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Clubdom – Jewell and Tangent Paddle the Ass slave

The beautiful Goddesses are waiting for the ass slave to enter the room. Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell are sitting on the spanking bench, both wearing high heeled black boots and hot black latex outfits exposing their perfect breasts. They have their legs spread open revealing their huge strap on cocks. Entering the room crawling on his hands and knees is the slave. The ass slave’s eyes light up in excitement as he sees the huge cocks between their legs. But then he notices something else that they have. Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell are holding paddles in their hands that are almost as big as the cocks between their thighs. It looks like ass slave needs to take more discipline before he takes their cocks. Poor ass slave..
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Clubdom – Tangent and Jewell Cane the Pain Slut

The pain slut is on his hands and knees as Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell admire their artistic whip marks on the slaves back. The only problem is that the slut’s ass doesn’t match the color of his back now. The Goddesses are nice enough to fix this embarrassing problem for him. They make him beg to be beaten again. After he properly begs and pleads to be punished and caned, the slave is positioned over a spanking bench. His ass and balls are totally exposed. Mistress Jewell grabs the bitch by his balls and threatens to cane his bulging balls. The two gorgeous Mistresses smile and laugh as they painfully poke and prod his balls with their canes. Jewell and Tangent keep squeezing and torturing his balls until he is squirming and crying for mercy. They make fun of the pathetic slut for being such a wimp and baby. Now for the main course! They take turns warming up the slave’s ass with their firm methodical cane strokes. The helpless slave screams as Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell give him a relentless beating with no mercy. They laugh hysterically with delight as the slave suffers from the beating. Mistress Jewell gets so much into beating her slave that her corset breaks. Of course, that’s the slave’s fault! The punishment continues until they are satisfied. Cane marks cover the poor pain slut’s ass and legs when they are finished with him.
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Clubdom – Now Introducing Mistress Kitty

Mistress Raven Eve and Mistress Bella Ink have a surprise for their slave that is locked up in a cage under where they’re sitting. He will be a guinea pig for one of their friends. Mistress Kitty enters the room wearing a black bra, short black skirt and thigh high black boots. Her beautiful bare ass is clearly visible under her skirt. Any man would gladly submit to anything this vixen desires. The new Mistress joins Bella and Raven on top of the bondage table with their slave squirming helplessly and securely locked up underneath them. The ladies excitedly discuss how they plan to torture their poor slave. Mistress Kitty is brand new to the world of Femdom but she has been itching to take control of the lesser species for some time. Mistress Kitty’s kitty is getting wet just by thinking about it. Mistress Raven shows her a whip and flogger that they will be using on the slave later on. They tell the new Domme that here, men are always inferior and have to be shown their place. The Mistresses explain to Kitty that bad slaves must be punished. And this slave has been very bad! The slave is finally allowed out of its cage. Kitty’s fun is about to begin.
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Clubdom – Stretch Your Ass For Goddess Sheena

Goddess Sheena Ryder slowly lubes her slaves us up. She has another little surprise for him, well, I shouldn’t say little. Goddess Sheena has a dildo in the shape of a hand. She applies lube to the hand, and slowly and gradually penetrates her slave. Goddess Sheena wants complete penetration, the knuckles of her hand must be all the way in his ass. She is forcing it up his ass, trying to help it along with some of her lube, her spit. She finally gets it where she wants it and makes him bounce up and down on it.
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Clubdom – Goddess Sheena Ryder Punishes Her Slave

Goddess Sheena has her slave on his back, naked on the floor. With her cane in hand, she proceeds to have a little “discussion” with her slave. She is toying with her prey prior to her attack. It doesn’t take very long before she can contain herself and has him restrained and ready for his beating. Goddess Sheena lays into his backside quite viciously, with a huge smile the entire time. You can see in her wicked smile how much Goddess Sheena enjoys punishing a slave, especially with a cane. Hopefully this slave learned his lesson, and next time Goddess Sheena wants her wine, she better have it.
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Clubdom – Tangent’s Plans For Sissy Bitch

Goddess Tangent has more plans for her sissy bitch. On his knees, he is ready to try to please his Goddess. Goddess Tangent is wearing one of her favorite strap ons, her big red as she likes to call it. Mere seconds into this, the sissy slut is choking and gagging on her big red. Goddess Tangent has a handful of his hair, face fucking him without mercy. When she allows him to come up for air, she slaps his face, and spits right into his pathetic mouth. Goddess Tangent has him bend over, after the brutal face fucking. Now it’s time to drive up the rear. Goddess Tangent has him bent over the spanking bench, and slams his ass with her big red. She pounds away, regardless of his screams and yelps. Goddess Tangent is balls deep with her big red.
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Clubdom – Vanessa Cage Milks the gimp

Vanessa Cage walks in, her gimp slave is kneeling, anticipating the return of his Goddess. Once again, the slave is completely under her strict control, and of course at her mercy, bound and hooded with a leather straight jacket. She laughs at her pathetic, gimp slave, and mocks his current predicament. Tormenting him further with her booted foot, rubbing against his useless cock, even her leather encrusted food easily twists the slave to her will. Vanessa verbally torments him, making him beg to be milked. On the table, she jerks him off with two gloved hands, squeezing his balls, and debasing him verbally. You can hear the disgust in her voice when she talks of his man filth. She torments him, constantly jerking him off, relentless verbal assault…the minutes seem like hours to the gimp slave. Will she give him permission to cum…
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