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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Owned and Rewarded

Miss Jasmine is sitting on the bed with her slave but she quickly bounces onto his face. As she removes her stilettos she talks about what he has endured today, including trampling and more, so this is a reward of sorts even though that does mean some kicking for air will occur. Her plump ass looks amazing on his face and you can see he loves it as his cock is rock hard. She scrapes her nails over his cock as she lifts up and he gasps to breath. Now she gently strokes his cock and tugs on his nipples. She is pleased at this ability to hold his breath without making a big fuss. “I own his breath, I own his cock, his body, his orgasms, his entire life” she states.

Now she wiggles her ass on his face and says she could make it all end for him right there and now and it would be a perfect way for him to go. “Imagine the last thing he ever sees is my ass, and imagine the obit, everyone would be so jealous.” Now she moves into a forward position and feeling pleasure from his nose on her pussy she touches her clit. She then stretches her legs out and totally crushes his face with her ass. When he finally starts to kick she comments that his movement feels good on her pussy and then again moves to a reverse position. “Play with yourself” she tells her slave, happy enough with him that she might just let him cum. She grinds her ass all over his face while he strokes his cock. She spends most of the scene sitting on him full weight with only momentary breaths of air allowed. She tells him he can cum as she sits on his face and pulls on his nipples and having not cum in a long time it doesn’t take him long to explode all over his own body. Now he needs air and starts to kick frantically, Jasmine sits firmly and laughs at his predicament.
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Clubstiletto – It Feels So Good When We Hurt Him

Lady Bellatrix and Miss Jasmine are together for the first time in a couple years and the first thing they want to do when they get together is hurt a slave. Jasmine is sitting on his face and tells Bellatrix that this slave is pretty good at taking abuse. Jasmine slaps his cock and balls and then Bellatrix squeezes his nuts and twists his cock which forces the slave to blow air up Jasmine’s pussy which she says feels really good, thus leading her to encourage Bellatrix to hurt him someone. Bellatrix cups his balls and slaps them repeatedly while they chat to catch up. They talk a bit about their philosophy but don’t let up on causing the slave to cry out in pain, although it is muffled under Jasmine’s ass.

Bellatrix has had a long 11 hour flight and suggests she would enjoy a bumhole message as well so the two switch positions. Bellatrix settles on his face and Jasmine takes control of his balls from behind. Bellatrix comments that her panties are dirty from the gangbang event she was at the previous night and tells the slave to inhale them. They chat about how cum can often leak out quite a bit later, often to their own surprise. Bellatrix tugs on his nipples and Jasmine twists his cock and balls and comments that he is getting very hard. Bellatrix moves to a forward position so the two ladies are now facing each other. They decide to take turns punching him in the balls and they try to outdo each other which means a lot of pain for the slave. Only Bellatrix’s ass muffles his screams. Jasmine takes it to another level by standing up and crushing down on his balls with her foot and then goes back to punching. This slave is a big fan of ballbusting but these two take it to a whole new level. Just as they are about to stop they notice some pre-cum on his cock. “Pre-cum means he wants more” Jasmine says and the punching resumes.
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Clubstiletto – Jumped On, Trampled and Scissored – Mistress Kandy

Kandy is in the forest with her carpet. We find her sitting on a bench, pounding his chest with her shoes. “If he does a poor job, he ends up buried here in this ditch,” Kandy says, as she points to a body-sized hole in the ground. She continues to stomp him, then steps on him and climbs up to the bench, where she leaps off and lands on him… hard! She orders him over to a different bench where he lies on his back so she can walk on him in bare feet.

