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SubbyHubby – Dava and Brianna Bring Home Slaves Part 3: Chindo Slave

The guys are now on the floor on their knees with their hands behind their backs, like good slaves. They have a much better attitude now! The slaves are realizing that they won’t be going to “pound town” tonight, at least not the way they thought. The slaves have been so good that they are given the privilege of worshipping their Goddess’ pussies. Goddess Brianna’s slave is doing his job well but Dava’s pathetic bitch strikes out at the pussy. Since he sucks at eating pussy, Dava reaches over and grabs a dildo gag and shoves it in the bitch’s mouth. If he can’t please Dava with his mouth then he will do with a chindo. Goddess Dava will get off though! At least the slave knows how to fuck with a dildo gag. Both Goddesses scream in pleasure as their slaves please them. This night just keeps getting better!
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Clubdom – Kitty and Valora Break Their Slave: Chindo

Goddess Valora and Mistress Kitty make their slave beg them to fuck Kitty. The good news is that he will be able to fuck Kitty. The bad news is that he won’t be using his own pathetic cock, as if he would ever be worthy of that honor. He is forced to fuck Mistress Kitty using a dildo gag. Mistress Kitty and Goddess Valora shove the chindo into the slave’s slutty mouth. Kitty gets up on to the bondage table on her hands and knees with her perfect round ass in the air. Goddess Valora takes the bitch by the collar and forces him to fuck Kitty doggy style with his dildo gag. Kitty then flips over and spreads her legs while Goddess Valora encourages the slave with a riding crop to fuck Kitty more enthusiastically. After the slave pleases Kitty to her satisfaction with the chindo, the slave is allowed to take a break. They remove the gag from his mouth and Kitty tells her slut how pleased she is with him. The only problem is that the Ladies find a bunch of pre-cum that the pathetic slut dripped all over the floor. This bitch is in trouble now!
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SubbyHubby – Sully Savage Trains a Cuckie Part 3: Dildo Gag

Mistress Sully Savage is continuing the training of her cuck husband. Training for her pleasure. She installs the chindo on her cuck’s head. On his knees, locked in chastity, and armed with a chindo, finally the cuck might prove to be of some use. Sully Savage teases him with her ass, tormenting him further, reminding him how pathetic he is and how he will never please her. She gets herself so hot, she jumps on the couch and forces him to fuck her with the chindo. Sully Savage truly enjoys reminding him of his shortcomings, and how he never ever pleased her like this. Her cuck is slowly learning what his new life and pathetic existence will be, one that is focused around her pleasure, whether it’s by a chindo or the cock of a bull stud. He just knows, it will never be his very small cock.
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SubbyHubby – Raven and Alissa’s New Hire Part 3: Chindo slave

Sissy Cami is informed that inadequate sissy’s like himself do not get to fuck their Mistresses with their own tiny useless anatomy. Mistress Raven rams a dildo gag in her slave’s mouth. Cami is forced to please Mistress Alissa with the chindo. Mistress Raven humiliates and directs her slave how to please Mistress Alissa. Slave Cami is forced to pleasure Alissa in several different positions. Raven holds and pushes the slave’s head as he continues to fuck Mistress Alissa with the dildo gag. He is not allowed to stop until Mistress Alissa properly cums as many times as she wants. It’s really hard work being a sissy slut slave.
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Clubdom – Raven and Bella Teach Kitty: Chindo

Mistress Kitty is sitting with Goddess Bella waiting for her surprise. When Bella removes her hand from in front of Kitty’s eyes, she sees that Temptress Raven is holding a new slave by the leash. Kitty squeals with excitement as Raven tells her that she is the owner of a brand-new slave. Kitty has proven herself as a Femdom and the new slave is hers to do with as she pleases. Raven and Bella have another surprise for Kitty! They explain to her what a “chindo” is. They command the slave to open his mouth, or fuckhole, as Raven calls it. Goddess Bella shoves the dildo gag into the slaves fuckhole as the ladies all laugh. Goddess Bella informs the slave that he only has four minutes to make Kitty cum. Kitty lays back and spreads her boot covered legs open as the new slave ferociously works, fucking Kitty’s pussy with the chindo. Bella and Raven encourage the slave by forcing his head to go deeper and faster. Goddess Bella helps Kitty to get off by making out with her while fingering Kitty’s clit. Before the four minutes are up Kitty has one of the best orgasms of her life. She is happy with her new surprise and can’t wait for what is next!
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SubbyHubby – Lexi’s Chindo tease for her Pathetic Husband P2

