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Clubdom – Kendra Punishes Her Slave: Caning

Goddess Kendra now has her bitch outside by the barn. She is leading him by a leash attached to a humbler that is squeezing his already swollen balls. He has to crawl backwards on his hands and knees fast enough to avoid the pain that the humbler is causing his balls. Goddess Kendra begins beating the slave’s balls with her leather gloved covered hands while pulling on the humbler. She is sitting on the slave’s back telling him that his punishment is only going to get worse. Kendra then puts the bitch on the wooden caning barrel and makes him kiss her cane before the next stage of his punishment begins. Still locked in the humbler, the slave is beaten mercilessly and severely with the cane. Goddess Kendra takes a break to admire the slave’s ass covered completely with welts and cane marks. She tells her bitch that she isn’t finished yet! The marks are nice and red but she prefers the color purple. She continues to cane the slave even harder than before. She makes the slave beg her to continue the beating even though it’s clear that he has had enough. This slave is finding out that this punishment will only stop when Kendra has had enough.
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Clubdom – Kendra Punishes Her Slave: Whipping

The training and punishment of Goddess Kendra’s bitch continues. She makes him thank his Goddess for beating his balls and caning his ass. Now he needs to beg for his punishment to continue! Goddess Kendra smiles devilishly as her helpless slave begs her to give him a whipping. Kendra reminds her bitch that a slave’s sole purpose at Club Dom is to suffer! Next the poor slave is positioned on the whipping platform with his hands secured in bondage. There is no escape now. Goddess Kendra smiles and laughs as she shreds his back with her single-tail whip. You can tell that Goddess Kendra enjoys every minute of his suffering. Now that the slave’s back matches his ass from the caning he received earlier, Goddess Kendra admires her whip artwork. The slave’s ass and back are completely covered in red and purple stripes from the punishment. The slave is relieved because he thinks the punishment is finally over. However, Kendra has other plans for her bitch. He is ordered to stay perfectly still as she continues whipping him despite his screams!
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Clubdom – The Sissy Slut gets Pounded by Tangent and Jewell

Mistress Jewell and Goddess Tangent have their sissy slut on his knees with his hands behind his back. Jewell and Tangent are both wearing big black strap on cocks. Goddess Tangent tells her slut that unless he makes their cocks nice and wet with his slutty mouth then he will be fucked dry. After getting his Mistresses’ cocks properly lubed, with his spit and drool, the sissy slut takes his position on the fucking bench. Goddess Tangent pounds his slutty ass from behind while the whore takes Jewell’s BBC in his throat. Finally, Mistress Jewell puts the slut on his back and pile drives him with her huge dick. The sissy slave is such a slut that he loves every humiliating second of the action.
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Clubdom – Jewell and Tangent Double Stuff the Ass Slave

Now it’s time for the slut’s reward! But first the Ladies decide that his slutty mouth needs to be stretched like they already stretched his slutty asshole. Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell take turns fucking the slut’s mouth. Their huge cocks stretch his lips and they force their strap ons deep into his throat. The ass slave gags, chokes and cries at the delight of the Ladies. They even try to stuff his mouth with both of their huge cocks together. Now we find out why they stretched this slut’s ass so wide earlier. Tangent and Jewell are fucking their bitch in the ass at the same time! Goddess Tangent is straddling the slaves back while fucking his ass, while Mistress Jewell is behind the slut standing and pounding his sluthole. They fuck the slut relentlessly, laughing with joy, as the slave cries in pain, hugging the spanking bench that he is on. Goddess Tangent finishes the slut off from behind as Mistress Jewell is in front of him forcing him to suck her cock. The lesson learned by the ass slave today? Be careful what you wish for!
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Clubdom – Goddess Tangent Canes Gaby

