounding device so she can fuck his pee hole. His hungry cock just gobbles it right up. “Just like someone getting out of jail and having sex for the first time in years” Jasmine says. She slides it in and out while rubbing his cock at the same time. This is a lovely combination of pain and pleasure for her blindfolded slave. Now she sits on his lap while continuing to penetrate him eventually pushing it all the way in and sending him deep into sub space.
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Let’s face it; most boys grow up to be big, dumb, knuckle-draggers. And why is that? Because their role model was their father. Kandy knows that the most important person in a young male’s life is his mom, and that’s why she’s taken Junior under her wing and adopted some of his wayward male friends as well. She knows exactly what they need – harsh discipline, humiliation, and most importantly, utter devotion and servitude to mommy. Today, Junior and his ex-BBF-now-competitor are at Mommy’s feet while she soaks up the summer heat. The boys are on all fours while Kandy addresses them, paddle in hand to ensure neither of them slips up in any way. She enjoys making the boys compete, and today she has decided that the loser will be her footstool while the other gets to lick her ass. The two competitors display a lot of enthusiasm as they service Kandy’s feet. “Daddy paid for a nice vacation away for me” she tells her boys “and I’m thinking of taking one of you with me.” The other one will be locked up in a cage and fed from time to time by one of her friends.

Kandy loves the sucking, licking, and suction action on her sexy feet. The boys lick and suck everywhere while using their hands to massage her at the same time. Kandy looks directly at you and asks if you’d like to be one of her boys, because then she’d have triplets. Three is a nice number for daisy chains so she’s actually not kidding when she says she might consider you. She has trouble deciding on the winner but ends up choosing her biological son. Junior gets to sniff and lick her ass while the other slave is demoted to footstool duty. He must despise Junior and he promises Kandy he’ll do better next time. Kandy talks about the things she likes to have her slaves consume… all the nasty things that go in their mouths and in yours. Junior, meanwhile, makes love to Kandy’s ass like it’s his first love. and I guess when you think about it, it really is! Now what would daddy think if he knew what mommy had Junior doing? Kandy suggests she might do this all day long, which causes the footstool to let out a low, anguished moan. Poor bitch!
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Clubstiletto – His Pain Gives Me Such Pleasure

Princess Lily walks in from a hard day of work, well shopping actually, but tiring none the less. Her slave is waiting on the floor with his head on the chair. “I don’t know why but I just feel so much more comfortable when I know he is suffering for me” she says as she sits on his face in her tight blue jeans, the seam landing right on his nose. “How does that seam feel on your face, bitch?” she asks. She can see he is suffering but she tells him the smell of her ass alone should make the pain worthwhile. She sets her feet on his knees and settles in full weight, crushing his face but now also limiting his air intake.

She tells him the only way he will ever get that close to a woman, especially one as gorgeous as her is in this manner. The thrill of her ass combined with the pain of the seam and fabric. She switches to a forward position and bounces on his face before letting him take a breath of air so she can sit back down and ignore him. The slave holds on really well pleasing Lily but of course eventually they all need to breath and he starts to kick. Lily is pleased with his effort and decides to reward him by pulling down her pants and letting him kiss her ass cheeks. “Take one more breath” she tells him and then sits down one final time. As he kicks she just laughs at his sad state.
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Miss Jasmine looks divine in latex, high end nylons and amazing stilettos. She sits on her new CBT gimp and says she can tell he likes sharp objects and then gets up and rams her heel into his cock which only gets harder. This bitch is excited anticipating what is about to come. She picks up a cane and starts hitting his cock and mentions that when he emailed her he said he wanted a 1000 lashes of his cock and balls. She soon has the slut whining like a little bitch, maybe regretting his correspondence but bound and now unable to escape. Jasmine takes great delight in his moaning and crying but doesn’t stop. She makes him kiss the cane and tell her he really liked it. She increases the intensity and says the warmup is over. She strikes it hard and then plays with his cock a bit to give him a break and increase his level of arousal. Just when he thinks things are getting sensual she gets up and strikes him again. She plans to give this slut what he came crawling to her for.
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Clubstiletto – A Little Time Out Of The Cage – Miss XI

