YoungGoddessKim – Shoe slave Gets Fed

I am busy at My desk with the shoe slave underneath My divine heels. The only concern it should have is My comfort, if it moans from My heels digging into it I simply kick it. “Make yourself useful. Lick My soles.” If the piece of furniture doesn’t please Me I will just sell it online. The only nutrition it deserves is the dirt on My soles. But since I’m done with My work and have a scrap of food I decide to let the slave eat it….Like the mutt it is! I prepare it first and crush it beneath My soles and with My heels and make the slave lick it off My Superior Soles and suck it off My heels. I start to get impatient and mop the floor with its face. What a pathetic sight the slave is. “Now thank Me for your lunch and kiss My soles.”
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CFNMEu – September 11, 2019 – Dominantni Sestra, Viktor Adam

Viktor Adam’s Doctor Visit

Viktor Adam visits the doctor’s office. This hot straight guy is in for a check-up and the sexy doctor asks him a few questions to start things off. Then she begins her examination, having Viktor remove his tee-shirt, so we see his sexy chest. Then he stands and removes his pants to stand in just his tight underwear. The doctor feels his back as Viktor holds his hands behind his head. She strokes his torso too and up to his chest. Viktor bends over fully as the doctor continues to exam him. She tells him to remove the underwear too, so Viktor is standing naked and leaning on the table. Then, with his cock seeming to grow, he has to kneel on the table for a prostate exam. The doctor lubes his ass and slides a finger inside as Viktor moans. The finger goes all the way into that tight ass, but the doctor needs to check it out further, so she keeps probing the hot hole. Then Viktor stands, and his cock is rock hard. The doctor has to feel around the groin as that dick seems to get even harder. She feels the balls that are tight against the shaft. Viktor’s cock is so hard as she rubs the balls that she can’t resist feeling it too. She takes some oil and begins wanking the big, fat, cock. Then she moves Viktor to the exam chair, with his legs in the stirrups. With his tight hole on display, she fingers it again as she wanks his cock. The hole loosens enough for her to slide a vibrator into it as she continues wanking Viktor’s throbbing dick. Another toy is then pushed into that hot ass, fucking it deep as his rock hard cock is wanked. The hole is stretched wide as Viktor’s face shows how much he is feeling it. That dildo goes all the way in and then Viktor is turned over, onto his knees, for another, bigger dildo to work his ass. His ass gets opened up good, and then the doctor fucks it with her strapon. He takes it so good and he gets another toy deep in that ass as he lays on the table. Then the strapon works his ass some more as Viktor wanks himself. Then he lays back as the doctor wanks his big dick until it releases a thick, squirting, cumshot. The hot cream lands on his sexy body to complete his check-up.
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DominatrixAnLi – Bound, Burned, & Battered HD

My slave has his hands tied behind his back and his genitalia exposed for My entertainment. With his cock and balls locked up in chastity, he knows exactly who he belongs to and of course I’ll take My liberties in remind him who’s the boss. I strike up a cigarette and get started, leaving burns all over his balls while smacking, grabbing, and twisting them to make sure he is in constant agony. My twisting is so vigorous that one of his testicles pops out of the chastity device, so I take the moment to free him…temporarily. All that really means is that his cock and balls are more susceptible to My tortures. Noticing his disgusting ball hairs, I set them on fire with My lighter under his saggy balls, slapping and punching him in the groin for being disheveled and slovenly in My presence.

Never yours, An Li
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PureCFNM – Guardian Angel

Sam is jerking off to porn in his room when he sighs that he can’t get a real girl. Little does he know his guardian angel is listening and grants his wish. In a flash two girls in satin negligees appear and start playing with his cock. They sandwich him and make him grind his dick up against their silk covered asses. They then push him to the floor and take turns to suck his cock until he surrenders his cum for them. Then he wakes up back in his chair – was it all a dream?
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CFNMEu – Jan 16, 2019 – Pomstychtiva Pritelkyne, Milen Petroff


