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Clubstiletto – Lady Bellatrix is The Cock Whisperer

Lady Bellatrix is the Cock Whisperer and she knows the way to a man’s soul is through his cock and when you cage the cock you control the man. In this revealing POV clip, Bellatrix explains how she conquers the opposite sex. All smart Ladies know a locked cock is the way of the future.
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Clubstiletto – I don’t want you Thinking, just Doing – Lady Lennox

Lady Lennox has been sitting on her hubby slaves face a lot lately and it really seems to have dummied him down even further. She slaps him gently across his face and tells him she is pleased with his improved disposition. She can’t take things for granted so tells him it’s time for even more time under her ass. “The dumber you are the more money you will make me” she says, as she is slowly starting his transformation into a tranny bimbo cocksucker as seen in the clip ‘I’m Fucking Your Best Friend But You Can Be Our Sissy Cuckold And Whore’. Once the hormones kick in ‘goldy’ will develop finer facial features and breasts and then with the right makeup will be getting fucked a lot and making money for Lennox and her boyfriend Francesco who just happens to be goldy’s boss. She kicks his little ‘clitty’ and tells him it will never feel a woman again and it is no good to anyone.

Now she sits down on his head in forward position and with a nice straight back makes sure he is feeling all her weight on his face. The fishnet stockings are sure to make an impression on him too. As she lingers on her head she says she will have to tell her boyfriend about this later. With a bit of luck he’ll be going to work with red lines across his face that look like someone sat on his face wearing fishnets, lol. Lennox gets up long enough for you to get some nice views of her voluptuous ass. She then sits on him in forward position and lifts her legs off the ground so he gets here full 150 pounds. The camera swings around to give you a great view upwards of her ass and body. She just loves seeing his legs kick about. While he struggles for air she tells him that everyone is laughing at him at the office as her boyfriend tells everyone stories about what happens in the house between the three of them. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Francesco starts to face sit you at work too” she says with a laugh. How humiliating! After a breath Lennox sits on him again, this time swinging her legs forward off the ground. When she gets up goldy moans and cries in pain. She tells him to take a breath and as she sits down again she tells him “The worst is still to come.”
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Clubstiletto – We Have Nasty Plans for you Sissy

Mistress Damazonia and Miss Jasmine have a slave waiting in the wings to be used and abused by their cocks. They keep him salivating as they discuss the multiple uses they have for used condoms. Their lovers’ jizz doesn’t make it to the trash can; it makes it to the freezer. There, it is kept on ice for later consumption by a dirty slave. Now, time to fuck the slut waiting in the wings. He will get spit roasted and they will take turns at each end.
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Clubstiletto – Best of Ass Love

A true slave knows that he isn’t good enough for pussy and his true purpose in life is to be an ass licker. He will eagerly accept any discipline his Mistress gives him in hopes that she may allow him to press his tongue against her pretty pink rose bud and suck and lick it for as long as she demands. In this hot clip you get six beautiful asses to serve including Princess Lily, Mistress Kandy, Domina Ruby, Goddess Mia, Miss Jasmine and Miss Raevyn. The scene opens with Lily kneeling on the bed looking over her shoulder as you gaze at her plump ass. She tells you to pull out your cock and start to stroke it. Be careful, the Mistresses will allow you to cum but not until the very last second. Can you control yourself for 7 full minutes?

Lily removes her panties and puts her hands on her ass and spreads her cheeks. “Is that what you have been dreaming about, calling my name in your sleep, oh Lily I live for your ass” she says. You get a great upward view of her ass and then her butt hole as she continues you to tease and torment you. The scene then rolls over and now we see Mia on the bed with her ass facing the camera. “This is your purpose, what you live for” she tells you and then details what that requires including full toilet duties. Next it is Lily on the bed and this time she has two slaves at her mercy. While one slave eagerly eats her ass she has another slave licking her stilettos. Ruby pulls her cheeks wide so you can see her hole as she then orders her slave to get his tongue inside her deep. “So lovely having two slaves, what a spoiled Mistress I am” she says. Next we find Ruby sitting on a stool with her ass hanging over the edge of the seat, a slave secured to it with cuffs. Again she spreads her ass wide and shows you her glorious love hole. “Get in there and lick it” she says. Meanwhile in another room we now drop in on Mistress Kandy who is also getting her hole licked. “I get so horny when my ass is getting licked” she says as she directs her slave as to how to give her the maximum pleasure. Kandy explains how she had her slave locked up for days and made him go without food because she wants him hungry for her ass. Kandy moves onto her back and starts to play with her pussy while the slave continues to lick her ass. Finally in the bathroom we see that Raven and Jasmine are in the tub. Their asses are right in your face. They fondle each others asses and spread their cheeks. They tell you to join them, this is your clue to shoot your load. You’ll be coming back to this clip again and again, ass licker.
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Clubstiletto – Ass Annihilation by Miss Jasmine and Mistress Damazonia

