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Clubstiletto – Private Property, Private Parts

Miss Jasmine is confronted by a forest ranger as she walks through the forest. “This is private property and you have to leave” he tells her. She loos at him and replies “Oh really?” the scene rolls over and the ranger is now standing with his legs spread and Jasmine is kicking him in the balls. She kicks him several times and as he stumbles she reaches up and pushes him to the ground with her foot. She grabs a branch and strikes his ball before sitting on his face, undoing his belt and pulling out his cock. She makes him get up and again starts kicking him in the cock and balls. She also uses her hands to swat his cock repeatedly along with some kneeing and a lot more kicking.

Now he is ordered to kneel on all fours and she kicks him from behind until a real hard blow drops him flat to the ground. She orders him up and kicks some more and then takes the branch to his now fully exposed ass. Next she makes him kneel upright and she pulls his shirt over his face before booting him again and again. Jasmine goes in the bush and finds a stinging nettle leaf which she runs over his cock. “Which is worse, this leaf or. my high tops?” she asks as she jumps up and boots him again. As he falls on his stomach she sits on his back and tells him she will expect him back in the same place the next time she is in the forest. “Yes Mistress” he replies.
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DivineBitches – Feb 12, 2019 – Chanel Preston, Rick Fantana

Wayward Man: Nurse Chanel Preston’s Unorthodox Treatment for Perverts

Welcome to the Divine Bitches Reformatory for Wayward Men. The stunning Chanel Preston is the head of this house and is responsible for administering a uniquely unorthodox treatment for the men here. Dressed in her medical lab coat, black stockings and tight black dress, she puts black gloves on her hands before approaching her patient Rick Fantana. Rick is a pervert. No two ways around this, he has been in treatment for over a year and is not showing any signs of improvement. Chanel knows it’s time for the next phase, PAIN. Rick Fantana the pervert deserves pain and punishment. Fully restrained with leather straps and an open mouth spider gag, Chanel starts right away. Electric zapper right to the dick. Caning on all of Rick’s sensitive areas. Clamps all over his skin and nipples. Rick screams in pain. Chanel knows the only way this loser man will learn is if she mixes a little bit of pleasure. Rick’s cock gets hard and dripping wet with precum but he is not allowed to cum. Edged over and over again by Chanel, this man wimpers with regret of his past life. Phase two is the most effective. Chanel straps on a huge cock and fucks Rick’s sad hole. This pervert gets off on it and is rock hard again. After the anal pounding, it’s time for Rick to learn how to pleasure a woman. Rick is made to perform cunnilingus on Chanel before she flips him over and uses his pathetic dick for an epic orgasm. Finally Rick must hold his cum, edged over and over again. But, this loser loses it and is made to eat his own cum.
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FemaleSupremacy – Baroness Essex – Mrs Darkside

A latex clad Baroness indulges her passion for rubber in another! A devoted subject experiences a level of intimacy rarely bestowed on a lowly male – but at what price?
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Andrea Untamed can fully lives her whole sadistic streak in this clip. A slave wrapped in plastic wrap, tied to the cross is delivered to her totally helpless and so she can play extensively with his cock, with his nipples. She uses a ball stretcher, a whip, clamps and weights to get her fun
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Mistresses Michelle and Lydia continue their training of slave 47, locking him in a cage with a dog shock collar around his balls. They test it a few times to make sure it is working, then put him to work worshipping their boots. If he doesn’t do a good enough job, they push the button and shock his balls. Of course, they also do it just for their amusement.
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DirtyDommes – Tortured by leather Dommes

When Lady Bellatrix and I, Fetish Liza, meet… there are always “new” slaves to test. This leather sub won’t be worshipping our attire but instead we check his sensitivity and durability. With his hood on, he can only feel my long nails as I dig them in to his chest and tied balls. But we mainly focus on his nipples which get pinched hard, clamped and tormented for our amusement of course.
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Clubdom – The Training of Slave 47 Part 2 – Electric CBT

Mistresses Michelle and Lydia take the training of slave 47 up a notch by using their electric shock box on his cock and balls. Bound in a straitjacket, the poor slave is helpless as the Mistresses turn the intensity knob on the box higher and higher, laughing as they inflict more and more pain on his helpless genitals. They want to make sure he learns his lesson: his cock and balls belong to the Mistresses of Club Dom, to use and abuse as they see fit.
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DivineBitches – Jan 29, 2019 – Gia DiMarco, DJ

