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TeaseandThankYou – Pervert Therapy – Mandy Marx

Bigger and better, boys. Bigger and better. it’s going to be a good few seasons for fans of Mandy Marx femdom scenes, I’m telling you right now. And, hoping for late July for my next session outing. Stay tuned for more posts in that regard.
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FemdomEmpire – Stud Milker – Anny Aurora

When Mistress Annie demands a cum tribute she makes sure she always gets one. Her new vibrating silicone sleeve fits perfectly around her slave’s cock to milk out every drop whether he is ready to cum or not. The bound and helpless bitch boy can only submit to the will of his German Goddess as he lays there and gives exactly she wants. A big, messy load all of himself to only just be shoved right into his mouth where cum belongs.
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FemdomEmpire – Cock Handler – Bunny Colby

After a week of Mistress Bunny’s slave being used and abused for her entertainment, she rewards him with a special milking day. She own’s his cock and decides when, where and how he will always cum. The only way Mistress Bunny allows her slaves to orgasm is under her control when they are totally helpless and at her mercy. Just because it’s milking day doesn’t mean she won’t slap, beat and abuse his restrained balls for her sadistic pleasure. Her slave must understand his cock belongs to his Mistress now and forever.
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Clubstiletto – Bang Bang Ballbusted – Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine walks into her dungeon with a paddle in her hand and looking amazing in black including a leather corset and boots. Meanwhile her slave is locked up in her stock knowing what is about to happen. “I haven’t used this much and need to test it out on someone that’s vulnerable and in his tender spots” she says as she reaches out and takes his balls in her hands. She rubs both sides of the paddle and asks the slave which he prefers. One side is smooth the other studded. The slave knows better than to reply so she uses the studded side.

She starts with some solid strokes of the paddle across his cock and balls and then follows it with a few hard kicks to his groin as well. Jasmine comments how she loves how his balls flop up when she strokes them with an underhand motion. Jasmine occasionally takes his balls tenderly in her hands but the slave knows it is short lived as she squeezes them and proceeds to flog and kick them some more. She drops the paddle and presses against his crotch with her ass. He is aroused but the pleasure is only a temporary distraction as she soon is back kicking his nuts again. Jasmine has no immediate plans to let this slave free. Kicking him is just too much fun!
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TeaseandThankYou – QCCP Denial – Goddess Kat

Whoa. How long she been doing this, months or years, Blake. 🙂 It’s always nice seeing a particularly slutty boy getting destroyed. Nice work. -Kat
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FemdomEmpire – Toys for Boys – Chloe Cherry

Mistress Chloe has a brand spanking new toy to experiment on her tied down slave. It is the perfect sex toy for edging and milking a slave’s pathetic cock. The toy sends extremely intense vibrations to the head, shaft and balls making it impossible for a slave to hold back an orgasm. When Mistress Chloe demands a cum tribute from her slave she makes sure she absolutely gets one!
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Clubstiletto – Woah, It’s Only Three Inches – Mistress Irene

Miss Xi has met a creep online and she has invited him over because she is so annoyed by his dick pics that she wants to punish him. There is a knock on the door and she laughs immediately as the dude walks in, which likely crushes his dream of hot sex happening anytime soon. “I invited you over because I want to see if you’re as eager to show me your dick in person” she tells him. “Here?” he asks, clearly nervous that he can’t hide his lack of girth in a dark room and on a bed. She tells him to strip and refuses to take no for an answer. He nervously starts to take his clothes off. He removes his shirt and she laughs at his gut before he even gets to show her his ‘manhood’. When he finally strips she is shocked how little he is, telling him it’s the size of a miniature carrot, not much bigger than her pinky finger.

