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Clubdom – Vanessa Cage Milks the gimp

Vanessa Cage walks in, her gimp slave is kneeling, anticipating the return of his Goddess. Once again, the slave is completely under her strict control, and of course at her mercy, bound and hooded with a leather straight jacket. She laughs at her pathetic, gimp slave, and mocks his current predicament. Tormenting him further with her booted foot, rubbing against his useless cock, even her leather encrusted food easily twists the slave to her will. Vanessa verbally torments him, making him beg to be milked. On the table, she jerks him off with two gloved hands, squeezing his balls, and debasing him verbally. You can hear the disgust in her voice when she talks of his man filth. She torments him, constantly jerking him off, relentless verbal assault…the minutes seem like hours to the gimp slave. Will she give him permission to cum…
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Clubdom – Vanessa Cage Caning

Vanessa Cage has her slave bent over, hands restrained over the horse…At her complete MERCY! She asks him if he wants to be caned, and not being able to resist his blonde haired Goddess, he easily succumbs to her desires, all of which are encompassed by one evil idea, his suffering!! Vanessa Cage is giggling as you hear the cane slicing through the air, chuckling at his predicament. The slave tries to squiggle and squirm in a feeble and futile attempt at escaping the vicious sting of the Cane. He is at her mercy, captivated by her beauty, her power, and her patent leather thigh high boots. After his beat down, he is reminded that he is nothing more than owned property, there for his Goddess’ pleasure and amusement, as she chuckles and promises to repeat his caning after her lunch.
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Clubdom – Megan Jones and her gorgeous friend Sophie

Megan Jones and her gorgeous friend Sophie decide that it’s time for a nice thorough whipping of their slave. They need to get the slave to the point where he is begging. Will he beg for them to stop? The women do not know but they want to find out and see.
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Clubdom – Stella Liberty Slaps Her Bitch

Stella Liberty and her two potential slaves have moved outdoors, to the beautiful indoor pool. While toiling away for their Mistress, Stella decides that it is now time to test the sissy slave. Dragging him to the dungeon, her quest to test his worthiness begins with a simple question…What can you do for me as my slave? Of course, Stella is not satisfied with his textbook answer and explains that she is longer for something much different. Stella, knowing this sissy slave would crumble under her harsh treatment slowly toys with her prey, using him as a spittoon and slapping his face. She literally takes her gloves off, and works this sissy over.
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Clubdom – Sadie Stuffs Me – Sadie Holmes

Sadie is going to stuff her slut full of her cock. He needs to feel vulnerable and used like a bitch and Sadie knows that the way for that to happen is to shove her cock as deep and as hard as she can into his little slut holes. Sadie’s slave does not like it but he MUST take it for her or else. He has to suck and get fucked by his Mistress. It’s so humiliating. Sadie LOVES fucking his bitch hole.
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Clubdom – Stella Liberty Whips

Stella Liberty has decided to ready her whip, which is bad news for the pain slave. He is locked up, exposed, and mentally tormented with the upcoming whipping. Stella once again shows the pain slave no mercy. Heartlessly carving up his back, questioning the slave’s desire to be her property, Stella continues her incessant testing of this slave. With the severe flagellation, the slave shakes not only with trepidation, but also due to the merciless beating that pushes his limits. Has Stella Liberty decided which slave to keep yet?
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Clubdom – Goddess Tangent’s Punished Slut

Goddess Tangent has her sissy all dolled up. She tells her slut what is in store for her as she finishes applying the most obnoxiously pink lipstick on her slut’s lips. She bends the slut over and wants his ass to be nice and punished and red for her. Why? Because this slut was not good enough the last time at sucking cock and taking cock. So Goddess Tangent must make sure the slut does a better job and she starts first by paddling her sissy, making her ass match her slutty lips.
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