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Ceara Lynch and I know your weakness for nylons.. Soft, sheer, slippery and seductive. One of us in thigh-highs and the other in pantyhose means you can’t resist. Lots of nylon rubbing, leg crossing, toe wiggling and foot flexing to fully cripple you. We discuss your slavery to our nylon covered legs in great detail and then allow you to have the privilege of jerking off to them. Aren’t we kind?
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Bikini Hotwife - Ceara Lynch


I cant take it! I thought it would be fun being a hot wife and teasing and flirting with all the sexy guys down at the pool, but I cant stop thinking about being fucked by each one of those muscular men. It was great being surrounded by their bulging biceps and ripped abs, but I was getting too wet, too horny to be around them anymore. Im sorry, but either we pack up and take the next flight out of here, or Im going back down their and getting my brains fucked out. Tell you what, Ill even let you fuck any girl here, Ill even help you find one! I dont care if you have to pay her, but Im getting a real mans juicy cock inside me now!

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CearaLynch.com - Temptation | Ceara Lynch


Where do you think youre going? I cant believe you were actually about to walk away from me. Who do you think you are? What power of will came over you to think you could resist my seductive charms? You know it is all too easy to draw you back to me. No one can fight the temptation to serve me. As determined as you are to make a better life for yourself, that is never gonna be your reality. In real life, you are nothing but a pathetic worthless man that needs to serve a powerful Domme. You cant escape me, no one can!

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