Electro Sluts – August 25, 2016 – Chanel Preston, Chanell Heart

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016
  It is the year 2116. The human race has survived a near asteroid collision, a nuclear holocaust, and domination by artificial intelligence. Humanity remains the lifeblood of its technological overlords and any behavior that doesn't serve the system is deemed a threat. Activists, intellectuals, and sexual deviants are considered especially problematic.… Read More

Hogtied – Jun 9, 2016 – The Pope and Chanell Heart

Sunday, June 12th, 2016
  Chanell doesn't hide her desires to be bound and dominated by me. She gets weak in the knees when she talks about it, and there's a certain glimmer in her eyes whenever it comes up. She is a true bondage model in every part of the definition. She embraces this and her pussy gets wet at the thought of suffering. She is put in grueling positions then tormented to her breaking point. I make sure to abuse her as much as she is willing to endure, then I fuck her holes, especially her throat, until they are used up. That ass is mine and… Read More

Society SM – Feb 01, 2016 – Chanell Heart

Saturday, February 6th, 2016
Society SM - Feb 01, 2016 - Chanell Heart Chanell Heart   Chanell brings her sexy body back to us for objectification and orgasms and Simon plans a good and full day with overload in mind. Clamps, floggers and electric play are expertly used in conjunction with tough bondage. Simon's fingers and variety of toys, including a fucking machine, are used to pleasure her swollen clit and warm wet pussy.… Read More

TopGrl – Jun 29, 2015: The Curious Reporter | Chanell Heart | Pockit Fanes | Rain DeGrey

Thursday, July 30th, 2015
TopGrl - Jun 29, 2015: The Curious Reporter | Chanell Heart | Pockit Fanes | Rain DeGrey   Chanell Heart is a spunky little reporter, looking to do an in-depth story on the sudden cultural obsession with BDSM. She's gone to the famous Rain DeGrey, an expert on the erotic arts, to solicit her opinion. She's learning so much, looking over all of the tools of the trade. She has so many questions about each one of them. What are they for? How do they feel? What kind of woman finds herself attracted to the sensation of pain… Read More

Sexually Broken – Feb 27, 2015 Chanell Heart | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

Saturday, March 7th, 2015
Sexually Broken - Feb 27, 2015 Chanell Heart | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer Chanell Heart is the real deal. Her attitude matches her body and she throws herself in everything she does with an undeniable enthusiasm. Even when it gets rough, long after most would tap about, Chanell is still giving it her all. And today will be rough. Just because we like her doesn’t mean that we are going to go easy on her. A long wooden pole keeps her arms spread wide and a leather hood is over her face. Chanell is lead out and chained up… Read More

Apr 16, 2014 – Chanell Heart, Jack Hammer

Friday, April 18th, 2014
Duration: 00:47:42 File size: 2401 Mb Format: mp4 Chanell Heart is an ebony beauty that loves bondage and discipline. Something about being bound, gagged, and beaten is just such a turn on for her. Take one look at her body and tell me you wouldn't take advantage. She gets dragged into the room in a bag. That's how we take delivery of our cunts around here these days. Jack Hammer is going to have some fun with this one. Rope keeps her legs curled up behind her but a spreader bar keeps them far enough apart that she can't protect her ass… Read More

Apr 14, 2014 – Chanell Heart, Matt Williams

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
Duration: 00:16:17 File size: 818 Mb Format: mp4 Chanell Heart is the perfect package. Smoking hot, genuinely friendly and a true lover of rough and pounding sex. A perfect package like this does not come along every day, and here at Sexuallybroken we like to reward them in the best way possible. By stuffing them full of cock until their eyes bulge. And we are going to bring not one but two cocks to the table to make that happen. Bound in and through a custom made wooden bondage ladder, Chanell has both ends completely exposed and ready… Read More