Mistress Damazonia and Miss Jasmine bring out the worst, er, best in each other. Today they are feeling very sadistic and poor bitch in their presence is going to feel their wrath. Damazonia has a chained flogger and Jasmine a wire crop. Jasmine starts talking about the first time she beat this slave and as she strikes him and he hollers out in pain. “Shut up” Damazonia tells him, “I’m trying to listen to what she says.” The ladies both laugh and the slave smartly goes silent.

As Jasmine recounts a forest encounter with this slave they take turns striking his ass. Jasmine switches to a bamboo crop and the beating continues. There are a few love taps but generally each blow is pretty harsh. The ladies are dear friends but naturally a bit competitive. Which one will deliver the final blow that brings this bitch to his knees?
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Clubstiletto – My Black Stud is trying to get Me Pregnant, hubby

Raevyn calls you from the closet where you have been waiting while her boyfriend has been over fucking her. How pathetic that you are the ‘man’ of the house but quietly wait in the closet while your sexy wife has men over to fuck her raw. As you crawl closer you can see her mans cum running from her pussy and down her legs. “A present for both of us, I had an orgasm and you get to eat his cum” she tells you. As you look at the cum she breaks the news to you that her black lover is trying to get her pregnant. “What are people going to think when I have a black baby?” she asks you. “Everyone is going to be looking at you differently” she tells you, and then adds that after she has the baby she will still want to go out and have fun with stud men, so that means you will be home babysitting and cleaning the house. She says she might even leave you a pair of her dirty panties to sniff if you do a good job.

Raevyn recalls how your relationship started and you thought you’d be her man and how you even got to fuck her on your wedding night. Now five years later you haven’t fucked her since. While you are locked in chastity she has had at least 40 different men. “I’m sure you have been keeping track” she says, “but from now on I want an actual ledger so we know the number as the years go by, that way you will know how many men you have received cum from.” Now Raevyn rubs her pussy and gets some of the cum on her hand for you to eat. As you eat it she tells you how aggressive her man was, how he pulled her hair and made her scream. “You heard him tell me to get on all fours, didn’t you?” she says. She again recalls your wedding night how she couldn’t even feel your little dick and how you came in 10 seconds. Finally she calls you in closer, she wants all the cum licked off of her!
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Clubstiletto – Raevyn Rose – We Will All Step All Over you

Sweet young Raevyn is on the steps slipping on a pair of old boots she uses almost exclusively for trampling her slaves. She runs her hands up and down the leather giving you a glimpse of them and her body. She then gets up and walks over to her slave who is waiting on the floor for her. She places a boot on his chest and then brings the boot up for him to kiss and lick the sole. She bends over showing off her amazing ass and says “He’s so desperate to be trampled he probably doesn’t even notice my ass.”

The slave is moaning a lot and she says carpets should be quiet and as a result she is thinking of having his tongue removed but then she remembers it does come in handy for licking her boots clean. Now she steps up on him with both feet and steps about his stomach and chest. She squats down on him which really grinds the heels into his flesh. She now stands on one foot and makes him lick the sole of the other boot and then suck the heel. “You are just carpet here waiting for me and my friends” she tells him, and says it doesn’t matter who visits, “They well all step all over you.” Raevyn steps on him continually until she again squats down on him and brings her panty covered pussy within inches of his face.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Ball Busted Little Bitch

The scene opens as Miss XI delivers a hard kick to her slave’s nuts. She looks stunning in her green latex dress and stylish stilettos. She asks her slave how his balls feel after yesterday’s session, and instructs him to remove his package from his shorts, to prove he has no padding underneath. As he shows himself, she delivers another solid kick that crushes his cock and balls and brings him to his knees. Miss XI uses the opportunity to walk around and kick him from behind. Each time he stands, she kicks him from the front and whenever he goes down, she gets him from behind. The poor guy he doesn’t know if he should stay up or go down. Miss XI orders him to say, “I’m a little bitch,” and reminds him to thank her as well.