Every slave need a bit of time out of his cage. Miss Xi keeps her slave locked up naked in his cage and when she comes in the room he is sleeping but not for long as she bangs on the bars and tells him to wake up. It’s time for his beating. In no time he is bent over the cage and sadistic Xi is taking her paddle to his backside. This slave has little experience being flogged but Xi is not one to ease a slave into anything, he must learn that beatings are a daily occurrence now that he is her full time pet. She decides she wants his ass the same color as his mask and that means repeated strokes across his ass cheeks. She uses a few different paddles and even beats his shoulders a bit but keeps her emphasis on his ass.

The poor slave moans and cries out but she makes him spread his legs so she can wrap the paddle up under him into his cock and balls. When a slave looks like he can’t take anymore, give him more, is her philosophy. Soon his ass is looking a lot like his mask but she’s not apposed to making it red either to avoid confusing his ass with his face. Xi makes him tell her how much he loves being owned by her and then decides he is really only warmed up at best. She pulls out her rattan cane and lands an all out strike like he has never experienced before. When you are Miss Xi’s slave, pain is part of your existence.
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You spend your days naked at the feet of your Goddess Raevyn, head bowed in proper slave mode, until she snaps her fingers ordering you to look up at her. “You’ve done well serving me, you’ve been my best slave yet, locked in chastity for weeks, sleeping at night in a cold cage, I could have given you clothes or a blanket but wanted to see you suffer, harsh discipline including cropping and paddling, kicking you in the nuts, and as you have passed your test, I’ve decided to let you worship my pussy and my ass.” She then hikes up her dress to reveal her pussy and sexy V shaped landing patch. “That’s right bitch you are actually going to get to taste my pussy.” She touches herself then licks the fingers to titillate you before telling you to crawl between her legs to smell her.

Her pussy looks so divine, what a lucky slave being allowed to sniff her and then lick her. “Put your tongue between the lips, right where my boyfriend fucks me” she tells you. She parts her lips and tells you this will be the biggest reward you will ever get and even if she never allows it again you will always have the memories which alone should motivate you to continue to work hard and suffer for her. “A real man sticks his cock in there and you only get to lick it” she says. As she directs you how to lick it she tells you that she hopes by closing her eyes she can imagine it’s a big strong man, with a hairy chest and big hard cock that is actually there pleasing her. “When I open my eyes it’s just you. disgusting” she says with disdain. She stands up and now gives you a view of her amazing ass. She spreads her cheeks and tells you to get your tongue deep inside her hole. “You will suffer and work for me and always remember this special time” she tells you, “even when you’re lying in your cage alone and cold, with bruised balls, a shredded ass, and nipple clamps on.” She sits back down and dismisses you back to your cage with a snap of her fingers.
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Clubstiletto – Lady Bellatrix – Lick My Sweaty Pussy

Lady Bellatrix is wrapped in latex and recounts her day and how she has brutalized her slave and how it has caused her to sweat heavily. She decides to reward her slave by letting him lick her boots, the ones that she just busted his balls with. He’s literally licking his own precum and sweat from them. She tells him she has busted other slaves with the boots so he’s really licking many men’s balls as he cleans her boots.

“One of my lovers has jazzed on these boots too” she tells him, taking great delight in making him lick every inch of both boots. She loves humiliating him and reminds him how she has also turned him into her cocksucker. Now he has to work all the way up her legs and then she directs him between her thighs where her pussy is sweating just below the fabric. She tells him a real man would undo the zipper and fuck her. She then unzips herself and tells him to lick her. The slut licks eagerly shocked at this good luck even though it’s dripping with her lovers cum. Bellatrix zips up and sends him off saying he did a good job licking his boots but the pussy service was only enough to make her want a real man.
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Clubstiletto – I’m In Charge Little Man – Beg For My Ass

Mistress Irene is relaxing on her face sitting box, lost in her thoughts, while her slave kicks for air. “I’m writing my boyfriend” she tells him and then adds that his cock is also huge. She kicks at the slaves cock and mocks him for how puny it is. It’s maybe an inch at best. “I really shouldn’t even use the word cock” when talking about yours she tells him. Irene real tests the slaves limits and makes him kick to breath.

