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Chateau-Cuir – Monthly milking on leather boots part 1

It’s that time of the month again…my slave is going to be milked and his blue balls finally get drained. It is so hard to watch me dressed in my leathersand not being able to cum, isn’t it? My thigh high boots triggered many erections and had several loads of spunk on them. Now I will take care of this leather slave’s frustration.
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Clubstiletto – Push It Out With Your Cum –  Miss Jasmine

As this scene opens, we see Miss Jasmine sitting on her slave’s stomach while his head lays beneath her toilet. She says that although his hard cock is near her pussy, she’s obviously not going to fuck him. “Well, this is sort of like fucking,” she says, as she spreads lube onto his cock and reveals a giant metal sounding device. She slips the tip inside him and begins to stroke his dick. His hungry cock soon eats the instrument up and it slides further into him.

“I haven’t let him cum in a while; I’ve kept him busy worshiping my feet, abusing his balls, trampling him, and pissing on him,” Jasmine says. The entire time she explains this, she strokes his cock and works the instrument in and out, literally fucking his cock. She says she has promised that he can cum for doing so well, but he can only do so while being sounded. Soon, the sound slides all the way in and Miss Jasmine strokes vigorously in order to get him off. The slave begins to moan with pleasure and soon the metal rod shoots from his cock along with a big juicy load of cum. “Next week I’ll fuck you with two sounds,” Jasmine says with a smile.
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Goddess Ashlynn Taylor is seated before you in a sexy, revealing outfit and a beautiful pair of boots. She commands you to come closer and worship her boots. You lick the smooth, shiny boots and begin to suck on the heel. Determined to make you suffer as you jerk, Ashlynn produces a clothespin that you have to place on your balls.

You return to boot worship and Ashlynn gives you another clothespin to add. She has you spit on her boots and lick it back up. Goddess Ashlynn adds clothespin’s to your balls time and again. She shows you the exact rhythm you need to stroke to her at. She demands you suck both heels at once and stretches your mouth to its limit.

Ever the sadist, Goddess Ashlynn begins to administer strokes of her crop to your already tortured balls. A final clothespin is added and Ashlynn continues to strike with her crop. Sensing your orgasm is near, she makes you back away from her. Ashlynn giggles gleefully as you cum all over yourself. She tells you to clean the floor and depart so she can welcome her next slave.
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UnderMyPrincess – Minnie Manga slave correction first cam

Minnie Manga have a new slave, and she need to teach him proper behavior. She start by using him as a spittoon and slap him in the face. She kicks his useless balls, and use a wooden spoon to hit his dick if it gets erected. She ballbust him, and in the end let him smell her sweaty armpits.
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MistressGaia – Just Choking – Dungeon Roma

Today Dungeon Roma I’m joined by my mistress friend, and we have a slave that’s going to experience some painful pleasure. I have him on the floor with his hands bound behind his back, his are legs separated and tightly bound to the spreader bar and raised up on the suspension cable. I have also tightly tied his balls with a cord, and can inflict pain simply by pulling tightly on the cord. There’s no escape for our bitch, and we are going to make him suffer. We begin with some teasing, as I pull the cord on his balls while my friend gives them a few gentle kicks. We then remove our shoes and take turns at footgagging him. It’s amusing as his balls are pulled and he squeals in pain, only to be stifled out with another foot shoved to the back of his throat. We continue to pleasure ourselves making our bitch suffer as we footslap his face and balls. Then it’s time for his reward. I bring out a vibrator and hold it on the edge of his cock. He squirms as we continue to put pressure on his balls, while at the same time getting him to lick my feet. Eventually, I allow him to cum and we both laugh as his cock pulsates and he squirts his mess onto his belly. We leave him in his mess and bound and on the suspension cable while we go shopping…
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PantyhoseTherapy – Accidents Will Happen – Christina QCCP

You guys love when I play “orgasm race” with my victims — so who cums first? Promise, I don’t cheat — he gets a fair chance — but when I have someone so submissive so stuck, it’s hard for me not to orgasm this quickly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Having more and more fun at the QCCP dungeon these days, and I will have you know that for the first time I have booked my next trip here before my current trip has even finished. I’ll be in town from May 29th though June something so you can start sending in your session requests now. Just don’t ask for my worst.
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Clubstiletto – Ballbusting Withdrawals

Goddess Koi and Miss Jasmine have their slaves back to back, hands bound. They are priming them for abuse, and begin by slapping and kicking their balls. The bitches are suffering so they decide that once they hit the floor, their dicks will be flattened under their boots. Lucky slaves! TS Staci joins in the fun, and the slaves sink to the ground. They continue abusing them, removing their footwear to feel their family jewels flattening under all the weight. Just when they can’t take anymore, they find out this was just the foreplay! No risk of withdrawals just yet!
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FemdomEmpire – Cum for Mommy – Eliza Ibarra

Eliza is the perfect Mommy Domme who is sweet, caring but also strict and cruel at the same time. Best of both worlds! She teases and edges just the tip of her gimp’s cock as that is all he is worthy of. His cock is securely locked in a device that only allows just the top of his shaft to be touched making milking day extremely frustrating. Eliza brings him to the edge and back while giving him the full Mommy Domme experience until he is finally allowed to shoot his long awaited load. She takes every last drop of cum and shoves it in his mouth as all good boys know to clean up their mess.
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