Milen Petrof is subjected to great temptation as he sits at his desk and watches his girlfriend sleeping. He is writing in his diary as she moves around on the bed, and wakes up. She urges Milen to take a break as she feels so horny after a sexy dream. Milen is not easily persuaded so the girl turns over and shows her sexy ass. But as he watches he soon changes his mind and joins her on the bed. The girl tells him that he must do everything she tells him. Once he agrees she ties Milen’s wrists to the bedframe. Then she begins to suck on Milen’s nipples and rubs his cock in his underwear. She pulls the hard cock out and starts to suck it as she slaps his legs. Then she takes off Milen’s underwear and slaps his cock and balls before sucking it some more. She keeps slapping his thighs and wraps a band around his balls, hitting them as she sucks his cock. That cock is so hard as she works on it. Then she takes some clothes pins and attaches them to Milen’s nipples and belly hair. She uses one pin to pull on Milen’s ass hair too. Then she attaches pins to his balls too before sucking that cock some more. Milen’s legs are pulled in the air to expose his tight, hairy, hole. More pins are applied, this time to the hairy ass and the grils shoves a finger into Milen’s hole. His ass cheeks are red from her spanking him and her finger really explores his tight hole. The thumb slides in too and is then replaced by two fingers. Milen moans as he feels them. He is turned over, onto his knees, with that sexy ass still exposed. That ass is ready for more and a vibrator soon fills it. Then it is replaced by a nice, thick, dildo. The girl pushes the dildo in nice and deep, really stretching the hole. She then moves Milen onto his knees and wanks his big cock until it delivers the hot, creamy, cum. She milks every last drop of hot juice from that cock to end a great scene.
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CFNMEu – April 11, 2019 – Pomstychtiva Pritelkyne, Martin Polnak


Martin Polnak is helpless in this CFNM, at the mercy of the sexy, dominant, girl. He is wearing just underwear and is shackled and gagged. The girl starts hittig his chest and groping him. Then she starts to whip him too. Martin moans through the gag as he feels the whip. The girl kneels and starts biting on the cock through the underwear. Then the underwear is pulled aside so that she can suck the hardening cock. She pulls down the underwear and sucks on Martin’s big, hard, cock. That big dick pokes out in front of him as she attaches clamps to his nipples. Then she whipe him some more too. The girls takes an electro-stimulator and uses it on the chest and cock and balls, making Martin moan and writhe. Moving him so that he is on his back, legs up, she then plays with his tight hole. A toy is shoved into his ass as she sucks on his balls. With the toy deep in his hot hole she then sucks on his big cock again. Martin moans and wants her to stop fucking his ass, but she keeps going. Then a larger dildo is worked into his tight hole, going in deep. With that hole loosened she turns Martin over, onto his knees and fuck him with her strapon. She fucks him some more as he lays on his back and wanks himself until he shoots his hot cum.
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Bradley Cook has an interview about a job. He walks into the office and sits to be interviewed by the woman. She asks him some questions, filling out a form with his answers. Bradley explains that he wishes to be a model and is asked some personal questions, about the size of his cock. Then the woman says she can check his health to be a model and tells Bradley to remove his clothes. he doesn’t have underwear on but the woman says that is fine. As he stands naked, his hands covering his cock and balls the woman begins to inspect him. Bradley’s hand hardly covers his big cock, as it starts to swell. Then he exposes it as the woman has to measure it. She tells him to get the cock fully hard as she wants to measure it like that. She takes hold of the cock and gently wanks it, and it soon gets hard. She blows on the cock and kisses it as she wanks it. She also rubs Bradley’s balls and then licks his cock too. Clearly she wants more and soon starts to suck that big cock. She sucks it and licks up and down the shaft, then she has Bradley kneel on the sofa, showing his ass. She spanks the ass and keeps pulling on his cock. She tells him that she has to check his ass, dripping oil into the crack. She rubs the oil over Bradley’s hairy hole sliding a finger inside. As she fingers his hole she also wanks on his thick cock. Then she spanks his ass too. She has more planned for Bradley, sitting him down and blindfolding him. Then she uses a whip on his sexy chest. But she cant resist his cock and is soon sucking on it again. He lifts his legs for her and she fingers his hole some more as she wanks and sucks his cock.
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CFNMEu – Jan 30, 2019 – Rosta Benecky, Pomstychtiva Pritelkyne

Hard Workout

Rosta Benecky gives us a great dream set, which is a CFNM scene with a very sexy girl. We see him exercising with some weights when the girl arrives to help him. They spend some time exercising together and then the girl begins to seduce Rosta, soon having him naked and showing off his massive, soft, cock and his sexy ass. The girl gives him a few spanks on his ass and turns Rosta around to suck on that huge cock. It grows in her mouth as she sucks on it. Then she turns Rosta around and puts him on his knees so she can see his sexy ass hole as his massive cock and balls dangle between his legs. The girl spanks Rosta’s ass and pulls the cheeks wide apart. She slips a finger into his hot hole and fucks it. As she keeps up the fingering she also sucks and chews on Rosta’s big balls. Then she spanks that ass some more. With her mind full of possibilities she mores Rosta to another room, tying his arms to a beam so he is at her playful mercy. She alternates between whipping his sexy body and sucking on his huge cock. Then she adjusts his restraints to get his ass available and she takes a dildo on a pole and gets it ready for that ass. Rosta struggles to see if he can release himself, but cannot. The dildo is presented to his ass and she uses the pole to push it in nice and deep. She fucks Rosta’s hot ass nice and deep and sucks on his big cock too. Then she dons her strapon and fucks Rosta’s ass again. His huge cock stays nice and hard as his ass gets fucked deep. The girl lays down and makes Rosta ride her rubber cock. Releasing the ties she lays him on his back and fucks him some more as he wanks his big cock. She keeps fucking him until Rosta cums and then she picks him up, spanking his ass as she walks away with him.
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CFNMEU – Apr 24, 2019 – Otakar Bubek, Pidzemellya Hospodynya


