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CfnmTV – Prince Ali Backsheesh – A Rich Boy’s Humiliation Part 1

The imperious headmistress of St Dunstans, prides herself on her institution having the brightest students and the most sterling athletic teams. Naturally she expects her school will be chosen to host the prestigious International School Sport Day Competition. Education is a business and the highest bidder will win. But what these Sheikhs need to understand is that she is not a woman to be crossed!
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CfnmTV – St.Dunstan’s: Cross Country Runners Part 3

Dennis’ evening has taken a turn for the worse. They were just enjoying a refreshing shower after their long run when everything suddenly changed. Now they are surrounded by fully clothed women having their naked bodies photographed. Ms Halt hefts their penis and testicles with her cane to demonstrate just how unimportant they are. But things are about to get a lot more uncomfortable after Mrs Towne comes up with a suggestion that shocks both of them.
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CfnmTV – Naked Bike Ride Virgins Part 6

It’s amazing just what you can get away with if you have a microphone and a determined expression. The naked men taking part in the bike ride believe every word our CFNMTV reporter says. Little do they realise that their nudity is going to be preserved for posterity in a way that would horrify them if they ever found out…
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CfnmTV – St.Dunstan’s: Cross Country Runners Part 2

While Ms Halt and Mrs Towne conduct their inspection of the St Dunstan’s sports pavilion, keen reporter Zara is on the lookout for a scoop. With a nose for a good story, she prowls around the seemingly empty building. She knows her readers aren’t interested in some dry and boring story about the state of the school sports facilities. She wants something juicy that will grab their attention and she’ll do anything to get it.
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CfnmTV – Naked Bike Ride Virgins Part 5

When the fully-clothed women encounter naked bike ride virgin Hugh, they are initially wary. But once he’s convinced them he’s raising money for charity they soon get into the swing of things. They secretly cannot resist the chance to touch a naked man that they’ve never met before!
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CfnmTV – St.Dunstan’s: Cross Country Runners Part 1

There are many distractions for young sportsmen. They may try their best to focus on their training but with testosterone coursing through their healthy bodies they are easily led astray. And there are girls out there who are ready to take full advantage of their weaknesses…
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CfnmTV – Naked Bike Ride Virgins Part 4

Hugh is doing a great job. It seems there are plenty of women out there more than happy to pose with a completely naked man! He’s starting to get into his stride and as his confidence grows, so does his pleasure at public exhibitionism…
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CfnmTV – Motor Maintenance Part 4

Carol Leon is upping the pressure on her new employees – and they must satisfy her demands or they’ll be out of a job. Having decided the business is over-manned she thinks a wanking competition would be the fairest way to decide who gets the sack. With the women as judges the men must work themselves up into a frenzy if they want to remain employed.
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CfnmTV – Naked Bike Ride Virgins Part 3

The men who’ve assembled for the World Naked Bike Ride have stripped off for a good cause – the environment. But our cunning female reporter has her own cause – measuring the penises of as many men as she can!
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CfnmTV – Motor Maintenance Part 3

For loafers Mark and John, working at MacLean’s Garage used to be perfect. They could spend most of their day chatting and leering at female customers. Occasionally they’d fit in some motor maintenance in-between reading the paper and having tea breaks. But new owner Carol Leon expects her employees to work a lot harder for their money. Or else.
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CfnmTV – Naked Bike Ride Virgins Part 2

University student Hugh is on a mission. He lost a bet with his Ecology group and it was decided that his forfeit would be to do the World Naked Bike Ride in London. He’s been promised by his Uni chums ten pounds for Greenpeace for each woman who stops to have their photo taken with him – so must flaunt his naked body to numerous female strangers!
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CfnmTV – Motor Maintenance Part 2

Carol Leon’s first task is to get Darren under her control. Having stripped him of his clothes she educates him on the proper way to treat her esteemed female customers. Mandy and Kay are in for a treat when she leads the naked lad over to them by his penis. She soon sets him to work on their car – making him work completely nude. Next she turns her attentions to the former owner. She knows she must make Des her slave in order to keep the others in line.
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CfnmTV – Naked Bike Ride Virgins Part 1

Our intrepid female reporter has infiltrated the World Naked Bike Ride on behalf of CFNM! She’s seeking out men who are experiencing public nudity for the first time. She’ll interview these bashful young men and give us a good look at their penises, testicles and backsides!
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CfnmTV – Motor Maintenance Part 1

The grimy mechanics at MacLean’s garage have a very lax attitude to work. They’d rather drink tea, read the paper and eye up their female customers. But when the owner Des turns up with some earth-shattering news they have no idea that their lives are about to change forever.
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CfnmTV – The Cfnm Hotel 4,5,6

PART 4: Margaret and Sarah have decided that the only way to control Ashley’s unnecessary erections is to drain him of his cum. To facilitate this, Margaret has suggested the rigorous use of a vibrator. But while Sarah uses the device to stimulate him, an angry Miguel has barged in and is shocked at what he sees.

PART 5: With Ashley’s balls drained of sperm and the poor lad lying exhausted on the bench, Sarah decides that it’s time to teach Miguel a lesson in manners. She’s not happy with the aggressive way the big Spaniard is behaving so pulls him aside and shoves her fingers up his arse.

PART 6: Sarah is determined to bring the angry Spanish lifeguard down a peg or two. Probing his arse with her fingers clearly wasn’t enough – so she decides to take things further. Draining him of his sperm should calm the big man down. So with great gusto she grabs hold of his penis and starts to wank him off.
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