She stomps him and jumps on him, while holding a stick to keep her balance. Kandy displays great balance as she stomps his chest and stomach, then thrusts a dirty foot at his face, to be worshiped. Just as he’s getting into the pleasure of her foot, she stomps it down on his head. Kandy continues to stomp him, then looks at you and wonders if you’re strong enough to take this slave’s place. She sits down on the current slave’s chest, slides her legs around his neck, and proceeds to scissor him. “Lights out, bitch,” she says.
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Clubstiletto – He’s Dumb and Obedient – Raevyn Rose

Miss Raevyn’s slave is dumb and obedient, just the way she likes them. The scene opens as she wakes up, her nose close enough to her armpits to alert her to the fact that she smells, having worked up a sweat earlier from beating her bitch. She lifts her arm up to give you a close up view of her pit. Mmm, it’s so close you could almost reach out for a taste! The camera swings around to show Raevyn’s slave, who has been kneeling by the bed the entire time, awaiting an order. She tells him to start licking her armpits, and as he does, she calls him a stupid beast not even capable of talking, just grunting. “This is as intimate as it will ever get between us,” she says to him, as she describes the other tasks that will be expected of him, which include sniffing her farts and being her toilet.

She verbally directs the slave in order to ensure that every inch of her pit is properly licked. While the slave licks, the camera pulls back to show you Raevyn’s deliciously plump ass. What torture! She says she prefers dumb slaves because they just do as they’re told. She flips onto her back and says she’s going to close her eyes and think about her lover while the slave licks the other pit. She touches herself and talks of the way her boyfriend will be making love to her and all the slave will get is stinky armpits. “You must feel so inferior,” she says to him. The slave just grunts and continues licking, and you can clearly see that he loves the taste of her sweat and having his tongue on her flesh. She wouldn’t give him a second look if he tried to be more than what he is, a lowly slave, doing whatever she tells him to. She sniffs her pits again and says that while the sweat is gone, now she has the slave’s nasty breath on her and she’s going to have to shower. First, she rolls back onto her stomach and tells the slave to kiss her ass. There are some nice feet shots for you, too. “Such a pathetic worm” she says to her slave. or maybe to you. who knows?
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Mistress Irene is on the bed scrolling hot stud porn on her phone and just relaxing. She explains how she has been busy all day beating and using men. “Having my feet licked too” she adds as the camera scrolls back and we see one of her slaves licking her feet. “So many men desperate to please me” she says. She looks at you and asks if you wish you were the guy down at her feet. She tells her slave that being that close to her feet he better do a good job because kicking him would be very easy right now. Nice camera angles give you a great view of Irene’s soles and toes as she spreads them wide so you can imagine you are servicing her other feet.

“We could have a contest” she says again looking at you. “I’ve been wearing my thigh high boots all day so my feet should be dank and sweaty.” The camera comes up to her armpits and she says that this might be the job for you, licking the sweat from them. She smells them and loves it saying it’s the smell of Goddess. With two armpits and two feet she suggests four slaves might be most appropriate. She touches her pussy and says if she had a real man there also he could take care of that. She gives her slave a peek up her skirt and when he inches towards it she hollers at him “Stay on my feet, dumb bitch.” She mocks him saying that his purpose is as a slave and she knows if she treated him with respect he would lose his erection, he needs to be treated with disdain. “To be treated poorly, to be called nasty names, worshiping feet is all you deserve, or maybe these armpits, anything dirty and you’d probably like to be my toilet too” she says again looking directly at you. The slave is licking between each tow now as told to do so and then she tells him to suck her big toe as practice to be her cuckold. As the slave licks away she tells him that it’s a nice treat for him at the end of the day.
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Here’s a classic from 2010, enjoy it again or for the first time. In the last episode between Ariel and her brother, you will recall that their parents went away on vacation. This left Ariel in charge of her slave brother for several weeks without any interference from their parents. The twisted adventures were many… and in the last episode when Ariel was sitting on her brother’s face and frcng him to lick her ass, their parents called to say they were on their way home and they were starving. They asked Ariel to make a nice big salad. Well, Ariel and her brother started making a salad before their parents came home.