Otakar Bubek is a very hot fireman. He gets rather more than he was expecting in this CFNM shoot. He knocks on the door of an apartment, as he has to check the fuse box. The sexy lady who lives there invites him in to do his checking. But she is a voluptress and soon has enticed him onto her bed. She soon as him naked too, and his cock very hard. As Otakar enjoys himself the sexy lady takes things further, tying him up and abusing him for her pleasure, including fucking his ass, deep and hard with her strapon. When she has taken all the pleasures she wants the lady wanks Otakar until he cums for her.
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CfnmTV – Hotel Crystal Part 5

Aware that every second he spends in the office increases his chances of missing his flight, Terry realises he must go along with whatever the women demand. But he wasn’t prepared to have his humiliation recorded on video by one of them while the other idly toys with his penis and testicles. And to his horror, the other woman from reception has just walked in on them and seems to be only too willing to join in the fun.
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CFNMEurope – Dec 19, 2018 – Pomstychtiva Pritelkyne, Romi Zuska/Merry Christmas

Romi Zuska is a very sexy guy. He is in for a great time as he gets to open his presents. The girl with him has bought him several sexy toys, including a blindfold, a whip and several other things. She has him try on the new underwear and soon has Romi naked and blindfolded, apart from the underwear. She kisses over his sexy chest and soon has his cock out of the underwear and in her mouth. That cock gets so hard as the girl sucks it. Then she turns Romi around , bending him over with the underwear pulled off his sexy ass. She plays with his tight hole and pulls his stiff cock back through his legs. After fingering his tight hole the girl uses a vibrator on it. Then Romi turns again, his cock rock hard and the girl uses her feet to play with it. She has another surprise for Romi, as she puts on a strapon and has him suck it. As he sucks the rubber dick he wanks himself. Then he sits his tight ass down on the rubber cock and takes a good ride on it. His own cock stays hard as he rides the rubber one. Then Romi is on his back, still taking that strapon deep in his hole. Then Romi sits up and the girl wanks his throbbing cock until it unloads the creamy cum.
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Mistress Lissandra is the Queen of strap on whose favourite activity is fucking the asses of Her male whores. Today She has a surprise for Her naked caged slave – well it is not really a surprise because once he sets eyes on Her big strap on he knows he is in for a vigorous ass pounding that will only stop once his Mistress is tired of him. She releases him from the cage where he spends most of his lowly life and straps him to the bondage bench before driving Her big black cock forcefully into his willing ass. He is such an anal whore that the cock slips in easily and as She thrusts hard this fuck toy soon starts to moan with pleasure betraying his slutty pleasures. He will be left tied to the bench, ass stretched and **** ready for much more cock.
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This is more of an “announcement” than a “clip”. You see, I have officially taken over “The Mean Girls”. I run things around here now. The Mean Girl Compound, all the slaves, have been purchased by ME. I own them now. So this clip is just a formal announcement of that. And just to drive it into the house slaves’ heads, I make them literally bow down before me and WORSHIP ME as I take my rightful place upon my throne.
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What happens when you put powerful women in charge of pleasure? You get CFNM! Volume 3 features some major cock rocking to all your favorite fetishes: Femdom, deepthroating with plenty of drool and cum swapping, plus face sitting and foot fetish kink galore! Men on leashes should be so lucky to have SinDrive’s hot whores using them so readily!
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Little Tommy has been misbehaving in class and teacher Paige has invited his parents in to discuss punishment. As she explains that the young boy has been looking up girls skirts, she suggests she should be allowed to pull his pants down in front of the class to see how he likes it. The father disagrees but as he protests, headmistress Mia comes in and takes him in hand. “Like father like son!” she says and decides to try the punishment out on the father first. Before he knows what’s happening the father is stripped naked, spanked on the ass by the headmistress and then the women take turns to play with his cock. When Paige shows him her stockings he loses control and he spunks all over her desk!
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