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FemdomEmpire – Milked Manjuice – Mackenzie Moss

Princess Mackenzie Moss only allows her slaves to cum when they are truly helpless without any control of their orgasms. Turning a boy into a frustrated mess as she edges and teases their bound cock’s with vibrators brings great pleasure to Mackenzie. Cumming should never be easy on the slave as she loves to make him suffer before he gets the chance to relieve all that built up pressure. Princess Mackenzie jumps on the bound boy’s face and rides his mouth making sure she gets her orgasm before he is allowed is a single one. The slave is finally allowed to blow his load by the grace of his Owners hand giving him one last orgasm before his cock gets locks right into chastity. Cocks are never allowed to be free in the house of Princess Mackenzie and she makes sure they never are.
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The best way to transform an unruly slave into an obedient pussy whipped bitch is by using their manhood to force them on all fours. Mistress Adria Rae has her bitch boy’s hole locked tight with an ass hook and balls trapped in a humbler keeping him extra docile and obedient. She orders him to worship her ass and cunt knowing his only focus will be on pleasing his Goddess. He physically is unable to do anything else.
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Mistress-Jennifer – July 19, 2019 – Slave Squirrel Balls, January Seraph

Cock Bitten Captive

Brace yourself for 60 minutes of action as Mistress January Seraph takes slave squirrel balls through a pain pleasure cycle. He is tormented during a sexy strip tease and has his cock and balls nearly chewed off as this dark haired temptress demonstrates Her skills while testing his limits. On his back fastened to the table he gets a reward for his CBT as She smothers his face in Her pussy. After She shoves several metal rods down his cock and hot waxes the head, he has earned his monthly milking.
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FemmeFataleFilms – July 10, 2019 – Slave, Mistress Akella

Never Say No – Day 2

No matter how hard the treatment, the slave must remember never to utter the word no. This proves a little difficult when the punishment level is ramped up. He is chained to the dungeon wall is this session and subjected to an extreme flogging and whipping ordeal, to make the most hardened of slaves fall to their knees begging for mercy. When Mistress decides to take a break, she makes her slave hold her booted legs up whilst she enjoys a cigarette. He must serve as a human ashtray and spittoon, inhaling her precious smokey exhales and serve his purpose as a receptacle for whatever she wants to dispose of.
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FemdomEmpire – Ball Blaster – Alina Lopez

Mistress Alina Lopez shows her slave exactly how much she really hates balls. No Mercy given as she kicks, slaps and beats his precious manhood into oblivion.
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Mistress Evelyn is an expert at edging out a slave’s big load from their helpless balls. There is nothing more satisfying to her than getting a tied up boy so on the edge that he can cum buckets without a hand even on his cock. A true ruined orgasm! With every stroke of pleasure comes a bit more pain to his balls as she slowly closes the vice inch by inch making it as tight as it can possibly go. Once the vice has his balls a beautiful shade of purple then she knows it’s time to ruin his orgasm the best way she can.
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DivineBitches – July 30, 2019 – Mistress Kara, Rick Fantana

Mommy’s Little Fucktoy

Completely naked and suspended with black rope and leather wrist cuffs, Rick Fantana waits at the mercy of his Mistress Kara’s hand. Kara, looking very dominant in her fishnet stockings, short black skirt, and long black latex gloves, takes her time to torment her submissive. She explains to him that she’s owns him. She punches his chest and squeezes his cock and balls. Kara makes him taste his own pre-cum through his ball-gag. She puts him in a headlock and squeezes his neck. Mistress Kara attaches a tens unit to Rick’s thighs and turns up the voltage. Rick moans through the ball-gag from getting electrified. Kara places a Sybian machine underneath Rick’s ass and lowers him onto it as he gets zapped from the tens unit. His asshole gets lowered onto the dildo attachment on the Sybian and once its deep in his ass, Kara turns the power on. She makes him fuck it as she hits him with a riding crop while laughing and humiliating him. Next, Mistress Kara uses black rope to strap Rick to a device that keeps him secured in a doggie-style position. Kara holds a flogger in each hand and whips Rick’s ass until it turns pink. Kara wears her strap-on with a huge dildo dangling from it, ready for Rick’s ass. After she finishes flogging him, Kara makes Rick suck her dildo to get it nice and wet for his asshole. She shoves her fat dildo deep into his ass and fucks it. Next, Rick is on his back with his legs spread with a dildo gag in his mouth. Kara shoves five big metal anal beads up his ass. She teases his cock then sits on his face and fucks the dildo-gag. She smother’s his face with her ass and pussy while she fucks the dildo-gag. She uses an Hitachi vibrator pressed on her clit and cums hard while Rick starves for air below her. As a reward for good behavior. Kara rips out the anal beads and fingers his asshole while she jerks his cock, sending his load flying into his own face as he cums.
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CarmenRivera – July 19, 2019 – Chris “Schock” Cock