Goddess Tangent, known for her cruelty, which is on full display. Goddess Tangent has one of her favorite implements of torture, her cane. With her slave kneeling at her feet, fully exposed and at her mercy, Tangent warms him up with some verbal abuse. Goddess Tangent thoroughly explains her love of causing pain, hurting slaves, and beating men down. Although already bruised from a previous beating, this will have not have any impact on her mercy.or lack thereof. Goddess Tangent is kind enough, prior to the beating, to spit and smack the slave in his face. The slave is bent over a slave cage, and Goddess Tangent begins her discipline of her slave. She beats his ass without mercy, and his ass is not red, but white! She beats this slave ruthlessly and smiles deviously, overwhelmed with the joy of the pain she causes this slave. Thwack, thwack, thwack.the sound of her cane.
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Clubdom – Jewell and Tangent Paddle the Ass slave

The beautiful Goddesses are waiting for the ass slave to enter the room. Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell are sitting on the spanking bench, both wearing high heeled black boots and hot black latex outfits exposing their perfect breasts. They have their legs spread open revealing their huge strap on cocks. Entering the room crawling on his hands and knees is the slave. The ass slave’s eyes light up in excitement as he sees the huge cocks between their legs. But then he notices something else that they have. Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell are holding paddles in their hands that are almost as big as the cocks between their thighs. It looks like ass slave needs to take more discipline before he takes their cocks. Poor ass slave..
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Clubdom – Raven and Bella Teach Kitty: Chindo

Mistress Kitty is sitting with Goddess Bella waiting for her surprise. When Bella removes her hand from in front of Kitty’s eyes, she sees that Temptress Raven is holding a new slave by the leash. Kitty squeals with excitement as Raven tells her that she is the owner of a brand-new slave. Kitty has proven herself as a Femdom and the new slave is hers to do with as she pleases. Raven and Bella have another surprise for Kitty! They explain to her what a “chindo” is. They command the slave to open his mouth, or fuckhole, as Raven calls it. Goddess Bella shoves the dildo gag into the slaves fuckhole as the ladies all laugh. Goddess Bella informs the slave that he only has four minutes to make Kitty cum. Kitty lays back and spreads her boot covered legs open as the new slave ferociously works, fucking Kitty’s pussy with the chindo. Bella and Raven encourage the slave by forcing his head to go deeper and faster. Goddess Bella helps Kitty to get off by making out with her while fingering Kitty’s clit. Before the four minutes are up Kitty has one of the best orgasms of her life. She is happy with her new surprise and can’t wait for what is next!
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Clubdom – Tangent, Jewell and the Filth Extractor

The pain slut has done a decent job taking his caning and whipping but now there is another problem. Mistress Jewell is disgusted by his huge balls. She informs him that it is completely unacceptable for a slave to have that much testosterone in their balls. Jewell tells the slut that it has to be extracted! Goddess Tangent agrees that not only does his nuts need to be emptied but he must eat every last drop of his own filth. The slave is standing bound with his hands secured over his head. Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell are both dressed in sexy rubber outfits with latex gloves. Jewell pinches the slut’s nipples while Tangent spits in his face and slaps his face. They laugh at the fully humiliated bitch standing helplessly in front of them. Goddess Tangent spits on the slut’s fully erect cock while they tell him that he is not worthy of their hands. Slaves like him are not milked by hands they are milked by an apparatus. They both laugh at the idea that a slave would think itself worthy of being touched in that way by them. Goddess Tangent brings over the hitachi massager that has a rubber attachment that goes around the cock. It is called the filth extractor. Once the filth extractor is attached to the slave’s hard cock, he has no choice but to give the Goddesses all of his milk. The slave is forced to cum all over the gloved hands of Tangent and Jewell. Obviously, the filth is smeared all over his face and in his mouth. They make sure the slut eats every disgusting drop.
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Clubdom – Tangent and Jewell Cane the Pain Slut

