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Clubstiletto – Lick While I Pleasure Myself – Mistress April

Mistress April is a demanding BBW Mistress who uses you for her own pleasure and gratification. “I’m horny and don’t have a man here so I need you to worship my boots while I play with myself,” she tells you, implying that you’re not only a poor excuse for a man, but no man at all. “If you do a good job I might have you remove my boots and worship my feet and toes, and while doing so, you can look up and see me pleasuring myself.” The boots are see-through with open toes, and she tells you exactly where and how to lick. She pulls out her little pocket vibrator and uses it to play with herself. “Someday, if you prove to be a good slave, I might let you lick my pussy,” she says to you. “But now, you’re nothing more than a boot licker.” She instructs you to remove her boots and to lick the soles of her feet. From your vantage point, you get a great view of her pussy, but you must stay focused on your purpose.

April sticks her foot into your mouth then tells you to move to her other foot. “Maybe I’ll let you lick my vibrator when I’m finished,” she says. As you lick, she continues to rub the vibrator over her pussy while she tells you about her man and how hung he is compared to you. She says she keeps you in chastity because you’re so small, and that your cock serves no purpose for anyone, so why shouldn’t it be locked away? She starts to moan as she brings herself closer to orgasm. Her eyes are closed as she takes in all that pleasure while she thinks about her stud. You’re nothing but an instrument of her pleasure, and you’re even lower than her vibrator, which is what gives her the most enjoyment. “Your mouth is all I need, sucking my toes, licking my feet, and sticking your tongue up my ass; that’s all you’re good for.” April tells you to bring your face to within six inches of her pussy, so you can watch as she pleasures herself. She rubs the toy over her clit, moans, then screams out, while the waves of pleasure flow throughout her body. She hands you the vibrator, tells you to stick it in your mouth, and to crawl back to your cage. She’s finished with you.
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Sexy young Raevyn Rose is out in the woods with her dumb beast when she feels the need for a long ride. “We might be out here for hours,” she tells him. She directs him to move through the trails with a bit of speed, as well as the hills, before she sends him to an area Jasmine has suggested she check out. When they arrive, Raevyn is delighted to see an actual pony playground.

She directs her beast to the bench where she wants him to do some squats. She tells him she needs to make sure he’s strong enough to carry her whenever she wants, for as long as she wants. “Let’s start with 1,000 squats,” she says. She tells him he should be able to do that before sunset. “After all, it’s only noon now,” she adds. The scene rolls over to catch the last few lifts attempted by the pony, who is ready to collapse by this time. Raevyn doesn’t care though, and orders him up to carry her home. She warns him not to drop her and tells him that this cruel training will make him a better pony. Suddenly, the pony crumples to the ground, exhausted. Raevyn shows her disgust before she looks directly at you and asks, “do you want to be my pony?”
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Clubstiletto – How Much Do You Love My Ass Now? – Miss XI

The scene opens with sexy and sadistic Miss Xi tying up her slave. “Know that you are tied up there is absolutely no where you can go” she says. She starts out by trampling her slave and teasing him with her plump little ass before sitting on his face. While she seals his air ways off she yanks on his nipples and soon it’s hard to determine if he’s kicking from the pain or the need to breath. She slaps him a bit then shifts forward so she can wrap her legs around his neck but then goes back to face sitting before doing the splits on his neck.

She threatens to fart in his face but his erection indicates he would find that more reward than punishment. Now she sits full weight to see how long he can go without breathing. He does his best but she slaps his face when she has to let him breath and spits on him. Xi is very active in this scene bouncing on his face, sitting on his face side saddle and in both forward and reverse order. Lovers of pantyhose and armpits will enjoy this clip too. Xi tells her slave if he loved her musky ass crack he should enjoy licking her armpits too and she raises both arms up in the air for you to enjoy.
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Clubstiletto – Our Ass Licking Bitches – Mistress Ariel, Mistress T

We have taken what was previously a clip series done in wmv format and redone it as a single clip and in MP4 format for the best viewing experience. Mistress T and Mistress Ariel are spending a wonderful afternoon sitting on the faces of their ass licking bitches. They are enjoying having their pussies and assholes licked while they chat about Mistress T’s last Goddess Party and everything that took place. The ass licking bitches just lay there, obeying orders, stroking their cocks, not allowed to cum, and slurping away with their tongues in the Mistress’s assholes.