With her pathetic husband kneeling at her feet, Lexi is once again disappointed. Her husband friend was supposed to come by to please her, unfortunately he couldn’t make it. Just another of the many disappointments in her life, however she does have an alternative.the CHINDO!! Lexi will make use of her pathetic, chastised bitch of a husband, he can fuck her, just not with that pathetic 2″ dick, but with a Chindo. Finally, after years of marriage, Lexi is finally pleased by her pathetic husband, sadly it’s with a Chindo. Lexi allows him to fuck her with the Chindo from multiple positions, all the while reminding him how sad and pathetic he is. Now that he is locked in chastity, will she ever let him cum again? Pay back for all those years of bad sex for her.
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SubbyHubby – Kendra James: Husband Trainer Part 2: Her Pleasure

Kendra James is going to teach Bella Rose’s husband a new trick. She puts a dildo gag on his mouth and she tells him that he is going to serve her needs now and pleasure his wife. He must work that big dildo (bigger than his pathetic cock) so it will give her an orgasm. The cuck tries hard to make his wife Bella cum. Kendra knows that she can help him with that task….
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Clubdom – Venus and Kylie Rogue’s Whore

Another gem from the never released vaults! Kylie Rogue is here to plow her slut until she is satisfied. He is going to open up his holes for her if he knows what is good for him. Kylie seductively fucks him hard and deep. She just can’t help herself, she needs to get her cock in his slut holes in order to ensure he is fucked thoroughly, which will make him more submissive for her. Along with Mistress Venus, the two women completely torment and enslave this slut in this full movie!
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Subby Hubby – Hadley Vascara – Hadley Trains You Part2: Pussy Power

Hadley Vascara wants her bitch boy to learn to please her perfectly using this humiliating dildo gag. Dominant women know there is nothing more humiliating than having a man inches from their dripping wet pussy, watching them orgasm, smelling them, but unable to have that pussy themselves. Will her bitch EVER be worthy of her perfect pussy? Hadley will decide his fate. Now he must get to work making her cum. Ir’s all about her needs.
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Clubdom – Sadie Holmes Chindo

Goddess Sadie Holmes is horny and she is demanding that she is satisfied by a slave. The slave MUST use this dildo gag to get here off. If he fails to please her, he will suffer the consequences. Sadie knows what she wants and she always gets what she wants. Sadie makes the slave pleasure her pussy by pushing the gag with the dil in and out of her. She moans and commands him to do it better, the way she wants it done. Sadie better cum. The slave is not worthy of tasting her pussy or being inside of her and this is his humiliation.
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Clubdom – Goddess Cleo – 3 Minutes To Cum

Goddess Cleo has two of her slaves caged up, and asks which one of them is going to get her off. Goddess Cleo picks one, drags him out, and puts a chindo on him since his cock is too small to please anyone, let alone a Goddess. Her slave has three minutes to get her off, so he better fuck her good with that chindo. Goddess Cleo grabs his hair and pulls his head so that he can learn how to fuck a Goddess’s pussy. He tries to slide the chindo in her wet pussy, but he is so pathetic at it, she pushes him off. Goddess Cleo needs to cum, he better hurry up.
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Clubdom – Taught To Please

Goddess Brianna and Paris Knight are teaching Paris’s husband how to be more in tune to her needs and pay more attention to pleasing her. Now he must endure wearing a dildo gag or “chindo” and use it to get his wife’s pussy wet. Brianna commands him to do it properly with her stern voice and cattle prod. He makes his wife cum like a good obedient, trained bitch.
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Subby Hubby – Paris Trains Her Husband Part 4: Service Her Pussy

Paris Knight has her husband in his rightful place as her submissive bitch. He is to pleasure her only with his mouth, as his tiny dick and lack of stamina can’t satisfy her. He may never feel her pussy ever again unless she feels like being amused. Right now, she wants him to pleasure her with a dildo gag. He better do a good job, or he will never even LICK her pussy ever again.
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