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TeaseandThankYou – Kat’s Your Sister

Blazing hot bro/sis play. Your friends think I’m hot, huh? Do you think I’m hot too? Do you know I see your porn? Do you know I look at your facebook and instagram? Do you know I have your passwords? Do you know I set this up for you? Wanna get teased by me?

PLUS, same boy but different bondage, and really fun bonus piece, of Blake slipping in and meeting one of my boys when he doesn’t expect it and has been languishing in bondage for hours. REALLY HOT.
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SubmissiveCuckolds – Mistress Lisa Olsen

“He likes it when I wear sexy lingerie for him and do this. It helps him to get horny” said Cuckoldress Lisa Olsen to her boyfriend. The bull dogged her in front of her cuck like breeding a cow. The cuck laid underneath them looking in amusement as the huge cock disappeared in his hotwife’s lustrous pussy in rhythmic motion. But the game wasn’t over. Lisa ordered “Come on and eat you dinner baby!” and passed her bull’s protein shake to her cucky.
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MenAreSlaves – Suffer To Get Out – Lady Edyn, Princess Miranda

Lady Edyn and Princess Miranda are watching tv while the slave adores their feet, but they have an idea for a more interesting game. This slave always wants to be removed from chastity so they will let him earn the chance, so long as he accepts the pain from having his cock shocked.
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