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Chateau-Cuir – Layered leather love

Layer upon layer of sexy black leather. I am loving it so much. So tight and hot, perfect for multi orgasms. Real ones! Watch me get off to one of my favourite fetishes and cum join me.
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How tight is that catsuit and how HOT does Miss Tina look in it? More than sexy enough to make you drool and dribble, no doubt! She is one gorgeous Mistress but also a strict one so you better follow her instructions carefully and listen to where she wants to feel your tongue.
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You’ve been dreaming of one day being rescued from your mundane life and being taken to a compound where Female Supremacy reigns. You know that total submission is the key to your happiness; it’s the only way you’ll ever feel fulfilled. I tell you about your capture and what I’ll be doing to you once you’ve arrived, how your new life as My 24-7 no limits slave will be. The only choice you have is to accept it and obey…
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Kinky Mistresses - Mistress Lilse - My Slave In Black
Mistress Lilse


Featuring Mistress Lilse

Mistress lilse like to play with her fetish slave slut. He have to wear complete black fetish outfit a strong ballet boots so that he cant walk. she like to play with his nipples under the lycra catsuit

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 6 minutes 49 seconds
Photos: 10
Tags: ballet, bdsm, boots, catsuit, cbt, domina, dominant, femdom, fetish, heels, kinky, lilse, mask, mistress, nipple, nippleplay, play, sissy, slave, slaveslut, submissive
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