She picks up a scissor style tong, she’s had waiting, and grabs his cock with it, so disgusted she won’t even think of touching it with her hand. Xi really humiliates him verbally and asks why he thinks anyone would want to see his little penis. After tugging on it with the utensil she pulls out a tape measure and measures it and it’s not even 3″ long. Next she reaches for a double pronged poker and starts poking at his little thing which tragically becomes erect, although not much bigger. She makes him kneel down and set his little cock on the couch where she starts to crush it with her boot. She then returns to poking it and kicks it a bit too, just for extra fun. The guy is literally dumbfounded and puts up no resistance and certainly has no plans to get up and leave. Again he is ordered to set his dick on the couch and she steps on it while kicking him in the face with her other boot. “I know how to make your dick bigger” she says as she again picks up the tong, grabs his dick with it and pulls as hard as she can. Another small dick loser destroyed.
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inside a routine chastity check-up. My visitor is two weeks into his monthlong chastity contract, and visits twice weekly to make sure everything is secure and safe–and make sure to “wake things up” with some very kinky cockteasing. I love chastity…
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DivineBitches – May 21, 2019 – Mia Little, Papa Georgio

Little Man: Mia Little Punishes and Pegs Papa Georgio

Divine goddess Mia Little is the kind of sadistic mistress that likes to keep a spare man-slave locked up and restrained in her garage. Her sex-pet, Papa Georgio, is fully incapacitated by stiff, leather wrist and ankle cuffs that make it impossible for him to escape. He sleeps on a pile of cardboard and trembles restlessly in anticipation of the stern hand and sadistic whims of his mistress. He hears her stir and he startles awake. From the basement garage he can hear Mia pleasuring herself and purring with sexual moans. He can feel his cock stiffen with hunger to serve his master. The masochistic man-whore hears Mia approach so lifts his head to make sure that she knows he’s fully attentive to her presence. Mia then drags him upstairs to punish him with brutal corporal punishment and impact play. She makes him crawl across the floor to fetch her large wooden spoons so she can beat his undeserving ass. Mia spanks him until it’s raw and swollen from her stern hand. She proceeds to hit and abuse his balls and taint which causes her pain-pig’s cock to drool pre-cum. He can’t help himself; the mere touch of his mistress fills him with delight. He lives to be punished because he knows how unworthy he is. Growing tired of his cries and yelps of pain, Mia tosses him onto his back and makes him watch as she toys and plays with her tight and hungry pussy. She grinds her ass on his face and shoves her stocking covered feet into his gaping mouth. He devours the divinity of her foot worship and chokes out platitudes of thanks and praise. Mia grinds a vibrator onto her pussy and her male sex slave begs to watch her cum. Mia cackles and pleasures herself over and over and watches her servant drool with desire. Now that he is warmed up Mia yanks his legs into the air and jams her strap-on dildo deep into his tight asshole. He howls from the pain of the anal penetration, but a little man like him relishes the attention. His asshole quickly gapes open and Mia begins to slam his asshole, pegging him into submission. As the giant dildo massages his prostate his cock uncontrollably oozes precum and grows stiff with desire. Mia begins to stroke his shaft and laughs at his pathetic pleads for release. She cruelly milks his dick and repeatedly and relishes in her slaves pain as he winces from the of orgasm denial. He entreats his mistress to allow him to cum and when he can’t possibly hold it another second, Mia allows him to blow a giant load all over himself. Tired of her little slave, Mia tosses him to the floor and makes him crawl back to his hovel in the garage.
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FemdomEmpire – German Cock Tease – Anny Aurora

German Mistress Annie is bratty socialite who brings an unsuspecting man back to her home and tricks him into thinking he will be having sex. Instead, she ties him down, locks his cock into chastity and turns him into a helpless play-toy to tease and torment for her own selfish entertainment.
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FemmeFataleFilms – Cybill’s Way – Super HD

The slave guy thought he was going to get a boot worship session, but Cybill Troy decides to make his life a little more challenging. If he wants to lick and suck on her sumptuously soft black leather thigh boots, he needs to earn the privilege, do as he’s told, endure whatever form of suffering she desires… he’ll have to do it Cybill’s way!
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