Then the Ladies summon another slave to spin the bed while they continue face sitting their bitches. They humiliate and degrade him as he works to move the bed with all the weight on it. Finally Mistress Ariel sends him away with several slaps to his head and the ass licking action continues. Mistress Ariel starts complaining that Her slave is not doing a good enough job of licking Her ass, so the Ladies decide to switch slaves and continue the face sitting, ass worship all afternoon. Now they are trying to decide which slave is the best ass licking BITCH!! The thrill of making them compete results in the Ladies deciding to jerk the slaves’ cocks and see which one gets the best hard on. They grab the cocks and really start yanking. Of course the slaves have been instructed that coming is NOT allowed and they must continue living in the endless frustration of having gorgeous asses on their faces all day with no relief in sight. They exist only to do as Women demand including hours daily licking asshole.
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Mistress Damazonia and Miss Jasmine aren’t sure if they made Santas ‘good’ list but they find a massive gift under the tree on Xmas morning. A latex gimp has been delivered to their sadistic hands and between spanking paddling and ballbusting their Christmas morning is the beginning of a joyous celebration. Happy Holiday’s and all the best in 2019.
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Clubstiletto – Kandy’s Forest Toilet

Kandy has her thirsty slave in the forest and he is thirsty. She spits on his face and then decides it’s time to use him as her forest toilet. There’s no toilet in the forest so Kandy has to go somewhere and she doesn’t want to confuse the bears in the forest by leaving her mark there. Besides slaves are basically toilet anyway, so she pulls down her pants and sits on his face. The slave is soon eagerly licking her ass which she likes because it helps loosen her up, it’s sort of like preparing his meal. Kandy’s ass looks amazing as always and the slaves tongue darts between the crack of her ass.

Kandy points out a near by tampon that was left a few days earlier by her friend Bellatrix. Kandy sits full weight and she comments that her ass is sweaty as the city is experiencing a heat wave. Kandy is impressed with his ability to hold his breath but naturally he eventually needs air and starts to kick. Kandy tells him he will only eat what comes from her and maybe his own cum if he’s lucky. “His tongue is working, it’s going so fast” she comments. She again sits down for a long sit before getting up and completely removing her pants. What she has planned she doesn’t want her clean pants around. Again she sits on the slaves face and asks if he is ready to eat. “You are nothing but a worthless toilet” she reminds him. Doing it in the great outdoors arouses Kandy and she starts to play with her pussy. “I can’t wait anymore, open up” she tells him.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress April’s Ass Licker and Toilet

The camera scrolls through sexy BBW’s Mistress April’s dungeon until she is spotted sitting on her discipline bench. “Slave I need you to lick my ass” she says before getting up and telling you to follow her to the bedroom before stopping and saying “and if you are lucky I might make you my toilet.” As the scene rolls over Mistress April is laying on the bed rubbing her hands over her big fleshy ass. She tells you that before you get her ass you have to lick her boots. She says her boots are dirty but not as dirty as you.

After licking each boot she directs you up her legs and to her ass. She tells you she wants lots of kisses on her legs, she wants to see your desperation to be her full toilet. “I will treat you in horrible ways” she tells you then directs you to kiss her ass, rolling on her stomach so you can get the whole thing. “I know f I had showered you would have been disappointed so I left my ass dirty for you” she says, as she pulls her panties to the side to give you an up close view of her butt hole which she tells you to lick and probe with your tongue. “Only the ass, my pussy is for real men” she tells you, telling you how to please it exactly the way she likes it. She rolls on her side and spreads her ass cheeks, she orders you to wrap your mouth around her asshole. “I feel it coming, eat it” she orders you.
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The dynamic duo of Miss Jasmine and Mutiny are on the bed and again subjecting their slave to their cruel desires. “I wonder if it’s possible to flatten a mans face by sitting on it every day?” Jasmine asks. She suggests taking a series of photos over the year for comparison sake then gets on to matters at hand and tells Mutiny it would make her happy if she really punched him in the balls hard. As Mutiny starts to squeeze his balls and punch them Jasmine swings around off his face and puts him into a scissor hold.

