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TeaseandThankYou – A Very Tender Tease

One of my favorite clients, whom I haven’t seen in years, finally came out to see me in Boston*. He’s so addicted to pantyhose legs and feet, he whimpers at the sight, and when I open my door, he just about melts. Hosiery lovers, this sweet, sensual pantyhose-foot cock tease is just for your. Don’t miss.
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Christina QCCP – Christinagasm

There should be a term for that dreadfully pleasurable, on-the-VERY-edge feeling, when you’re so close, god, so close, thisclose,

…now it’s starting to ache, you start to sweat, your mind goes empty and white; you don’t even notice your own desperate little moans… …pleeease…

and then… you come. Is it satisfying at all, to orgasm like this, in a silicon cock corset, overvibrated and exhausted, so sensitive and weak, your own mess drying on you?

You won’t remember crying or how your cock hurt for days. You’ll just remember the climax. 🙂
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God god. I’m gonna make a great ex-wife someday. Titty fucking. A sincere deep throating. … ever imagine Christina QC getting a facial — and lapping it all up?
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PantyhoseTherapy – Stroke After Stroke

My duct tape prisoner settles in for an afternoon of edging and flirting, heavy on the skintight spandex stroking. Pantyhose patients will love the outfit…
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I know I certainly can (flashback to last summer) — but unlike you guys, I’m not a submissive perv boy who winds up stuck in a chair, both nipples pinched and penis pumpedpumpedpumped to the point of … actually, I’m not sure, this is the most intense pumping session I’ve ever done…
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PantyhoseTherapy – Syblings

“Lord help the Sybian who comes between me and my cousin… and lord help the cousin, who comes between me and my high-end luxury sex saddle!”

Anyone? No? Ok nevermind forget it…
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PantyhoseTherapy – Chastequality

I believe every man, whether he’s an apprentice CPA or hot-shot CEO, should have a fair chance to relinquish his manhood. So, I came up with an affordable, low-maintenance system that allows me to offer my chastity services to every guy, regardless of shape, size or salary…..
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PantyhoseTherapy – Too Much Touch

I need you to remember one thing: I came, I saw, I conquered / from record sales to sold-out concerts / so motherfucker, if you want this encore / I need you to scream ’til your lungs get sore

Name that tune..? Don’t leave me hangin…
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– Chastity Chat to get you HARD

Last thing you locked-down boys wanna do is watch this “educational” video in which two blonde babes (hi!) discuss the merits of chastity, how a device works, and what to do with guys who whine and beg. My friend Mary’s reactions are priceless–and so is her skintight catsuit, designed to drive you totally crazy.
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PantyhoseTherapy – Faked Out, Fucked Over

The closest I’ve ever let a guy get to me during a bondage session. He’s used to me driving him crazy now — used to chastity and ruins, he thinks he knows what I’ll do, and I hate the idea of being predictable. He never expected this…
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PantyhoseTherapy – Girls like me…

I know I’ve been behaving a little… differently… lately. Doing things to prisoners I’ve never done before — getting hot by getting clients stuck, sucked and squirting — but I know, there’s a name for girls like me. But it’s hard to go back to being a good little dominatrix when being this bad is soooo fun!
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PantyhoseTherapy – Never Trust Your Ex

Things not to say to your crazy busty AF, malicious and crazybrains ex-girlfriend when she informs you she’s been getting into some BDSM lately: “Yeah, right.” Time for a triple-ruin…
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TeaseandThankYou – Thigh Tease Queen – Christina QCCP

Did I need to plan and test the position of the Flex-I-Vibe till it was perfect? Did I need to use four (yes seriously) kinds of adhesive to make this client his own impenetrable cocoon? The music, the outfits, the lights, the materials-was it worth it?
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