Divine Therapy: Gia DiMarco Uses Unconventional Procedures to Punish

DJ, like every other man, is a pig and drain on society. Women are fed up with this bullshit. DJ has been stressed out ever since women have been telling their story. His fragile male ego is crushed and is seeking professional help. The stunning Dr. Gia DiMarco has the perfect unconventional therapy for this loser. She blindfolds DJ and bounds his hand in rope. Unable to move, she unleashes physical pain and emotional humiliation on this man. He must repent for his sins, he must learn to respect and worship women, and she is ready to beat that mantra into him. She rips his clothes off, slaps his chest and torments his nipples. His filthy man tongue needs to be taught a lesson and she binds it with clothespins before beating on it with a cane. This filthy loser is getting hard through the treatment and still can’t control his male urges so she pulls out his dick and bits on it. She ties up his cock and balls and torments them before putting on a big strap-on to teach DJ the next lesson. What it feels like to be vulnerable and humiliated. Deep anal strap on fucking gets DJ screaming and Gia turned on with excitement of a man in pain. She pulls out a Hitachi and squirts all over this pathetic man. Finally DJ must learn to worship a woman and must learn that woman come first. She shoves her perfect feet into DJ’s mouth to gag on. He is made to worship her arches. Finally the true test, can DJ withstand his prostate being milked, while his cock is stroked and edged by a beautiful woman. Will he be able to resist his male urges before shooting his load?
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Clubstiletto – Open Yourself Up To Me – Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine looks amazing as this scene opens. Gorgeous stilettos, garter belt and hose and a shiny PVC outfit along with her beautiful face and body. You’ll long to be the guy locked in her trample floor when you watch this one, despite his pain. This is a new slave and he made the mistake of mentioning he doesn’t like nipple torture, so naturally she takes her heels to his nipples right from the start. She then has him kiss the soles of her shoes before she removes one and has him lick and kiss her hose.

“I think he needs a proper whipping down there where he can’t guard” she says as she reaches for a crop. Now we see that the slave already has his balls in a vice and they are being crushed. She starts to flog his dick and he starts to moan like a little girl which only amuses her and makes her want to hurt him more. He appreciates the break when she feeds him a foot again and he kisses and licks with utter devotion. Now she starts to strike his cock and she reminds him that he said he wants to be hit there a thousand times. He tries to cross his legs and she tells him “Open yourself to me, I’m not in the mercy business after all.” As he spreads his legs she bends over and strikes him hard on his cock again, his punishment has just begun.
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DirtyDommes – Ballbusted by Tina Kay part 1

Don’t mess with Tina! She is a badass and has a lethal aim and loves destroying balls! Watch her in action as she is set to kick her slave’s balls until they are smashed. With her sexy bare feet and pointy high heels, she kicks and kicks until the slave falls to his knees.
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Humiliated while Bound, Trampled, and Flogged.

My adoring humble slave ready to serve his Goddess, and my goodness, he most certainly knows how to worship my meaty strap-on, appreciating a decent size penis rather than being reminded of how pathetic his little cock is. It was a real pleasure sinking my heels into the shaft of his chipolata, while trapped inside my hand made cock trampling board. The more I stamped, crushed and trod on his shaft, the harder it became. Whipping his torso, pulling the nipple clamps – OUCH!

Having the old Victorian sash window open provide a gentle breeze during a very warm day. It wasn’t long before I slipped off my pencil skirt, revealing my sexy fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings, and ten strap suspender belt. Oh that’s much better, as I thrust my meaty cock deep into my slave’s mouth. Now take it, make sure you enjoy every inch sinking deep into your throat.

Fucking his mouth, and then comparing my length and girth to my slave’s petite penis. Oh dear, never mind, I have no use for it, so you may as well get used to it. The more I teased his penis, the harder he became. The more I told him he couldn’t perform to my high standards, the closer he came to spurting his hot cream, until finally, he couldn’t hold on any longer, what an explosion!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Marathon Cock Pumping Extraordinaire!

Protracted Bondage, Caged, Tormented, Teased and Encouraged!

Hours and hours of agonising cock pumping, from morning to midnight, it goes on and on and on, relentlessly, never ending, one after another! Well, at least that’s what I had hoped. However, my dear husband found the cock pump a little too overpowering, so much so, he continued to feel as though he was on the edge of a precipice, never able to quite reach an orgasm. I told him right at the beginning, he had a job to do, and even that was too much.

Rather than head off to the office, I wanted him in my dungeon producing milk for my slaves! Oh my goodness, the mere mention got his cock so erect, I struggled to remove his metal cage! WOW bulging was an understatement, as I finally prized it off. Having my husband strapped into my cast iron chair, arms bound in rope, legs strapped, body belted and strapped in, head hooded, and shackled to the chair! No room to wiggle free, and just as well, as the continued teasing and tormenting was just enormous, how he didn’t pass out was quite something. I would dearly love to show you the entire day, but given the amount of uploading I would have to do from my Manor would be impossible. What you will see, is the progression throughout the day into the night, until finally he explodes, and WOW oh WOW!!! Well, after having success, why stop there . . . . !
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– My Client’s Girlfriend’s Panties

… belong in her panty drawer, not awkwardly stretched over her boyfriend’s cock, in any situation. Let alone this one. I’m pretty sure I’d be able to tell if a boy had been wearing my panties–jerking off into them–stretching out the straps and threading his own derriere with my thongs. But hey, I’m not a kinky couples counselor… although I have the outfit..
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