The camera gives you some great upwards and up close views of her ass while the slave flops about desperate to breath. She tells him she might let him cum today and tells him to rub his little thing. As she pushes his limits for air the poor creature can’t get even a slight hint of an erection. As she stands up the slave hacks and coughs for air but she makes him beg for more and the sight of her amazing ass is to much to refuse. He begs pathetically so she moves into a reverse position and sits on him again, while again returning to messaging her lover. The slave is soon kicking and Irene can only reply “Well, he did ask for it.”
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Clubstiletto – Tiny Dick Humiliated In The Woods

A stranger comes across Lady Bellatrix in the woods and she apologies as it’s a public trail but continues to face sit her slave none the less and crop his cock at the same time. It’s sort of like a public service, letting others see how most men deserve to be treated by women. Her slave has a super tiny cock and in addition to mocking him for that she also humiliates him about his face saying he would look a lot better if her ass (which is on his face) actually was his face.

Once the guest has left Bellatrix has her slave get up on his knees and says she is going to continue his education, learning new British slang. She explains new words as she writes them on his body with permanent marker. She marks him, slaps him, spits on him, sits on him, and verbally degrades him. Virgin, tiny dick, whore, wanker, and cunt are only some of the words she covers him with. Then she places her foot on his back and reaches in her panties and removes her tampon. She makes him beg for it before sticking it in his mouth to suck. “I’m heading home now” she tells him, picks up all his clothes from the ground and walks from the woods. “Don’t scare the neighbors” she calls back at him.
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Clubstiletto – You Look Older Than Your Profile Pic – You’re My Caged Boot Bitch

Ms. Bijou hollers into the cage where she now keeps her slave overnight. In the 4th part of this series Bijou explains how she has now not only turned a rejected dating prospect into her slave but has him living with her full time, locked in a cage under her kitchen. She pulls him out when she needs work done around the house or just wants to make him suffer for her enjoyment.

In this scene she moves him from his big cage into a smaller cage where his head is exposed and he can now lick the boots clean that she wore to the club the night before. “I had three or four men last night.” she explains adding, “I fucked them all, and one of them I gave a blow job right on the floor.” Through all the craziness she kept her boots on and you can only imagine how nasty the soles are. She orders him to suck the heel and lick the entire surface of the soles. Bijou is actually impressed by the slaves sucking job and she says she may have him in the room when she has some of her boyfriends over, they might find a use for his skill. “Or maybe you can just lay there and hear us fuck.” As she talks down to her slave her tight PVC panties ride up her crotch driving the old man crazy, the treasure beneath the fabric is something he will never experience. He is now a full time slave and lucky to lick the filth from her boots!
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Clubstiletto – There’s Going To Be Many Many Guys

Your wife Raevyn has called you into the room where she explains she has just been fucked by two men and has more on the way. All the cum running out of her has to be licked up. “A man does not want me to spread my legs and see another man’s cum down here” she tells you chuckling because she can see it actually turns you on. She tells you to sniff it first because she wants you to become familiar with the unique smell of each lover. She talks about her various lovers and how they will not only cum in her pussy but on her tits, her feet, all over her body and your job will be to lick up all the cum. “Maybe someone will even cum in my mouth and I’ll cum over and spit it still warm right into your mouth, then maybe wash it down with my piss.”

