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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Education in Ballbusting

I know you’ve been taught some misleading things about gender. All of you men have been raised to think that the male gender is the superior one. But this would be an incorrect assumption. In fact, women are the superior gender and always have been. Case in point: Your balls. The fact that nature formed your genitals on the outside of your body proves your inferiority. You can be totally and completely immobilized just from a swift kick to the nuts. It’s a built-in destruction button. One press and you’re out. How could you ever possibly expect to be better than a woman when your genitals are just dangling about in danger? Oh, you don’t think so? Just give me 5 minutes. I’ll show you how vulnerable those little sacks can be.
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Clubstiletto – Private Property, Private Parts

Miss Jasmine is confronted by a forest ranger as she walks through the forest. “This is private property and you have to leave” he tells her. She loos at him and replies “Oh really?” the scene rolls over and the ranger is now standing with his legs spread and Jasmine is kicking him in the balls. She kicks him several times and as he stumbles she reaches up and pushes him to the ground with her foot. She grabs a branch and strikes his ball before sitting on his face, undoing his belt and pulling out his cock. She makes him get up and again starts kicking him in the cock and balls. She also uses her hands to swat his cock repeatedly along with some kneeing and a lot more kicking.

Now he is ordered to kneel on all fours and she kicks him from behind until a real hard blow drops him flat to the ground. She orders him up and kicks some more and then takes the branch to his now fully exposed ass. Next she makes him kneel upright and she pulls his shirt over his face before booting him again and again. Jasmine goes in the bush and finds a stinging nettle leaf which she runs over his cock. “Which is worse, this leaf or. my high tops?” she asks as she jumps up and boots him again. As he falls on his stomach she sits on his back and tells him she will expect him back in the same place the next time she is in the forest. “Yes Mistress” he replies.
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DirtyDommes – Ballbusted by Tina Kay part 1

Don’t mess with Tina! She is a badass and has a lethal aim and loves destroying balls! Watch her in action as she is set to kick her slave’s balls until they are smashed. With her sexy bare feet and pointy high heels, she kicks and kicks until the slave falls to his knees.
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Bunny has Lance convinced that the torment is over and he’s about to get a blowjob. She’s on her knees in front of him with his raging hard cock just an inch from her pretty smile. She grabs his balls and squeezes, looking up at him with her big innocent eyes.

She kicks him really hard in the balls a few times, then sits on his face and squeezes and slaps his nuts. She stokes his hard cock just a little to fuck with his head. She stands him back up to kick him hard and drop him again.
Finally she stands him up and says he can cum. He pleads with her not to hurt his balls anymore. She strokes his cock until he explodes cum all over her pantyhose covered thigh. She puts him on his knees and makes him lick up all of his cum.

She knees him hard as fuck right in his empty balls, then says “Your’e welcome.”
She kicks his balls one last time while he’s on the ground and leaves him to go find another victim.
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MistressGaia – Ping Pong

My beautiful mistress friend arrives with a slave Dundeon Roma where she wants to enjoy some fun with her toy. Of course I’m delighted, and as we play our game we will make our bitch suffer. On inspection he has quite a large pair of balls, we will soon take care of that. We place him in the middle as we take up our positions. He has been warned to remain standing, and must endure the suffering for our pleasure. We begin with a couple of warm up kicks just to get our range. Then it’s time to make him suffer. We find our mark with relentless accuracy, eventually bringing our slut to his knees. We get him up again, and continue to painfully bust his balls as we enjoy our game of PING PONG!!
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CruelMistresses – Brutal Cleaning Of The Balls – Mistress Amanda

Mistress Amanda found out that her slave touched himself, despite he was clearly told not to. So Amanda tied him up and squished his tiny cock and balls between two metal pieces. She then grabbed a bunch of kitchen cleaner brushes and after she dipped them into water and soap drop and starts to scratch his balls with them, making him scream from pain.
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BratPrincess – Amber – When My Boyfriend Cancels You Get Ballkicked

Princess Amber is very upset. Her boyfriend just called to cancel the dinner reservation her slave had made for them. Because Amber is now in a bad mood, she is going to kick her slave in the balls. Even though Amber’s boyfriend canceling isn’t the slave’s fault, it will take the punishment. Amber laughs while kicking her slave in the balls. The slave drops to the floor in pain. Punishing her slave always elevates Amber’s mood. She makes the slave humiliate itself and beg for each next kick. The slave accepts the humiliation and pain for its Princess. It must apologize for Amber’s boyfriend canceling on her, even though it had nothing to do with the situation. To try and make it up to her, Amber’s slave begs to be allowed to take her to the restaurant in place of her absent boyfriend. Amber scoffs. She is outraged. Amber would never be seen at a nice restaurant with her pathetic, fat, slave. She makes the slave lick the dirt from her boot. Dirt is a more fitting dinner for a slave.
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FemdomEmpire – Balls No More – Marley Brinx

Mistress Marley looks very sweet but she has a twisted and sadistic side to her that will scare any man into submission. She shows her helplessly restrained slave exactly whose in control by squeezing his poor balls until they are at the brink of exploding. Marley can’t help but laugh and enjoy his predicament while he begs for mercy bringing sweet sounds of pain to her ears.
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DirtyDommes – Ballbusting competition part 1

Who is going to be the sorest loser? Lady Herrin BlackDiamoond and I put our boys to the test! They get strung up with their hands and have their balls exposed for us to kick them. Those nuts are going to get a good, hard beating with our leather boots and So Kate Louboutin heels. They can’t escape so they better man up and take as much ballbusting as they can.
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Miss Jasmine has her slave bound to her discipline chair. She has already flogged his cock as you can see in ‘Bound And Cock Flogged’ but now it’s time to inflict more punishment. She has a solid steal humbler and is going to crush his balls with it. As she starts to tighten it around his balls he moans and thrashes about. “Isn’t this fun” Jasmine says. She looks at you and asks if you wish it was you and then gives you some suggestions for self t0rture so you can imagine you are there with her. As the slave moans and groans, Jasmine pushes up with her backside against his body to titillate the poor creature so he gets harder and suffers even more.
Now that his cock is rock hard Jasmine pulls out a large sounding device so she can fuck his pee hole. His hungry cock just gobbles it right up. “Just like someone getting out of jail and having sex for the first time in years” Jasmine says. She slides it in and out while rubbing his cock at the same time. This is a lovely combination of pain and pleasure for her blindfolded slave. Now she sits on his lap while continuing to penetrate him eventually pushing it all the way in and sending him deep into sub space.
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Client request – I get my slave naked, tied hands at his back, gagged and leashed. I use silver tape to have a totally control at him. But this isn`t enough for me. I tie up a rope around his neck. Rope squeeze his neck and now he must fight for every single breathe. I can sit down and dangling my high heels and enjoy of looking at him. I put my feet on his face and kick his nuts with my sexy shoes to help him with his breathe. I love that view when he is totally at my mercy but his constantly moaning spoil my mood. He deserve for punishment. Now my slave except rope problem on his neck must suck my feet. I fuck his mouth really hard and I don`t care that he`s choking. I`m slapping his face, kicking his balls and fuck his mouth. That worm is my toy and I show him that.
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DirtyDommes – Ballbusting beatdown

His balls and his body are Ours and Mistress Tess and I sure are the sadistic duo that can destroy this slave. With our high heels and with the help of some very heavy, hard knotted jutte balls, we bring him to his knees. Punching his body, squeezing his balls, kicking him hard with our louboutin heels…we have so much fun! Hear our sadistic laughs as we keep beating him up, busting his balls until he lands on the floor.
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