Soon Jasmine is jealous and tells Mutiny to trade places so she can punch his nuts. Mutiny sits on his face but wraps her legs around his head at the same time. Jasmine twists and turns his nuts into a pretzel and when they think he might have smiled she goes ballistic with more punching. She squeezes his nuts so hard they look like they’ll explode and Mutiny can’t help but punch them to see if she can make them blow up. Mutiny sits forward on his face and Jasmine decides to hop on her lap so the slave is now totally buried under 200 plus pounds of divine female flesh. After some time the decide he needs a breath so they shift and give him maybe 2 seconds to breath maximum. You get some amazing ass views of both Ladies to go along with the face sitting and ballbusting. Ultimately Jasmine can’t resist hurting him more and gets up and kicks him repeatedly in the balls. As she moves to sit on his face Mutiny decides she wants to kick his balls too. Jasmine is instantly back on his face doing splits and giving him a sniff of her divine pussy and likely taking his mind off the pain of his swollen nuts.
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Slaves may sometimes be thrown a bone from time to time. Call it a reward for good service or maybe the Goddess is simply feeling generous. Goddess Eliza allows her slave an orgasm once a month. She informs her ass slave that today is his lucky day. he gets to cum today. However, he must cum when SHE tells him to, not when he feels like it. If he can cum on command, all is well. but if he fails to shoot his load at the count of “one”, he will forfeit any and all orgasms for the span of one whole year. Needless to say, having his tongue rammed up her plump ass and juicy pussy excites him to no end. The Goddess’s expert hand job also doesn’t hurt. But can he control his urges and cum at the right moment? Or will he fuck up and lose all orgasm privileges for a year?
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Miss Xi and Miss Jasmine have again called their employee aka slave into the office for some more verbal and physical abuse. The disdain they have for him on Monday morning is only washed away by the joy their treatment of him brings them. They first look at his shabby office attire, dirty tie, wrinkled shirt, ill fitting suit, and talk about him in a degrading manner as if he isn’t even there. The slave bows his head in humiliation, needing every penny he gets paid and also knowing if he ever stood up for himself the ladies would tell his wife about his online dating profile not to mention video of all the horrible things he has been subjected to at their hands.

As the camera pulls back, lol, we already see the employee is standing with pants and shorts around his ankles. They pull up his shirt and both break out laughing when they again see his miniature cock. “A serious spanking is in order” Jasmine says. Xi adds “Beatings will continue until moral improves.” They make him lean over the desk and they take turns flogging his ass and while doing so tell him they expect him to work over time everyday this week as they are not happy with earnings from the last quarter. “As an added bonus since you will hardly be home this week you won’t have to worry about explaining to your wife why you have these marks all over your ass” Xi tells him. The slave starts to squirm and moan but it only makes the Ladies hit him harder. “This hurts me more than it hurts you. just kidding” Jasmine comments. The slaves heavy breathing and crying only makes the women want to hit him more and harder until finally he begs them to stop and says if they stop he will stay as long as they want and do whatever they need. Jasmine orders him to the ground where he is told to kiss their feet. “Your 60 hour work week is just not enough hours” Jasmine says, “After all there are 168 hours in a week.”
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Mistress Irene towers over her slave who is locked in the floor box. She grinds the sole of her stiletto into his face, then pokes his nipples with her heels. The cameraman sneaks a peak up her skirt, and who can blame him, when there’s an ass like Irene’s in plain view. The slave groans in pain as her heel pokes into his flesh. After making him suck each heel, Irene removes her shoes and makes him hold one of them in his mouth.

She walks on his chest in her bare feet, and after working up a sweat, removes her skirt to reveal nothing but a pair of bikini-string panties. Irene stands over the slave as she tells him it’s a shame she has his vision blocked so he can’t see her ass. but you can… and it’s amazing! She seductively moves it around it in front of the camera and squats to give you some amazing views. She kicks the shoe from the slave’s mouth and has him lick her feet and suck her toes. She decides to move to the floor so she can kick him in the nuts before she returns to the box, where she now sits on his face. She leans to the side when she feels like giving him a breath of air, so you can catch some more great views of her ass. Further ball kicking ensues, this time more extreme, before she sits on him one last time. “I’m going to relax,” she says, and she does, despite the fact that the slave soon kicks and thrashes his arms. Locked in the floor he has no way out and Irene clearly loves it.
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Russian Queen M has had her property locked up for a year and he has been allowed only one release 3 months prior and today he may again get to cum.
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Mistress Jasmine has two slaves but only one ass, so she has decided to test both slaves to see which one gets locked away and which one gets an evening as her seat. Which face is the most comfortable? Which slave can take more? Well, she’s about to find out. Dressed in only a bra and a pair of sheer, see-through pantyhose, Jasmine looks stunning as she subjects both slaves to her full weight.