But there was NO SALAD DRESSING! quickly Ariel came up with an idea to solve the problem. She grabbed her brother’s cock and starts jerking him off. They will MAKE THEIR OWN brand of salad dressing if necessary. then Ariel starts playing with her brother’s balls while he continues to jerk himself off until he shoots a HUGE CREAMY LOAD all over the lettuce. Ariel quickly mixes it all up just as their parents arrive home from their trip. Their parents will never know their dirty little secret.
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Clubstiletto – Ballbusting Will Help You Understand Your Sin – Lady Bellatrix

Lady Bellatrix’s slave is bound by his wrists to the ceiling as she enters the room in full PVC and thigh high boots. “You have really angered me,” she says to him, “and I feel I have no choice but to hurt you where it really matters.” She flogs his cock and balls with her crop, which brings him up onto his tippy toes. She hits him again, and this time it’s so painful the slave buckles at the knees and swears, which further angers Bellatrix. so she flogs his cock some more!

Now it’s time to kick him in the nuts, and when she addresses him, he replies by calling her Goddess rather than Mistress, which makes her even madder. This turns out to be a brutal ballbusting experience for the slave and it’s something you will not want to miss. You’ll see non-stop nipple pulling, spitting, face slapping, kicking, kneeing, cock twisting, flogging, and a lot of verbal abuse. There’s no question that the slave understands his place in Bellatrix’s world by the time she’s finished with him. When she’s had enough, she grabs him by his face and says “Now, are you ever going to put the toilet paper roll in the wrong direction again?” Clearly, he had this beating coming!
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Clubstiletto – Sticky Toes for House Bitch – Lady Bellatrix, Miss Jasmine

Lady Bellatrix is over visiting Miss Jasmine and they are sitting in the kitchen chatting, reminiscing about days gone by. Bellatrix mentions the house bitch that Jasmine has spoke of so Jasmine claps her hands and as a devoted slave should you eagerly crawl in at their feet to be subjected to their condescending remarks. Jasmine does put in a good word for you saying you are good at preparing meals, laundry and such and Bellatrix replies, “You mean at fluffing?” which makes them both break out in laughter. Your cheeks are pink, you know you are not much more than an insect to them but you know this is your place and you humbly accept their comments probably even getting a bit aroused in the process.

The ladies give you permission to touch yourself so go ahead. Jasmine tells Bellatrix that she prefers dressing you up as a girl and when she does she has you sucking cocks all the time. Jasmine carries on talking about you, how she takes you to the beach to carry her stuff, how she gives you a bonnet and makes you wear femmy clothes, and how she loves to humiliate you in general. Now that the small talk is over though the girls decide to feed you. They toss watermelon on the floor and start to squash it. Bellatrix bites into a piece and tosses the rest into the pile. Soon it is all squished to liquid and their feet are sticky wet with the juice coming up between their toes. Now Jasmine takes a big piece into her mouth and chews it up and then spits it onto the floor as well. The ladies lovely polished toes blend in so nicely with the juice and now they are going to let you not only lick up all the mess from the floor but lick their feet clean as well. Enjoy it though because the Ladies are talking about producing this beverage in quantity and selling it for $100 a bottle. “Crawl in house bitch and lick it all” Bellatrix orders you.
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Clubstiletto – Over 100 Kicks, Punches and Knees to the BALLS

Miss XI relaxes on the couch and enjoys her drink on a hot summer’s day. A shoe dangles from her foot, which she eventually allows to fall. She looks a bit angry and that means trouble for someone. She calls someone, her slave, over who diligently kneels by the fireplace, awaiting her directions. She orders him to sniff her feet and suck her toes. Thanks to some great camera angles, you get a fantastic view of her tiny size four feet, which are about to destroy his balls.

She tells him to stand up, and over the course of the next five minutes, repeatedly kicks him in the nuts. And just to keep him off balance, XI mixes it up with punches followed by a knee to the crotch. She humiliates him by making him kiss her feet and suck his own ball sweat from them. Amazingly cruel!
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Clubstiletto – Higher and Harder – Princess Lily

This scene opens with Princess Lily already jumping on her carpet slave in her knee high boots. While her slave suffers beneath her you get some great views of her famous bubble butt. She steps on her slaves head and then places both feet on his chest and jumps some more. She tells him how lucky he is to have his view and it should be more than enough to make up for the pain he is enduring. She squats down on him so her ass is near his face but not close enough for him to reach with his mouth. “This ass is what you are working for” she tells him as she stands up and jumps some more.