She bends over to show him her sweet little ass and says that if he pleases her, she might sit on his face. She removes her shoes to improve her balance, which will allow her to kick even harder. When the slave falls, she approaches from behind and uses her f1sts on his nuts, showing no mercy whatsoever and laughing as he cries in pain. She pulls, squeezes, and twists his balls before she punches them again followed by a volley of kicks. More punching ensues, as well as some slapping, and then it’s back to the front for even more kicks. XI seats herself and tells the slave to put her shoes back on her. Once they’re on, she says, “Spread those legs,” and the stupid, disoriented slave reaches up to spread XI’s legs instead of his own. XI laughs as she mocks him, and of course, this means he has to be punished. The nerve of him! She gets him onto his feet and lands four full kicks that bring him down onto his stomach. He’s ordered back up on all fours and she kicks him again until he collapses. She tells him to kiss his ball sweat off her shoes while she looks for a used condom for him to suck, in the garbage.
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Clubstiletto – Raevyn Rose – I Just Fucked Your Boss

Lily reclines on the bed, her new lover having just left. “I think he was one of the best lovers I’ve ever had,” she says, as the camera zooms in to show cum running down her inner thigh. She beckons her husband over and tells him he can come in now. “It’s time to come out of your closet,” she says to him. She asks if he recognized the voice of her lover from inside the closet, and when he says ‘no’, she says she’s surprised, because he should be very familiar with it, him being hubby’s boss and all. Yikes, hubby had accepted being a cuck, but this is a complete shock, knowing he now must face his wife’s lover every day at work. “I fucked your boss and everyone knows about it,” Lily says to him. She laughs with delight when he drops his head in humiliation.

She tells him that his boss is hung like a horse and that she showed him a picture of hubby’s tiny dick. She explains the reason the boss often told hubby to stay late is that he’s been sneaking over to fuck her while hubby was busy doing grunt work at the office. Nevertheless, the secret is now out, and Lily says the dynamic at work is sure to be different now. She shows him the cum on her leg and tells him to taste her boss, to experience what a real man tastes like. She says that from now on hubby can start fluffing his boss right at the office and when he closes the door, everyone else will be giggling because they’ll know exactly what’s happening. As hubby dutifully eats the cum, Lily says there are a lot of good-looking men at his office and her plan is to fuck all of them and he will fluff every single one. “Soon I’ll be fucking everyone in that office. except you,” she says, and suggests that maybe they can have an office party where they can all fuck her, and hubby will prepare their cocks for her. Lily says the boss might eventually move in with her and hubby will sleep at the foot of the bed. She’s tired of him now so sends him back to the closet and adds, “My regular boyfriend is going to be here shortly anyway.”
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Clubstiletto – Not Breathing Is A Privilege – Mistress Bliss

Mistress Bliss is tired from a hard day of using slaves so to relax and also invigorate herself she sits on her slaves face where she can also stimulate her pussy on his nose. He is bound by his wrists and ankles to insure he stays right where she wants him. She turns his head as if it’s a giant vibrator and moans in pleasure. What a thrill to know your queen is using you for her sexual pleasure, well worth the hard day of work and abuse. She slaps her sluts cock a bit and her ass bounces on his face as she pleasures herself. Now she settles right down to make him fight to breath before getting off and smothering him with her tits. She hugs his head until he becomes desperate once again for air then gets back up and this time facesits him in a forward position.

His nose is now up her ass crack. When he starts to squirm she tells him that it’s a privilege to not breath under her ass. To get his mind of breathing she starts to slap his cock and balls and says it feels a bit like riding a bull. When she finally gets up he gasps loudly but she reaches down and squeezes her hands around his neck. She slaps his chest and wiggles her sweet ass all over his face. Next she pulls on his cock and stretches it before running her fingernails over it which gets the slut erect. She flicks his cock head with her finger and then again sits down to relax while puffing on her vape. The slaves nipples and cocks are abused while she spends a good deal of time resting on his face. Eventually she is bored with him and decides it’s time for him to go to sleep. “Just drift away” she tells him as she puffs and he kicks.
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Clubstiletto – The Chocolate is so much Sweeter with a tongue up Your Ass

Mistress Kandy is enjoying a stiff whiskey and some chocolate. See says she’s sitting with her chair backwards because chocolate is so much Sweeter with a tongue up her ass. The camera moves around and find her slave bound to the stool and eagerly eating her hole. Kandy has a gorgeous plump ass and any slave would love to be in this slaves spot. The slave is also in chastity so the only one getting any pleasure is Kandy. “We might pull an all nighter here” Kandy says, adding that if they go all night the slave will probably get some ‘chocolate’ of his own. “If you know what I mean”. Kandy is lactose intolerant but she loves chocolate so the slave should be prepared for anything.