She makes sure there’s a tight seal because the ability to hold one’s breath will certainly be a factor in winning the competition. Oh, and there’s another hook: the winner in this competition gets a blowjob… not from Jasmine, however, but from the loser! Jasmine notices that one slave is really rock hard and says “I wonder if he’s so hard because I’m sitting on his face, or maybe he’s excited about getting a blow job. or maybe giving one.”. In the end, she comes up with a kinky idea to determine who’s the winner and who’s the loser.
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It pays to work hard at Fem Corp, as we see in this scene. Jasmine’s male employee AKA slave kneels at her feet with a mouth dildo secured in his mouth and a heavy metal collar wrapped around his neck. “Aren’t you glad you won Employee of the Month?” she asks. As she looks down, she notices that his tie, which has been in his mouth all day, is soaking wet with slobber. “Your wife is going to wonder why you’re all wet when you get home,” she says to him with a giggle. She spreads her legs to reveal her perfect pussy and tells her employee that she has a hot date tonight and needs a little pleasure beforehand… which means he’s to use the mouth dildo on her. She pulls his head towards her until the dildo nicely penetrates her. The up-close angles are so realistic you’ll think it’s you opening her up. She tells the slave that when she closes her eyes she can imagine it’s actually a hot stud fucking her. “I should be wearing some virtual reality goggles right now watching porn” Jasmine says, as she moans with pleasure. She wraps her legs around his head and reminds the slave how lucky he is to be in this position. In and out he goes, as he provides her with extreme pleasure.

She gets up to turn around so he can take her from behind, and marvels at all the spit on the ground. That poor slobbering fool! “I’ll make you lick it up later,” Jasmine says to him. She removes her blouse and skirt and looks extra extra hot in her fine lingerie. The slave slides the dildo into her pussy from behind. Jasmine tells him he’s a human sex toy and that this is the only way he’s capable of pleasing her. “I’m going to be completely primed and ready for tonight” she says with a moan, as she glides her pussy over the dildo, “While you get to go home to your wife, all covered in slobber.” Jasmine has a nice orgasm and tells him she has a surprise for him. In walks her friend, XI, also clad in lingerie, much to the employee’s surprise. He had been hitting on her through a dating site and is now faced with the fact that his employer knows he’s been actively trying to cheat on his wife. The girls have a great time laughing at the slave’s expense as they remind him of what he will never get. Before they leave on their double date, Jasmine reminds him that he must always do exactly as told, or he can rest assured that his wife will learn everything. XI adds that he can expect to get the bill for their date as well, and she wonders how he’ll explain that to his wife!
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Amazon Dominatrix Mistress Irene is built like a brick sh1thouse, powerful with amazing large breasts and a rock solid ass that will rock your world. She sits on top of her cage which she has had her slave locked in for hours. Only his head sticks out and now she has returned to torment him with her ass. As she crosses her legs her PVC skirt presses into his face as he feels her warmth. She pulls his head in to ass-smother him. When she releases him she orders him to kiss her ass through the fabric. She comments how terribly uncomfortable it is for the slave but she never likes to see a slave to comfortable.

Now she lifts her legs revealing an opening in the dress and tells him to stick his tongue in between. Then she pulls up the dress to full reveal her ass and moves forward to totally cover his mouth and nose. Locked in the cage with no movement of his neck he now has to take what she gives him. She wiggles her ass and presses it firmly into his head until he starts to thrash in his cage for some air. When she finally gives him a breath she tells him “There’s more to like than a nice ass” and sticks one of her feet into his mouth. She fucks his face with them until she remembers she has to get ready for a date. She tells him to stay in his cage and as a treat sticks the heel of one of her stilettos into his mouth before walking out of the room.
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