Now the camera moves back to give you a wide view as she dances on her slave. “Should I invite my boyfriend over to dance with me on you?” she asks him. “Maybe he could fuck me while we are on you and then you can see all his cum running down my leg.” She then tells him he can’t fuck her or any woman and she wouldn’t be surprised if his wife is actually out fucking another man and that’s the reason she sent him to her to be used. She then moves to his stomach and jumps some more, along with some stomping. You can see the damage her soles are doing to his body and the slave is moaning and groaning in pain. Lily is so happy with her job and this time steps down on the floor and brings her ass right over his face. Just as he thinks he might get a taste she stands up and again brings her boots up to his body.
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Clubstiletto – You Slaves Don’t Mind Sharing Me Do You?

Miss Muscle scissors one slave while she orders the other one to worship her boots. She explains that when she can’t make it to the gym, she likes to work out using her slave’s neck. You can see her muscles ripple as she clamps down on his neck with her powerful thighs. She inadvertently kicks her other slave in the head, but naturally he doesn’t complain as he continues to lick her dirty boots. Miss Muscle asks you which of the two slaves you would like to be, the boot licker or the one fighting for air? She changes position so she’s lying on her stomach on top of the slave.

She wraps her powerful legs under his head so you can really see her ass and muscle bound legs while she flexes. She has both slaves lie on the bed so she can face sit them one at a time, but she can’t resist scissoring the boot licker first. She moves to the other one’s chest and plays with her pussy through her crotchless panties. Again, she shifts to scissor the boot licker before she sends both slaves to their knees on the floor. She tells each one to worship a boot while she plays with herself. She touches herself before reaching for a black dildo so she can fuck herself while her sluts watch. She tells them to lick the sole of each foot simultaneously while she fucks herself with the dildo. After she cums, she presents the moist dildo to the two slaves and asks “Now which one of you gets this?”.
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Clubstiletto – No Beaver Just Boots – Lady Bellatrix

Lady Bellatrix is visiting Canada and catching up on her hockey trivia as she has a hockey player coming to worship her boot. Finding it all rather boring she flips the book to the side and recalls a story about the client who took a puck to his balls years back and has never been able to get erect since unless he has been kicked in the balls first. While he loves getting kicked in the balls one thing he doesn’t like is dirty boots. and that’s where you come in. “Before he gets here I think you should clean my shiny PVC boots, with your tongue” she tells you.

Bellatrix runs her finger over the toe and tells you to lick there and then directs you all the way up to her knee and then back down until you get to the sole where she wants you to give extra attention to the crease between the boot and the sole. Next she tells you to put your tongue on the zipper and again work your way up. At the top she tells you to look at her sweet Canadian beaver but none of that for you, in fact she doesn’t even want to feel your tongue go past of the top of the boot and touch her flesh. Just boots for you. “When my paying slave gets here they will be spotless so get everything even the jizz that is most likely on them somewhere. She chuckles that the next slave would be mortified to know the boots were cleaned by your saliva. She then has you lay on the floor so she can rest her boots on your head and “catch up on the greats of hockey.” She opens the book and resumes reading forgetting you are even there.
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Clubstiletto – 10 Men Came In My Ass, Smell It, Eat It – Princess Lily

Lily has a huge sex drive and one man can never really satisfy her especially when she knows she has a cuckold that she can humiliate and use for clean up after. The scene opens with her standing on her slave and saying she is about to give him her ass, looking at you and saying “Don’t you wish it was you?” She sits in a forward position and tells him to stroke his cock, she likes him fully aroused when she talks about her sex life so he associates his own arousal with her being fucked by other men. Soon the slave needs to breath and trying to catch a breath he literally snorts into her ass. “Don’t snort to much, because my boyfriend just filled me up” she tells him. “It’s probably better for you than coke though” she adds. Now she moves into a reverse position and tells him she will remove her panties so he can suck the cum from her ass if he pleases her first. “A dirty ass for a dirty bitch like you” she says.