The pain slut is on his hands and knees as Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell admire their artistic whip marks on the slaves back. The only problem is that the slut’s ass doesn’t match the color of his back now. The Goddesses are nice enough to fix this embarrassing problem for him. They make him beg to be beaten again. After he properly begs and pleads to be punished and caned, the slave is positioned over a spanking bench. His ass and balls are totally exposed. Mistress Jewell grabs the bitch by his balls and threatens to cane his bulging balls. The two gorgeous Mistresses smile and laugh as they painfully poke and prod his balls with their canes. Jewell and Tangent keep squeezing and torturing his balls until he is squirming and crying for mercy. They make fun of the pathetic slut for being such a wimp and baby. Now for the main course! They take turns warming up the slave’s ass with their firm methodical cane strokes. The helpless slave screams as Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell give him a relentless beating with no mercy. They laugh hysterically with delight as the slave suffers from the beating. Mistress Jewell gets so much into beating her slave that her corset breaks. Of course, that’s the slave’s fault! The punishment continues until they are satisfied. Cane marks cover the poor pain slut’s ass and legs when they are finished with him.
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Clubdom – Raven and Bella teach Kitty: Strap On

Kitty is getting so hot and horny watching the slaves go down on her friends. The women all laugh hysterically as the two slaves struggle to deep throat their big cocks and gag. Goddess Bella and Temptress Raven have no mercy on the two helpless guys, forcing them to continue to cuck, ramming their strap-ons down the slaves’ throats. Now that their cocks are sufficiently lubed with slave spit, Bella and Raven put the two sluts on each end of the bondage bed, on their knees, and fuck their asses from behind. Kitty is sitting in between the two sluts. She is getting even more turned on and keeps playing with her kitty while her friends continue to pound the slaves in the ass. The two slaves groan and cry in agony as the two Dommes go to town on their tight assholes. They finish the slaves off by flipping them over on their backs with their legs spread up in the air. The Mistresses show no pity and Kitty cums while watching all the action. Kitty is happy and excited about her new lifestyle!
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Clubdom – Jewell Marceau and Goddess Tangent Whip slave For Tardiness

This slave has made a very serious and stupid mistake. Two of the most beautiful and brutal Mistresses in the world are waiting for this late, pathetic slave. Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell Marceau are not going to take this transgression lightly! Finally, the slave crawls into the room and kneels trembling before the latex clad Goddesses. Jewell and Tangent explain to the lowly slave that he is about to be whipped without mercy. He has no choice but to take everything his Owners dish out. They tell him that not only will he take as much suffering as the two Goddesses choose but he will not say a word or complain. They tell the bitch that he is about to become their pain slut for the day. He agrees with the Mistresses and tells them that he will gladly take their pain. Tangent and Jewell both laugh knowing that this slave has no idea what he’s in for. The pain slut is commanded to stand on a platform and they bind his hands securely above him. Mistress Jewell begins to warm the slave’s back up with a single tail whip. This slut will learn the hard way never to be late again. The two Dominas mock, berate and laugh at the pathetic bitch, while Jewell continues with her whipping. The helpless slave cries out in pain but it’s in vain because he has agreed to take all of his punishment. This beating won’t stop until the Ladies are satisfied. Now it’s the beautiful but cruel Goddess Tangent’s turn. She ramps up the brutal beating even more. Laughing and smiling as she lashes and shreds the slave’s back. The slut is in so much agony that he begs and pleads for mercy. You will have to watch to find out if he is given a break or if they just break all the skin from his back.
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Clubdom – Now Introducing Mistress Kitty

Mistress Raven Eve and Mistress Bella Ink have a surprise for their slave that is locked up in a cage under where they’re sitting. He will be a guinea pig for one of their friends. Mistress Kitty enters the room wearing a black bra, short black skirt and thigh high black boots. Her beautiful bare ass is clearly visible under her skirt. Any man would gladly submit to anything this vixen desires. The new Mistress joins Bella and Raven on top of the bondage table with their slave squirming helplessly and securely locked up underneath them. The ladies excitedly discuss how they plan to torture their poor slave. Mistress Kitty is brand new to the world of Femdom but she has been itching to take control of the lesser species for some time. Mistress Kitty’s kitty is getting wet just by thinking about it. Mistress Raven shows her a whip and flogger that they will be using on the slave later on. They tell the new Domme that here, men are always inferior and have to be shown their place. The Mistresses explain to Kitty that bad slaves must be punished. And this slave has been very bad! The slave is finally allowed out of its cage. Kitty’s fun is about to begin.
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