She tells you that even though her pussy is raw she is not finished, she needs more hard cock penetrating her, giving her the pleasure you never could. “I can feel the pressure all the way up to my belly button and I can feel the cum up deep up there too but it’s all going to ooze out of me for you to eat. It might leak out of me at anytime during the day or night and you will always eagerly lick it up.” She runs her fingers over the cum and into her pussy and then brings them up to your mouth for a taste. She calls you a filthy, devoted cuck. She then tells you that her next lover is going to fuck her up the ass and she’ll be farting cum for you. “Do you want to eat cum from my ass?” she asks with a touch of disdain and delight. She calls you a disgusting pig and says you will eat everything that comes out of her ass. “Real men want to come over and fuck me and all you want is to each my cum farts” she tells you. Now she scoops up more cum for you to eat and then tells you to get in and “lick the rest of it up because my boyfriend is going to be here real soon.”
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Clubstiletto – I Know Who’s Ass you Want To Lick – Mistress Sophia

This clip although shot a few years back was not on the site as it was missed when we swtiched servers. We have had it reformatted into MP4 and the highest quality possible. Mistress Sophia presents a steamy hot ass worship Point-of-View clip using Her amazing body and cute “girl-next-door” voice to turn you into Her personal ass licker. Great camera angles bring Sophia’s ass right to your face so go ahead and take a lick.
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6′ Amazon Goddess Mistress Damazonia has her slave kneeling beside her as she sits on her toilet table. “Slave, I will train you to be my full toilet” she tells him, “but you must suffer more first and that means for now you only get to watch me pee and then you will drink it off the floor.” She tells her slave to think about it, to long for anything that comes from her body.

She starts to pee and you can see the nectar run through her pantyhose and onto the ground. “It is nice and warm and will taste so good and I expect you to lick the floor clean.” A huge puddle of pee starts to spread on the floor as she sits, then she stands up and pees some more. “I can feel it running all the way down my pantyhose” she says and then orders the slave to crawl over and lick it all up. “Do you want to be my toilet?” she asks you.
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Clubstiletto – I’m In Charge Little Man – Seat Cushion Training

Mistress Irene is an amazon next to her little wimp of a slave. She tightens a clamp on his balls, to insure he is suffering, and then moves onto his face. Her ass looks amazing as it engulfs the poor sluts head and instantly his air is cut off. “If I’m going to use you for movie night you have to be able to hold your breath longer” she tells him. She also says her boyfriend will be there and they will be holding hands and the last thing she needs is him distracting her. She decides to treat him and starts bouncing on his face. Her ass cheeks really get a lot of motion going as they slam into his face.

She then sits back down hard and starts playing with his tiny cock. She lets up after he kicks a bit and removes her shoes. She then sits full weight and upright so he is again completely buried under her ass. “Silence is golden” she says as she waits for the slave to start to fight under her ass. When he does, she gets up to slap his balls a bit and then shifts back onto his chest with his head sticking out between her legs. She looks into his eyes and tells him how little he is and how big her boyfriend is and then again moves up onto his face. “Just lay there quietly” she tells him.
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Clubstiletto – Prison Box Asslicker

When we switched servers a few years back some clips were lost in the shuffle. This is one of those clips that was previously in two parts and in wmv format. We’ve redone it in the highest MP4 quality possible so do enjoy… Imagine being the lucky guy that gets locked into the prison box and forced to provide entertainment for the beautiful Mistress T and Mistress Samantha. The Ladies sit on his face endlessly while they chat and drink wine. Mistress T pours a little wine down Her ass crack for him to lick up before She settles Her ass on his tongue for some deep probing. She moves through a multitude of facesitting positions to take advantage of his helpless face and tongue. When Mistress Samantha climbs onto his face, the slave is completely engulfed in Her gorgeous round ass while Mistress T enjoys grinding Her shoe into his groin. The Mistresses have so much fun abusing the slave together. To add to the amount of weight on his face, Mistress T lays on Samantha’s lap and they stay there, and stay there, and stay there. Any volunteers to go into the prison box for these two Ladies?
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