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PantyhoseTherapy – Chasticum Conundrum (sp?)

A ruin scene sooo good I’m having a hard time not hitting “replay,” again… he was so good and so chaste for so long, and whoops! Look what I just went ahead and destroyed…
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PantyhoseTherapy – Pantyhose Assgrabber

… sorry, “assgrabber” is just a funny word. Although I didn’t find it too amusing at the time, my intern getting a little bit feisty, thinking he could get away with putting his hands on me cause it’s his final week here?
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PantyhoseTherapy – No Boy Too Big To Fail

You know me, you know I love boys. All boys — I’m guy crazy, always have been, and I’m GOOD them-I call it girl magic, and the force is stronggg with me. πŸ˜‰

My favorite boys to mesmerize are the one who “warn” me they have big penises, like somehow, my evil flirt magic will evaporate when faced with a big dick. … I so should have called this video “Jedi Hand Tricks,” hahaha, hilarious and true.Read More »

PantyhoseTherapy – Slave to the Shine

It’s a subtle blend of manipulation, pouting, guilt-tripping, flirting, and humiliation. The you really get into those behavioral issues, when he’s so desperate for your legs he forgets all the rules, all the decorum. Tsk tsk..
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PantyhoseTherapy – Special Penis Patients

A unique hospital, where the staff are highly trained to deal with a very specific problem: Abnormally tiny penises. We study. We stimulate. We handle your ‘little situation’ with care and diligence, and as you’ll see in this video, we take care of everything from your nightly milkings to determining if you’re allowed to leave… in the name of science!
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PantyhoseTherapy – Sensitivity Training

This type of “training,” I’ve found, is a very effective method of teaching guys the meaning of the word “edging.” So many of you write in saying you want “merciless teasing and denial” but really want an extended Christina handjob. I can tell you that “tease and denial” does NOT mean “tease and tease and tease and amazing orgasm.” A session like this teaches boys the definition of desperation (and trust me, you’ll feel it for days, you won’t forget very soon.)
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PantyhoseTherapy – Skintight Sensory Overload

The tighter the fit, the stricter the spandex, the weaker I am — and humping the mattress like a boy, I make myself cum just from the friction alone. Gulp.
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PantyhoseTherapy – Ruined Wolfords

I always get the last laugh when it comes to weak men and their hopeless addictions. This client gets revenge for all the climaxes I ever ruined–even as he cries. His cumspray is so intense, I’m the one who gets drenched! So I guess this is what it feels like to get ruined…
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PantyhoseTherapy – Scissor Virgin

Pantyhosed foot tease, spandex, metallic lycra, nylon encasement, pantyhose cbt, foot job, tight headscissor indoctrination.
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PantyhoseTherapy – Reluctant Toy Tester

Yet another eye-roll-absurd case of client biting off more than he can chew. This gentleman sent me a trove of sex toys with the request that I test them ALL on him.
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PantyhoseTherapy – Your Fetish But Better

Anastasia is gloriously kinky in this pantyhose tease how-to training scene. She plays with your fetish — and her legs — and manages to get off in the process. You, of course, will too…
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PantyhoseTherapy – Pretty Pink Petboi

Pink panties, pink collar, pink bra, pink lipgloss – pink pantyhose pulling, perhaps? A foray into some flirty, forced fem, with enough pantyhose-pulling torture to turn ANY guy into a girlie-girl puddle of β€œplease mistress pleaseeeee.” This one will make you think twice before clicking send on that “let me be your slave, mistress” email… (which you can do by clicking here.)
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PantyhoseTherapy – Mommy Makes You a Mummy

Today, we take a break from my aggressive flirting, over-the-top restraints and overall …. excessive nature–the amazing Ela Darling (seriously, check her out) brings her ethereal bohemian sex magic from sunny LA to Southie, and the results are just lovely…
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PantyhoseTherapy – Big, small — I Break Em All

You know me well enough now, you know I love b oys. All boys — I’m guy crazy, always have been, and I’m GOOD at men–I call it girl magic, and mine’s so strong I haven’t yet met a gentleman I couldn’t easily overpower with a smile and a shackle. CEO of a multi-billion-dollar software company? No problem. Professional bodybuilder three times my size? I’ll make him weak. But my favorite boys to mesmerize are the one who “warn” me they have big penises, like after everything you know I can do, somehow, my evil flirt magic will evaporate when faced with a big dick. (Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate it, but a male is a male is a male.) And if I’ve learned nothing else, the bigger they are, the easier they bust…
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