Pleased with his commitment to following orders , she removes her panties and stuffs them in the cucks mouth before again sitting on his face. “Don’t swallow them whole” she tells him. Lily sits full weight and the slave is rock hard stroking away even as he kicks to breath. Now she gets on all fours and shows you her magnificent ass and sweet bunghole and tells her slave as a treat she’s going to let him sniff it deeply. He breaths it in and she says “You don’t mind that other men are fucking me, do you?” and the lustful slut naturally replies “no”. She reminds him that he never gets to fuck her as she waves her ass only inches from his face. She tells him to imagine fucking her right after 10 other guys have fucked her. He’d do anything for sloppy seconds but cuckolds don’t fuck, they just smell and eat cum from their owner. She gets into graphic detail about how she will sit on his face after those 10 guys have fucked her and how he will be ordered to suck the cum from her freshly fucked holes. She now moves back onto his face and leans forward so you can see him licking her asshole. “Can you taste my studs cum in there?” she asks him. Lily next lays on the bed and starts touching herself and says “I’m so horny now for my boyfriend.” She looks at her erect and frustrated slave and says “It looks like someone else is horny too.”
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Clubstiletto – Sheer Stocking Bliss – Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine loves her new beautiful sheer stockings but says what she needs most is some foot worship and pampering from her slave boy. She has him remove her stiletto and start by kissing her toes. “The fabric is so sheer that if you lick them you will see my feet as if the nylons aren’t even there” she tells him. The slave eagerly starts to worship her feet with his mouth and hands and then she orders him to also worship her legs. She orders the slave up and down her legs and to her feet while she lays back and relaxes, the slave at the end of her chain.

She then has him get on the bed so she can place her sole on his face. She moves her feet up and down his face and across his tongue. “Use both of your hands because if you’re lazy I’ll ball bust you” she warns him. The slave massages her feet, ankles and legs and Jasmine is pleased with his efforts but still can’t resist talking about his balls being busted. Well massaged feet and legs will have her in fine form to hurt him so she makes sure his service is very thorough. Great clip for lovers of pantyhose on a hot dominant and demanding woman.
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Clubstiletto – It’s Nice To Have a Cuckold In The House – Mistress Irene

Mistress Irene reclines on the bed and calls her cuck husband over. She asks if he heard her lover fucking her and points down to her legs, which are covered in cum. She scoops some up with her fingers, sticks them into his mouth, then tells him to lick it from her legs. She wears panties because hubby is strictly prohibited from seeing her pussy; she wants him to remember it from their wedding night and only have the memory to excite him now. She mocks him for his tiny cock and instructs him to stand up so she can laugh at it. She holds her little finger up beside it and they’re the same length! She talks about how massive her man is and orders hubby to get back in and eat up the rest of the stud cum. “As I have a lot of boyfriends, you’ll be busy, and my next one likes to be fluffed so you’ll be able to see how big he is as you prepare him for me,” she says.

Irene tells hubby that once her man is hard, she’ll have him stand up so the two can compare cocks and all have a good laugh over the discrepancy. Dutiful hubby continues to lick and accepts the humiliation as well as her orders, without question. Once she’s clean, Irene sends him to the foot of the bed to remove her shoes and practice his cock sucking ability on her big toes. “While you’re doing that, I’m going to close my eyes and play with myself” she says to him. She talks about her previous lover; how beautiful he is, how hung he is, and how he makes her feel so good. “You could never come close to being anything like him and that’s why he’s fucking me and you’re sucking my toes and imagining it’s his cock” she says, and rubs herself more vigorously until she has a mind blowing orgasm. She sends hubby back to the closet as she says with a smirk, “It’s nice to have a cuckold in the house.”
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