Now Kandy moves the slave back so you can come and inspect her hole. She asks you if it’s clean and she wonders if you could so better. Kandy explains she doesn’t care how big or hard a slaves cock is but his tongue is a different story. Suddenly Kandy lets out an unexpected fart which startles the slave a bit. She says she might have to relieve herself soon and it’s the slaves job to make sure things don’t get messy. Now Kandy waves her feet at you and says if you were there she might have you worshiping them. The best slave will get her ass, the other her feet. “You’ll both be in chastity though” she warns you. As the slave thrusts his tongue in Kandy’s ass it makes it bounce in a most enticing way. What a prize to fight over!
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Clubstiletto – Lennox’s Cruel Stilettos

Lady Lennox admires the marks on her slave’s torso as this scene opens. She steps back on him and then squats, to give him the full impact of her body. She places one stiletto on his head and lifts her other foot into the air. Lennox is a full-figured woman and the slave is subjected to a lot of weight, especially when she stands on one foot.

She steps around on his body and admires the large impressions she leaves on his flesh. She says it’s so much fun to see him suffer like this. Finally, she steps on his neck, then looks directly at you and blows you a kiss.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Lily – He Likes Heavy Girls on his Face

Few asses are finer than Princess Lily’s so you can imagine the thrill for this slave when she sits on his chest. Lily has him blindfolded because she wants him to feel her ass but not see it. Lily says she knows her slave loves it when heavy girls sit on his face so she has intentionally been eating more, just so her ass will be bigger. “It also ensures that he can’t breathe under it,” she adds. She moves onto his face to demonstrate the nice, tight seal she can give him.

She settles her luscious ass fully on his face. Now she bounces a bit but she makes sure that no air leaks out. She laughs as the slave kicks and then gives him a second to catch his breath. Lily’s ass really looks amazing pressed into his face and she mentions that he also loves her farts. The slave starts to kick a bit too quickly for Lily’s liking, so she threatens to punch him in the balls if he doesn’t do better. This tactic seems to work because he goes a long time without moving. but when he does, she delivers a solid punch to his groin anyway. Again, she settles in on the slave’s face and he lies still for quite a while. Finally, he reluctantly and slowly lifts his arms before they fall back to his side. “There, he’s getting better!” Lily says.
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Clubstiletto – Lady Bellatrix – Latex Dress Worship

After spending a whole day teasing her slave in chastity, Lady Bellatrix graciously decides to reward him. After all she has been prancing around in her latest latex dress the whole time. She is so pleased with the way he shines it before heading out for a night on the town that she even gives him a pat on the head.
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Clubstiletto – You Sound like a Pig having an Orgasm – Miss XI

The scene opens with Miss Xi already inflicting pain on her slaves balls. She uses one tool to hold the balls in place and others to squeeze them. The bound slave is whining and kicking like a little bitch. “You know what my favorite thing is to do to balls?” she asks her slave but before he can reply she starts to punch them relentlessly. Xi reaches into her box of tricks to reveal a magic wand. She applies it to the slaves balls which really gets him kicking. She then focuses on his tiny little cock and despite his kicking she decides to turn it up to high. She then wraps a chain around his cock and balls and then takes the electric wand to the medal. “I love electricity and metal” Xi says with a giggle.

Using chains, tweezers, pliers and electricity she soon has the slave groaning and kicking uncontrollably. “You sound like a pig having an orgasm” she howls with laughter. She then starts to flick his cock head with her finger and orders him to say “I’m a little bitch.” Next comes a mallet to the balls combined with more electricity. She then takes the chain and starts to use it on his cock, balls and legs before clasping his cock again and rolling over it with a spurred roller. Finally she takes a break to talk to him about some ways she could completely have his balls removed all together. Finally the sweating pig slave has a chance to relax. but not for long, here comes some more electricity. Xi could do this all day!
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