Power Pussy at Insomnia Night Cub

The stretch limo rolls up at the Hardcore Party at Berlin’s Insomnia Nightclub. It’s PARTY TIME! Lady Carmen has brought along some of her favorite guests for this epic orgy to be, including super slutty FitxXxSandy, muscle goddess Mistress Tigress, Frank (and his tattooed butt,) and many willing slaves. The ‘fuck-crowd’ gathered at the bar get things started with FitxXxSandy, as she always does, not being able to get her mouth full enough of the excited slave cocks present. Frank was filled with lust, having seen the scene unfold, while Lady Carmen was, too. Surprisingly, Lady Carmen used her world-famous dildo-fucking skills right there, taking one of FitxXxSandy’s sluts and bending them over the bar to be thoroughly used for arousing penetration. Now feverish in his enthusiasm, Frank, and his tattooed butt, were soon strapped into his gyn chair, ready, willing, and wanting to be stretched to pleasure by XXL anal toys! In the midst of what was slowly becoming a sultry crowd of people dancing, fisting, and fucking, Frank was being anally invaded by Lady Carmen. Our attention now turns to Mistress Tigress, the beautiful Black power-domme, who describes herself as “your dream come true and your worst nightmare.” Tigress took a slave between her legs, crushing the breath from him with the exquisite power of her well-developed thighs and legs. Later, Tigress’ slave was bound and looking very helpless. Lady Carmen emerged, having left Frank in orgasmic bliss, saw this, and was impressed by Tigress’ work. “A dildo should be in the ass of this slave, too, Carmen thinks as while Mistress Tigress has him locked between her legs, Carmen delivers a phenomenally pleasurable pounding that proves that it’s the muscles of the Mistresses that do it all. FitxXxSandy is not to be denied upping the ante for the festival of lust that the night has become. Surrounded by slutty slaves, the cock meat circus surrounding her begin to lustfully take all of her holes, in every way, with great energy. Most wild of all, the two slaves who give her a double penetration, stuffing their hard cocks deep into her wet and horny pussy. They finally soak Sandy’s tits in their hard-earned, thick, and heavy shots of cum. The slaves, taking notice of the palace of depraved pleasure that the club has become, sleeplessly disappear into the night of Berlin.
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DivineBitches – July 16, 2019 – Gia DiMarco, Mason Lear

The House Slave: Gia DiMarco Brings Mason Lear Out to Play

Poor little Mason Lear is a slave who is kept locked in a dark cage by the super hot mistress Gia DiMarco. The only light this slave sees is when his master Gia uses him for her pleasure. She brings her slave out to play from one cage to another and quickly lets him know she is his mistress and his only purpose is to please her and satisfy her needs. She warms up her slave’s mouth by making him worship her feet while he is helplessly caged. She makes him beg for her pussy but Gia has no intention of giving her slave any pleasure. She rubs her wet pussy while Mason can only watch. Gia then zaps her helpless little slave while he is caged with nowhere to run. Then she brings him out of the cage for some corporal punishment. She asserts her authority over him with a few spanks. Then she catches Mason stroking his own cock so she has no choice but to punish him with a few hits from the crop. Then she puts her nice round ass in his face and makes him lick her up and down until she orgasms. This little slave likes to please his master so he begs to be fucked in the ass. Gia gives him a nice hard pounding with her big strap on to put him in his place. Then she uses his cock for her pleasure, riding it until she cums all over it. This poor slave is ready to bust his load but Mistress Gia has no plans of giving this slave any pleasures. He begs to cum but Mistress Gia already got what she wanted. After cuming over and over Gia locks this poor slaves cock in a chastity and is left denied. No pleasure for this house slave.
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KinkyMistresses – Punished In The Old Factory By Calea Toxic – Calea Toxic

Today Calea is in a really sadistic mood and her Slave has to take some realy painfull games. She torments him with electricity, with a vacuum cockpump, put a long dildo deep into his throat and work on his nipples. Completely defenseless the Slave can do nothing except the pain for his Mistress and that makes her a lot of pleasure
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FemdomEmpire – Evil Chastity Screamer – Evelyn Claire

Regular chastity training has failed for Mistress Evelyn Claire’s slave. His dick still manages to always be on his mind putting his needs 1st which is a big problem for his servitude. Mistress Evelyn has been patient up until this point but needs to take it to the next level to get it thru his thick skull. Her evil chastity device firmly locked around his cock will make him submit physically and mentally whether he is ready or not. With the slightest erection, the spikes will dig deep into his cock forcing him to focus only on his Mistress’s pleasure. Training is never easy though as Mistress Evilyn sexually teases his locked cock making it as hard as possible to not get aroused. The more he screams the happier it makes her.
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